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Friday, June 26, 2009

June 25th Eat Out

Well, they are at it again! The favorite Leisure World pastime in the summer months....eating! This excursion was to Logan's Roadhouse in McAllen.
There wasn't a soul that complained about the quality of their food...and the quantity had even really professional "RIB EATERS" calling for take home boxes.
Carolyn Prickett did the organizing...Pat LaFoe OKed the appetizers.
Another fine evening enjoyed by all. (And guess who is ordering "dessert first!" No names but her initials go with Deb Collins.)

These outings are one of the special treats available to Leisure Worlders when the population is smaller during the warm weather.
Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

News of our LW Friends

This past week, Knobby and I were at Lake Okoboji in Iowa. We met up with Mary and Darrold Burgemann, and Joe and Rita Ivory to play golf. Lo and behold we met up with Duane Glover. Duane had news about Skip Hughes. He is recuperating from a serious operation to remove a baseball size tumor from his kidney. The kidney also had to be removed. Skip is getting along ok, but has had a rough time. I know many of you know him by his genorosity in teaching square dancing every week at LW last winter.
Please keep Bill and Rosemary Hedlund in your thoughts and prayers Their son, Dan, is in very bad health at the present time. Dan suffers from Multiple Sclerosis for many years. His heart is failing, and the doctor have ordered Hospice care for him. the Hedlunds are spending a great amount of time with Dan and his wife. Knobby and I are planning on meeting them on Sunday the 28th for breakfast.They are planning on being in Omaha for a family reunion.
I wrote on June 16th of our trip to Elgin, IL and to Chicago to attend the graduation ceremony of our niece Victoria Massey. At that time I told you about Vicky's mother, Kim, and the water tower and equipment building that she painted. Kim is from Korea and has an art degree from the University of Seoul. One must look very closely to see Kim and husband Jeff standing in front of the tower. Walmart is located behind the tower and building. Quite and impressive site. Jeff rented a Bobcat (I think that is what it is called) with a lift on it for her to use while painting. The controls were in the lift allowing Kim to position the lift where she needed to be for painting.
Stan and I are pictured with our niece, Victoria Massey and her mother, Kim.

Graduation in Chicago from Culinary Arts School. Victoria graduated with an Associate's degree. She is now a Pastry Chef. Left to right is our sister-in-law Sandy Gordon from Elwood, IN, Victoria Massey, Chicago, and Kim and Jeff Massey, Elgin, IL.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here's a quick video to let you see what we are leaving behind.  When I look at the video I am amazed that Scott has agreed to go on my Alaska adventure with me.  What a good husband I have!  We have been working on our cabin for the last 15 years and finally finished it off.  Then when we finally retire I get the cockamamee idea to teach in Alaska.  We all have our dreams :-)  This is the test video to see whether or not I can post to the blog or not.  If I can watch out!  You'll be taken on every tour we go on and see beautiful Alaska through the eyes of Scott & Rita.  This is all for now.  We'll blog again later.
Rita & Scott

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Celebration

Leisure World's Summer Activities Director, Carolyn Prickett, assumed the MC duties as she headed up the organization of a festive celebration hosted by the ladies of the Park.Things got rolling with a hilarious presentation of the "News from Aunt Emma" (aka Mary Casey).
We enjoyed several musical interludes with Leisure World's Vikki Tabor and her friend "Lark".
There was no hesitation when the fellows were invited to line up and oversee the building of their bananna split!
The bananna base was guaranteed freshly peeled and sliced!
Then the whole line up of ladies provided the fathers with their choice of ice creams and toppings.
President Gary Bringham didn't even pause to express his satisfaction.
And we didn't even try to elicit a comment from Lupe Leal...his mouth was much too busy.
Dan Foxhoven and Scott Boyd joined with the rest of the fathers attending in expressing their approval of the party.
And Jim Tabor won a special prize, one that wasn't one of the choices in "George" Napier's games.

