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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to LW

I returned to Leisure World today after five weeks of vacation. I spend 3 weeks in Missouri and 2 in IOwa. The Iowa trip was very cool. We had a family reunion July 19th and one thing we decided was that next year it should be in the summer. We were at Lake Rathbone and it was too cold and windy to take the boats out. It was still fun with relatives there from both coasts and 3 of my 4 kids made it. Today I had one of those unusual weather deals that Texas is famous for. I was driving south on 79 and it was 71 degrees and pouring. Ten miles later I was at the intersection of 77 and 79 and it was 99 and sunny. Only in Texas. Jewett Powers

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News from Jack & Dorothy Ruger

Greetings to our friends at and from Leisure World, It seems that life is not only good but very busy for the Rugers. We arrived home April 5th to what seemed like winter after spending the winter in the Valley. We soon got busy with our custom tree planting business and planted 12000 trees and then planted several acres of Native Grasses and Wildflowers before getting into a remodeling project. We added a shower to a half bath upstairs and a walk in shower to a full bath down stairs, we will soon be finished we hope. On June the 5th, Dorothy`s two daughters and three grandson from Kansas and Oklahoma arrived for a visit, during the time they were here we went to an amusement park on the south shore of Lake Erie for a day of fun. From there we went to Ludington MI. and took a ferry over to Manitowoc WI, and spent two enjoyable days with the Geo. and Gen. Taylor (who live on north Queen Palm) from there we made our way back to IN. and the girls and boys went on thier way home. On the 27th of June we drove with my family to Washington, DC.,and spent seven enjoyable but very tiring days there, came home on July fourth, cleaned the garden and headed to Ottawa Kansas for a week and a surprise birthday party for Dorothy on the 7th. with more than 50 people in attendance. We both enjoy gardening and flowers so we are in the process of canning beans, making applesauce and pies, tiring but very gratifying later on. We have a trip planned to New England, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Isle and possibly take a ferry over to New Foundland. We both believe that life is generally what we make of it and we are making the most of it while we are able. Oh yes, Geo. and Gen. Taylor were here for five days and Geo. was able to shoot two deer while here , and yes it was legal, as we have a depradation permit since we have way to many of them. We will try and give an update on our northeast trip after we get back. Everyone stay well and keep in touch as Garrison Kelior says. Sincerely, Dorothy and Jack

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kansas gypsies are in Silver City, Mexico

Hello friends,
We left the park on June 29 with Silver City, NM as our destination for the summer. Gloria and Lupe traveled with us which was a blessing since we had a flat tire on the camper before we got to Corpus and Gloria called us and told us to stop, "your tire is on fire". Fortunately it was just smoke and sparks. We spent a night over at Malaquite Beach, then on to Sea Breeze Park in Corpus where Lupe caught a nice Red Fish.

From there we went to the Fredricksburg, Kerrville area for 3 days. Then on to Carlsbad, NM and went to see the Caverns.

The next day we drove back into Texas to Guadalupe Mtns Nat'l Park & took pic of Lupe at Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 ft. We had already had a picnic at the park on Guadalupe River in Kerrville, so we were giving Lupe a hard time about Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Guadalupe EVERYWHERE!
Our next stop was Alamagordo where we visited the White Sands Nat'l Monument. We arrived at Silver City on July 8. The first day we ventured down town and shopped and visited the SC museum. The next day the 4 of us drove about an hour and a half scenic drive to visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat'l Monument. Nice little hike and interesting to see how ingenious those people were so many years ago. Gloria and Lupe left us and went on to Denver to visit daughter Norma.
Jack and I kept ourselves busy hiking, geocaching and sightseeing. The second hike we took in the Gila Nat'l Forest was pretty eventful. We were on the last half of the Angel Loop and we met a LARGE RATTLESNAKE right on our trail and I was in the lead. When he RATTLED, he certainly got my attention. He slowly moved off the trail and let us pass.
We also saw a horned toad that day. We have been hiking at least 3 times a week--the longest hike so far is 7.3 miles.

