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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Richeson's visit Gainer's in Indiana

In mid July, Larry & Carolyn Richeson came to Indiana to visit us and what a nice time we had.

Stan & I live on a part of Lake Shafer called "The Big Monon" near Monticello, Indiana. Lake Shafer is on the Tippecanoe River and was created when the Dam was built to generate electric power. Before the Dam was built a gentleman from Indianapolis, looking for a place to get his family out of the city bought land along the banks of the Tippecanoe River. Passers by would ask to cross his land to get to the river to swim. As time went on he decided this would be a way to earn a little cash so he started charging a quarter for each person. He then decided a hot dog stand would be a way to earn additional cash. The Dam was built and provided a much larger body of water and it was named Lake Shafer and Mr. Spackman started to add rides to the area and "Ideal Beach" was born. Today it is named " "Indiana Beach" and has grown into quite an impressive amusement park with six roller coasters, a ferris wheel and many other carnival rides and a ski show daily. Lots of shops line the boardwalk along with concession stands and a sky lift. Several arcades are there also. A very nice restaurant, The Skyroom, is located at one end and is located over the arcade with a view of the lake and the boardwalk. In the 1940's this was a very popular dance place with many big name bands from Chicago playing here. They no longer have dances but entertainment is provided on week-ends. Indiana Beach is very popular with our neighbors from Illinois, many of them owning homes, some year round and some summer homes, on the lake.

Indiana Beach was family owned and operated by the Spackman family until this year when a corporation bought it. Some changes have been made but the residents of Monticello are hoping the small town, family owned and operated atmosphere will not be changed too drastically.

Larry, Carolyn, Stan and I had lunch at The Skyroom during their visit. I've attached a picture of Stan and Larry with a view of the Beach in the background and a picture of Carolyn and myself (Mary) as we enjoy a ride on the pontoon with Stan as the Captain.

We look forward to future visits from them.

Bob and Jeanette Thompson visited us over night earlier in the summer but did not stay long enough for us to show them the area. Hopefully their next visit will be longer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Death of A Friend

We were very saddened to learn of the sudden death of Gladys Workman. She had undergone surgery for cancer. It was successful but infection set in and thats what caused her death. Ron and Gladys sold their home last season to Lucille Ruonavaara. They were moving to Arizona . Cards can be sent to Ron at 7409 Tarsus Dr. Anchorage, AK. 99502.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iowa Corndog Chomp

Opening day of the 2008 Iowa State Fair finds Leisure World celebreties, Larry and Carolyn Richeson, entering the Corndog Chomp. To enter into the Guiness World Book of Records--the most people chomping on a corndog at the same time--count was over 10,000 people.

Carolyn and Larry were #4059 and #4060. The seven Campbell's food stands on the fair grounds made the corndogs between 5:30 am and 8:30 am and all 8400 were handed out at 8:35 am. Of course they ran out and some people were asked to break off a piece and share so that everyone in attendance could partake and set a record of the "most people chomping a corndog at the same time".

The event was sponsored by WHO Radio Station in Des Moines and a picture of all the chompers in the grandstand can be viewed on WHO's web site. Larry and Carolyn are sitting on the second balcony, first row, seats 3 & 4.

Iowa Leisure World Get Together 2008

Darlene Cook sent these photos of the
Iowa gathering in Spencer.
Everyone enjoyed the entertainment.
There were over 50 in attendance...not all from Iowa, however.
As is always the case with Leisure World
residents, food is alway plentiful and always a hit!
Of course conversation holds sway as well.
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Lorna and Wally GoldWinging to Colorado

We have been through Colorado many times but we are usually going through the business end of the state along the I25 corridor. This time we have our sights set on southwestern CO.

We left Tuesday following Lorna’s golf game and headed for Carol Craig's place in Calgary for an over night.

On Wednesday we did the #2/I15 super-slab from Calgary to Helena the state capitol. If you have never stopped in you are missing an interesting small city perched on the side of a hill. There is some interesting architecture further off the interstate and the old town area has several buildings that date back to the 1880s. From here we headed for Bozeman for a motel for the night.

