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Friday, May 30, 2008

Former Managers Here as guests

Charmane and Roland Laker, were managers of Leisure World several Years ago. Are staying here for a short time at 325 Palmetto. They have a home in Mission but it was rented. The renters are gone now but they need to make lots of repairs in the home.It's good to see them. We still need rain. We haven't heard yet that any of our Iowa residents were hit by the tornados. The weatherman says this is the year for hurricanes. but don't worry till it happens. We will try to get the Leisure out next week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stormy in Iowa

Iowa already had a deadly tornado. We were in one in 1977. This is the season for tornadoes. It is raining again today. We get one or two days without rain then it rains again. My flowers are looking good but was too cold to plant them sooner.
The college is having Senior Fair today. We always go for the goodies, the speakers, lunch and classes in the afternoon. I am going to learn about easy meals (why, I don't cook), gadgets and gizmos, and WII ( this sounded interesting.
Our grandson graduated with honors from Des Moines East High and will be going to Iowa U to become a surgeon. This friday one granddaughter will be in dance recital so another trip to DM. They are all so busy I don't try to keep up with them.
I keep busy quilting, cross stitching quilt blocks and some knitting. I quilt at our church on Tuesday. Took two quilts of mine to be done there. Forgot I had even made one of them. Several more tops are waiting to be put together and others to be sewn yet.
Don is busy putting old comic books in plastic sleeves and pricing them. Don't know where he intends to sell all those. If we were in a tornado we just go anywhere in the basment. There is so much stuff it would never fall in on us.
I enjoy all your blogs. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Motorhome Fun Times

Leisure World Winter Residents Lee & Gwen Brown and Dick & Phyllis Connett had a nice weekend outing with the Cardinal Capers Winnebago Motor home Club at Meadowlark Campground in Burlington, WI. The weather was a bit chilly but with the campfire going and those good tasting hot dogs over the open fire, made the evening a fun time. Also, the Frost (who were winter residents in Misson, TX) shared some of those extra large marshmallows purchased from Progreso, Mexico. I wouldn't recommend roasting them over an open fire.... We toured "Taste of Homes" and the Horticultural Conservatory at Mitchell Park (Milwaukee, WI) which were very interesting. One of our members was honored as her strawberry pie recipe was selected for one of the Taste of Homes magazine.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gary-shirley B.

Vacation is not cracked up to what it ought to be. Tornado whistles blew three times. One time
we drove to Tonkawa and when we got there the tornado whistles blew. When it blew the
third time we just went to our daughters and waited the storms out. Will go to Enid on Friday
provided Little Gary can get the memory that grandpa wants for his computer. I guess we
are suppose to have bad weather again today. Got a reunion over with yesterday. I have a
friend coming over today provided the weather doesn't cancel everything. Hope all is well at
Leisure World. Sorry to hear about Lupe's brother passing away. Shirley

Sunday, May 25, 2008

From the Courtesy Committee

I am taking over the courtesy committee work while Maxine Rice is recovering from her broken arm and shoulder.
I am so sorry to have report some deaths to members of our community.
Stan and Mary Gainer's daughter, Melanie Jones, died on May 22, leaving a husband and four sons.
Lupe Leal's brother died just recently.
We offer our deepest sympathy, and our support in any way that would be meanful to those who have suffered such a severe blow. Cards are in the office now, and hope many will sign them.
Last night we had a cookout. There were quite a few people there and we had a very good time. Pat LaFoe was in charge of the cookout and also provided ice cream and toppings for dessert. Our only problem was the coffee pots which are undergoing repairs and the substitute didn't work. We were told it would take about three weeks to get the pots repaired and now with the new problem, it may take longer, but we are going to manage. We forgot to take a camera last night, but will do our best to remember one when we celebrate Memorial Day Monday night. Jewett Powers

Hi From Odessa (TX)

We finally got the motor home loaded and took to the road last Tuesday. It's hard to believe but we actually pulled out of the park a few minutes after 7 AM. South Texas being what it is, we watched the sun come up as we drove north on 281. The huge red ball emerged through some of the thickest haze we've seen. Eventually, however, it rose high enough in the sky to burn it off. We then experienced a wonderful day for driving, and arrived in San Antonio a little after noon.

Our stop included gas, lunch and a little shopping at Costco. Lunch was our favorite Kosher Polish dog and Diet Coke. Next we drove just 25 more miles to a campground we like just past Boerne, TX, and hunkered down for the night and Happy Hour. Now this is when we miss you all the most.

