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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday Night Bean Bag

Every Monday evening, the Bean Bag Crew could always depend on our faithful friend Styrl Little. Styrl was always very prompt in sitting up the game for all who might like to try out their hand at tossing that bean bag into that "tiny" hole across the room. Several tried to influence him to cut that darn tiny hole bigger but we didn't get the message across to him. This was the last evening for tossing the bean bags until this coming Fall. It is a lot of fun, so come and join us then. Loren was just looking on as he was preparing more coffee for all the residents.

When the game is over, Styrl always has a lot of help in picking up.

And on the way back to our units, there is always good night conversations and a chance to enjoy the full moon (below).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LW Gospel Jam

Larry and Carolyn Richeson take a break and enjoy the music after preparing refreshments for everyone at the Gospel Jam.
Joe Pettaway, of Leisure World singing for us at the last Gospel Jam, March 21st.

Janet Bland, from Lemon Tree Estates in Mission, sang for us at the Gospel Jam. Janet is wife of Jerry Bland who grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi where Mary Gainer also grew up. It's a small world. Jerry and Mary had not seen each other since grade school and met again last year at Southern Comfort.

The Hoppes from Winter Ranch joined us for the last Gospel Jam of the season.

Sandy Quinn lends her talents of singing and playing the tambourine at the Gospel Jam.
The last Gospel Jam of the season was held at the Rec Hall in Leisure World Sunday March 21st.
We have had very good attendance from Jammers all over the Valley and are extremely grateful to each and every one of them.
We also extend a huge Thank You to the residents of Leisure World for your support attending and enjoying the music. Many of you have voiced your appreciation for the Sunday afternoon entertainment. We look forward to seeing you again next season.
Thank You to the ladies providing refreshments for this final jam.
Carolyn Richeson
Dona Lawson
Marlys Beeler
Millie Dennis
Mary Gainer

Friday, March 26, 2010

The First Pour

The official sidewalk supervisors were all on hand for the initial concrete pour in the Rec Hall Expansion! Notice all have the official "arm cross" for this auspicious occasion (with the exception of Jim Edwards who always defies convention and meets this challenge with his hands in his pockets).The trucks were lined up, while the contractor's crew moved the mud to fill the forms. Arnold himself was demonstrating that the prime contractor must be sure that verticals are vertical and proper alignment is maintained.
Before you can trowel you must be certain that all corners are filled and that the cement is level in the forms.
Of course the Chief Sidewalk Supervisor found his own viewpoint...the back door! Fast thinking, Lloyd.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Death of a Good Friend

We were sorry to learn monday morning of the death of Joan Johnk. Joan had been in ill health for several years She had many friends in Leisure World and loved to play cards and cribbage with them. She was hard to beat at these games. She was very active despite her constant pain. Cards and letters can be sent to her best friend and husband Carol at 14476 535th st. Griswold, Ia. 51535

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The plantings are flourishing and the wishing well is nicely in place. The mound is becoming more and more of a garden spot each day. It is especially attractive on a beautiful day like today, clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and the thermometer hovering around 80 degrees.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Palm Circle Block Party

Thanks to Gary Bringham for sharing some photos of Thursday's block party with us. With the days turning warmer, the breezes more laden with citrus blossoming perfume, many of our Winter residents are winding down, getting ready for those long miles on the road north. Its almost a ritual event to hold a block party for one last visit with all your neighbors until next fall. Those folks on Palm Circle really know how to enjoy themselves...a pretty good crowd, too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

An email from Rita

Rita and Scott know how to be the life of the party! We have enjoyed the time they have been able to spend in residence, and look forward to their retirement when we will see more of them in Leisure World.
For some time I have been aware that Rita was looking for a kidney match, she needs a transplant...and soon. The search is now on to find a compatible donor. We certainly send our hopes and prayers that one is found soon.
It is with Rita's permission that I share her latest email letter with all of her friends and fellow residents at Leisure World.

