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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leisure World Necrology

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Leisure World family members.
Roger Hanes
Former resident Roger Hanes died at his home in Adel, Iowa, on September 7, 2008. Roger and his wife Wanda were longtime winter residents at Leisure World. Roger was 90 years old, his wife Wanda preceded him in death in 2004. Memorials may be directed to Adel Acres Care Center in Adel, Iowa.

Elaine Gesell
Longtime resident Elaine Gesell passed away at her home on Friday night, September 26th. Elaine and her husband Cranston, who passed away several years ago, spent most of their married life in Manson, Iowa. They retired to the warmer climes of South Texas in 1982. Services are this evening (Tuesday, 9/30/08) at 6:00 p.m. at Garcia Trevenio Funeral Home in Mercedes. In lieus of flowers the family has requested that memorial contributions may be sent to Doctors Without Borders, (888) 392-0392.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Carol Slater was admitted to Knapp Hospital this afternoon for treatment of her asthma attack. Please do not send any flowers since anything scented makes it worse, but cards are always appreciated. Jewett Powers

Thursday, September 25, 2008

After having spent most of the summer running around, I have finally returned to Leisure World. I want to thank all the Leisure World summer officers for taking care of all the problems while I was gone. It sounds to me like everyone spent the summer eating and having a great time. The park is recovering nicely from Dolly and things are looking very green and pretty around here. Come on back. Jewett Powers

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Darrold Bergemann

We have heard from Mary Bergemann. She said Bergie got through the surgery ok, and is now back home in Mankato. He tires very easily, and does not have much strength, but time will hopefully help with that. They replaced the aorta, and put a teflon patch on another valve to guarantee against an anuersym of the aorta. The surgery took five hours. Mary said they heard from Mary Casey the other evening. It pleased, and made both of them feel good that their Leisure World friends are thinking of them at this difficult time.
We both send everyone in Texas, and elsewhere, and hope to head south the end of November. We recently were told we both have to undergo cataract surgery soon, so that will keep us here for six weeks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lunch with Charlie

Larry and Trudy Hauserman met Charlie Green for lunch today at Bradley's Cafe in North Topeka. We had a good visit, lots of conversation about Leisure World and our friends there. Charlie and his son are leaving next Monday heading for Charlie's Texas home. He will be seeing you soon. We hope everyone is doing well. Larry & I will see you this fall.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back at the Flea Market

Well, those hungry folks from Leisure World were back for another family style breakfast at the Don-Wes Flea Market restaurant. With biscuits and gravy, toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns and coffee, everyone managed to reach satiation. With the music man (he who owns and runs the karaoke machine out ill, there was no singing or dancing this morning. Fran was there with her boot and walker, following some foot surgery, and declined the opportunity to do a solo song and dance. Vikki also announced that she has cut a CD and copies are for sale at $6 each, they will be available in the office and at the park meeting next Tuesday. Jeannie Cook and Shirley Rollins did their usual bang up job of organization...complete to providing bugs for everyone and door prizes for those who received the specially marked bug. (Plastic spiders, roaches, centipedes, worms, etc.)
As usual, I forgot my are courtesy of Carolyn Prickett.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fritz Gould

We received the following e-mail from Mae Gould this morning.

" I just got my first load of sheets in the washer. I heard a cry for me. I ran upstairs and found my husband holding his right hand and telling me-get me a large towel. I cut off my fingers. YES HE CUT OFF HIS NUMBER 2 AND 3 FINGERS. on his right hand.Carla hurried here to get us to the hospital emergency room.They took care if Fritz and then sent us to Dr Rawl at his office. Dr looked at the fingers and made arrangements for surgery. He went into the operating room at 5 p.m. but no operation until after 5:30 pm.I have no idea about the delay.Dr. came out about 6:30 pm and said all was well. He must keep his arm and hand in an elavated position for 2 days. He did bleed badly. He was discharged about 8:30 pm and we got home about 11:20 pm I am so fortunate to have a daughter so close and her husband is vacationing at home this week. Fritz is on heavy pain pills and an antibiotic until the pills are gone. Tomorrow Carla is driving us back to Marquette so the doctor can take the bandages off and put more on there. Nothing further for now. This all happened Tuesday and one we don't want to go through this again. Fritz only said, quote- my career is over now. Today Wed. he was on the phone and told his lumber friends and a customer all about the day and I'll be in the shop again midOctober. This questionable and time will tell. For Fritz sake yes, because he loves his shop so much.
Forgot to tell you, Dr Rawl is a plastic surgeon and we liked him.
Thank god I have Carla and Rod near me. The Lord knows that I need help here. Call Fritz if you can as he needs to hear from his family. Love Mae"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Doerksen’s Come West

Wally and Lorna Bentt got a call last week from Janet & Peter Doerksen saying they were coming to Sherwood Park for a couple of days. This would be a nice visit to which we would look forward. It didn’t take long for Lorna to book two golf games while they would be here. They are out for the first game as I type this note. And this after Peter had won the club championship at the Girouxsalem Golf Club just outside of Steinbach, Manitoba. Peter asked me to put this newspaper clipping on the Blog.


