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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tuesday, January 26th, several hobo's and hillbilly's gathered at the hall for many types of beans, cornbread, biscuits and of course old fashion desserts. Thanks to Pat LaFoe and all her volunteers who made the evening successful. All proceeds were for the kitchen fund.

Mary Gainer started the Leisure World band with entertainment as the crowd steadily grew to 200 plus, and all enjoyed the evening.

The beautiful "homemade" pies were auctioned off, some for $40.00 or more.

Barefoot Larry Richeson was the greeter for the evening. Carolyn (and her sisters, Trudy Hauserman and Phyllis Connett) prepared and served cornbread and biscuits.
Dick Connett and Larry Hauserman sold tickets for all the "antique" goods, while Al DeCock and Don Kurtenbach sold tickets for 50/50.

The leader of the "gang" - Thanks Pat

The crowd grew to be 200 plus...

Ken McPhee and Ruth Elliott visiting as the hillbilly's started coming in the hall.

Dick and Larrine Babcock in line for the beans and cornbread.

Elsiebel Kasch-Noe enjoying a cup of coffee.

A couple of "deem der hillbilly's", Ruby and Floyd Lowderman.

Our John Deere Friend Ray and Millie Dennis turned hillbilly.

Dick and Phyllis Connett relaxing for a moment.

Who is that granny behind those dark glasses? - Marg Langer with Roger Gallea.

Hum - wonder who that hillbilly is under the parasol? Do you know Styrl Little?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Once again, the soup supper on Wednesday, January 20th was a huge success. Before the supper began, we were entertained by a very talented young lady (Betty Rydel) from Leisure World with her many instruments and beautiful voice. Following that, the line of Leisure World residents was stretched all around the hall waiting for their bowl to be filled with the delicious Beef and Barley soup prepared by Roger and his crew. Then to top off the evening, the hall was full for the "Proposal" movie. From the laughs all during the movie you knew the movie was enjoyed by all.
Betty Rydel

Some of our Leisure World residents enjoyed dancing while Betty was singing.

The line for the soup was all around the hall.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wednesday, January 13, 2010, there were 25 residents from Illinois/Indiana who met for a great breakfast at Martha's Restaurant, hosted by Bob Clark. Our next outing will be hosted by Marj Herbig and will be held on February 10th at Lord and Irene's.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gospel Jam

Dona Lawson plays keyboard with Rodney Crause on bass

Leisure World residents enjoy the Gospel Jam hosted by Stan Gainer the first Sunday of each month. Pictured below are listeners at the Dec jam and jammers from the Jan 3rd jam

Approximately 106 people attended with 26 of those performing.

Thank You to the ladies providing refeshments. Dona Lawson, Joanne Griffin, Millie Dennis,

Carolyn Richeson, Donis Hanrahan, Delphine Peterson and Mary Gainer.

Joe Pettaway shares his talents

Larry & Carolyn Richeson man the kitchen

Carl & Marion Whitt former LW residents

Jammers from Weslaco Trailer Park

Who left the door open?

That is the comment we are hearing from the residents of Leisure World as we anticipate the arrival of a major cold front later today. Forecasts are for freezing and below temperatures, and the farmers are rushing to harvest what crops they can. Those with citrus groves are very worried that the temps will be low enough (below 30 F) for long enough (6-8 hours) that it will cause loss of the trees. Keep your fingers crossed for them. I know 25-30 degrees is mild compared to what this front has brought to the Great Plains and the rest of the midwest and east coast, nonetheless to those of us who are south Texans by birth, or by adoption, it is miserable weather. Where is some of that record heat we had last summer?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The wonderful midwest

I hope all of you down there are enjoying your weather even if it is rainy. It was zero in Iowa and it's snowing in Missouri and Oklahoma. I may not see you until spring thaw. Jewett Powers