When Gloria and Lupe came back by here, we went to CATWALK National Recreation Trail about 3 hr round trip from here. It is only 1.1 mile trail and is suspended metal walkways, stairs, bridges and hiking trails up a canyon. So it was a good half day activity and then we drove to the ghost mining town of Mogollon-but since it was Monday the museum, etc. was closed.
Jack has had a Birthday this month and we went to the Copper Creek Ranch Chuckwagon Supper and Show. We missed seeing the Live Show of Billy the Kid downtown SC. This past weekend was Cowboy Days at the park downtown. Very enjoyable-good music and food and craft vendors.
I think I had better close for now or Dave will be regretting that he invited me to contribute to the blog.
God Bless Each of You and Keep Each of us safe as we travel.
Maybe I will write more on the blog or we will see you in Oct.

Travelling Full-Time Residents Return

Several of our full-time Leisure World residents have been travelling this summer. Lupe and Gloria Leal were off to the great southwest...getting home last Thursday in time for Lupe to sleep off driving straight thru.
From Lloyd Walker and Mary Casey we hear: "Two old fools went on a trip - 3791 miles, 7 states.
Saw beautiful scenery, lots of people, Dolly's Stampede in Branson.
Glad to be home. Never again!"

Bill and Mary Baas retuned Friday from a three week trip to Iowa. One of their sons was married and all seven of their children were able to attend. Mary commented, "It was great to see them and the grandchildren. It always amazes us at the changes in them from one summer to the next.
"The next day we were present at the baptism of our youngest great-grandchild. It was also a very special event.
"The following Tuesday evening the Credit Union had a dinner for the current board members and previous members. It was to honor Bill for his forty-five years as a board member.
"Two days later we were in northwest Iowa to celebrate the 60th class reunion for the graduates of West Bend High School. It was a small group as health and distance kept some from attending. It was fun to recall the good old days and catch up on recent activities.
"The following week our daughter and son-in-law drove us back to Texas. We were very glad to be home as Bill was having some health problems. It was a great trip but there's no place like home."

The hot tub and swimming pool are in the renovation process. These pictures show the chipped off plaster (and some times the full concrete). The chipping is being done with hand operated compressed air chisels. It is slow and demanding work...Hamlin Pools is the contractor. When all the chipping is completed the repair work, addition of a drain, replastering, etc. will take place. In two or three more weeks we will have a pool and spa like new!

Looking for Winter Texans

Another Adventure

Over 1500 Winnebago units gathered at the Winnebago campgrounds for the Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa. We were there approximately nine days. Dick took in many seminars learning things about the motorhome.
Also Leisure World Friends Lee and Gwen Brown attended the rally. We had two of our grandsons with us and they had two of their granddaughters with them. The children enjoyed the many youth activities that took place all week.
While at the rally, we also caught up with Leisure World friends Dick and Lorraine Babcock.
The rally consisted of many seminars, vendors, activities and each evening some very good entertainment. The weather was cool but very nice. From Forest City, Iowa, our RV group headed for Keiler, Wisconsin to camp for the weekend. One of our friends was having problems with their RV, so we stayed behind and followed them, departing at Dubuque, Iowa where they went on home and we continued the route to the campground (Grant County). We had planned to be there by 1:00 PM but didn't make it until 5:30 PM. We barely got set up and the storm hit.
Our twelve year old grandson holding a hail stone approximately twenty minutes after it had melted laying on the ground. Some of the hail was close to a baseball size, some golf ball size and some smaller, but when it hit it sounded like a machine gun firing at the RV. There were approximately forty units with their cars/trucks in the campground and everyone had roof damage and car damage from the hail.
One unit didn't quite make it, the 60 miles an hour wind flipped it over just a few blocks from the campground.
The picture above is our Honda with the passenger side sliding door window that was damaged. All cars were dented with the hail. It was said that Grant County had approximately 3.5 million dollars in damage. Fortunately nobody was hurt at the campground. Our group cancelled all plans we had made and all pitched in to help clean up the debris at the campground.
We returned to Freeport on Sunday and then took our grandsons back to their home in Waukee, Iowa.
What a weekend. I think we better head back to Texas...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hedlunds visit Omaha - Knobby's flowers