Poor Wally will not be joining them for any golf games. He hasn’t golfed since the end of March up in Arkansas on the way home from Texas. His right knee was pretty buggered up. They did and MRI and found that he had a detached and a torn meniscus. This has hobbled him pretty good throughout the summer. The good news is that he will be getting Artroscopic Knee Surgery on October 1st. Hopefully he should be fully recovered and back in Leisure World in time for the Don Johnk Memorial Shuffle Board Tournament. We have not picked a date for our return as departure will depend on what the surgeon says.

Wally and Lorna Bentt

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death of former resident

We were in Illinois for 6 days for wedding reception and visiting all Dons relatives. We celebrated Don's 81st birthday at Old Country Buffet and he was too sick to eat. We got home wed night and had lots of mail and papers to read.
Roger Hanes passed away sept 7 at Adel Acres Care center in Adel, Iowa. His funeral is Friday at McCalley Funeral Home in Adel. He has a son Jim in Adel. He was 90. Every time we had chicken at the Senior Center in Fort Dodge, Roger was there and played the piano before dinner.
Been watching the hurricane and sure hope it misses you this time.

Remainder of Colorado Trip

Please check the August Archives for the first part of this trip.

On Sunday we took a trip up to Lake City. This is about 115-mile trip that passes over three passes, Wolf Creek (10,850), Spring Creek (10,901) and Slumgullion at an incredible 11,530 feet. The latter has more curves than Carter has liver pills and is the steepest continuous piece of paved road in Colorado at an average 9% grade. Along the way we stopped in at Creede which is N “Old West town that at one time

had Bat Masterson as it’s Sheriff. It too was a silver mining town and today hosts a mining museum, and even the Fire Department is located in an old mine shaft. Lake City is a living museum as well with many older buildings. We had lunch at the No Name CafĂ© which was built in 1880.  It served as restaurants, bank, school, gas station and motel before being returned to serving the hungry. The Nachos were terrific. We returned via the same route and did have a couple of sprinkles along the way but it looked much worse that that. On our return we crossed the Rio Grande River just a few miles from it’s source. It is just a creek at this point.
On Sunday evening we went to a condo activities meeting and we signed up for the Cumbres & Toltec steam train ride for Thursday. As we were leaving we spotted a Gold Wing. We went over and talked to Judy and Ronard Johnson who live in Cordes Lakes, AZ just north of Scottsdale. We said that we would be going to Taos, NM on Tuesday and invited them to join us.

Monday was a relaxing day. Lorna was booked for a golf game in the afternoon so we had to find balls, tees, a glove and what not in the morning. A thunderstorm came around three and the course blew the siren to get everyone off the course. She had completed 10 holes and they gave her a rain-check for another 9.

Tuesday would be our Taos trip. We met Judy and Ronard at 9 and headed south on US84. Lots of curves and nice scenery. Our first stop was Chama, NM. This is a small town which is the western terminal for the Cumbres railway. We stopped at the train station and checked out this 1880s town. The rail yard is quite large and a bit unique in that it is a narrow gauge railway. The cars all look too big for the running gear. We took pictures of the huge steam powered snowplows that were used to clear the tracks in the long winters at this altitude. Then we continued south on 84 to Espanola. The original plan was to turn east to Taos but we realized we were only 26 miles from Santa Fe. So Santa Fe for lunch at the San Francisco restaurant. 

Very, very, good! 

We toured around the central square and soaked in all those adobe buildings. Beautiful capital city to be sure. Back to Espanola where we headed east to Taos on NM68. It was hot and dry but that was about to change. After a short stop in Taos we rode towards the Rio Grande Gorge about 8 miles west of town on US64. You are riding across some fairly flat high country when all of a sudden appears a bridge. It would be easy to ride right across without much thought until you look down. The river is 650 feet below the bridge deck which makes it the thirds highest bridge in the US. Storm clouds were threatening so we suited up and headed west. Within minutes the hot temperatures dipped to the low forties and the rain was with us for almost 2 hours to home. It was difficult seeing where one was riding on a very twisty road. But we arrived to a great sunset. A great 400-mile ride.

