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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Sandwich Supper

Tuesday March 24th Leisure World was treated to Pat's Super Sandwich Supper. When Pat LeFoe is in charge of food you can bet it is always a treat.
Music was provided by four Leisure World Residents. Pictured seated at her keyboard is Dona Lawson. Standing from left to right is Jim Lawson (guitar, harmonica & vocals), Mary Gainer (guitar, vocals & harmony), Stan Gainer (MC, guitar & vocals). Dona plays keyboard, vocals and harmony.

March 11th Dance

March 11th was the last dance of the season with the DeeJay hired from outside the park. Paul Pagel, a long time favorite of the country music dancers in Leisure World, provided the music.
Pictured first is Glenda Griffith & Jeanette Greve-Thompson, probably discussing line dancing. Jeanette teaches and Glenda is one of her eager students. Glenda particularly enjoys dancing "The Cowboy Cumbia", a fast stepping line dance that is lots of fun to dance.
The second picture is Mary Ferguson dancing with Wayne Oachs. The broom dance gives everyone a chance to change partners and get their feet stepped on by a different guy.
Picture number three is of Dona Lawson is showing much excitement after winning the 50/50 . That is reason enough to get excited.
The fourth picture is of Et Hendrix & Roger Gallea celebrating St Patricks's Day. Is Roger Irish?
I suppose so. He surely wouldn't be wearing that green hat if he was polish.
Picture number five shows Carolyn & Larry Richeson talking to Jim Lawson while taking a break. Larry and Carolyn have helped us with the dances and the Gospel Jams. Without them we could not have done it. Thank You Larry and Carolyn.

Winter Texans Going Home

Beverly Hillbillies?
Sanford & Son?
Just Winter Texans going home.
The license plate says Missouri and I'll bet most of Leisure World can guess who this is. The car is packed so tight that it's a wonder if John can find room to drive it up on the dolle that attaches to the motorhome. Don't anyone tell that I told you that it is John and Marlys Beeler who are taking all of their new found treasures back to Missouri.
They left their livingroom carpet here, choosing to buy more next year at the same place this piece was purchased. Ask Marlys about that bargain.
We will miss everyone and look forward to seeing you all next season in Leisure World.

Gospel Jam

The third and last Gospel Jam of the season was held on Sunday March 1st.

The gospel jams have been successful with many Leisure World residents voicing to Stan Gainer that they hope he will host them again next year.

When Stan planned the first jam his wife, Mary, decided to supply the cookies and not impose on others to help. Much to my surprise many people stepped forward and brought cookies, brownies, and rice crispie treats.

A donation can was set out to help defray the cost of treats. Eighty-two dollars and sixteen cents ($82.16) was donated at the three jams. With such generosity from our residents, this money will be donated to the Kitchen Fund.

This money will be donated on behalf of those who helped:

Stan & Mary Gainer
Larry & Carolyn Richeson
Jim & Dona Lawson
John & Marlys Beeler
Sam & Joann Griffin
Marilyn Rapp
Bob & Jeanette Greve-Thompson
Ruth Elliot
Dick & Phyllis Connett
Larry & Trudy Hauserman
If I have missed anyone it is not intentional and please accept my apologies. Let me know and I will write again and acknowledge your generosity.

We also want to extend Thank You to the many jammers and the stage band for helping the jams be so successful.

Last Dance

Leisure World's last dance of the season was Wednesday night, March 25th, hosted by Stan and Mary Gainer. Music was played from the 50's and 60's era of rock 'n roll. The Disc Jockey for the evening was Leisure World Association President, Wally Bendt.

Wally played a very good selection of songs that kept the crowd doing the Bop, the Twist, and several other dances that I cannot remember but I did recognize them as they were danced. I'm sure the dancers knew the names of every dance they did.

Oh, the memories that a sock hop brings back to every 50's teenager is pleasant nostalgia.

