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Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Leisure Lore

Today the residents of Leisure World received delivery of the February edition of Leisure Lore. It is full of wonderful photos, some of which have already appeared on this blog. However, many are new as is much of the news and features. The entire 8-page edition is available to anyone in full color. All you need to do is send an email, with the words "Leisure Lore" in the subject line, to Scott Marriner at and you will receive a PDF file via return email that you can read and/or print out. Unless you specifty otherwise your name will be added to the email list so that you will receive future issues of Leisure Lore in color via email without having to ask. If you are are already in the park you should have received a printed black and white copy, but we'd be pleased to forward a color copy to you in addition.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Lazy Tuesday Afternoon at Leisure World

On a warm, sunny afternoon in February there seems to be enough going on that I couldn't find anyone being bored.
There was a gospel jam session in full swing at Stan & Mary Gainer's.

Yep, that's Mary behind those shades...the sunshine spread from all outdoors to the music that surrounded the small crowd on the Gainer's patio.

Lloyd Walker was tuned in to the music.

On down the line we stumbled onto some other residents hard at work!
Even the tomatoes were busy ripening on the vine!
We did stumble on some work being done as Shirley Rollins prepares for another "monthend"

And the exercise was exploding with enthusiasm at the pool.
Of course there are always a few who heed the call of domestic duties.

And you can always find a deep philosophical discussion underway.
That's right, another typical Tuesday afternoon in February at Leisure World.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday Night Dance


Wednesday night February 11th, Leisure World and friends danced to the music of Ronnie Furr. Ronnie, assisted by his wife, Teri, entertains the crowd of dancers and listeners with country music, playing a variety of dance tunes.

Ronnie and Teri Furr

Sam and Joann Griffin listen to the music with their friend and neighbor, Marilyn Rapp.

Myril and Mary Ferguson enjoy dancing the the sounds of Ronnie Furr's country music. Ruby Busby with back to camera.

Gary and Gerry Fischer having a good time dancing to the sounds of Ronnie Furr's country music.

We appreciate the large attendance to the dance which made it a huge success. We would like to Thank Larry and Carolyn Richeson for all of their help at the dances.

We are looking forward to the next dance on February 25th and hope that all of you will join us as we listen and dance to the music of "Diamond Joe".

Stan and Mary Gainer

Thursday, February 19, 2009


In my just previous posting I got so involved with trying to get the pictures right (still didn't size them quite right) I neglected to give some credit that is due. On behalf of the Leisure World Residents who are pleased to see the mini-golf project in place, a BIG Thank You to Rita & Scott Boyd, Bob Thompson, and all the volunteers who worked so hard on the planning, preparation and installation of the Leisure World Mini-Golf. Dave Slater.

Mini-Golf Is Here!

After the volunteers labored hard to get the base for Mini-Golf in shape, this morning the truck was here!

Again the volunteers pitched in with shovels, screwdrivers,and strong backs to unload and assemble.

With adequate supervision from the sidelines, and a keen eye to following a plan, there it is...the LEISURE WORLD MINI-GOLF 9 HOLE COURSE!

Of course it didn't take long to put a putter to work trying out the course.

And thanks to Lupe Leal and his BBQ, lunch was soon ready! Thanks to Al Cantu for the pictures, I spent my morning in line at the Doctor's office getting a lingering cough and congestion checked out. After a prescription for a Z-pack, and antihistimine, and some codene based cough syrup I'm back among the troops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Iowa reunion

The Iowa Texas reunion of Leisure World will be held in Fort Dodge, Ia Aug. 20. Please place a stamped, self addressed envelope in the Iowa box on top of refrigerator in the hall or deliver to Lot 158. I will mail all info to you after we find a place to hold the reunion. I am trying to keep all expenses within the $15 charge we have had in the past. Thank you.

Park Election Day 2009

The election of Association Officers for the November 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010, was held this morning. Early voting was made available for those residents scheduled to compete as representatives of the park in Shuffleboad tournaments at times conflicting with the scheduled election.

There was a large turnout...reflecting high interest in choosing the Board Members to represent us next winter.

Of course you're never sure whether the election is the biggest draw, or are we all just looking for that Tuesday morning handout!

President Elect Bill Hedlud's overcome with joy (or are those tears on his cheeks?) {Sorry about the snapshot, Bill, we'll try to publish a "presidential" portrait later}

Those elected this morning are as follows:
President - Bill Hedlund
Vice President - Betty Meysenburg
Treasurer - Brent Langman
Secretary - Marge Langer
Activities Director - Gary Moen
Delegate-At-Large - Roger Gallea
Purchasing Agent - Dan Foxhoven
Congratulations all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sisters are a Forever Friend

Leisure World Community Annual Sisters Gathering: Left to right: Sisters Trudy Hauserman, Phyllis Connett and Carolyn Richeson, Sisters Hazel Oachs - sister Mary Bergemann is seated in front row on left, Sisters Vicki Konya and Annesta Bennett, and Eleanore Strobel - sister Millie Lombard was absent, Seated in front middle is Maida Larsen and her sister Betty Stoulil.

Sisters are a Forever Friend - On February 11th, the Annual Sisters Gathering took place at Terria Santa Golf Club for the sisters in Leisure World Community to meet for their second annual sisters gathering. Eleanore Strobel and Millie Lombard were the sisters in charge for this year. Millie was unable to attend due to illness. There are approximately seventeen sisters who have an actual sister in Leisure World Community with them. To make it more interesting, Vicki Konya and Annesta Bennett are daughters of Betty Stoulil. Maida Larsen (who is a sister to Betty Stoulil), has sold her mobil home to a granddaughter who is the daughter of Annesta Bennett. Maida is visiting her family for the week. We are already looking forward to the next gathering with more sisters to join us.


When you talk to family and friends back north, they wonder if all we do is go out to eat -- well that's about the truth.
Illinois/Indiana residents met Wednesday, February 11th at IHOP for the monthly breakfast. Kay and Harold Monroe were the host and Dick Connett the photographer. Bob Clark was able to join us after all, as his knee surgery has been delayed for now.
Next meeting will be held on March 11th and we'll meet at Terria Santa Golf Club. We missed those who were not able to attend this month and we hope to see you all next month. Remember Illinois/Indiana breakfast is the second Wednesday of the month.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Pictures of Mini-Golf Progress

Wayne Oachs on the "mean machine", while other Leisure World residents were ready to go with shovels and rakes in hand. Thanks guys, for all your hard work....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mini-Golf Progress

Another beautiful day here in South Texas. Doesn't matter whether the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday or not! We visited the "Short Shot Golf Course" this afternoon. Enjoyed it but don't ask about scores.

Folks are out enjoying the sunshine...and as the RV sections are pretty full there's always some activity to lend a hand or at least to supervise.

The volunteers are hard at it, preparing the Mini-golf site. First step was to relocate the horseshoe courts, then to repair the irrigation lines that were in need of replacement, then on to the backhoe and shovels. All to prepare the site. I didn't volunteer as there seemed to be an adequate number of supervisors already. Cool nights, warm days, and good friends...who could ask for more!