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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Omaha's latest storm

We wanted to let our friends in LW that we are fine after the terrible windstorm on Friday afternoon, the 27th of June. The winds were hurricane strength, at 115 miles a hour in some places. The trees, as we looked out our window, were nearly laying straight on the ground. It was scary, but thankfully we do not live in the part of Omaha which was hit the worst. Many, many trees are down, and 130,000 homes lost electricity. Today they said the majority of the homes have service again.

The older part of the city suffered badly. Large trees were uprooted, and many fell on homes, or cars. We also had hail during the storm. Again we were fortunate to not be the recepients of any damage. The saddest situation was the deaths of two teenagers in Council Bluff, accross the river, who were killed when a tree fell on the car. We also lost four young men in the Bot Scout tragedy earlier in the month. How sad!!

Bye for now. We both enjoy the stories on the blog, and definitely miss the friends

betty and knobby

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Breakfast for the Masses

Nineteen loyal Leisure World residents journeyed to Don-Wes Flea Market for breakfast this morning. Seems that a few weeks ago a flier was received listing what sounded like pretty good breakfast fare at reasonable prices. Open Saturday & Sunday for the summer. A great idea and a consensus at a meeting said pick a Saturday and make a sign-up sheet. That was accomplished. This morning was the day. So at 9:00 am we all showed up at the Flea Market restaurant. No one was in charge, no one had advised them that a group was coming. They had food on hand for about 6 customers! They scrambled, the crowd groused, and eventually eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & toast were served up family style! Everyone had a good time (we love to complain) and agreed we'll try this again soon...however WE'LL LET THEM KNOW A CROWD IS COMING!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Crossing Paths With Fellow Leisure World Friends

While in Freeport, Illinois, Jim and Et Hendrick from Savannah, Illinois stopped by the home of Dick and Phyllis Connett for a nice morning visit on Thursday, followed by lunch together and good conversations.

Jim and Et were in town for another visit with the doctor to check out Et's wrist. After returning from Texas in the spring, Et tripped on a rug making her fall and crushing two bones in her wrist. As you can see in the picture, she finally got the cast off and is just wearing the brace for support. She can now make a pretty good fist and is recovering well.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eat, Eat, Eat

Well, that's what we do best in the summer in south Texas! 16 of us gathered this evening at Los Asados in Harlingen, and put away a prodigious amount of food. I know I personally did away with a quesadilla that would probably have been adequate sustenance for a family of four. Would you believe, no one remembered to bring a camera. You'll just have to imagine all those happy faces gathered around the table. Glad to see a few more of you are keeping us caught up with what's going on in your world this summer. That's what will make this blog work so we can all enjoy sharing.

Visiting Leisure World Friend & Family Reunion

While spending some time in Iowa in June, Dick and I drove up to Lake View, Iowa to visit a dear Leisure World Friend Bobbi Shelton. We had lunch together and spent the afternoon with Bobbi, and she showed us around the 1,000 acre Black Hawk lake. Bobbi's home is right on the lake shore and as you can see the reflection in the window, the trees and lake shore are right at her front door. Talking about old times growing up was an interesting conversation. We learnt that Bobbi's father was born in the same town that Phyllis grew up in, which is Runnells, Iowa.
It's a small world when you get to know and talk with people.
Also, while in Iowa, the three sisters (Phyllis Connett, Trudy Hauserman and Carolyn Richeson) had their yearly family reunion at Prairie City, Iowa. This year was a bit smaller than usual, but we still had 85 in attendance and the potluck was unbelieveable as usual. Our oldest brother roasted a pig and everyone shared their favorite dishes to pass. Two more baby girls were added to our family this year. Trudy has the privilege of planning next years big event which is always in June.
Dick and I have been traveling with our RV Group to different cities in the area. The last outing, we had storms every night and a tornado sited just 20 miles north of where we were camping. Scary to say the least.
Friends and family are important.