All in all...we all had a great time. Speaking for all the Fathers of Leisure World...Thanks for a super party!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chelsea receiving her diploma

Barry and Chelsea Ritter

Logan LeeAnn 15 w/sister Chelsea 18

Chelsea's picture board at party

Mam-Ma Mary-Chelsea-Pap-Pa Stan

June 16th I wrote to the blog regarding the graduations Stan and I had attended. At the time I did not have any pictures. My sister-in-law, Sandy Gordon, attende the graduations with us and took some very good pictures. I'll share pictures of our grandaughter, Chelsea Ritter, with all of you. Chelsea is the second daughter of our youngest son, Barry Ritter. Chelsea graduated from Hagerstown, IN High School.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Flying By!!

So far this summer has been a busy one for us. The first weekend of May we traveled to Des Moines to help my sister Carolyn and my brother in law, Larry celebrate their 50th Anniversary. It was very nice and they had a great turnout.

Larry and I traveled to his hometown over Memorial Weekend to join his classmates for a Reunion on a Saturday and then on Sunday all the Alumni got together at the old High School in Longford, Ks. for possibly the last time due to closing of the school. It will be sad for lot's of people that look forward to the Reunion every year.

Larry was sick so I flew to Minneapolis for our youngest granddaughter's High School graduation. Jessica graduated with honors from Waconia High School. We were very proud of her. She was very active in sports, mostly basketball and soccer. She is enrolled in Aveda Institute of Cosmetology and will be starting on the 23rd of June.

We traveled to Des Moines the first weekend of June for my family reunion. My sister, Phyllis, had sent a picture and a note about it earlier. We had a nice turnout and everyone had a good time.

Larry and I enjoyed a visit from Charley and Evelyn Hammett this week. They had been to western Kansas for a family reunion and then visited with a nephew in Salina. They spent the night with us so of course we had to play a few games of Joker. The guys were really lucky that night, they won most of the games. We had a great time and they headed for home the next morning.

We got together with Charlie Green one day this week and had lunch and a nice visit. He is doing well.

We are both doing well and hope that our Leisure World friends are too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduations Over

Stan and I have been very busy with grandchildren and a niece graduating. Our daughter Melanie passed away a year ago and her second son graduated from Elwood Community High School, Indiana. Zachary graduated with academic honors and has joined the Marines. He will not leave until December and has chosen Intelligence as a career.

Stan and I went to Zachary's home in Elwood a week ahead and prepared for his graduation party. Our Son-in-Law, Duane, made us very welcome and with the help of friends we had a very nice party. He graduated on Sunday May 31st.

On Saturday May 30th we went to Hagerstown, IN to a grandaughter's high school graduation. Chelsea graduated with academic honors also. Chelsea went to high school mornings and to Indiana University East (Richmond campus) afternoons. She carried a full load and now has completed her first year of college. This is a child who had problems in third grade and her parents took her out of public school and enrolled her in a private school. This did wonders for her. She re-entered public school in seventh grade and has done quite well.

We then traveled to Elgin, ILL, June 4th to our nephews home. His oldest daughter graduated Sunday June 7th from Culinary Arts School in Chicago with an Associates Degree. She is now a Pastry Chef. Her long term goals are to some day have a TV Show and write a cook book. We wish her luck.

My nephew's wife is from Korea and is an artist. We were able to visit places where her art is displayed. She painted a water tower (short one but big for a tiny lady to paint) and an equipment building in a neighboring town. This is quite a story. Walmart built a super store in the town. The mayor and council said that Walmart had to supply their own water tower for their sprinkler system. Reason being that if Walmart had a fire and the sprinklers came on the water pressure may be depleted and firefighters would not have adequate water. The tower and building were put behind Walmart and facing the highway. Towns people did not like that so our niece, Kim, was hired to paint a scene on each. This is dairy country therefore she painted a very pretty dairy countryside, cows etc on the tower. On the building she painted an old town and railroad scene. Historically related to the town. It is quite an impressive sight.

On Friday night we went to church with Jeff and Kim. Kim attends a Korean church and they were having a benefit for one of their church members. It was a classical musical event sung in Korean. But music is the same in any language only the language is different. The music was beautiful.