This writer enjoys playing and singing "Old Country Music and Southern Gospel Music" all of which I grew up with. Then when I was a 50's teenager Rock 'n Roll was introduced by Elvis Presley and my dancing went from old style Two Step, Fox Trot and Jitterbug to "The Bop" "Chalypso" and "Twist". When Chubby Checker introduced the Twist he instantly created a new set of dancers on the dance floor. Teenagers who could not do the foot work of other dances could hit the floor and twist. It's fun to remember those days and dance the dances again but the next day many of us must get out the Ibuprofen and/or Tylenol to ease the ole aching bones.

We look forward to next year and another Sock Hop.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sister's Visit

Trudy Hauserman, Carolyn Richeson and Phyllis Connett had two sister's from Iowa(twins) visit from March 16th to 22nd. Also, a niece, Carrie Christensen and her son, Dakota were here from Des Moines, Ia. They are the daughter and grandson of Dick & Phyllis Connett.

We done several things together, shopped in Progresso a couple of times!! We took in a show called Laughing Bird which was very entertaining.

Some sisters had pedicures, while one had her hair styled and another went shopping. We also went to Port Isabel for a Dolphin watch. We seen lot's of dolphins and had such a nice day for the trip. Larry Richeson(Carolyn's husband) was our driver for the day. Can you imagine Larry with four of his sister-in-laws and his wife in the same car!!

We toured Bugavillia's and shopped at the Red & Blue Barn. We thought our sisters would have to buy another suitcase before going home.

We sisters have a wonderful bond together. We hope we will be able to do this again. Our time together was very memorable.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad News

We were saddened by the sudden death of longtime Leisure World resident Ruth Baltus. Ruth passed away from a severe heart attack on Saturday, March 16th. Ruth and Rueben have been winter residents since 1994. Ruth's body was flown home to Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Cards may be sent to Rueben and family at 8311 Hwy 13 S #36, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new mobile

I really enjoy seeing the pictures of what is going on in LW but did anyone take pictures of the new mobile being put in.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Show & Tell '09

It was another busy Sunday afternoon at Leisure World, with residents gathered at the Rec Hall to display the results of their talented hobbies. A lot of VERY talented folk were displaying everything from yard art to fine art, needlework to glass etching, birding adventures to quilting, carving and sketching, and photography, too!
The artisans were happy to demonstrate and discuss their work. Another fun day with "family" at LEISURE WORLD.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's Get To Know Others

Lorraine and Ramsey McIntosh - #308 Palmetto Palm Drive decided it was time to get to know their neighbors. They opened their home for Palmetto Palm Drive residents to join them on Thursday afternoon. There were thirty in attendance. Each introduced themselves and told a little about their life, where they were from and how they got acquainted with Leisure World. It was an enjoyable and fun afternoon. Thanks Lorraine and Ramsey.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Square Dancing

If you are in the rec hall on a Monday afternoon, you will see several Leisure World residents enjoying and taking part in square dance lessons. Skip and Collette Hughes have given their time and patience to teach. After several weeks of lessons, we have finally learned our left from our right. Thanks to the Hughes and all the angels for giving their time. A gift of appreciation was presented to the Hughes last week. We're all hoping they'll be back again next year to continue more square dancing.

From Poker To Joker

The Card Room is busy these days. Here are a few pictures of Leisure World Residents having a good time playing games. They play everything from Poker, Joker, Domino's, Hand & Foot, Phase 10, Rummikub, Secret Five, Thirty-One, Rummy Dummy to name a few!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leisure World Dance

Diamond Joe provided a variety of dance music for the dancers in Leisure World, Wednesday February 25, 2009. There was nothing leisurely or laid back about this dance. The Rec Hall was lively and jumping. Of course their were a few dreamy love songs provided for those who like slow dancing.

Dona Lawson wins the 50/50

Line Dancing is popular at LW

Mary and Dona dance the Electric Slide.
Cowboy Cumbia, that was taught by Jeanette Greve-Thompson in Line Dance class, was a favorite dance for the line dancers.

The Broom Dance caused this changing

of partners.

Ruby & Bill Busby pair up before the broom dance ended.

Carolyn & Larry Richeson take a break and
visit with Jim Lawson.