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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Holidays at Leisure World

Notice the grapefruit tree just off the alley, hurricane Dolly cut down the yield in most groves this year, but things are still growing and ripening in Leisure World.
There have been Kids, Grandkids, Greatgrands, and other holiday visitors in the park for the last week or so. More activity that we see most of the year! I hope some of our blog authors will be supplying photos of the Christmas party, New Years Eve Dance, and visitors soon. Jewett Powers, her son Niel, daughter-in-law Carol, and grandpuppy Maggie, were enjoying a typical beautiful South Texas afternoon when I took this snapshot at Niel & Carol's motorhome site about 3:15 p.m. Lots of folks arriving daily now...I'm still looking for more authors for the blog. Just email me at if you'd like to become a contributor.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sharing some pictures of the winter wonderland up north that our granddaughter from Cary, Illinois sent to us. They are beautiful but it does remind us as to the reason we are down in the valley.
We might complain a little of the chilly days but then look at the pictures and the 40 and 50 degree weather feels pretty good.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


You're working around the house and all of a sudden you hear a beautiful melody coming from outside. A wonderful sight when you see Jolly Old Saint Nick (Terry Shanafelt) in this big white truck pulling his sleigh full of elves with their big smiles singing their hearts out. Following the sleigh were more Christmas Carolers (Jim and Et Hendrick) helping the Leisure World residents get in the mood for Christmas. Songs were all related to the reason for the season.


H.E.B. FEAST OF SHARING HOLIDAY DINNER was Saturday, December 20, 2008. Trudy and Larry Hauserman and Phyllis and Dick Connett were among the many volunteers helping with filling dinner plates and passing out drinks It was a busy tiring day but very rewarding. There were a number of Leisure World residents among the thousands enjoying the ham dinner. It is great to share in the spirit of the season with our community.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Leisure Lore

The First issue of the 2008-2009 Leisure World season of Leisure Lore came off the press today and was distributed to eveyone in the park. There is also a full color version of Leisure Lore available to anyone who wants it. We send it by email as a PDF file, which you can open with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you would like to have a copy of this electronic color version of our park newsletter send an email to Scott Marriner at and put the words "Leisure Lore" in the subject line. You name will be added to our regular electronic mailing list and you will receive all the upcoming editions in color also. If your name was on the mailing list last year, it should still be there. We leave them on until we are told to take you off. If you have previously requested the color electronic version of Leisure Lore you don't need to do so again unless you haven't received the new copy in your email with the next day or two. Pictured here is the front page of the new December 2008 edition.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Economic Crisis -- The Soup Lines are Back!

With the Big Three auto makers facing bankruptcy, with the news filled with reports of job cuts, its no wonder the soup lines are forming again, as they did during the "Great Depression" of the 30s. Leisure World residents are no exception when it comes to food! Roger Gallea is back at it, producing Wednesday evening soup suppers! Vikki Tabor used her seductive voice to take the crowd's minds off their rumbling stomachs while they waited for the serving lines to form. Roger has enlisted some of the "younger" residents to assist with the serving of the hungry masses.

You've heard about the joys of visiting the lights in Hidalgo during the Christmas season in the Valley, and there are many more special events taking place around the area. With over 400 participants, ranging from Middle School students to retired winter Texans, and including many, many band directors and other musicians, the annual Tuba Christmas Concert at McAllen High School Auditorium is an annual draw. This year was no exception ...there are many "Tuba Christmas Concerts" around the nation, giving opportunity for that oompa instrument to belt out a melody...the one held at McAllen High annually is the second largest anywhere!
Other activities that have been attracting Leisure World residents have been the Tower Theatre production of "Seussical", a holiday concert by the McAllen Symphonic Band, and of course school concerts and church programs. We don't need snow to get into the Christmas spirit, there's a lot of it floating around here in the Valley.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Dick & Phyllis Connett, Larry & Trudy Hauserman, Larry & Carolyn Richeson, Stan & Mary Gainer, and Ray & Millie Dennis all ventured to Hidalgo to view the lights by a trolley ride. We had a delicious meal and were entertained by the Magic Valley Choir in which Leisure World resident Carolyn Crickett is a member. While there some toured the pump house and were given the history during its operating days. The pump house displayed a collection of many town villages. We also witnessed some workers building portions of the "Border wall" which was very interesting. If you get a chance to make the trip it is very worth the time.