The next morning was cool but sunny and we hit our first twisties on the way to West Yellowstone. From here we took Idaho #20 and #32 towards the Teton Mountains. Lots of curves here and zero traffic. Then we headed to Jackson, WY for a photo-op at ‘Elk Antler Square’ and a nice lunch in the sunshine. We had skied here before but it is quite a different look in the summer with lots of people and traffic. Heading south on hiway 191 we passed by miles and miles of very short sagebrush and discovered why. Temperatures soared into the mid nineties and the cross wind was in the 40 to 50mph range. It tried everything to rip Lorna’s helmet from her head and the intercom had to be turned completely off. When we got to Rock Springs we jogged a few miles west to on I80 to Green River and then along the west side of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir to Manila, UT. You can only catch a couple of glimpses of the lake so it was quite disappointing and still windy. By 6pm the wind was starting to subside. Going east now on UT44 we hit a terrific highway. Curves and switchbacks and great views of the lake. And the reason it is called Flaming Gorge now became evident. The hills and mountains were a yellow to bright orange. Beautiful! Then we came to the intersection to the dam site where Ernie Hutton had met his DEER friend back in June. It was getting late but we decided we should drive the 6 miles down to the dam. And it was well worth the drive down. The dam is 455 feet high and only 1,180 feet across. The Green River doesn’t have a huge volume and so the power plant is relatively small. You ride across the dam to get the best view. From the dam we headed for Vernal UT. As you approach the city you drop down 4,200 feet and there are 10 switchbacks. Incredible ride. Vernal is in the middle of an oil boom and so the cheapest room we could find was 124 bucks. After that grueling wind and heat we would have paid more. Lorna would have taken a plane home the next day but fortunately there are no scheduled airlines in Vernal.

One observation we made as a result of our hot windy drive was this. If the US spent just 10% of what they spend finding and getting oil out of the ground, on wind and solar technologies in Wyoming they probably wouldn’t need to drill more wells.

Day four starts out heading southeast to Rangley CO, and then south to Grand Junction and then we turn onto hiway 141 at Whitewater. For the next 100 miles we are riding in a red canyon along the Delores River. A treat for the eyes to be sure. The temperature is into the 90s again with not a cloud in the sky and NO WIND! At Naturita we take 145 to Placerville and then 62 over the Dallas Divide (8,970 ft) to Ridgeway. We turn south on 500 and are immediately treated to a fabulous ride. From Ouray to Silverton we traverse the Red Mountain Pass at 11,008 feet. What a road! Wow! This area is known as the Million Dollar Highway. The mountains are littered with old mine shafts, tipples and slag heaps. Silver was the quest although they also found lead, gold and other metals here. The silver was so pure in some of the veins here that it was sent directly out without the need for smelting. In today’s dollars and values the take would exceed a quarter of a billion dollars. Oh and did I mention the road. Bear Tooth Pass is nothing compared to this. Silverton is now one of the major ski attractions in Colorado. Continuing south out of Silverton we climb again and do the Molas Divide at 10,010 feet and pass by Purgatory Ski area on our way to Durango. One of the major tourist attractions in this area is the Durango to Silverton narrow gauge railway where they still use vintage steam locomotives and rolling stock to take one back in time. We take 160 east about 50 miles to the Windham Pagosa Springs timeshare where we will spend the next week. This is a huge complex with hundreds of gorgeous condos.

We will send pictures when we get organized. Heading for Lake City this morning.