Wednesday found us shopping at the outlet stores in San Marcos and early Thursday we pointed the nose of the ship up Highway 10 for the last leg of the journey to Odessa. Arriving at our son's (Terry and Cindy) home in late afternoon, we set up the motor home in their driveway and waited for them to come home from work. When they arrived it was off to a favorite local pub for a "Mexican" fix. It had been a busy day so it was early to bed so we could take the kids to the Midland airport bright and early Friday for their flight to Hawaii. We, in turn, now had possession of their house and two dogs, a Siberian called Timber and a Shih Tsu called Madison. Our own Shih Tsu, Jefferson, is now in heaven, having both of these for playmates. By the time we leave Odessa he should be thoroughly worn out.

Shirley has been working on her needlepoint and finished her first piece which is pictured here. It's an intricate pattern, a Jean Hilton design called "Victoria Lindsey", and measures approximately 6" x 6". It is set on a dark blue 8" x 8" canvass. We are under orders from Jewett and Carol to post these completions, and are pleased to comply.

Up until now it has been hot and dry. Temps in the upper 90's and humidity in the single digits. Today is Sunday, and in typical south Texas style it is warm (no hot) and humid. The local TV said we may get rain late this PM. Does this not sound familiar?

It's good to see the number of folks who are signing up for contributing to the blog. We, too, offer our prayers for Red and Eva. We pray for healing, comfort and peace.
Until next time. . .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sad News

It is with great sadness we report that Melanie Jones, daughter of Stan and Mary Gainer, passed away Thursday, May 22, 2008. Melanie is survived by her husband Duane Jones and 4 sons, one in Korea and 3 at home. Services will be Wednesday in Elwood, Indiana.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Gary-shirley B.

Hello all-

We made it to Blackwell Ok on 22 May....We stop for gas in Burnet Tx. and a lady drove up
beside me and told me I had a shredded tire. That was an under statement... We were in luck,
there was a tire shop a mile down the road. So we were on the road again in about an Hr.
The rest of the trip was good.I did replace two more tire in Blackwell. I did haft to straighten
the nose of the pick up out after we got in Blackwell-it kept trying to turn into a gas station...
Everything else is ok We are enjoying the trip.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today was ladies luncheon in the park. Seven of us went to Cracker Barrel and had a good lunch and a wonderful time gossiping, laughing and shopping. We are sorry more didn't join us, but those that went had a good time. I forgot to take a camera, but will try to remember that from now on.


Hello all--this is so new to me and I am so excited to be able to keep in touch with "you all".
A beautiful day here in Iowa today and we have finally gotten our 6 tomatoe , 3 pepper and 3 cucumbers planted, plus a few flowers. I am sure you have all heard what a cold wet spring we have had here so really enjoying the sunshine and 60+ temperatures. Had a big week-end, my youngest granddaughter, Andrea, graduated from Washington High with 500+ students and got to see my son-in-law , Mike, join the shriners--both in Sioux Falls, SD. So sorry to hear of Eva and Red--they are in our prayers, keep us informed.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful day in Iowa

It has finally warmed up in Iowa. A storm threatened this evening but didn't get much.
Thanks Dave for giving me info on contributing to the blog. I really enjoy all those who write. I did comment somewhere before I knew what I was doing but don't know if you got it.
I bought more flowers to plant today but didn't get them in. My plants are all hanging from the awnings or sitting on the deck railing. The ground is too far down for me. I will try strawberry plants again but never have luck with them. I can sit on cement blocks and pick them if they do anything.
I certainly hope Eva is improving. We have a friend from the Senior Center who is on machines in the hospital right now.
Tell everyone Hello. Joann and Don

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Sunday in Spring in South Texas

It is a warm and pleasant Sunday in South Texas.

Spring has brought the colorful blossoms to our tropicals trees. Here are the blossoms on the Jacaranda at the corner of Border & 18th St.

..and a Royal Poinsiana on North Bridge.