We left Iowa in several inches of snow Dec. 9 after an eye exam that was necessary before I could leave for the winter. We arrived in Leisure World sat eve. at 5pm. after a stop near Ft Worth at my cousins. Of course Iowa warmed up after we left but today, sunday, after 44 this morning it is now 7 and will get colder. Sure happy we are here now. Haven't been out much as we are cleaning and putting things away. And trying to catch up on sleep. We didn't have a lot of damage from the hurricane or much that we can see yet.


Illinois/Indiana breakfast took place on December 9th, at Victoria Palms with the largest attendance (so far) totaling twenty-six.

Bob Clark welcomed guest Mamie and Charlie Fleming who are also from Illinois and residence of Victoria Palms. The flemings are related to Jim and Et Hendrick.

Our next meeting date is to be announced. If you don't hear from Bob, watch for the sign up sheet which will be displayed in the rec. hall.


Every Friday afternoon in a small metal building on the corner of 6th street & Missouri, you will find a group of volunteers. Ken and Dottie Hack, Bobbi Shelton, Bruce Limes and many others who are giving their time to make sure needy families in the Weslaco area will not go hungry.

This program originally started in a small room at the Christian Church approximately sixteen years ago, but the small room soon became too small.

Throughout the week food is delivered and the stocking and organizing of shelves take place. Some of the products are purchased from the food bank in McAllen, while other goods are donated by many local citizens. Dottie and Ken Hack and Bruce Limes play a huge part in this program during the week heading up volunteers and organizing the goods.

On Saturday morning these goods are delivered to twenty plus families. Interviews take place before hand to learn how many members are in each family and this will determine the amount of goods to be given. They also collect toys for children to be given at Christmas time. Dottie also collects clothing for battered women.

If you would care to donate any goods or money, you may contact Dottie and Ken Hack here in the park, or Bruce Limes who is from Weslaco. In the picture with Dottie are some of the gifts that have been donated for children to receive at Christmas time. Dottie also mentioned they sometimes purchase What-a-burger gift cards for teenagers. These volunteers are to be honored for their time and donations given to such a good cause.

Park Shuffleboard News

Welcome back to Leisure World and a special welcome to that green and red patch of concrete to the east of your recreation building.


I’ll be writing this issue of the ‘Shuffle News’ on behalf of Jack Fisher who is your new chairperson. Jack was down here early but will be back north until around Christmas.


This year our TSSA sanctioned Leisure World Don Johnk Memorial Tournament was held November 11, 12 and 14. We had a cool, rainy day on the 13th and so delayed the final round until Friday. We were concerned about the number of entries at the first tournament of the year and with the number of volunteers available to help. Well our concerns were for not. As usual Leisure Worlders came through eagerly to volunteer and we had 130 teams (260 people) entered. Although this number was down from the 352 people last year, this was much easier to handle and the money raised for our association was only a couple hundred dollars less than last year. A total net income $2375 was added to our coffers. I want to thank all of the volunteers both in the kitchen and outside and all the pie makers as well. And we also want to thank Marie Johnk for providing the Expert Trophies and Foremost Insurance and agent Jamie Munal for sponsoring the Amateur Trophies and providing cool, cool water. And we actually had two teams from our park in the trophies this year too!!!! Here are the winners:

            Expert Main                                                                        

1)    Hester & Hester (Seista Village)                       

2)    Vanderkroon & Vanderkroon (Ranchero Village)           

3)    Fortner & Vaudrin (Pine to Palm)                       

4)    Bakke & Boots (Pine to Palm)                                   

Expert Consolation

1)    Allen & Broker (Ranchero Village)                                   

2)    Cowling & Cowling (Ranchero Village)                       

3)    Coffin & Coffin (Llano Grande)                       

4)    Shaw & Shaw (Pine to Palm)                                   

            Amateur Main

1)    Howard & Burke (Snow to Sun)

2)    Neustaeder & Neustaeder (Weslaco Trailer Park)

3)    Wortham & Wortham (Pine to Palm)