Lorna and Wally Bentt

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Iowa Texas Reunion

The Cooks and Thompsons held our reunion in Spencer again this year and was wonderful. There were over 50 there and not all from Iowa. It was good to see and visit with everyone. We missed those of you who were not able to come. We had wonderful intertainment and a luscious meal. Glenn and LaVon Rude, Don and I stopped at the Casino in Emmetsburg on the way back to Fort Dodge. We are not big gamblers but the Rudes won more than we did. I just barely made my money back.
I really enjoy this blog so like Dave said let's see some more on here. This year is going so fast and won't be that long before we are back down there for the winter.
The crops in Iowa look great this year after the terrible rains we had early. More corn, more ethanol. Lets hope it makes the price of gas go down.
I have a trip coming up to see a specialist in glaucoma in Des Moines, a trip to Illinois for a wedding reception and two quilt shows in Oct. And who knows what all will take place in between all that.
Everyone stay well and it sounds like ya'll are having such a good time this summer down there.
Hi - I'm back. After a month away from the valley, I was very glad to get back home. I missed Dolly and I want to thank those of you who took care of my place - Dave and Carol moved furniture and loose items and Mae and Bill told David when there was a problem with my heater door. I can't say I'm sorry to have missed Dolly, but I am very glad that everyone here was safe. I enjoyed Missouri and Iowa. We spent a nice weekend at Rathbun Lake with seventeen of us spread out in three campers/cabins. I also managed to get in six painting lessons. Probably 600 lessons wouldn't make me a painter, but I had fun. I had an interesting trip home with rainstorms most of Wednesday and a carsick poodle. Now I'll try to get back in the swing of things down here. Jewett Powers

Where is everyone?

Come on, folks. This blog is supposed to be a sharing...not a monologue. I keep checking, hoping to see what's been happening in your lives. It doesn't have to be fancy or great prose (Heaven knows none of what I have been posting will fit into that category!) It's your away. Dave

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Experiment

I have been trying to post a composite picture to the blog. This is my latest attempt. Dave

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flea Market Breakfast III - The Sequel

Wow! It was a happening again! The Leisure World Residents decended on the Don-Wes Flea Market restaurant again this morning! Again family style service for all you could eat of eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, hashbrowns, toast & coffee.

This morning Pat LaFoe orchestrated the event, complete with door prizes. An added door prize from one of the booth proprietors left Shirley Bringham with a "I survived Hurricane Dolly" T-Shirt.

Then the karaoke machine fired up and we discovered a true songstress in our midst. Vikki Tabor revealed she has a voice and delivery that deserves recording.

Jim demonstrated his vocal powers with a rendition of "Elvira" that got the line dance moving.

Dapper Dan and Foxy Fran took their turn at the mike, and soon the area between breakfast table and booths became the dance floor. All this honky-tonkin' without a single beer.
Its now open for an organizer for a September Flea Market Breakfast. Anyone volunteering?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr. Bloom - Eleanore Strobel Inquiry

I received an email from Eleanore asking if I knew how Dr. & Mrs. Bloom are doing, and if they would be able to come back to the Valley this winter. An inquiry to Merle Lenz revealed that they are doing fine, except for the crazy weather up there. Dr. Bloom is doing fine with his new knee, and they expect to return to the Valley in the first or second week of October. Dave

Monday, August 4, 2008

Patriotic Family

I am sending pictures of our Greve-Getaway in Montana over the 4th of July. One picture is of three of my great-grandchildren Trenten, and the twins , Ashten and Brenden showing us how to dance? Then one of Bob and I sharing our favorite pastime, even in Montana, at a Flea Market. One picture is part of my family in our Patriotic Garb. I know this is late, but takes me a while to catch on to all this electronic stuff. Hope to see some of you at the MN get-together. Take care. Jeanette & Bob

Friday, August 1, 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Provided by Mary Jaegle.

Suprise Potluck

Scott & Rita Boyd are scheduled to leave Saturday morning...and they have left almost as much havoc in their wake as has Hurricane Dolly. Their enthusiasm for, support and instigation of activities involving everyone in the park was great. It was in recognition of this and thanks for everything, that Pat LaFoe organized a "Farewell Potluck" to say so long to them. Everyone in the park managed to keep the secret, and it was a surprise to them when they were delivered to the Rec Hall Thursday evening.
Great food, as always, too. Scott and Rita are a great addition to the Leisure World family, and I'm sure they will continue making waves for many years to come.