Home Again

Hi Leisure World Friends-Bob and I just returned from a two week trip to SC, by way of Nashville, and Pidgeon Forge, where we enjoyed music,music,music. The trip was to see my son, Tom and his wife Rachel, who live in Mauldin, SC , very close to Greenville. We stayed at a time share in Westminster, also close to Greenville, we saw some beautiful countryside, a nuclear power plant, Biltmore(a 250 room house),Billy Graham Library and Lowe's Speedway(got to ride on the actual tract)in Charlotte, NC, Clemson University,lots of waterfalls. Had a great time. On way to SC we stopped in TN to visit Ralph and Vivian Swearns, and on our way home we stopped to visit Stan and Mary Gainer in IN. When leaving IA we had to drive thru water in Waterloo, and saw lots of damage on our trip home. In visiting with people, as soon as it was known that we were from IA they showed concern for our situation here. I was so glad we could tell them we were for the NW corner and not effected. I'm telling everyone that I am in love again!!! with my GPS--wonderful, wouldn't have had such a successful trip without it.(Sorry no pictures, but I don't know how to do that YET) jeanette (and bob)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank You

Sunday, June 22nd, was one month since our daughter, Melanie Jones, passed away. I want to Thank all of you for your prayers, cards and phone calls. This was very unexpected. It started with having her great toenails removed and they became infected. She was put on antibiotics, two regimens. She then had a blood blister with a pimple in the center of it to pop up on her right leg. She squeezed it, a lump appeared and redness down her leg. She went to her Doctor who lanced it, put in a drain tube and prescribed more antibiotics. She then spiked a temperature and was sent to the hospital as an outpatient and given antibiotics IV. She had two treatments left when she became very tired and had difficulty breathing. She was sent to the ER from her IV treatment and x-rays showed both lungs whited out approximately 40% each. This was diagnosed as ARDS. Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This is a condition caused by a chain of events including an infection in the blood (MRSA) in her case. With a blood infection and a compromised immune system (too many antibiotics in her case) the body puts off toxins that go straight to the lungs and causes ARDS. Melanie was a smoker which was not a cause but probably a complication. I suppose my point in describing in detail what happened to her is because Winter Texans find it so easy to purchase antibiotics in Mexico. Please be careful. She probably got the MRSA during surgery on the toenails and the Dr prescribed the antibiotics which is a normal thing to do. MRSA can be a killer alone if it gets into the bloodstream but the antibiotics depressed the immune system which caused the ARDS, which comes on quickly and only about 40% survive. The medical world does not fully understand ARDS, which has had a name since 1967. This has been a real shock to the family and everyone who knew Melanie. Her Doctor was as shocked as we were.

Again, Thank You Leisure World Family.

I realize many of you have serious problems of your own and in your families and my heart goes out to you. God Bless each and every one of you. You are a great group of friends.

Mary Gainer

I'm on now

I'm looking forward to be able to contribute to the blog while I'm in Iowa.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On The Road Again

First, we are so pleased to learn that Whittington's family is together and safe again. It must have been excruciating to be a part of that scenario.

We are still in Texas after having left Leisure World a little over a month ago. Our first duty was to house sit (and dog sit) for our son and daughter-in-law out in Odessa in west Texas while they took a vacation cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Shortly after they returned we learned that Scott's nephew (his brother's oldest son) had been killed in an accident involving a train in Crystal Lake, IL, just northwest of Chicago. Scott and Terry flew to Chicago for the memorial service and upon their return to Odessa we departed for Bay Landing on Lake Bridgeport about 50 miles north and west of Fort Worth. Like in Odessa we have "enjoyed" super hot weather and even a few storms, though nothing serious.

Tomorrow, Monday, we travel to Wichita, KS to attend the National Square Dance Convention this coming week. We'll see if we can come up with a few good square dance photos for you. In the meantime we'll include this one of Shirley and our three pups during our dog sitting days. As you can see Jefferson was playing hard to get. The Siberian Husky is beautiful and loving dog named Timber. The other Shih Tsu is Madison and belongs to the kids. Madison and Jefferson are shirt tail cousins from somewhere.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pool Party

When the first day of summer arrives in South Texas, it's time for a pool party at Leisure World. The early birds enjoy the pool, with more sideliners than swimmers. But sooner or later almost all get into the swing of things. Of course the food is the big attraction, as always. Lupe Leal and Jack Napier were the masters of the grill...with big hot dogs for everyone. With pop, iced tea and coffee provided along with the hot was up to potluck for the rest! And what a potluck it was...a feast appreciated by all. After we recharged the batteries at the table, then the games came out. There was a squirt gun accuracy contest (filling plastic bowls held by your partner), a gorgeous gam contest where the ladies tried to identify their partners by their legs, water pony "horse" races, a duck race, water volleyball! More than most of these old folk were able to manage. It all wrapped up when the forgotten watermelon was broken out, and a south Texas sunset filled the western skyline. Thanks to George and Jack Napier and Lupe and Gloria Leal for all the planning, preparation and work. It was a great way to start a summer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dons grand daughter and her son Collin were found safe. Collin is with Shellie and should be back in Florida tomorrow. You can go to Google and type in collin custer and there are many pages on the kidnapping. Someone tipped the police or FBI and they found Collin and his dad is in jail hopefully forever. Everyone is so relieved it ended with on one hurt but am sure it will be a long time recovering. Maybe the little boy didn't even realize what was going on. Thanks.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don's grand daughter Shellie and her son Collin were kidnapped by the boys dad. Shellie went to a parking lot to pick up Collin and he used chloroform on Shellie. When she woke up they were in S. Carolina (from Florida). She needed a bathroom so he stopped and she got out and ran and yelled for police. He took off with the boy. He has threatened to kill the boy and himself. Pray for them. Thanks

