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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten PM - Hooray, further south!

Alex is #1

OK, I guess we must be due. The first named storm of the hurricane season is now fast becoming a hurricane and it's headed for the Valley. Alex is predicted to be close to a category 2 level by the time it reaches landfall. On the bright side over the past 8-12 hours the projected path has moved a little further south. It now appears that the "wall" of the eye will not reach the valley, so we can just look forward to high winds and up to 16 inches of rain. The park is nearing much as can be achieved. Objects that could become projectiles in high winds have been moved indoors, awnings have been lowered, sandbags are ready for the hall doorways, pool furniture has been moved under cover. Trash has been picked up and put under cover. Some folks have evacuated to further inland, those who are left have gassed up, purchased extra provisions for the possible days without electricity, and in general buttoned up.
Keep your fingers crossed that Leisure World and the Valley come through Alex #1 in good shape.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Another night of storm warnings. Our DM river is flooded with all the water coming down from the north. Clarion had 7" a couple nights ago and more predicted. We had a couple inches of rain last night. It is summer and Iowa. We can expect anything. Was supposed to get to 100 today. Don't know if it made it but sure felt like it. Thank God for Air cond.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just found the envelope with the recipes to Kay in my van this morning. Only 12 days since I said I mailed them and can't blame it on the slow mail this time. Sorry. Guess I better clean out my van more often.

Ia Tx LW reunion

The date has been set for August 19 at Rides Restaurant in Fort Dodge. I will be sending out info in July for reservations. Keep this date open and come visit us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


After a wonderful weekend in Des Moines with our son and family for Fathers Day we arrived home before the rain. hard to miss with it raining everyday or night. Lots of water in the fields.
Was catching up on mail and the paper when I read that Glenn and Lavon Rude are celebrating their 60th Ann. June 24, their address is 1606 D St West, Fort Dodge, Ia 50501.
Hope you all had a very good Fathers Day. I haven't been able to get on internet for a week but was working tonight so Phone co must have found a bad wire outside and fixed it. Lots of email to catch up on and junk to delete.

Happy Fathers' Day

The star attraction of the Fathers' Day celebration at Leisure World...the whole bunch of them.
The menfolk gathered to pass the time of day and prepare to assemble their banana splits.

The ladies met to plot their serving strategy.

At the sound of the starter's pistol (or equivalent) the lines of attack were formed and the scoops and spoons were brandished.

Soon the ladies had their turn at the bananas, ice cream and trimmings.
And before you could say Jack Robinson, Swiss Family Robinson, or one of those Robinson sayings, another holiday had been duly celebrated at Leisure World.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rec Hall Expansion

By popular request, here is photo of current progress on the Rec Hall expansion. The steel is up, but it is shell only. No plumbing, electrical, or interior framing has taken place, nor is it contemplated to be started now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eat Out at Sunset

The Leisure World Eat Outs for June got off to a roaring start as the hungry group gathered for steak or chicken off the grill at La Palapa!  In case you haven't discovered this delightful bistro it is located south and east of Mercedes, Texas, on the Aloe King Farms.
The evening's bill of fare and program was announced by co-owner of the farms and incipient restauranteur John Dowling. He provides the food, brother Jimmy provides the entertainment. (Guitar & folk songs, an open mike if anyone in the crowd feels their talent seeping out.)
Following a very ample and delicious meal, we mounted up for a "Brush Country" tour. This is an evening special separate from the afternoon tours of the Aloe Farms production and growing fields. A trolley followed the Kubota through the fields to areas featuring plantings native to the Rio Grande Valley.
The tour was conducted by Lindley Lentz, tractor driver, botanical lecturer, great all around fellow. More than a little history of the valley was sprinkled into his description of the native plants and the uses they have been put to...edible, medicinal, etc.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the tour, Carol Slater even gave an imitation of a rural South Texas farm wife.
When the tour finished we found the sun nearly swallowed up by the trees along the floodway. Although we had the option of more music and libations, the old timers from Leisure World were ready to head for the barn.  Another delightful summer evening out in South Texas.


Ok Kay I finally got my recipes copied off and in an envelope ready to send to you. Our neighbor lady just brought over dessert again. A rhubarb pie that makes its own crust and I must get the recipe and send it to you. It was wonderful.
Don is feeling better and planning to go on the Honor Flight to DC the 12th. It sounds like a wonderful trip. It will be a long day 5am to 11 pm so he will probably sleep for two days straight when he gets back. He did have a respiratory infection that caused dizziness for several days but got meds that seems to work on getting rid of it. The drs didn't find any cancer after 3 1/2 months of tests but put him into depression. He is getting better. The last test gave him pancreatitis so was in the VA hospital in Des Moines for 5 days on IV and morphine. Hopefully he will be feeling much better next winter in Texas than the last one. Georgia, we will miss you but wish you the best in your move.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey, folks!  It's time to quit thinking about getting your favorite recipes into the hopper for the Leisure World Cookbook and start sending them in!  You know which ones you want to share...get them copied and sent to:
Kay Monroe, PO Box 65, Rock Falls, IL 61071
Rosemary Hedlund, 1101 Woodland Park Dr, West Des Moines, IA 50266 or by email to
Aida Edwards, 400 E 18th St #635, Weslaco, TX 78596

Still need more options? Send 'em to the Leisure World Office marked "recipe" or "cookbook" or "?" and the office will get them to Aida.  Pick your choice...but GET THOSE RECIPES IN THE MAIL!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home For Sale

Georgia Misamore has decided that the time has come to relocate. She will be moving closer to children, and into an apartment. Since Jim's death earlier this year the upkeep of her mobile has become burdensome. She has decided to offer her home at 167 Queen Palm in Leisure World for sale.She will also be selling her 1989 GMC Suburban.
It is in good condition and is black with red trim. To see photos of a similar vehicle, go to this link:
For more information about the mobile or the car, contact Georgia Misamore at 956-969-0277.

Memorial Day Pool Party

The day was sunny and warm, the pool was pleasant, and the hotdogs were grilled to a turn. Memorial Day 2010 was the occasion for a Leisure World pool party.The organizer and photographer Carolyn Prickett joined with most residents in determining that food is the primary attraction at any gathering. She got good pictures of the chow line and the residents enjoying the fare, but neglected to get any of the water action.
Jim Edwards was popular with everyone when he started carving the watermelon.
People gravitated to the shade, and visiting with each other was almost as popular as the food. Another great day in south Texas.