March 12, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I have spent most of this week seeing all kinds of doctors and taking all kinds of tests to complete my evaluation for a kidney transplant. Here’s what I know. I am O positive blood type which means I must find an O blood type donor, be it positive or negative. We are trying to do what’s called a paired exchange which means that whoever donates for me if they match me I will get their kidney, but if they don’t match me the donor coordinator finds someone that does match me and then also finds another person that my donor matches. It’s kind of like a kidney swap according to blood type. The lady at HCMC that coordinates all this is being honored by the National Kidney Foundation for all her work in this area, so I feel like I’m in good hands. If you are still interested in possibly being a donor for me please call Eugenia Steffens at the following numbers: 612-873-7705 or 612-873-7700 or 888-345-0816. You must call her to initiate the process of becoming a donor even if you’ve already told me that you are willing to donate. It’s just the way the system works. She will ask if there is anyone in particular that you would like to donate for, this is when you tell her Rita Christenson-Boyd. Eugenia will ask you a series of questions and answer any questions you have. She can tell you where to go to get your blood drawn and where to have it sent to to see if you match. You can even go to your own doctor and she will give directions on what to do. Scott has already been tested and he does not match me but we have decided that he still will be donating a kidney to someone since someone else will be giving me the gift of life with their generosity. Everyone we’ve talked to tells us that a transplant is like the difference between night and day compared to having to be on dialyses. The nice part about a paired exchange is that it can all be scheduled around your schedule. There is no cost to you for donating a kidney other than time off of work. We will try to help you out with any lost wages. There should be no roadblocks for you to donate a kidney. Any tests you need done are paid for by my insurance, even the initial blood draw. So, please call Eugenia if you can help me out. Be sure to tell your friends too, because you never know who might be a match for me. If you have any questions please email me or call me 651-269-1623 or call Eugenia. Nothing will happen until at least April since Scott and I are headed back up to Alaska to pack up our apartment and head home to Minnesota. All the doctors agree that I need to be in Minnesota now until the transplant so we will be at home in the cabin by April 1, 2010. Hope to hear from many of you soon. Thanks for thinking of me!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leisure World Square Dancers

Wednesday, March 10th, the Leisure World Activity Hall was full of approximately fifty square dancers and spectators, who had gathered for the graduation of thirteen new square dancers.
Following the ceremony, all joined in for a very good selection of finger foods and fellowship at noon. Coming in December, there will be a work shop on Mondays from 3:00 - 5:00 pm for the month of December for those already graduated, then in January, 2011, the new beginning square dance lessons will begin.
Our square dance caller - Bill Sherrill
The 2009-10 square dancing graduation class: From left - Lorraine McIntosh, (Mel Gerlitz graduated before), Jan Scheetz, Sterling Isvik, Terry and Jeff Caywood, (caller in background) Gerry & Gary Fischer, Shirley & Fred Fischer, Ardis & Al Klingson, and the callers wife. Ron & Jo Hersom also graduated but are not in the picture.
Several dancers from different parks joined in each week pictured above with some of our Leisure World Angels.

As you can see from the pictures, all were having a great time with the "moves".

Now, if you are curious as to what is going on with the "balloons", you will just have to join in on the fun next year. They do have fun...

See you next year.

The Garden on the Mound

The Leisure World gardeners are hard at work on developing a new beauty spot in Leisure World. Their work in developing the "top of the mound" was just enhanced by a gift from Loren Cook. Loren creates a variety of lawn and garden ornaments...and one of his wishing wells is now gracing the moundtop garden. Jan Scheetz, the main motivator for the new garden wants you to join with her in saying THANKS to Loren!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leisure World Quilt Show

The ladies of Leisure World can sure be proud of their hard work and great talent. The many, many quilts and all the handwork was outstanding as they were on display for the Leisure World Quilt Show this week. Great Job all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Show & Tell

From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon (Sunday) the recreation hall was awash with the many creations of the talented residents of Leisure World. There was a terrific video of Valley birds presented by Wally Bentt, Crocheted, knitted, woven, quilted, stitched, carved and plain created items galore. Paintings abounded, and the lawn ornament ingenuity presented was outstanding. Thanks to all of our neighbors who were willing to share their creations with us today. It was great! And of course we must say special thanks to Jan Scheetz for oganizing the whole affair.
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