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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't ask, I won't tell

Don't even ask, don't know, just click on one of the links below, to read my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun with the Family: Fun with the family

Fun with the Family: Fun with the family: "Fox and I recently flew to San Jose California, a gift we received from our youngest son, Mark, for our Anniversary, which was in December...."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jim Mckibbon

We got a message from Beverly McKibben this morning that Jim had a major heart attack Wednesday, the 28th. Two stents were put in as he had 100 per cent blockage and he will have two more stents put in, in about two weeks. He is getting excellent care at Regions Hospital in St Paul, Mn.. Cards can be sent to his home address at 732 E. 5th St. New Richmond, Wi. 54017. We all hope for a full recovery for Jim. We'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Covered Bridges

I have lived in Iowa all my life and had never seen the covered bridges of Madison we rounded up the Hudson's and Fisher's and took a day trip down to see the bridges. Jan and Myron only live about 25 miles from there so they met us in Winterset. We had a great lunch at Rudy's and then set out to see Roseman Bridge where "Francesca " left the note for "Robert"!! Actually there is only one bridge that you can still drive through and that is the Cedar Bridge so of course we had to do that. After touring several of the bridges we decided to head back to Des Moines and try our luck at Prairie Meadows. Well, we weren't too lucky but the food and fellowship were great. Got back to Britt about 10:30 that night and our town was gearing up for RAGBRAI coming through the next morning. That is an amazing site for anyone to see, 24,000 bicyclists and support vehicles converging on our town. It was great!!

Ken & Dottie Hack's Trip

Since I have never wrote in the blog before I dont know where to go. But here goes.
We left here the middle of May, we had a grandaughter graduate from high school in Golden, Co. on May 22nd. We also had a grandson graduate from high school in Ellendale, No. Dakota the following afternoon. Rather than drive day and nite to get there, we flew from Denver to Fargo and used Mel and Darlene Herrmann's car to drive over to Ellendale. (Thats what good neighbors are for)
We had not spent much time in Ellendale for the last few years so we rented a house for a month. We had time on our hands as our grandson was not due in to Denver from Okinawa until the first week in July.
The last week in June Dottie thought she had gotten bit by something, the following morning the sore had swelled up to about the size of a quarter. Our daughter took her to an emergency clinic in Loveland. Dottie told the dr. it looked like the same kind of sore she had last year. That turned out to be skin cancer.  He gave her some antibiotics and suggested she get back to the valley as soon as possible.
Jake got in from Japan the 3rd of July and we left for the valley the 5th. She was glad she waited to see him.
She made an appointment to see Dr. Newton as soon as she could get in. The biopsy came back and it was cancer. She had surgery yesterday (7-26). Everything went well, very sore today. Found out I can still burn coffee. But what do you expect ????

Friday, July 23, 2010

Death of Former Resident

We received an email from Jim McKibben with the sad report that former Leisure World resident Leona Moriarity passed away last Saturday, July 17. She will be buried in South Dakota sometime later. If anyone wants to send a card, please send it to her daughter, Mona Stein, 2688 Plumtree Lane, Anaheim, CA 92801.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We had 5" rain between midnight and 8 this morning. Lots of streets flooded. Thankful our sump pump is working. With the construction around and flooded streets we can't be in a hurry to go anywhere. tonight is okay but expect more rain Fri-Sat. We still don't have quite as much water as you had down there.

Eating Out at Arturo's

Arturo's Bar & Grill on South Texas in Weslaco saw a gathering of some 27 Leisure World residents this evening. The food was tasty and plentiful, as indicated by Alfie Decock loading fajitas into a take home box.The photos are a little dark and a little fuzzy...I forgot my camera and am not real handy with Carol's. Besides, I was shooting on a very full stomach. (Love those stuffed peppers!)Oh, well, maybe some of it is fuzzy people instead of fuzzy pictures! Anyway, there were enough warm and fuzzies to go around. Summertime is great in Leisure World. (For that matter, wintertime isn't too bad itself!)
Just noticed, I need to reset the date on Carol's camera! It is actually July 22, not January 18th!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iowa weather

I went north for several reasons - including finding cooler weather. Actually our heat index has been higher here than there. I went to a framily reunion Friday and Saturday at Rathbun Lake, Iowa. Saturday night I was at a motel, but terribly high winds hit the campground at the Lake. Three family members spent the night in a shelter and Sunday morning putting the shed back together and collecting their belongings. One flip-flop was permanently lost, but that's a small thing. Sheri called when she got to Ames and said there were trees down all over and many people had no power. Apparently Des Moines had it bad also.