Needless to say we had a very enjoyable visit. And it was my first trip to downtown Chicago and seeing Lake Shore Drive. Little things mean a lot.

The Wandering, Homeless Marriners

It is so refreshing to have a wee bit of decent internet access again. Today finds us in a campground in Mitchell, SD. Last night we survived two extended tornado warnings and a modest amount of rain, the last of which included sunlight and a huge rainbow that we could see on TV. Since selling our home in Leisure World on May 18th we have been officially homeless. Upon leaving Weslaco the 19th we spent two nights at Canyon Lake just north of San Antonio.

Like everyplace else in Texas it was water starved, down approximately 15 feet from normal.Next we drove the motorhome to Runaway Bay on Lake Bridgeport, TX about 45 miles north and west of Fort Worth. It was here that Shirley went in to make an appointment for a perm and the beautician noticed the spot on her right cheek and admonished her to have it checked out. She, the beautician, did not like the looks of it. (Remember we thought Shirley had been the recipient of a nocturnal insect bite?) We drove straight to the local clinic in Bridgeport and got an appontment for the next morning. The doctor (PA) who examined her probed it with a needle, possibly hoping to find a remnant stinger or something but could find nothing. He put her on an antibiotic for 10 days and told her that if the spot had not gone away by then that she should have it biopsied.

During the interim we dropped in on Knobby and Betty Meysenburg in Omaha where we enjoyed good friends, fellowshop, food and Pinocle. One highlight was the visit to the Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha's Botanical Center. Imagine our surprise to see that they are growing Oranges, Lemons and Grapefruit in Omaha! Buddy and Jefferson had a blast too.

We arrived in Sioux City at noon on June 6th to surprise our oldest daughter, Becky, on her 50th birthday. She had specifically said there was to be no celebration or surprise parties. She thought we were on our way to Washington State for the summer. We managed to drive up her long driveway with the MH dragging the Jeep behind us and all the while talking to her on the phone and wishing her happy birthday. About the moment she finally asked us where we were we opened her back door and let Jefferson in.Following our surprise visit and dinner that evening, with a few good friends and her whole family at the local Olive Garden, we spent a wonderful weekend dodging raindrops and playing games with the grandchildren.

At 8:40 am Monday morning we called our former doctor's office and requested an appointment as the sore cheek was no better. They could see us at 10:30 am. The PA took one look at Shirley and told her that she had a Squamous Cell carcinoma that should come off pronto. Given the choice of thinking about it, checking another facility or having it done right then and there, she opted for the latter. By noon we were walking out of the clinic with Shirley having nine stitches in her cheek.

Our next appointment was for Friday when we would get the path report and get the stitches out. The report confirmed the diagnosis and said that it was all removed and therefore she could expect it not to grow there again. The bad news was that the stitches were not ready to come out so we had to wait until Monday for that. On Monday the stitches did come out and her face looks very good. It will be a while before it is completely back to normal, but we are relieved that it was caught in time and that no further surgery or treatment is needed.Yesterday we said our goodbyes to the family and pointed our new home to Mitchell. Today is a rest day and tomorrow we will depart for Rapid City where we will stay until June 26th.

'Til we have time and internet access again, we wish you all well and hope you have a great summer. To Scott and Rita, Happy Retirement!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An e-mail from Jim McKibben

In an e-mail today, Jim McKibben advised us of the following: "Bev had total knee replacement (right knee) on Tuesday 9 June, and came home on Friday. She is getting along real good as she says it doesn't hurt any worse then it did before the operation. She is now able to walk around the house without a walker and only needs it outside. So it looks like she will out and about soon."

I'm sure you all join with me in wishing Bev a continuing fast recovery and a future without pain. Thanks for sharing with us Jim.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cookout Night

We're doing the usual Leisure World activity...eating well! The second Saturday of the month brought with it our twice monthly cookout. I didn't see anyone who looked undernourished.
And the company is just as appealing as the food! Thirty plus residents turned out to show their skill dealing with the charcoal and disposing of the evidence.