Sunday, the 28 of June brought the Hedlund family to Omaha for a short visit. Dan and Laurie came along.They were happy to get away for a few days. It is hard for Dan to get around, so it took a special occasion for him to travel. He was as cheerful as usual. Bill and Rosemary were having a busy summer spending quite a bit of time helping out Dan and Laurie.
I also sent a picture of Knobby's flowers. He certainly has a green thumb. Our deck looks like a greenhouse!!!
If these pictures come through I will send some more of our summer activities. We had a trip to Yellowstone, and also a couple fun trips to Lake Okoboji.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I saw Glen and Lavon Rude at the Verizon store in the mall today. They asked if I had received a newletter lately. They want to know if anyone is left down there since we haven't had a newsletter for a while.

Monday, July 20, 2009


If you left me an envelope you will receive your invitation soon. Mailing out today or tomorrow. All others just send me a check and I will put you on my list.


Leisure World Iowa Texas Reunion
Aug. 20, 2009 at Trinity United Methodist Church
838 North 25th st, Fort Dodge, Iowa (corner of 10th ave north and 25th st)
coffee and rolls 10:30, Sonshine Singers 11:30-11:45, eat at 12:00
$15.00 per person. Send check to Joann Whittington, 1543 D St West, Fort Dodge, Ia. 50501 by Aug 1.
Theme: Red, White and Blue colors
Ya'll come

Broasted Chicken
Cheesy Hashbrown potatoes
Baked beans
roll and butter

If you do not eat chicken let me know.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're Here, There and Everywhere

July 10, 11, 12th, a gathering took place at Thomson Causeway Park in Thomson, Illinois for some Illinois and Minnesota Texas friends - Jim and Et Hendricks, Arnold and Ilene Bettis, Walt Blackburn, Ron Workman, Dick and Phyllis Connett, Roger Gallea and Verna Louze. Friday evening we went to Savanah, Illinois to a very interesting restaurtant - Poopy's. It was just as much fun to read the menu as it was to eat. A pile of poopy's was a pile of chicken nuggets - use your imagination as to what the other items were.

Those who joined us at Poopy's were Marj Herbig, Kay and Harold Monroe, Teri and Geri Shanafelt and their daughter and grandson.

The next evening we all decided to have a weiner roast which turned out to be quite a feast, and all joined us again at the park. Kay Monroe's family also joined us.

Et and Jim were relaxing enjoying the company with Ron Workman and all.

Verna getting that marshmellow done just right...

Our girl scout Kay Monroe was tending the fire. I don't know if she was sending up smoke signals for someone or was she actually trying to get the fire burning. She did, and we had a great fire.

Kay still working on that darn fire with Dick and Harold looking on.... No advice was given though.

All enjoyed the visit with each other and sitting around the campfire.

On Sunday morning we all met for a nice breakfast before we departed for home. When the Connetts arrived home, Phyllis' sister and husband spent a couple days with them, then the Connetts traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to pick up their grandsons for more traveling.

The last few months have been a busy time for the Connetts. We have attended a sisters 50th Anniversary celebration, a weekend gathering with our motorhome chapter, Phyllis' 50th Class reunion and Alumni Banquet, a wedding, and a funeral - all taking place in Iowa. Since we have left Texas, we have had our car hit with a "flying" piece of iron resulting in hood damage and a broken windshield, and we have had a tire blow out on the motorhome with damage.

We are now in Forest City, Iowa for the Grand National Rally of Winnebago's with our two grandsons from Iowa. From here we will be traveling to Wisconsin for an outing with the motorhome chapter and then a trip back to Iowa to return the grandsons home.