Jewett Powers

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stan's Progress

Stan's initial visit with the ENT was April 16, 2010. From there things moved swiftly and he began radiation and chemo. It is unbelievable, what he looked like and what he went through and what he looks like today. The treatments have been a success as far as we know (there will be more CT Scans to know if the cancer is completely gone) but there is no swelling therefore we are very optimistic. He has lost the hearing in his left ear but hopeful that it may return. He can hear noise but cannot understand what is being said to him when talking to him on the left side. There was a time when he could not hear any noise in that ear. Fear overtook me and there was a time when I thought we would not return to Leisure World. Stan was more optimistic than I, but now I share that optimism and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in November.

Thank You for all the cards and phone calls.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have some pictures to add to Daves article, Dated July 15th, Coming from Mercedes, you can see expressway 83 in the back ground and the railroad tracks in the foreground.

and of course the rest of the pictures are going and coming from Mexico, since 1015 is closed!!!! We still need our hair cuts and pedicures. Oh!! and I forgot Margaritas.

Don't look like we will need irrigation any time soon!!!!
Lets hope all the dams and levies hold.....

In the article below, I forgot to mention the other ladies that attended the luncheon, they were as follow: Betty Whitesell, ShirleyBringham, Joyce Miller, Deb Collins, Maxine Rice, Thelma Watkins, Marylin Farmer, Carol Slater, Pat LaFoe, Eulalea Warneke,Elsiebel Kasch-Noe, Rita Boyd, Gloria Leal, Mary Casey, Thea Soland, and I

Jeannie Cook hosted a party on July 7th, at Mama's Garden, for Georgia Misamoe, who will be leaving the park the first of August and for Shirley Rollins, who was having a Birthday that day. Both girls were presented with beautiful corsages. Many well wishes, and a whole bunch of cards.

The tables were beautiflly decorated and each place setting had a pricless menu beside the plate, from which we could place our order. There was plenty of good food, frienship and laughter. After the main course, we were served a LARGE piece of cake of our choice, chocolate or white.

It was a beautiful luncheon done up Jeaniie Cook style and everyone had a good time. Thanks a lot Jeannie, it was done ,only as you can do!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurricane Alex aftermath

Even though Hurricane Alex made landfall some 100 miles south of the Rio Grande Valley, it is still having impact on us.  The heavy rains in Mexico have filled the lakes above Amistad and Falcon dams and both have had to release water into the floodways. The areas along the Rio Grande River are seeing very high water with anything inside of the levees being flooded. (Pepe's on the River, the town of Los Ebanos, etc.) And for the first time since 1953 the floodways are running full. Here are three pictures...the first is of the floodway south of the bridge at the west edge of Mercedes. (You are looking back up the floodway toward the Llano Grande Golf Course.)  The second and third are of the floodway south of Weslaco on FM88 (Texas Blvd) and are looking back to the north toward Weslaco.  Thought you'd like to see a little of the impact of a storm that missed us completely!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shirley's back in office

It's been a long experience, but I am finally home. I spent a month in the hospital here in Weslaco. After I got home, complications happened, and I was sent to a hospital in Kansas. I stayed there for another month. I recieved lots of Physical Therapy. They got me walking again. I have to use a cane sometime, but I can walk without it. I arrived back on the 9th of July after many hours on the plane from rain delay. Jeannie Cook had arranged a birthday party for me (Surprise).She invited all the women in the park to attend. They were all dressed up and looked so beautiful, I looked like I had been drug off of the street. I had been on the plane for 16 hours and was so tired. But it was great to see everyone. I came back to work Monday for a few hours. I will be back full time in another week or so. The park looks great and we were lucky with the Hurricane. I read the blog and it looks like I missed out on a lot of parties. Thanks for the cards and letters. Shirley Rollins

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sibley, Iowa tornados

Jeanette asked me to put a link to the tornado pictures on the blog. The address she posted required you to copy it and paste it in your browser.  This should make it easier, just click on the following link.
Sibley Tornado Pics.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ia Tx LW reunion