The brilliant colors are just one of the things that I love about year-round living in South Texas. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Slow Saturday

It's a slow Saturday...almost like being retired! No cook out today...just the friendly poker game on the schedule for this evening. We were invited out to dinner a new place for us, Smoky Joe's. It's located on Hwy 281 between Mercedes & LaFeria. Very basic facilities...picnic tables, some in screened area, some out under the trees, next to a small resaca with bass jumping for the insects. (Enough gnats that we went into the screened area.) Had some out-of-this-world brisket and pork ribs. Served in foil sans sauce, with plastic cups of charo beans & potato salad. Soft drinks and bottled water only...if you want beer you've got to bring your own. Also a generous serving of dill pickles and chopped onions also served in foil. Rustic dining and delicious food. Smoky Joe will also cook (big rotary cooker, fire box on the side) any meat you bring him for a price. This was a neat discovery, we'll be going back. My first love for BBQ is still Willy B's in Alamo, however.

Friday, May 16, 2008

David is a good card play - which I don't understand since he can't count. We had 18 at the potluck, not 14. I do agree that we had a great time and lots of good food.

It was brought to my attention that some people who read the blog felt that invitations would go out to only certain Leisure Worlders. That is not the case. The only reason you have to be invited to contribute to this blog is because that's the way the blogmaster has things set up. Any Leisure World resident is welcome to an invitation. Contact David (e-mail in directory) and he will issue you an invitation. You will have to have a Google account which is easy to do and free. Then you can get registered for the blog. The invitation will explain how to do all this. Feel free to join in - we want everyone to contribute. Tell us what you are doing on your trip north - let us know how things are going. Everyone is interested.

Right now all of you should know that Eva Uptergrove is very ill and in intensive care here in the Valley. Red DeCock is also very ill. We will keep you updated. - Jewett Powers

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Potluck tonight (Thurs.)

I forgot to take my camera, so no pictures unless someone requests one of the stains on my shirt! Pat LaFoe's spagetti with sauce made from fresh tomatoes growing in their back yard tasted good...but I don't recommend it as a shirt decoration. I don't really understand how just 14 people can turn out so much delicious food. Beef roast, chicken wings, ham and cheese sweet onion casserole, corn pudding, corn bread, slaw, super chicken & cashew salad, pies, cookies, cake, fresh strawberries, orange slices, watermelon (they are harvesting around the area right now, and they are sweet and wonderful)...I can't remember everything. For a park where no one will admit to liking to cook, they sure turn out a bountiful spread. Ah, well, just wait two weeks and there'll be another potluck rolling around.
Sad news shared tonight, Eva Uptergrove is in intensive care...bloodclots in legs and lungs (her daughter flew in this evening)...Red Decock is back in the hospital...suspected some form of meningitis. Keep them in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bringham's at #723

Gary and Shirley Bringham #723 will be taking off for vacation around May 21. Hoping to go
and stay at Corpus a few days and try to see Gloria and Joe McGinnis. Then we will hit a
few places in Texas and then on to Oklahoma where we will visit our two daughters and
grandchildren. Enjoying all the new people in Leisure World.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Website Counter

Free Counter

Mother's Day Weekend was very special for the Marriners. For starters we helped to surprise our son, Terry, at a 50th birthday celebration his wife had engineered for him. Not only did about 75 of his closest friends attend, but three of his four sisters plus us "old folks" were there. Terry lives in Odessa, Texas where he is a Thrivent representative. The other neat event was that Shirley got to spend the weekend with four of our five children. Now what is more special than that?

Pictured above: Moment of surprise!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

Nice gathering at the hall today honoring all the mothers on their day. Pie and ice cream served, and each of the ladies got a long-stemmed red rose. I did a short program and, even though the mike (my wireless lapel mike) messed up, it was well accepted. Here are a couple of the photos from the celebration.

Reflecting the gender ratio in the park in the summer, there were 21 ladies and 14 men in attendance. Next scheduled celebration is Hot Dog & potluck gathering on Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bloomin' Sago Palm

Thought I'd throw in a snap from the Eat Out at Big Johns. Lot's of BBQ about to show up on this table.

It's springtime in Weslaco, and the Sago Palms are in bloom. This is the most "multiple" bloom stalks I've ever seen on one of these palms. Certainly is impressive! We still need rain, while everything seems to be holding it's green and things are blooming, it has been so long since we have had rain that I'm not sure I would recognize it.

Friday, May 9, 2008


At the urging of Jewett (She who must be obeyed), I have undertaken to set up a blog for at least a few of the residents of Leisure World. Anyone desiring to be added to the "approved author" list, please contact me at and I will issue you an invitation if you are approved. Those who have received invitations please connect and check in on the blog. Thanks, Dave