Nicer weather in Iowa

We have had three nice days in Fort Dodge but can't say that for all of Iowa. There have been tornado warning east of us and more rain and flooding there. Some of the flooding should be going down if there is no more rain for a couple days. The little water we had in our basement seems like nothing after seeing pictures elsewhere.
We had ten here for Fathers Day. Lots of cooking, eating and cleanup. Too many mosquitos to be outside. We always play cards, one grandaughter sewed a lap quilt and the other three watched tv and teased each other.
Hope everyone had a good Fathers Day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day

Leisure World celebrated Fathers' Day in style again this year. Thanks to Fran Foxhoven and Joyce Miller things were a little better organized and substantially more attractive than the menfolk managed for Mothers' Day. Unfortunately after taking the lead in planning, Fran wasn't able to attend. She spent Fathers' Day in the hospital. Dan explained that she was in great deal of pain last night and asked to go to the hospital. There tests and cat scan showed a major sized kidney stone. Dan said that a stent placement was done, and something else (?) to relieve the situation. Fran managed to draw a layout for the tables before the morphine kicked in too strongly. That left Dan subbing with Joyce for the festivities. "George" Napier was drafted to conduct the program. A quick rehearsal and she did fine! All in attendance has a great, pop, beer, coffee, tea, and games! Hope your Fathers' Day was a good one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A June Thursday In South Texas

Here it is, another hot, sunny, clear day. We are devastated by the reports we see of tornado and flooding damage in the Midwest. This morning television was reporting from Cedar Rapids, IA, where the Cedar River was rampaging...and they said that another 3 inches of rain was expected this morning. What has happened to the weather...that is the kind of deluge we expect with the tropical storms down here. Our hearts go out to all who are suffering at the hands of nature gone wild.

I thought maybe a couple of photos of the crops here in the Rio Grande Valley would be of interest. The first is corn just ready for harvest. This is grown as seed corn to supply the Pioneer plant located at FM1015 (International Blvd) and mile 6 road (18t.h Street).
The second is of a nearby field of milo (aka grain sorghum)with weighty heads about ready for harvest. This is the second cropping of milo this spring...the earlier fields were havested a few weeks ago.
Then I'll throw in a couple of candids of some of the Fulltime Leisure World residents at a bi-monthly "eat-out'...this one at Chili's in Weslaco.
We hope all are surviving the furies of Mother Nature Gone Wild...and will hurry back to enjoy South Texas with us.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chance Deer Encounter by Wally Bentt

Hi Everyone!

Had a chance meeting with a deer while I was riding my motorcycle a few days ago. I was invited to join the blog at that time but I couldn't get my Google user ID to work. Thanks to the great but depressing newsletter from Shirley I decided to try again and here I am. I'm very thankful to still be around. Sorry I can't say the same for the deer.

Wally and Lorna Bentt

On the evening of May 24th I was riding back from St Paul when I spotted a deer running in the ditch the same direction I was traveling. The buck came up on the shoulder and stopped perpendicular to the white line. By now I has slowed to around 40 to 45mph.  I hoped that he would stay there but no he decided to walk right across my lane. Too late. Hang on, brace and hope for the best. As it turns out the best was very good. I hit him in the middle of the gut and his forward motion was not enough to knock me over. The deer went for about a 2 second ride and then fell onto the oncoming lane. An SUV traveling behind me swung into the oncoming lane to go around me and hit the deer again. I ran out and pulled the poor deer into the ditch. The fellow behind stopped to check out his vehicle and then to help. I tried to ride up to his parked vehicle but something was scraping on the front wheel. We examined it and found the front fender folded part way over and rubbing on the tire. It was cracked across the top so I just ripped it off. Headlights were totaled and lots of damage to the fairing and front end. Forks and wheel looked OK. I asked to borrow his cell phone and I called Lorna and told her what happened and that I would try to ride it home if possible. If not then I would get to a farmhouse somewhere and call her again. 

