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Friday, March 16, 2018

RGV Senior Olympics - 2018

The event was the Rio Grand Valley Senior Olympics speed walk
L-R: Wayne Oachs, Gold Medal; Dan Anderson, Gold Medal; Carolyn Cornelious "CC", Bronze Medal, and Denny Hejlik, Silver Medal.
Thanks to Dan Anderson for the photo and info.

Senior Prom

Leisure World's "Senior " Prom  was held Feb. 28.  Photo spots included a Van Gough mural of his famous painting "Starry Nights", which was the theme of the prom, a crescent moon and stars seat and there were stars and streamers galore.  Spotlights shown on a 1966 classic Chrysler convertible that was provided by Don Chesney of Country Sunshine Resort .  MC Express provided the music and entertainment.

Connie Little was crowned Prom Queen and Larry Konya Prom King.

Door prizes were drawn every half hour.  Punch and chocolate fountain provided guests with an opportunity to whet their sweet tooth.  A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Golf Fun Day

The annual Golf Fun Day was held March 8 at Tierra Santa. The winners of the course events were longest drive: Howard Kinney and Ruth Bigler, closest to the pin:Mike Myers and Karen Myers, and longest putt: Carl Mitchell and Terry Caywood. After lunch prizes were awarded to all participants. Fun was had by all.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Prayers and Concerns

Travel prayers for Earl and Betty Dixon as they return to Michigan.  Betty has an important Dr.'s appointment to check her knee. Pray that the Dr. is able to help her and all will go well.

                                       To contact Pastor Belcher call  210-464-3907.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers for Carol Slater. She had a TIA, but is home and making arrangements to move to Iowa with her daughter. Dave and Carol were residents of Leisure World for many years. Dave passed away last fall and Carol has health issues.   We wish her God's Grace and Comfort in the coming weeks.

Prayers for Charlie Belcher as he battles congestion and ear infection.  We wish him a speedy

Rayma Bitters thanks everyone for their prayers and concerns for her recent medical issues and on the loss of her nephew.   She is improving and will be heading North earlier this year.

                                         To contact Pastor Belcher call:  210 464 3907.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Report on Wally Bentt

We just thought we would drop in with some news of what is happening up here in Canada.

Things were going along well with the healing after the aneurism surgery at the back of his left leg. Healing of the incision scar was slow because it passes directly behind the knee joint. Every step one take is flexing that scar. And so he got a staff infection under the incision which causes a big swelling, ugly redness and pain. So into the ER on February 4 where we spent from 1:30pm to 10:45. After testing and ultrasounds they put him under and drained the abscess. He was on 2 times a day IV antibiotics for three days, then daily since then until Thursday February 22. Round trip to the IV clinic in the Grey Nun’s hospital is 18 to 22 miles depending on which route he takes to the hospital. On Thursday the 22nd they inserted a PICC line into him. This is placed inside a vein in the upper arm then is pushed inside that vein to the top of the heart. From now on his IV drugs are pumped into his blood stream three times daily through the PICC by using an electronic pump. The pump and IV bag are with him all the time and are located in a fanny pack. He is tethered to this pump until his doctor says otherwise. The good thing about this is that he picks up the IV drug bags once a week and we do everything else at home instead of driving somewhere. It sounds bad to be always connected but he is finding it not all that bad. He carries it around when he is walking about, but can put it on a table or desk when sitting, or on the bedside table while he is sleeping.
He has had a CT scan and a white blood study. The white blood cell study was very interesting. They removed 40ml of blood from him. They put this in a centrifuge to separate the white blood cells from the rest. They then tag these white blood cells with radioactive material and inject 7ml back into him. Then he had three sessions of an hour or more on the Gamma Camera which is similar in size to a MRI machine. This is sensitive to Gamma Radiation and so doctors can see where the white blood cells are going. White cells are the ones who attack the bad things inside your body. So the camera shows where they are gathering to fight infections, etc. 
So he seen his surgeon on Feb 28 and the news is not good. The white blood cell study showed that the infection has gotten into the graft on the artery. The Doc gave us a couple of options but the one he recommended was as follows. He would do two operations on the same day. One would remove a piece of vein on the side of the leg. The other would open where the artery was repaired and bypass that area with the piece of the vein. He said it would be about a 5 hour operation.
Here is an interesting observation about the Canadian socialized medical system. So far all this hasn’t cost us a cent. And things are handled very quickly when they are needed. Yes, we have waiting lists for elective surgeries such as knees and hips, but they do eventually get done. After our deal with the cellulitis in Texas this past winter we would have to say that all of the surgery, tests and medications that have been administered thus far would have cost well over a million dollars in Texas. And all of the doctors, nurses and other staff have been nothing short of incredible. You Americans can keep your system! And any Canadians reading this should be very thankful.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayer needs:

Rayma Bitters nephew, Jerry Jarvis, passed away.
Rayma will be having some surgery on her eye due to a bleed when she had fallen.

Jewett Powers has a broken bone in her foot which makes it difficult to get around.

Carol Slater has made the decision to move to Iowa to live with a daughter and family.  Keep her in your prayers as she makes preparations and the transition.

Charles Belcher consulted with his doctors on his aortic aneurysm and the decision was made to just continue watching it.  

                           To contact Pastor Charles Belcher call:  210-464-3907