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Friday, April 10, 2009

One More Winter Gone Bye!!!

Well another season has come and gone for us Winter Texans. There are still a few stragglers, but most have followed the birds and headed north. For Lorna and I this was perhaps a week or so early. We had good roads and weather until we got to Amarillo. We talked to the motel clerk in Amarillo and she did confirm that they had over a foot of fresh snow just a few days ago. As we passed through the panhandle of Oklahoma we couldn’t believe our eyes. Yes that was snow on the ground. And that was a strong northeast wind blowing . . . very strong. It was in the 50 to 60mph range. Not good for the gas mileage. We’re sure glad we had we have the Hemi though as at least we can make good time wind or no wind. But the roads were in generally in good condition.Add Image But the Wind Generators were making money in TX and CO.

We are reflecting on our wonderful winter as we’re passing through a snowy Wyoming. I think this is the nicest year we spent in the valley of the 8 years we have been in south Texas. Sure we had wind a few days, and yes we had some days that were cooler. But overall the winds were less and the cool days fewer than in past years. And lets face it the good weather is the prime reason for coming south. But more important than the weather are the great people that we live and play with every winter. Wow! What a wonderful group. We just wanted to say thanks to all of our Leisure World friends.

As the president of the Winter board of Directors for the past two years I must say thank you. Thanks to those nice people on the Board of Directors for making my job easy. Thanks to all of my activity chairpersons without which we would perhaps be twiddling our thumbs. And thank you to everyone who volunteers. You are all the real heroes who make Leisure World such a delightful park to live in.

Have a great summer. We hope we will be with you all again next winter.

Wally and Lorna Bentt

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