Wednesday Lorna was all set to play her last 9 holes so I went to visit Ronard and Judy and we talked bikes and I showed him how to connect an iPod to his Aux input on the stereo. At mid

 afternoon Lorna and I rode to Chimney rock but we arrived too late for the last tour of the day and they suggested the road was too rutted for a motorcycle to ascend safely. So we took pictures from below and then returned to the condo.


Thursday was the train ride day, and what a day it was. We took a tour van first of all to Chama and toured the rail yard. Then we drove to the other end of the line in Antonito, CO and boarded the train. This is the highest railway in North America at just over 10,000 feet. This is a narrow gauge railway at 3 foot between rails as opposed to 4 foot 8 ½ inches for regular railways. We had 6 cars on our train including and

open gondola car. Once our tickets were punched by the conductor we spent the entire trip in this gondola car. The weather was fantastic and the scenery unbelievable. And to be riding a living museum . . . just fantastic!
The fireman would be shoveling 3 tons of coal to get to our lunch stop at Osier. There we met the train coming from Chama. The dining room was full and the homemade meals were fabulous. Both engines turned around and pulled their trains back to their start places so we had to change trains to continue our trip. Our locomotive was built in 1920. We have been on two other restored steam trains before and this one we rate as number 1. A must do if you are in this area. Be sure too click the play button on the video. This will give you a good look at the Cumbres Gorge as we come out of the tunnel!

Friday morning was checkout and we left Pagosa at 9am with Salt Lake City as the goal for the day. The ride through Durango and then over to Monticello, Utah was good. From there on the ride was boring but the scenery through Moab really made the trip interesting.


Saturday’s goal was Boise, Idaho but via the northern route. We traveled I15 to Pocatello and turned west at Blackfoot on highway 26 to Arco. This is a very straight and boring highway. But we got a big surprise when we stopped at EBR-1 which is part of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). EBR-1 or Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 was the first nuclear power plant in the world. It also proved that it could create more fuel than it consumed and thus the term

"breeder”. Outside of EBR-1 are two nuclear aircraft power plants that never got off the ground, thank goodness. The biggest problem with these units was the radiation they produced. But can you imagine what would have happened had one of these aircraft crashed. INL is still doing all kinds of energy research especially for the nuclear submarine program.

A few miles west of Arco is the famed Craters of the Moon National Park. There are miles and miles of cold lava fields here with the latest flows occurring less than 2 thousand years ago. Very interesting place to be sure. The mountains on the way to Boise are bald of anything except grass. They look funny.

Sunday’s goal was to get from Boise to Wenatchee. It was very windy and cooler today but mostly headwinds that are much better than the crosswinds we experienced earlier. Along Interstate 84 we had brown treeless hills. The highlight of this section was a stop in historic Baker City. During the gold rush this city once had the most population of any city in Oregon and almost became the capital. We dined in the restored Geiser Grand Hotel. A beautiful place with reasonably priced meals. When we got to Hermiston we turned northwest on I82 and immediately got into a much greener area with vineyards and fruit orchards all the way to Ellensburg. Then we took 97 north to the Bavarian village of Leavenworth where we dined at the Pizza Company. Very good pizza! Then the last few miles to Wenatchee. Orchards are loaded with pears and apples everywhere.

Monday we returned to Leavenworth and spent a couple hours touring this great place on US2. From here we headed west to I5 and then north to Bellingham. The long weekend traffic was very slow. We arrived at our motel around 3pm but found that many businesses were closed for Labour Day.

Tuesday we did a wee bit of shopping before heading across the border at Sumas. We spent the remainder of the day and Wednesday visiting Lorna’s Aunt, a sister and friends.

Thursday’s temperatures were cooler than what we had been used to but Hey . . .  this is Canada and it’s already September. This would be a 500-mile ride to Canmore to visit with our son and his family. They have just moved here and into a condo until they can find a house. I almost never take the Coquihalla toll highway #5f as I feel that the Fraser Canyon is a way more fun to ride. Today however we had to make some time as much of the ride would be along the busy Trans Canada and we would lose an hour across the time zone. We were still late for diner but at least we had a nice hot meal waiting for us when we arrived.

Friday’s last leg was even cooler with temperatures from the high 40s to mid 50s and a couple of sprinkles along the way. The total trip was 5005miles (8054kms) over 17 days. Our butts are weary but this was a vacation that we will always remember. Nice country, great riding and nice people. What more can one ask!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that "Ike" turns somewhere other than Weslaco. Batten down the hatches, and good luck!

