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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Death of a long time RV resident

We were saddened to learn yesterday of the death of Charles Tedder. Charles and Lucille were long time winter texans. Lucille has been sick for sometime and is now in a care home with Alzheimer's. She would appreciate cards tho. They can be sent to Wanda Rose 1320 Wallace, Searcy, AR. 72043 Wanda will get them to Lucille.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peter Piper

Monday, October 26th - Peter Piper Pizza Day Kay and Harold Monroe enjoying their pizza - God is an awesome God - He provides us with Peter Piper Pizza every other Monday and we all love to "stuff" ourselves with the delicious goods.
And after we are stuffed with pizza, we wait in anticipation of winning one of the stuffed animals as we anxiously wait for our number to be called.

Marj Herbig was the lucky winner to receive the huge stuffed frog...
And Phyllis Connett walked away with the stuffed Walrus.

Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship with their Leisure World friends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Week at Leisure World

We're meeting new friends already - come and join us for some "games" at the card room.

Every Wednesday evening is "Movie Night" at the rec hall. This one was a 50's movie that some of us had not seen and others had, but we all enjoyed. Thanks Dave... Watch for the next one to be announced and come join us.
Thursday evening the park residents went to Los Asados in Harlingen for a good meal. There were approximately 29 in attendance. Restaurant was beautiful and food very good - even though one person (won't mention your name Pat...) forgot to order until all the food was served to the rest of the group. Hey, Pat what were you dreaming about??? It was a fun evening.

Friday evening we all enjoyed a good time as Floyd called the bingo numbers.

Saturday evening all enjoyed the cookout at the rec hall.

Connie and Styrl were celebrating their 50th anniversary. Congtratulation you two....
While some of the ladies got to relax for the evening, others were out with the men cooking the goods. Thanks to all the crew for taking care of the grills and for all the preparation of the food to make this an enjoyable evening.

And now we're all ready for another week to begin... What a Leisure World...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Death of former resident

We were sad to learn of the death of Onnie Haapakoski. Vivian called yesterday 9-23-09. Onnie had been in poor health in the last few years. Cards can be sent to Vivian at N11445 Cc Rd A #6 Tomahawk, Wi. 54487.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ladies' Luncheon

Twenty-one ladies from Leisure World gathered this afternoon at Tierra Santa for companionship, conversation, and lunch. As usual, no one remembered to bring a camera. However it is reported that the food was good, the conversation excellent, and the companionship outstanding. This is the final Ladies' Luncheon for the 2009 summer season. Look for the next one scheduled in April 2010!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Patio Sales

As usual, with the patio sale set to run from 8:00 a.m. to noon, the first shoppers arrived about 5:30 a.m., with the heavy crowds waiting until 6 to 6:30. I appointed myself town crier and took the golf cart out on King Palm at 8 a.m. The traffic almost did me in, but I dodged my way through the cars and trucks to stop and inform everyone that it was time for sales to begin! Didn't seem to me that it was funny enough to generate the laughter that greeted that statement! Almost everyone reported good sales, close to sell outs. A sampling of the late sales at opening time are attached.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Iowa/Texas Reunion

As a favor to Joann Whittington, who wants more practice posting, here is her report on the annual get together for Leisure World Winter Texans in Iowa.
"The reunion was held in Fort Dodge Aug 20 at Trinity United Methodist Church. There were 44 in attendance. Four Sonshine Singers were our intertainment and sang several songs for us. They were wonderful.
We catered a meal from Hy-Vee.
We had some prizes and drew names for those. The Fort Dodge Chamber gave us all cloth shopping bags and some info about Fort Dodge.
I enjoyed the reunion very much and hope everyone else did also.
Joann Whittington"

This weather is NOT for snowbirds

Last Saturday morning we awoke to four inches of snow laden ground. I must say it was very pretty, as I have not seen the white stuff for some time. Knobby said five more years could go by before he wants to visualize the white stuff again. It is still cold, but expected to warm up by the end of the week.I understand it was one of the earliest snows ever in Omaha. Hopefully it will stay moderate again until we leave in late October!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

News From The Gainers

Stan greeting Virginia while Bob scrubs the motorhome. Just wait, Stan also helped Bob with the scrubbing. Need your motorhome washed? Come to visit and Stan will help.

Just like we women. Virginia instructs Stan as to where she would like him to scrub a little harder.

Bob & Virginia Dolle with Prissy came to visit this summer. Bob and Virginia are from Cape Girardeau, MO and winter in the Valley in Texas Trails, Edinburgh. Many of you probably know Bob from seeing him at the jams playing keyboard and fiddle. He also has a band and they do the tribute to Bob Wills at Paradise Park, Pharr.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday at Fiesta Tex-Mex

Once again the residents of Leisure World broke bread together...this time at Fiesta Tex-Mex here in Weslaco.

Everyone seemed to feel that the food took first place, EXCEPT for Sharon Decock who found her phone most demanding.
The gathering enjoyed good conversation (just listen to the roar before the food is served!), good food, good company,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cold, Raining and Nasty in Midwest!!

It is cold and raining here in Kansas. Iowa and Illinois isn't much better!!

Look for Sisters, Trudy, Carolyn and Phyllis and their husbands sometime soon to show up in Leisure World. We are ready for warmer weather.

See you soon!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sister's 25th Annual Get Together

Carolyn Richeson hosted her 25th Annual Sister's Get Together on October 3, 2009. We drove to Winterset, Iowa to tour five of the Bridges in Madison County where the movie was filmed. We had lunch at the Northside Cafe and shopped around town. We then came back to Carolyn's house and met our two brothers and three brother in laws and had a Chili supper made by Carolyn. A good time was had by all.

Picture: Sitting is Beverly Pearson and Trudy Hauserman
In back: Carolyn Richeson, Barbara McGrean, Phyllis Connett, Jean Harrell(sister in law) and Martha De Joode(sister in law)

Thanks Carolyn for another wonderful day for the Sisters!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi Everyone!

We thought we'd send you a few pictures of our recent fishing trips and live around Anchorage. We've caught salmon, trout and dolly varden. We go with our neighbor who is a fishing nut. He fishes just about every day from May through September. He takes Scott a lot and then Alana and I go on the weekends. The women work during the week!!! We start down the Kenai at the Russian River fork and float the entire Upper Kenai then when we get to the lake (Skilak Lake) we can use the motor. We motor across this huge lake to the campground. Then the next day we can do the same thing again. Usually we don't though because we're exhausted from the first day of fishing and Lindsey (our neighbor) gives us a break. We have a great time because we stop along the way at all the various fishing holes. I'll attach some pictures that we took when the 4 of us went and then I'll forward some pictures that Scott & Lindsey took on one of their trips. They came within 10 yards of a huge grizzly but it was busy fishing so it really paid no attention to them. The bear was definitely in charge of the situation!

Then last week we had moose in our driveway eating off our mountain ash trees - a mom and 2 babies. It was very cool and Scott got some great pictures. We've had snow in the mountains so more and more animals are coming down to the city for the winter. Well, that's about all for now. We'll write again when we have more adventures.
Scott & Rita