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Friday, May 28, 2010


Phyllis and Dick Connett have not let any grass grow under their feet since they left Leisure World. One of the many events is a Red Hat Outing which Phyllis organized for her group.

Remember the Angel Lady Joyce who visited her relatives (Joann and Don Whittington) at Leisure World, and was featured in the Leisure Lore?

Well Joyce Whittington opened her home in May to Phyllis Connett's red hat group (The Blushing Red Bombshells). Joyce not only collects
angels, but also among other items is an over 1200 salt and pepper shaker collection.

Joyce went all the way to welcome the red hatters by even placing a WELCOME sign on her front step. Now that is great hospitality...

Only about half of the red hatters could make the event (Phyllis in the middle) as it was a busy time of the year. Joyce prepared a very tasty treat and all enjoyed the stories each had to tell.

The picture below is just a taste of the many angels sitting in every room of the house.

This picture is many angels which Joyce had made for a local craft show in her home town.
This weekend we have our granddaughers graduation open house and then this coming week we will be heading for Iowa for the big family reunion. The next trip will be for a special little lady's wedding in Minnesota for Trudy and Larry's granddaughter, then another trip planned with the RV group. Like I say, we don't let any grass grow under our feet. Before we know, it will be October and we'll be heading back south to be with our Leisure World friends.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leisure World at Fiesta Tex-Mes

When the 4th Thursday of the month rolls around you can count on the crew from Leisure World to be rolling into one of our favorite eateries. The food was ample and delicious, evidenced by this plate ready to be demolished by Steve Baas, Mary's son.A crew of just over 20 hearty appetites turned out for our usual gathering. Think salsa all of you "Summer northerners!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm not sure how many of you remember Connie and Roma Rector from Lincoln, Nebraska. They were in the park a few years ago and he drove the van for Mable's Clinic tours at least 1 year. Roma died unexpectedly May 13 and a memorial service was held Tues in Lincoln. The last address I have for Connie is 6745 Vine Street, Lincoln, Ne. 68505. I have no further details. I have e-mailed him a couple of times, but he has not responded frequently.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

College Graduation, 50th Birthday & Mothers Day!!

Larry and Trudy Hauserman traveled to Minnesota on May 6th thru 8th to help celebrate granddaughter, Jennifer Hunter's College Graduation from Minnesota State University n Mankato with a degree in Fine Arts, their son-in-law, Tony's 50th birthday and also Mothers Day. From right to left is Trudy, Jennifer Hunter, Jennifer's finance', Josh Stiftner and Larry.

From right to left is our son-in-law, Tony Hunter, our granddaughter, Jennifer Hunter, Jennifer's finance', Josh Stiftner and Teresa, our daughter.

What great fun to be able to celebrate three things in one weekend!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Park Breakfast

Twenty-two hearty Leisure World Residents gathered at the Rec Hall this morning to partake of pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit cocktail, and coffee. While they started out as their usual rowdy bunch, once the cooks begain serving things quieted down considerably.No one was in any huge hurry to depart...and several indulged in seconds (and dare I say it, thirds!)
After a little post meal coffee and conversation, numerous of the diners helped out with the pick-up and clean-up, most appreciated by the cooks.
And once we got the nod of approval from our own choice of food critic, we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. (At least I think Shirley approved, she didn't throw the pancakes away!)
Thanks to all for the compliments...we'll wait to see who volunteers next!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Darlene Cook Checks In