The summer is getting away from us quite rapidly and I think we need to get back to Texas to rest up. We'll report in later with more news. All have a great day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Greve Patriotic Garb

Hi, sorry I am so slow with this, but believe it or not I forgot my camera this day, and had to wait for grand-daughter Chelsea to send me the picture. This was a great 4th of July. There were 16 of us together at Okoboji and daughter and son-in-law, Darla and Mike's condo. We got to have a boat ride, lots of good eats, and saw a fabulous show of fireworks at Arnold's Park while sitting in a boat , on water, a great show. If you know Okoboji they also have a hugh flea market over the 4th so I even got to shop a little. We were down in numbers this year, but we are planning a "Greve" reunion in August when all five of my children will be present as son and daughter-in-law , Tom and Rachel will be coming from El Paso, TX, and daughter and son-in-law, Terri and Tom will be here from Helena, MT. There will be probably 30 of us then, all but the grand-children and great grand-children from California are planning on being here. I love the picture and everyone LOVES to wear the Patriotic Garb. Until next year, Jeanette

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joyce Miller's Trip to Iowa

June 20/July 11, 2009
While home I got to see my triplet great-nieces & nephew. They will be four years old in November, and now they have a little sister, Hannah, 14 months old. The sun was shining so bright that in the picture with me they were all shielding their eyes, except Hannah.
The other picture shows the triplets pretending they were on a rocket ship, Josh, Ella & Abby, with Daddy, Shane, in the background

I stayed with my son who lives in the country. After ONE day, I decided to rent a car. Spent a lot of time with my two granchildren, Katy & Tyler. The last two weeks the weather was so beautiful, wish I could of brought it back to Texas.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thelma Watkins' Trip to Michigan

I had a wonderful fun time. My granddaughter's wedding was beautiful, as the bride and groom were! The next day Kendra took me to see Bob's niece Mary Kay. She moved from Texas, Weslaco, to Bay City, Michigan, built a home and retired. She had a wonderful picnic, all of Bob's nieces and nephews were there--Fun time. From there we went to Petosky, Michigan, to see my brother Gordon Ruonavaara in a Hospice-Hospital. He has bone cancer. He is doing soo.. good. Kendra took a video of our visit that was wonderful! I spent time with all of my children--they were all soo.. great, made me feel welcomed! I missed Bob a lot -- I was glad to be home!

Friday, July 10, 2009


This is the third time I have tried to send this so hope it works now. The Iowa Texas reunion will be Aug 20 in Fort Dodge, Ia. I will be sending out letters in a couple weeks and will update this post at that time.
We are having lots of rain and storms. Hard to keep up with grass mowing. We spent 4 days in Des Moines over the 4th. Played lots of Hand and Foot plus eating way too much. Watched fireworks our son and family drove to Missour to get. It was very nice and loud.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eating Again?

Yep, those folk from Leisure World were at it again. It was Thursday night and time for an "Eat Out"...this time at Casa del Taco, and once again no one remembered to bring a camera. Oh, well, here is the list that attended.

And since we didn't get any pictures at the restaurant, here are some from the Joker game that followed. Left to right around the table were Ray LaFoe, Pat LaFoe, Marilyn Farmer (back view), Dottalou Olson, Thea Soland, and Bob Clark.

Marilyn is in action making a draw, Raymond is waiting for his turn.
And of course, every game requires careful and thoughtful analysis by Bob.
All in all another quiet night in Leisure World.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where Is Everyone?

I thought maybe we would hear about some of the other Independence Day celebrations by the Leisure World family. Is anyone there? Is anyone doing anything? Our weekly Wednesday night movie was "A Few Good Men"...."Gran Torino" is on the schedule for next week.
Also, quick note...Shirley Rollins had cataract surgery Tuesday morning.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Another Fourth of July Celebration has come to a successful conclusion at Leisure World. The tables were set and decorated under the supervision of Carolyn Prickett, Activity Director.

Soon the crowd started to arrive, with Jim and Georgia Misamore aiming for the "early bird" award.

It didn't take long for the serving table to be stressed with the weight of the potluck goodies, and just at the proper moment Jeanie Cook oversaw the delivery of the roasters full of ribs from her oven to the serving table and warming oven for the reserves.

The crowd was waiting restlessly for the starting pistol. And all too soon it was a gathering of sated souls, leaving only a few dirty dishes, piles of leftovers, and fond memories of another successful holiday celebration at Leisture World.