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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, there are more sisters...

Yes, there are more sisters. Barbara McGrean (on the right) came to visit her sisters and friend Bobbi on February 13th spending a week with them. While in the valley, she helped to celebrate the birthday of Phyllis Connett. We made a few trips to Progreso, MX. and had a great time going to the flea markets, shopping and concerts. Barbara has a twin sister back in Iowa and is the youngest of twelve children. She was glad to escape the deep, deep, snow back in Altoona, Iowa for awhile. She left her sisters and brother-in-laws in the valley to rejoin her family on Saturday, February 20th.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Larry & Trudy Hauserman's son-in-law returned home in Waconia, Mn. after almost a year's tour in Iraq. He serves with the Minnesota National Guard. We are all so happy that he and his unit are back home safe and with their families.This picture say's a thousand words. Tony's hunting dog greets him for the first time in almost a year.
Leisure World residents enjoyed the music of jammers at the third Gospel Jam of this season in our park. Jammers and listeners from other parks in the Valley helped us to have our biggest jam yet with 161 in attendance. We apologize for the inconvience caused to others because the jam ran longer than anticipated.

A huge Thank You goes to the ladies bringing refreshments. Those contributing were, Bev Thompson, Bev Forsythe, Marlys Beeler, Pat LaFoe, Ardis Klingson, Millie Dennis, Dona Lawson, Donis Hanrahan, Marilyn Rapp, Alice Cockrill, Carolyn Richeson and Mary Gainer.

John Beeler and Marlys Beeler have company from Arizona. John's brother, Walter and wife, Christianne, are visiting, and Walter joined John, playing his guitar at the jam. Christianne enjoyed the music with Marlys.

Lois Oleson, former LW resident sings at our Gospel Jam. Lois is known as one of the best female vocalist in the Valley and we appreciate her sharing with us.

Red Merryman, formerly a LW resident, plays drums at our Gospel Jams. Red can always be depended on to play. The stage musicians are a loyal bunch.

Larry & Carolyn Richeson take care of refreshments at the jam and keep things running smoothly. Carolyn's expertise displays lovely trays of cookies, bars, brownies and cakes.

Marian & Leonard VanDrese sing a duet. Thanks to this talented couple who reside in LW.

Jim & Dona Lawson share their talents at the Gospel Jam playing keyboard, guitar and harmonica.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Illinois/Indiana breakfast took place at Lord and Irene's on Wednesday, February 10th. Marj Herbig was in charge and fourteen Leisure World residents attended. Everyone enjoyed the friendly conversations that went back and forth from one table to the other. Next month Jerry and Diane Cantu will be in charge. They will later announce the date, time and place that we will be meeting.

Another tough day in Alaska for Scott!

Here are some pictures from Scott's daily cross country ski. These were taken between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. I was teaching school without even a prep period today! Who has the better deal? This moose came out of the woods and looked at Scott and just dared him to come closer. He actually moved in Scott's direction so Scott found shelter to hide behind. When the moose was sure he was in charge it then left Scott alone but did not allow him to pass on the trail. Being the brave soul he is Scott quickly turned and ran (skied as fast as he could, which when you're our age it's not very fast, so he definitely was in danger). Once on the other path he could peek over at the moose, or look up and check out the F-22s flying overhead, or watch as the bald eagles soar above. And all I do is teach little kids! These were such great pictures we just had to share them with you Another tough day in Alaska for Scott!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cross Country Skiing - Alaska Style

Hi everyone!
Gosh we've been busy up here in Alaska. I don't know how I find time to work! Scott and I and my friend and colleague, Jenna have been very busy taking a pottery class. We now know how to throw pots on the wheel. We may not be very good at it, but it sure is fun. We also x-country ski on a fairly regular basis and downhill ski on the weekends. Last night we started a glass fusion class that really seems fun. We're all finding out how fun it is to be creative. It's still dark for most of the 24 hours in a day, so it's nice to have activities to keep us busy and active, otherwise your body thinks it's night all the time and all you want to do is go home and sleep. It's a little weird, but the trade off is almost 24 hours of daylight in the summer. Attached you'll find some pictures to show you what a great time we're having here. Feel free to write back, we love getting mail. I'll send more pictures later. We have some great pictures of the bush, when we went out to see our friend Kurt and some beautiful pictures of Chens Hot Springs where we spend Christmas. Well, that's all for now.
Take Care,
Rita & Scott

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dottalou Olson

She has just left the building.... Or should we say - she has just left the park. After many long years of residing in Leisure World, Dot decided it was time to move on in her life. She sold her mobile home and will now be living close to a daughter in Florida. Kay and Harold Monroe had an open house for Dot on January 31st, where many of her Leisure World friends stopped to wish her the best. Drop Dot a note now and then, as she would love to hear from her friends. Address below: Dot new address:

Dottalou Olson
33 Galleon Drive
N. Ft. Myers, Florida 33917

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kansas Annual Luncheon January 29, 2010

A lot of good food and conversation took place at the Kansas Annual Luncheon held on January 29, 2010 at the Golden Corral in Weslaco. There were 33 that attended. Marilyn Farmer was in charge. The next Kansas Luncheon will be held on January 29, 2011. Floyd and Ruby Lowderman will be in charge.
Marilyn Farmer
Jeanne Ghent and Dwayne Ogleby

Alfred and Linda Decock

Roy and Ema Wagner

Ruby and Floyd Lowderman

Art and Vera Allan

Wes Nelson

Charlie Green

Donis Hanarhan

George Napier and Shirley Rollins were having a serious conversation!!!!

Mary Casey and Lloyd Walker

Dottie and Mac Mc Vey

Trudy and Larry Hauserman

Darrell and Janice Booth

Donis is thinking "wow" Shirley's dessert looks good!!!

Linda Rickel and friend Marvin
Ralph and Gracene Holuska. This couple got a 100% on the Kansas crossword puzzle and was a beautiful Kansas jacket donated by Marilyn Farmer.