It is reunion time soon again in Fort Dodge, Ia.. Aug 19 10:00 to 2:30. Coffee and rolls at 10.. will be held at Rides Bar and Grill Party Room, 723 So 31st ST. You can also park next door at Am Vets. The menu is Pork Loin, Cheesey Potatoes, Baked Beans. Bun and butter, Iced Tea and Water. Take Business 20 (also known as 5th Ave So.) to 31st ST and go two blocks south. We still have construction going on so be careful driving on 5th Ave. South. Please send check for $15.00 per person to Joann Whittington, 1543 D St West, Fort Dodge, Ia 50501 by Aug 10. I will be sending out information to those who left me cards or env. on monday. If you didn't leave me env. and want to come just send your check by Aug. 10. See you there. Thanks Joann

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thea Soland's Home for sale

Thea Soland has now moved to a Care Facility near Leisure World. Her mobile home at 183 Queen Palm is for sale. 
 It is a 14 by 70 foot 1983 Skyline, 2 bedrooms, two full baths. Brand new cabinets and vinyl flooring throughout installed in May of this year. 
For more information contact Pat LaFoe at (956) 447-3821 or (956) 463-8225. 

Yvonne's Grand-daughter Michaela

This is just a little information that Yvonne asked me to put on the blog. If you remember Yvonne left early last winter because her grand-daughter Michaela had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma-a cancer in the lining of the lung. After being turned down at Rochester for her surgery she was admitted and successfully had her surgery in Boston, Mass. with a Dr. Sugarbaker. She is now at home after seven weeks in Boston. She is doing well-a small problem with her eating--still does'nt have much of an appitite and alot of foods don't agree with her, but still very happy to be home with her three daughters. Michaela is 30 years old and has three small daughters-don't remember the ages, but I think I'm close when I say 6, 3 , and 2. Her husband Jason is a farmer, but was with Michaela the whole time in Boston. Yvonne also asked that you all please keep this family in your prayers. Thanks!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day 2010

A crowd of over thirty Leisure Worlders gathered at the Rec Hall to celebrate our nation's Independence Day.The 4th brought out bright, cheerful, patriotic colors, and everyone had a lot of conversation to attend to before the food claimed everyone's attention.
An exception was Eddie Rankin, Jewett Power's grandson, who found his book more interesting than old folks' conversation.
President Gary did the honors of carrying in the ribs that Jeannie Cook had prepared for all to enjoy.

Jeannie started collecting compliments on her BBQed ribs before anyone even had a taste (past history counts!).Good food, good friends...what more can you ask for a good celebration.

Hope to see you all back next year!


Phyllis Connett helps to win trophy for Soup-er Friday in Freeport. Each year, downtown Freeport gets together on a Friday to bring in organizations to raise money for the downtown area. Soup is prepared and served to the community for a small price and each person who taste the soup has to vote as to who's soup they think best. ABWA (American Business Women's Association) Chaper TLC which Phyllis belongs to was asked once again to participate in this fund-raising event. For the second time, the TLC chapter has won for the best tasting soup for the day. Our soup was Cheeseburger Soup that won the title again....

Our chapter once again has the traveling trophy for one year and the chapter was presented with a $100 check.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

F4 Tornado in Sibley,IA

This is a note to let you all know that last Friday night--June 25 a F4 tornado passed thru our area--just 1 1/4 miles from town. There were no fatalities but lots of injuries, and massive damage done . I don't have pictures to send , however, if you go to the following site--there are lots of them. We are fine--ended up in the basement two times that night when the sirens blew--and believe me after seeing all the damage we are very thankful we were spared. Visit this site to see pictures. Been reading the Blog everyday--also so thankful that the hurricane decided to head south and spare our Texas home. Hope everyone is doing well. Jeanette and Bob

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Morning After

Here is a look at Lake Leisure World about 9:00 am the day after Hurricane Alex made landfall some 100 miles south of the Valley. We received 7-8 inches of rain, much less that the 15-16 inches that had been predicted as possible. The last minute hook to the south by the hurricane was a big gift to us.

And here is a view of the "lake" from the west end of our driveway...again the water has gone down several inches from what it was at 11 pm last night when we went to bed.

The "high water mark" is evident on the yellow curb in front of the office this morning. If we had received the full amount that was predicted as possible the water probably would have made it into the office.

Once more we can be very thankful that the hurricane chose to inflict its worst on Mexico rather than the Rio Grande Valley. We didn't even lose electrical power this time. All is well in Leisure World.