Wally and Lorna Bentt

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update from Omaha

Just a note from the Meysenburgs. We are watching the TV and newspaper closely for news of Ike. We will continue to monitor it closely. We want everyone who is in Leisure World to know we are praying for a safe experience for them. Our friends are very important to us.
I also wish to notify everyone that Darrold Bergeson will have surgery in Minneapolis on September 16. He will undergo serious heart surgery. They have to replace the main heart valve, which is the aorta. Mary said that they will travel to Minneapolis on the 15th. He will be a patient in Abbett NW Hospital. The doctor told him he should be ready to play golf again by January. I am sure we all wish him the best.
Had a good time at the Iowa picnic. Many thanks to The Cooks, and the Thompsons for a fun time.
Again our prayers and best wishes are with all of you in Texas. God bless!!

Betty and Knobby

Friday, September 5, 2008

Visiting Yvonne

Hi, Leisure World friends. Bob and I just returned from a visit to the Sibley Hospital to visit Yvonne Grimmius. She had knee replacement surgery in Sioux Falls August 27th, and returned to the hospital here on Saturday, the 30th, bad timing because with the Labor Day holiday she had no therapy until Tuesday--but she is getting her therapy now. Her first remark to us when we saw her was "boy, they really worked me today" and she was tired--but wanted all to know that she is doing well. She even had to climb stairs today. The plan is for her to return to her home on Tuesday. Her daughter, Rochelle, from Sioux City is coming to spend some time with her. Her plan is to return to Leisure World some time in November, of course depending on her recouperation. She is in 203 King Palm Drive.

Bob and I will be "on the road again". We are driving to Indianola to see a Simpson Football game, my grand-daughter's husband is one of the football coaches. We will also be spending some time in Marshalltown with 4 great-grandsons--and 2 grand-daughters, then back to Des Moines to see Bob's son , daughter-in-law, and grand-children. We will also going to a HyVee Alumni Banquet on Wednesday in DesMoines--then back to Spencer to visit Cooks and then to the Spencer Fair. Then "HOME".

Love seeing all the pictures and reading all the news on the blog. Keep it up. jeanette

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer for the Hauserman's

Summer is almost gone and we are pulling things together to make our trip back to Leisure World by the end of October.
Our summer travels have been to Iowa for Trudy's family reunion the first week in June. We spent time with my sisters and brother in laws, Carolyn & Larry Richeson and Phyllis & Dick Connett. We had a total of 85 which included all of my surviving brothers, sisters, their spouses, nieces, nephews and cousins.
In July, Trudy traveled back to Iowa & Minnesota to visit with daughter, Teresa and her family as well as her siblings in Iowa. I got to watch a granddaughter play in a basketball tournment so that was exciting to me.
Also, in July, my sister and brother in law, Carolyn and Larry came to Topeka to visit with us for a few days.
In August, my youngest sister, Barb McGrean and her husband from Altoona, Ia. came to see Also in August we had our niece, Lori from Arizona visit for a few days.
I talked to Donis Hanrahan this morning and she is doing much better now. She had knee surgery in July and had a few problems after her surgery. Tom is doing okay. They are looking forward to joining the Leisure World Family this fall also.
I had talked to Marilyn Farmer earlier in the summer after she had her double knee replacement and she done so well.
We will be looking forward to seeing all our friends at Leisure World soon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Passing of a long Time Friend

Phyllis Maag passed away peacefully on 8-29-08. She is now released from her years of illness. Phyllis was so active when she was here. She led all the water exercises Her stroke left her in a vegative state that she never came out of. Cards can be sent to her son Jeff Maag P.O.Box161 West Fargo, ND. 58078. I talked to Jeff about Jerry. He is about the same. He wants to come back to Texas. They wont let him have a drivers license in N.D. but he knows they would in Texas.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at Leisure World

Well, those fun loving, food chomping, Leisure World year 'round residents are at it again! This time they were gathering for Hamburgers, Cole Slaw, Chips, Watermelon, Cake & Ice Cream, and some outstanding entertainment all in the name of Labor Day. This "end of the summer vacation season" just means more of the same here in the Valley.
The gathered group was entertained both before and after the meal by our own resident Vikki Tabor and a friend Joe Isreal at the karaoke machine singing up a storm. They were very well received, and we certainly know this isn't the last we'll be hearing them...particularly Vikki!

Husband Jim helped set everything up.
Gary Bringham did the chef's job turning out burger that were done just right, and Lupe Leal backed him up! Shirley Bringham presided at the cash box, and a whole herd of folks pitched in at clean up time. Thanks everyone, from the Slaters.

The evening's highlight came when Bob Clark was presented with a new girlfriend, whom he greeted with a kiss.

It was a great party, but aren't they all!
This past weekend, Mary and I had the pleasure of hosting some American visitors. Ruth and Rueben Baltus and their daughter Sue Radke from Wisconsin paid us a visit. We had a wonderful time, and we would have loved to entertain them longer, but it was not to be. At six this morning we said goodbye and wished them a safe trip home..