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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mary Klenke

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Mary Klenke. Mary passed away Wednesday evening November 24th of a heart attack. She had not been feeling well since they arrived in Weslaco but her death was unexpected. Cards can be sent to Ralph at 5490 Behm Rd. Lot 11, Celina, OH. 45822. Mary will be sorely missed by all the residents in the park.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Guest

Larry and Trudy Hauserman had their niece, Lori(more like a daughter) come to visit them from November 23rd thru Thansgiving Day. Lori is employed with the Glendale, Az. police department as a detective and investigates fatal accidents in that area. She also teaches fire arms for the Police Academy. We are very proud that Lori received "Investigator of the Year of 2010" in her area. We were privleged that she was able to get a few days off and spend the time with us. Lori enjoyed the nice Thanksgiving Dinner at the Rec Hall with our fellow Park residents. She seen what us "young" folks do when we come to the Valley!!
Our other daughters, Teresa from Waconia, Minnesota and Paula from Topeka, Kansas spent the Holiday home with their families.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Since we have been at Leisure World Community Park, we have come to the conclusion that all we do is cook, eat, sleep, cook, eat, sleep, cook, eat, sleep. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR??? Once again park residents met at the rec hall to be with their friends for a delicious Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, November 25th. If anyone went away hungry it was not because there was not an abundance of great food. "Mary - who is that lady who is sneaking that last piece of pie from the dessert table?". We're thankful for all the great cooks and great friends to share the special day with. And to think after a few fundrasiers, breakfast, cook outs, we'll all be together again for the biggest day (Christmas), and again we'll be cooking, eating, sleeping, cooking, eating, sleeping... My what a life.

Thea's Thanksgiving Dinner

On Wednesday, November 24th, Pat LaFoe, Mary Casey, Phyllis Connett and Carolyn Richeson surprised Thea Soland with a visit. We were honored to accompany her for the Thanksgiving dinner at the Weslaco Nursing & Rehabilitation home at 422 E. 18th Street. AND SHE WAS SURPRISED. Guests were invited to set at the dinner table with the residents at the home. A lovely meal of sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole, mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy, rolls, butter and pumpkin pie was served. As you can see Thea was enjoying her's as well as the company.

Mary Casey, Thea Soland, Pat LaFoe, Carolyn Richeson and Phyllis Connett sitting around the table visiting before the meal was served. Thea enjoys every minute of her friends stopping by to visit with her. She had a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death of Former Resident

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Harlan Cress on October 28th, 2010. Harlan and his wife, Nieta, were winter residents of Leisure World from 2000 to 2008. Harlan's health problems made it impossible to return in 2009. Cards can be sent to Nieta Cress at 320 South 6th Street. Humboldt, KS.66748 Harlan's spot in Leisure World was RV#1 and boy did he enjoy it here in Texas.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Freezing rain

For those from Iowa already down there. We are having a freezing rain forecast for this morning. Just what we need!!!! Maybe it will warm up all the way to 35 this afternoon and melt. 29 tomorrow and chance of snow on wed. Time to head south. But can't go before Dec 16th.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leisure World Illinois Breakfast

A great turnout of fifteen residents for the Illinois Breakfast. We met at the Frontier Cafe on Wednesday, November 17th. Thanks to Bob Clark who organized this event which was our second outing for this year. Next month's gathering will be organized by Brent and Rita Langman and will be announced as to the date, time and place.

Bob wanted to personally thank our "photographer" Dick for taking the photo's. I don't know what was in Bob's coffee, but as you can see we all had a great time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I really enjoyed the pictures and comments. I am starting to pack. Will have my glaucoma checked Dec 10 and then be heading south the next week sometime. Have to check and see if we can get in any of the grandkids Christmas programs at school before we leave. We were about 45 here today. With the sunshine and no wind it did feel good, with a coat on. I have a few leaves to pick up around the deck and steps but they are all off the trees now so will be last time, I hope.

A November Afternoon in Leisure World

 It's Monday, the middle of November, and the residents of Leisure World are doing battle with Mother Nature.  No, not a blizzard, not a thunderstorm, not a hurricane, just trying to survive the balmy temperatures and brilliant sunshine.

