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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rec Hall & Card Room

With a few hands to help out, the rec hall and card room got a make over (cleaned) on Thursday morning. When finished all were pleased to stand back and look at the finished accomplishment for the day. Jim Edwards
Jack Napier was dusting all the high spots.

In between the scrubbing, Gary Bringham was giving us all "jobs" to be completed.

George Napier, Elsiebel Kasch-Noe and Mary Bass was in charge of the inside window cleaning while Dick & Phyllis did the outside windows. Elsiebel was in charge of washing curtains.
Phyllis Connett started scrubbing the corners but someone finally told her that Leisure World did own a "mop".

There's Jack again and he found the fans overhead...

Dick Connett found the mop and took Phyllis's job away from her.

Gary was at one end of the room to the other with something in hand. Those who were also great helpers but didn't get in the pictures were Kay Monroe, Trudy Hauserman and Dave Slater. We all stepped back and felt good as to what we had accomplished. Hey, if you go by the rec hall and see someone in there working, stop by and give a hand. We made it a fun filled day working together.

Summer Gathering

I'm sure Fat Daddy's Restaurant was overjoyed to see the great turnout for dinner on Thursday, October 28th, for the last "dinner out" for the Leisure World Permanent Residents for the season. Several "winter Texans" had the privilege to join the group. The enclosed porch at Fat Daddy's was overflowing with hungry customers and some just couldn't believe the "full plates" as they were served. The food was delicious and the friendship was overflowing as the buzzing was non-stop.

The food was great and nobody walked away hungry - There was so much food that most walked away with an extra meal in hand for the following day.

Leisure World Illinois Breakfast

Our first Leisure World Illinois Breakfast was held on October 26th and was organized by Bob Clark. The few that are already here in the park from Illinois enjoyed the food and friendship at Diana's Cafe on Bridge Avenue. Those in attendance: Terry and Geri Shanafelt, Bob Clark, Marge Langer, and Phyllis and Dick Connett. Bob Clark will also be organizing the next breakfast coming up in November, so watch the boards in the rec. hall for this information. Thanks Bob...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cyclones 28 - Longhorns 21

Saturday, October 23, 2010 - WOW!

A Note from Rita

Jewett Powers received the following note in the mail from Rita Christenson.
"Dear Jewett,
      Thank you for your donation to the National Kidney Foundation. And thank you for coordinating the effort from Leisure World. I had a great time at the walk. My total donation was $1700.00 thanks to my generous friends.
     See you soon.            Rita"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Packing Reminder!

Rosemary, Kay and Aida would like to remind everyone to send recipes  for the LeisureWorld cook book to us so we can get it all ready to go to print before Christmas. We thank you for the many recipes that have been sent to us  but we need more.  Kay and Rosemary will be arriving down in Texas by the end of October.  The three of  us will then start to compile these recipes we have and hope some more will arrive in November.
Also Remember:  We want to have a fund raising auction of products from your home state this winter.  Rosemary and Bill have purchased mustard, jelly, Amana sausage, Jolly Time pop corn, a table runner, etc.  What can you bring back or pick up in Texas to help raise funds for the new kitchen.
See you all soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Framing Progress

Here are Gary Bringham's latest photos of progress in framing the new addition to the Rec Hall.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The next phase of work on the Rec Hall addition is underway. Materials have arrived.

The rough framing of the kitchen-bathrooms-office copy room is underway. The workmen are hard at their task, and the framing should be ready for the work planned to be completed by winter residents by the end of the week.

Photos compliments of Gary Bringham.