To catch everyone up to date with me.
They are digging up the street to the north of us.
So for one week we had 4 th. ave. closed. There was construction trunks across from us,
we do not have access to out garage, so we park in our neighbors, drive way.
I was backing out on May 6 th. and backed into the dump truck, bussed out my back window and put a nice dent in the fender. also dented above the bumper, and a small dent on the truck.
Thankfully they only have to replace the window, and bumper, they can fix the others, took
it down today, suppose to get back by Saturday.
Then April 27 th Lorn had a Va. appointment in Sioux Falls, and we go to Sam's so I can load up on things.
Well the next morning, I was putting away the paper products, in the back room, in the cabinets.
At 1 I was eating a sandwich for my dinner, and I could smell gas, checked the burners on the stove they were all off, so I opened the kitchen window and the bathroom, finished eating my
lunch, and it was worse.
Went across the street to neighbors, had them come over, they smelled it to they made me come back to their house , we called the gas co., in 10 minutes, they were there, said we had
to evacuate, did all across the street from us to the east , 4 down south of us 2 across the
2 fire trucks came 4 police cars, even the chief of police himself.
several people from the gas co., and a few from smu.
Seemed like it took awhile, someone explained they were waiting for the phone co. to shut off the phone line.
Then 3 men , with gas mask and the whole works went in. Then they came out went around
to the north of the house.
They all came back to the truck, and one came to me, said they found the leak, I had turned the lever on the gas line when I put away the paper products, in the cabinet.
Years ago we had a gas stove in the back room, when it quit working we took it out, Lorn duct taped the gas pipe, and shut off the gas.
Well, they say every thing happens in 3's, so I am waiting for the shoe to drop.
It has been cold here and rain often enough.
Had every one here for Mothers Day, and my "75" Birthday.
One grandson and family with 2 of our Greatgrand-daughters, couldn't make it, and one
Grand-daughter here who had to work.
Well take care

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stan's Angels

Hello Leisure World,
Here are just two of Stan's Angels. These girls are great along with the Doctors.
Stacy & Stan

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank You LW Friends

Thank You, Friends from Leisure World for the "Thinking Of You Card" you sent to Stan recently.

As most of you know, we left Leisure World April 8th, which is much earlier than we had planned to. The left side of Stans face. right over the Parotid Gland, was swollen. Due to his history with cancer we made an appointment with his Doctor in Indiana. He has now gone through the preliminaries and has started radiation because it is cancer. Today he had his sixth treatment. He was suppose to have a port put in Monday so that chemotherapy could begin. Complications !!! His left hand swelled last week-end and on Monday the surgeon lanced it and started him on an antibiotic, also cultured. He is scheduled for surgery Friday morning, depending on what the culture shows and if the antibiotic has worked.

The Doctor feels that this cancer is a metastisis from a tumor he had above his left eye last summer. A PET Scan was done and no further metastisis was noted.

That is about all we know at this time. Please remember him in your prayers. He is very optimistic.

The pictures of the tables for Mother's Day are very nice. Job well done. We miss all of you.

Al's Comment

Hello, Leisure World,

I would like to share with you that yesterday I visited with Shirley and she is doing well. She is at Weslaco Rehab Center on 10th and James St.which is one block south of the hospital. She has a small fracture on her left hip which did not require surgery but is expected to stay there for at least ten days. She is not comfortable being there but understands that it is for her well being. She misses work and is anxious to come back to the office.

On another note I would like to mention that I have been talking to City Engineer David Valdez about finishing the drainage ditch. The reason they stopped digging was because of our fence at the northwest corner and the electrical wires that will interfere with the excavater. David is looking to borrow a backhoe from another department and dig from our property. We will take down the fence in that area til they complete there work. I will keep you posted as soon as I hear from David.

Here are some pictures of the storage unit's fence going up on the west side of King Palm. We will eventually take our fence down once they complete their work.

This part that is done starts at Peg Lepine and just past Merle Lenz place.