The fellow in the SUV offered to ride behind me. I turned on my fog lights and they still worked. So I drove down the road at 30 to 40mph for a few miles. I could smell antifreeze but it seemed like a slow leak. I watched the temperature gauge and it seemed pretty normal. So I pulled off to the side and told the guy in the SUV that they should continue on their way. I thought I shouldn’t have any problems getting home.

And so I rode the 95 miles home and arrived somewhere after 12:30. The suspension and everything seemed OK and I was able to maintain 50 to 55 mph for the rest of the trip. Temp gauge rolled up one notch to the middle as I came through Ft. Saskatchewan. When I approached the junction of Baseline Rd and 21 the gauge rolled up toward hot. I coasted down the hill and it cooled down a couple notches. Then had to use power to get the last mile home.

The whole experience was a bit surreal. Feel sorry for the deer but even sorrier that I will perhaps be without a two-wheeler for the summer. I know how hard it is to get reasonable time frame on body parts for a GoldWing. I got the apraisel today and it will be $5,700. Boy that plastic is expensive. I have insurance so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flood in Iowa

We are having the second 500 year flood in 15 years. It has now surpassed the flood of 93. Some places have prepared since then but the rain just keeps coming and more on the way in the next two days. We have a problem with water in the basement but not from the river. Our sump pump didn't run for three days while we were in Des Moines. The water comes thru the blocks in the walls also. Will need to have it fixed again if it ever dries out.
We had such a beautiful day today. No rain. It dries up just long enough to mow the grass then the rain makes it grow faster. Our Frontier days didn't do very good with the stormy weather and rain. The tornado sirens went off twice sat. eve and events were cancelled. The farmers are going to have a hard time to get any other crops in if it ever dries out. Some say when this rain stops we will have a drought. Hard to believe right now. Sure wish I could send some rain your way. My cousins outside of Ft Worth wrote they didn't realize things were so bad here. It had been real nice there.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The crowd is small, but everyone seems to enjoy themselves, and this year Thea has the luxury of just playing.I seem to see several winning cards being returned to that particular area of the first table.

Shirley was even kind enough to call a winning card for me to celebrate my birthday! The forecast is calling for showers throughout the weekend. Hope they are right, the lawns could certainly use some moisture, and I think anyone younger than a teenager in south Texas may never have seen rain!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Sad News

We just recieved a note from Rosella Nelson about Jerry Lee. Jerry and Rose were long time residents at 325 Palmetto. They sold out a year ago. Jerry passed away May 5th. Cards can be sent to Rose at 8213 Aldrich Ave. Minneapolis, MN. 55420

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RAIN in Iowa

Wish I could send you some of this rain. It is flooded everywhere. We get rain almost everyday. Have had several inches already. Just finished a downpour and a little hail. The weather radio went off twice but the warning is east of us. We have Frontier Days this weekend so hope it is nice. We have a big parade and a huge two days at the Fort just across the highway from us.
We were in Des Moines three days so the grass was very tall when we got home. I had to raise the blade on the mower and if I can't get it mowed again soon I will leave the blade up. Our carpet got wet in the basement as the sump pump didn't work. It must not have been plugged in good. I haven't had to water my flowers yet with all this rain.
Don and I joined Silver Sneakers at the YMCA paid by our Humana Ins. so now we will be in really great shape when we come down in Dec. It will take me that long just to get back to where I was last year before we got there.
I enjoy all your blogs.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello from Friend, NE

Hi all,
As you can tell, Grandma and Grandpa Garrels just returned from Ft Worth/Dallas, Tx. Our son Jayson and his wife, Jill, had a baby girl, Sophia Marie (Sophie), May 9, 2008. They live at Grand Prarie - between Dallas and Ft Worth. Our daughter, Laura, her husband, Jason, and Noah moved to Dallas the first of the year, so we were able to see both grandkids!!
Storms have been all around us here in Ne, but only sticks down here and LONG grass -- LeRoy's out mowing now, and I have the wash kind of caught up, so decided to try my hand at the blog. I think this is a great idea to keep in touch.
As many of you know, Art McCracken, a former resident of LW and our next door neighbor, died last Tues evening. We left for TX before we knew he'd died, so didn't get to see any of the family or go to the funeral Fri. We knew he was bad when we left, and think it is for the better.
More later, Connie