Effective today, I have added a new feature to the Leisure World Blog. It is a listing on the right hand side of the blog that is entitled "COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS".  I will enter ads for Leisure World residents in this column and will let them run 2 months unless advised to remove them sooner. To have an ad placed on the blog, contact Dave Slater at, by phone at (956) 973-2386, or by mail at 400 E 18th St #152, Weslaco, TX 78596. Please note, this is a free service to Leisure World residents only, and is NOT available for commercial product advertising. I will not incur any liability for errors or omissions. After requesting an ad be posted, it is your responsibility to check it and advise immediately of any errors.  Dave Slater, Blogmaster.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Patio Sale

When October rolls around each year it's time for the annual Fall Patio Sale in Leisure World. Sandi & Bill Hudson just arrived in the park for the winter, but Sandi found time to get her "sale" items ready for the touring shoppers.
 Fran Foxhoven had a major display ready for the early arriving lookers and buyers.
Juanita Inman was camera shy, but watched from just inside the door so she could take care of serious shoppers.

Maria Gray had her usual assistant on hand (Sorry, I didn't get her name) to handle the crowds.
 Floyd and Ruby Lowderman relaxed as they supervised sales of their offerings.
Linda Shires had a number of shoppers on hand.
 And Joey Woods left Renee to take care of sales at home while he checked out the lounge chair that Linda was offering for sale.
 David and Helen Streets reported brisk business with the craft items they had displayed.
 And there are always antiques available to the sharp shopper at patio sales... unfortunately this one was not for sale.
 Al & Linda Decock were pleased with how sales were going. (Personally, I think Elvis should have been out showing off...then the crowds would really have gathered!)
 Jim and Aida Edwards were trying hard to unload merchandise on Joyce Miller. However Joyce stuck to her guns and remained a "shopper" only.
 Marilyn Farmer's drive was fully lined with tables of merchandise. I didn't interrupt her to ask how sales had been.
Notice, Marilyn still promotes Ottawa, KS (the "hometown".)
 Nancy Flinton was happy to have the chance to participate, she always has a conflict on the February sale date.
Jack Napier keeps an eye on everything while George works the customers.  And, yes, that's the lovely Gloria Leal lurking in the background.
 George works hard at sales, polishing up any items that are showing a little tarnish.
Of course some work is getting done around the shoppers, with the concrete drive being poured at #719.
And you can't have work being done in the park unless it has proper supervision!

All is well in Leisure World. More and more of our winter residents are arriving every day. Soon it will be a bee hive of action again. Merle Lenz was out getting the posters put up announcing the resumption of church services in the Rec Hall in November. With Roger Gallea arriving soon to prepare his Cheeseburger Soup Supper on the 21st, winter fun is almost here.

(Note - you can click on any of the pictures and see an enlarged version of it.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Carolyn Richeson once again planned a great day for the Annual Saturday Sisters Party which was held on October 2, 2010. The first stop was to have lunch at Applebees in Des Moines, Iowa. One sister-in-law was unable to attend due to working, but she was able to join in later during the evening. Trudy Hauserman (Topeka, Kansas), Barbara McGrean (Altoona, Iowa), Beverly Pearson (Runnells, Iowa), Carolyn Richeson (Des Moines, Iowa), Phyllis Connett (Freeport, Illinois), and Sister-in-laws - Jean Harrell (Runnells, Iowa) and Penny De Joode (Des Moines, Iowa).
Trudy, Phyllis, Beverly, Carolyn, Penny and Barbara (one of the sisters had to leave us at this time) - out shopping in Indianola, Iowa. Fighting the chilly weather, we visited a big old barn that had been converted into a huge room of antiques and craft items with a beautiful garden to roam through. We visited antique stores, jewelry stores and clothing boutiques and we got in a lot of fun talks over a cup of hot chocolate at the local cafe in Indianola, Iowa. Afterwards, we all gathered back at Carolyn's home for hot chili and (goodies) where our two remaining brothers (Don and William) joined us as well as some of the spouses. We discussed great memories of our brothers and sisters (six of them) who have deceased and we had to bring up some "stories" of all growing up in the country. Were we ornery or just being kids having a great time and making memories??? Once again our sister Carolyn had a super great day planned for the "Saturday Sisters Gathering" which we all appreciated. Thanks Carolyn and Larry.