Safe arrival to Kansas

Hello Friends and Neighbors,
Gloria, Lupe, Jack and I left Leisure World shortly after 7:00 a.m. on Sunday May 10. We drove all day, Jack and Lupe took us to breakfast at Jalisco's Restaurant at Riviera,TX. We spent the night at Denison, TX then on Monday we traveled to Tulsa, Ok and met our friends, Ronnie and Terri Furr at the Will Rogers Downs Casino for lunch. Had a good visit with them, then on a short trip and arrived at Columbus, KS about 2:30. Yesterday we took the the tour around the area, Calibrated Forms(where we both used to work), BIG BRUTUS and the mining strip pits, the house and Skating Rink where we used to live, etc. In the evening a group of us went to world famous CHICKEN ANNIES for some good old garlic chicken, potato salad and cole slaw. Larry has taken Lupe and Jack and the boat to the Trout Pit today--hope they catch some big ones. Gloria and I are home visiting and catching up on the blog. Checking to see what all of you are doing. NICE MOTHER'S DAY PARTY!
Hope all is going well for you. We will be checking on you and letting you know what we are doing from time to time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just posted a post and forgot these pictures from Mothers Day 2010


Thought I would send along

some more pictures
from the Mothers Day party. Dave just stepped in front of my camera, as I took a shot, or did I step in front of him? Don't recall.
Does any one know the old lady in the hat. She came out of the wood work.
You will have to click on Eva's picture to read what her shirt says.We had a great time at the party and would like to thank everyone who worked it, and of course everyone who came.... all was appreciated...... THANKS

Jan Scheetz Checking in

Hello all, I'm home in Iowa, the weather here is cool and rainy most of the time, the flowers are so pretty here in spring, my yard also is growing very fast and demand I mow often. The garden is in but I have covers ready in case of frost!!
I enjoy the blog pictures and comments--the Leisure Garden is growing I see, maybe "Mary will weed??"
Camping season has started so I keep busy--Jan Scheetz

Monday, May 10, 2010


We had quite a storm and more to come during the night. Lots of wind, thunder and lightening that made me jump. I used to sleep in the basement in this kind of weather but no beds done there anymore. I knew I should have mowed grass sooner. Now it might be a few days before the rain lets up so will have a hay field by then. It has been cold and was kinda looking for snow. We usually get one snow when we get home but none yet.
I have a cataract to come off so have a preop tomorrow. Hope I don't forget since this feels like sunday. We usually eat at the Senior Center all week but haven't been doing that yet. Just picking out days of the best meals we like.
We have Senior days at the college thursday. It is always a fun thing to do. Usually we get a sack lunch but they are cooking dinner for us this year. Guess they need a bunch of guinea pigs to try their food.
Had to bring my flowers inside a couple nights so they didn't freeze. Just hoping they don't blow away tonight.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Another annual Mothers Day celebration has now become history. A nice turnout of over 20 ladies were honored by the 9 gentlemen in attendance. The table decorations were outstanding (thanks to Gary & Shirley Bringham}.While the Leisure World gentlemen host the ladies on this very special day, they also recognize their limitations. Thus Shirley Bringham and Joyce Miller were declared to be honorary gentlemen and did much of the setup work, decorating, filling table favor cups, and cutting and plating the pies. Much of the credit for the success of the celebration must be given to these "honorary gentlemen".
Prez Gary kept things on track and from all appearances the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves.
Photos are contributed by Gary B & Dave S
Another successful party for the ladies who make us proud, happy, and frequently fat! Thank you all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Recipe's needed for Cook Book

I had a call from Kay Monroe today, she said that they really need your recipe's. They want to print a Leisure World cookbook next season but they need to start gathering the material now. You can send them to Kay at P.O. box 65 Rock Falls, Il. 61071 or to Rosamary Hedland at 1101 Woodland Park Dr., West Des Moines, IA 50266. You can also send them to Ada Edwards, she is here at Leisure in space # 635. Or if all else fails send them to me and I will pass them on. I know you are all great cooks and have some favorite recipes, so share them with us. You can send as many as you want in any category. Lets get behind this project. Many Thanks. Shirley

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jay Thompson

We were saddened to hear that Marilyn Thompson's son, Jay, passed away on May 1st after a long battle with cancer. Marilyn was with Jay and his family as the end came. She has been with him constantly thru his long ordeal. The funeral is set for May 5th at First Baptist Church in Colfax, IA. Marilyn's home address is 5180 Magnolia Dr., Pleasant Hill, IA. 50327. I'm sure she would love to hear from all her friends.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I thought in my defence, I better get on a second time, IMMEDIATELY and let you all know, this was my first time for doing a blog or uploading pictures on the blog, you all can tell I have a long way to go, you have to admire me for taking a stab at on.
Hey Dave, as far as your April 24th comment, I would think of it more as a WIDE LOAD, NOT HEAVY TRAFFIC!