 Tony and Verla Ziska are enjoying a shady spot. They can relax, all of the Autumn decorations are done.

It was while I was capturing this attractive scene at the front of their park model that I backed over the driveway marker light on their drive. (Does anyone know of an available driver's ed course for golf carts?) Let me know if the glue doesn't work, Tony!

Bob Lane was very busy conducting relaxation demonstrations.  He tried his best to convince me that he was really working on preparing the steps to his mobile for recovering. I'll let you judge from the photo what was actually going on!
Meanwhile Jim Edwards had removed his hands from his pockets, and was busy vacuuming his flower bed!  DON'T ASK! 
Gloria Leal was demonstrating the proper use of a rake.

Under the close supervision of Lupe!
Debbie Collins and Joyce Miller have done extensive research in determining which chairs are indeed the softest.

Glenn and LaVonn Rude were actually out there indulging in EXERCISE!
And Gary Bringham was congratulating himself on successfully dodging the  Demolition Derby golf cart.
Keith Bettys is caught in the act of bribing Alice Flores while Lila lurks just inside the door. 
Dick Connett seeks a shady spot between the car and the shed.
Maybe the dial on his thermometer hints at the reason.
There was a gnome-like creature stirring the soil in Bill Collins' flowerbed.
Knobby Meysenburg said hi to all who traveled by.
Association Prez Bill Hedlund was available to any of his constituents who were seeking his counsel.
While first lady Rosemary is rejoicing in the near completion of the Leisure World Cookbook. 
Alex Kane and Tramp have migrated to the shady side of the street.
Jack Fisher finds an easy chair by Bob Clark's park model.
Daryl Burkett keeps an eye on Jack while Bob edges into the picture in search of a chair.
And last, but far from least, there is at least one member of the family that is hard at her assigned task!

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Also, the vegetable vendors are back...they set up on King Palm at the intersection with Palm Boulevard by the office just before noon on Mondays. They are only here for about 1/2 hour, so don't put off you visit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lloyd Walker's Banana Tree

Lloyd Walker and Mary Casey have become the new "Banana Growers" here in Leisure World Community Park. Lloyd received the banana tree from his son who lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and after two years it is producing it's first fruits.
If you look closely you can see two stocks of bananas that have an abundance of fruit. The fruit is to be left on the trees until they start to turn yellow and when you cut the stock, you must keep them cool. Boy, that is going to make a lot of banana cream pies....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thea Soland

As most of you know, Thea Soland resides at Weslaco Nursing and Rehabilitation, 422 E. 18th Street. (within walking distance) Pictured below is Thea standing beside one of her own beautiful cross stitchings that hangs on the wall outside of her room with others she has made.
Pictured with Thea are the three sisters - Carolyn Richeson, Trudy Hauserman, (Thea) and Phyllis Connett who visited Thea on Thursday afternoon. We had a wonderful afternoon visiting and talking about good ole times in the park. Thea looks forward to the company. Please take time and visit with her as she loves to have the company.

Recipe Deadline

     We have 4 cookie recipes (Bunny Bars, etc.) that were left last spring with no name on them. If they are yours, please contact Rosemary Hedlund at 956-968-8180 or
     Recipes need to be in by Tuesday, November 16, 2010. We need more sugar free recipes, soups, appetizers, beverages, salads,  breads or casseroles. We have lots of desserts! Send them to Kay Monroe or Rosemary Hedlund.
     We hope to have the cookbook printed and ready for sale in February 2011. Planned cost will be about $10.
     Thanks for the recipes you all have contributed.
     Cookbooks are fun and exciting!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Death of former resident

Connie Rector, former resident of Leisure World, called Merle & Darlene Lenz Saturday night, to inform them that his wife Roma passed away Saturday morning, May 16th in her sleep at their home in Lincoln, Ne. They made many friends during their years here. We are sure Connie would appreciate hearing from some of you. His address is: Connie Rector, 6745 Vine St. Lincoln. NE. 68505.