I'm not sure what tale Bob Clark is spinning, but somehow I don't think Bill & Mae Collins are buying it!
And yes, your sharp eyes caught it in the first photo....THEY'RE BACK...AND OFFICIALLY RETIRED! Scott and Rita Boyd arrived in the park late last evening. Scott says he is enjoying his retirement...but still doesn't really know all the rules of the road. Rita is looking forward to working a couple of years teaching in Alaska. (I guess no one explained the meaning of "retired" to her.) We're looking forward to the tempo picking up in the park as soon as Scott gets thawed out.
It was another great get together this evening....following up a well attended and enjoyed "Eat Out" at Chili's on Thursday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The "Three Sisters" Family Reunion

The "Three Sisters" Family Reunion - out of the twelve children, the remaining seven got together on June 6, 2009 for their 46th Family Reunion. Pictured above are brother William De Joode, Sisters Trudy Hauserman, Carolyn Richeson, Phyllis Connett, brother Don De Joode and in the front are the twins Barb McGrean and Bev Pearson. The family reunion was held at the Prairie City Shelter House in Prairie City, Iowa. Each year one of the children takes the responsibility to plan the reunion. This year Trudy and Larry Hauserman and daughter Teresa Hunter were in charge. There were approximately 92 in attendance - the brothers and sisters with spouses, nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and close friends. There was an abundance of delicious food enough to feed an army. Bingo was played in the afternoon with all who played going away with a nice gift. Everyone had a great time catching up on the news since last year and it was fun listening to all the conversations. We are blessed to be from such a large family.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We saw the sun for a couple hours today. Have had the furnace on some as I was under the weather and cold. Went to Dr. today and I have a viral bug. Don mowed the lawn between rains last night. Was so long he had to use the grass catcher. Move rain on the way. Plans for Iowa Texas reunion Aug 20 is well under way. Will send letters out about it after July 20. Paul Dick called a few days ago and he and Phyllis plan to come. Their son died suddenly a couple weeks ago. Keep letters coming to blog, I enjoy getting them.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Monrning-June 6

A pancake, eggs, sausage and juice breakfast was a great way to start an 89th birthday according to Peg Lepine! The decorated loaf of bread presented by Bob Clark took the place of a birthday cake, and the crowd provided the vocal on Happy Birthday.
The cooks were enthusiastic if not overly talented. But even with the struggle to get the pancakes "brown" enough to suit Bill Collins, everyone had enough to eat and not too many bad words about the cooking skills of the volunteers.

In any event the crowd seemed to provide a generous display of talented knives and forks, and magically the strange looking items on the plates disappeared.

Grandparents and grandkids all enjoyed another Saturday morning park breakfast at Leisure World!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check Your E-Mail Box

The newsletter went out to email addresses this afternoon. If you don't get one, be sure the office has your correct (and current) email address.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Natural growth & Beautification

Carol has been taking photos every few days to document the growth of the "bloom stalk" on the agave plant (century plant) that is between 250 King Palm (Herrmann)and 146 Queen Palm (Ranier). I thought everyone might be interested in the here is a photo.

And it is also the time of the year for the palm trees to get their annual (frond) "haircut. This is the progress on King Palm today.
If you look closely you can see the "tree trimmer" climbing the next palm!

May Necrology & Illness Report

May has been a hard month on Leisure World Residents.
Betty Whitesell became quite ill and unable to care for herself. Her daughter came and has taken her back to Kansas while she recuperates.

Jeanne Ghent has fallen and injured her hip.

Francis Stoulil has been hospitalized with kidney problems and to control his blood sugar levels.

Rodney Kraus is recovering well after a kidney transplant.

Deanna Sunstrom (daughter of Dennis & Mary LaFaive) passed away after a battle with cancer.

Mother of Wayne and Al Oachs died at age 92.

Jerri Dueker's sister, Mary Louise Walters, passed away in her sleep.

Judy Hand died unexpectedly on May 30th.

Please keep our ill friends and those who have lost loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.