Fox and I have been cleaning up our niegborhood, Fox had been to the office at different times, expressing his concern that the trees be cut out of the nieghbors back yards before we lose our electricty or cable (its called maintenance) anyway we started having problems with cable and electric , and the tall trees were still there and so were we, so down they came. Since I did not care to see my husband out there alone on a tall extended ladder, hanging out on branches, electric saw in hand, shears in the other hand, working in the high-wires and HEAT, for two days, I went out and helped him on the third day and the fourth day, that is right, it took us four days to get all the bushes and trees from behind, two homes. The horrible part was, I slipped from the ladder and cut myself with the saw, it was not running, but it still put two gashes in my arm, also my legs are all scratched up from the thorns and I got an electrical shock from Fox, when I touched his leg, but guess what we got the job done, us two OLD FARTS! It really looks nice now and I can sit out in my beautiful back yard and enjoy the view.

Cutty's Okoboji Resort-Spirit Lake, IA

Today we are in the fourth of a five day R & R period. Scotty is now back about 90% but Shirley has come down with the same crud that Scott started with. He went on to have a bout with pneumonia, which now appears to be on the wane.

We left our daughter's place NE of Sioux City on Wednesday and let the wind blow us northward to the Iowa Great Lakes Region. Shirley hasn't left the camper since we arrived. Scotty went into town yesterday and brought home a gourmet pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner along with a six pack of Leinenkugel's Classic Amber, which happened to be on special.

The big push was to get to Sioux City in time for the wedding of our oldest grandson, Justin, the son of our oldest daughter Becky and her husband Marty Jacobson. Ironically he married "Becky" and we now have two Beckys in the family. It was a super event, as these things usually are, and we all had a splendid time. The wedding was originally scheduled for late August, but Justin is in the Iowa National Guard and expects to be deployed to Afghanistan by early fall. (This will be his third tour of duty. The first was to Afghanistan and the second was to Bagdad in Iraq). Grandpa Scott had a front row seat in the church and thus took videos with his new Nikon. A frame of the new Mr. & Mrs. Justin Jacobson leaving the alter after just having been pronounced husband and wife shows Justin in his full military dress. This was without doubt the most fun wedding we have ever witnessed. The Bride, the Groom, the Wedding Party, the Pastor, and the 200+ who attended will all attest to this. We'll tell you more about it next fall when we return.

Following the wedding Scotty continued to get worse until he felt compelled to see a doctor who promptly told him that he had pneumonia. It all started the day before we left Weslaco on April 9th, the night following the eat out at the Sunrise Cafe, but fortunately seems to be almost gone now.

The fact that we can spend a few days here at Cutty's Resort on West Lake Okoboji is a real plus. It is very beautiful, peaceful and there's been some sun along with the fierce southern winds were experiencing. On Monday we head east to visit friends in the Ledyard, IA area and have some work done on the motor home. Thursday we'll be in Moscow, IA to have the motor home jacks worked on by the HWH factory there and by next weekend we'll be on our way to Harvard, IL, Shirley's home town to see family and friends. Then in a couple of weeks it will be back to Sioux City for the baptism of our newest granddaughter and the graduation from North High School of another granddaughter.

A couple of days ago, when it was particularly cool (COLD!!!) Jefferson was lying on our couch and doing an occasional shiver. We covered him up with one of our fleece blankets and the merging of the two fleece blankets made a real nice Fleece Blanket Igloo for him, don't you think?