4)    Bentt & Fisher (Leisure World)

       Amateur Consolation

1)    Dougherty & Oie (Texas Trails)

2)    Kramble & Kramble (Magic Valley)

3)    Bell & Foxhoven  (Leisure World)

4)    Erickson & Erickson (Casa De Sol)


The number of ‘in-the-park’ and ‘tournament shufflers’ is down this year because several of our regular shufflers have not returned or are unable to play anymore. Now shuffleboard is an addictive game . . . . just ask any player. It is a game that is very challenging but isn’t too hard on our old bodies. And so we will be running Shuffleboard School every Tuesday evening at 7pm, weather permitting. All you need to bring is your body (fully clothed we hope) and your happy face. And you don’t have to be a newbie to attend. Intermediates and experts who wish to brush up on their skills are also welcome. Classes typically run around two hours. I want to thank all the volunteers who come up and help out with the lessons. 


We have friendly shuffle every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am and either Hoss Collar or Turkey Shoot every Saturday at 9:30am. We ask that you participate in our 50-50 ($1.00) draw every morning as that is where the money comes from to buy shuffle supplies and for beverages and hot dogs on Saturdays.


We had our first Turkey Shoot on Saturday December 13th. Lady winners were Marj Herbig, Shirley Harreld and Marilyn Farmer while the men were Tony Ziska, Ralph Klenke, Wally Bentt and Jim McKibben.


A very special thanks goes out to Bob DeHaven and Lorn Cook. These two guys deserve a big pat on the back for all they do to get our game going every morning!


Straight shooting and no KP duty!


Wally Bentt            Assistant Shuffleboard Chairperson

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Is Everyone?

It has now been over a week with no new posts on the Leisure World blog. Hasn't anyone been doing anything interesting? More and more of our winter residents have been returning, and I'm pretty sure those who arrived a few weeks ago have been busy at entertaining themselves, getting their units back in shape from any discovered residue from hurricane Dolly, and getting all the winter activities up to speed. The association has purchased a video projector and it was initiated at the first "movie" night last Wednesday. The movie was "The Bucket", and it was an excellent film. About 60 residents viewed it, and the start was only slightly delayed by getting all the popcorn popped one microwave bag at a time. I missed the birthday party for Merle Lenz because I used the back door at the hall all the time and didn't see the notice. Happy Birthday belatedly, Merle.
Sad news to share...longtime resident Lola Moxley (242 King Palm) passed away yesterday morning.
Bob Lane tells us they are going home for Christmas. He will be letting his new sod at the front of his unit fend for itself for a week or so. Join me in telling Bob how nice it looks, much better than the weedy rock patch that was there.
See, lots of things are happening at Leisure World...we just need blog authors to get busy telling us about them. Dave

Friday, December 5, 2008

LeRoy and I are planning to get to the valley as soon as possible! It's cold up here!

We had to stay through Thanksgiving weekend, as the whole family celebrated my Mother's 85th birthday in Jefferson, Iowa. Family is from Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Mo;Illinois; Texas and Nebraska. I've been able to have the grandkids with me for a few days and will stop in Dallas to see the grandkids again for a few days on the way to Weslaco.
See you soon, Connie and LeRoy Garrels

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leisure World New Year's Eve Dance Tickets

Do you recognize any of these ladies? (Mary Gainer, Carolyn Richeson, Phyllis Connett and Trudy Hauserman)... Be sure to see one of us for your New Year's Eve Dance Ticket ASAP. Tickets are $7.50 per person. We would like to have an idea of how many will be attending to order proper amount of food.

You won't want to miss out on a fun evening planned. The Iowa Country Opry is one of the best in the valley for the music and the dancing. Food will be served at 12:00 Midnight with a few snacks before, and there will be door prizes during the evening.

Some of us can't dance but we'll be there to enjoy your friendship. Please come and join us.

Pool Volleyball

The summer Texans have issued a friendly challenge to the winter Texans for a water volleyball game. I caught several practicing!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner at Leisure World

Photos courtesy of Gary Bringham.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iowa L.W. Get-together

Since Jeanette had problems with posting both text and pictures, she opted for the pictures. We will have a "learning" session and she will soon be posting with both words and pictures! Dave