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Friday, December 30, 2011

Park Activities 12/31-1/3

Saturday, December 31

New Years Eve Dance at the Hall
Jim Staton playing

Sunday, January 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR

Church Servies 9 am
Card Bingo 4pm
Texas Hold'Em 8 pm

Monday, January 2

Exercise 8 am
Shuffleboard 9 am
Crochet 9am/Crafts 10 pm
Executive Golf 11:30 am
Round Dance Lessons 1 pm
Sq Dance Lessons 3 pm
Bridge/Dirty Dog 7 pm
Bean Bag Toss 7 pm

Tuesday, January 3

Mens Bible Study 7:30 am
Coffee Doughnuts 8am
Park Meeting 9 am
Line Dancing 10 am
Bridge 1 pm
Shuffleboard Lessons 7 pm
Pinochle 7 pm
"Addition Euchre 7 pm"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charlie Green's Company

Charlie Green's son, Darrell and daughter in law, Cecilia were here to visit and have Christmas with him. They live in the Chicago, Ill. area and were looking forward to some sunshine. The sun didn't shine much while they were here but they did have a great visit and met several of Charlie's friends.

Darrell Green was showing all of us his Christmas Spirit with his nice tie.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recycling Center Open At Leisure World!

The park now has a Recycling Center back in the area where the dumpsters are located. We encourage everyone to go check out the area!
We have barrels for the following items:
And there is a wooden container for cardboard of all kinds (Boxes, Cereal boxes, etc.).
The Recycling Committee would like to encourage everyone to use these facilities to minimize the amount going into the landfills. We would also appreciate it if you would throw your recycles in the correct containers. Mother Earth would appreciate it, as will future generations.
If anyone is interested in being on the recycling Committee, please contact Wayne or Corky Rink at lot 163, or Albert at the office. The folks from Trails End will be picking up our recycled materials for us and taking them to the Recycle Center on Joe Stephens on Tuesdays. We do need people to monitor the barrels daily to make sure the recycled materials are in the correct bins. You won't be expected to do any hard work, so please come join the committee. We meet monthly with Trails End, Magic Valley, and any other parks interested in recycling.
Someday in the future we hope to add plastics 3, 4, & 5 and styrofoam. For right now though, please do NOT put these into the bins.
Thank you and have a Happy New Year!
Corky Rink

Thea Soland's Birthday

A past resident of Leisure World, Thea Soland celebrated another birthday today.  A beautiful cake was ordered by Pat LaFoe as Dick and Phyllis Connett delivered the cake and was there to help Thea celebrate.

Thea turned 87 years old today and she received many wonderful cards from her Leisure World friends.
Workers were there to help celebrate Thea's "day" by singing Happy Birthday to Thea just before lunch. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The "Blog"

The Leisure World Blog has now been functioning for two and a half years. While it has been somewhat successful in becoming a way for the residents to share with their neighbors, it also has had limited participation. With a few “regular” contributors such as Phyllis Connett, and a number of “occasional” posters such as Wally Bentt, Mary Gainer and Joann Whittington you have been sharing. I would like to see this sharing increase. (Those listed are a sampling only...thanks to everyone who has posted!)
I am aware that the posting process may seem daunting to many of our friends and neighbors. However, most are reasonably comfortable with email. If you are in this category, please just email your information (and photos) to me at and ask me to post it for you. I will be most happy to do so. But the first step is up to you.
I will be cleaning up the “authors” list, removing those who have never posted, and adding anyone who contacts me with a request to become an author with the capability of posting directly to the blog. Remember, this is an “open” blog, anyone with a computer and internet connection can read it. You DON'T have to be an author to read the blog.
For your information, here is a copy of the latest statistics on “pageviews” of the blog!
2009 May – 2011 December
Pageviews by Countries (Top 10 listed)
United States
United Kingdom
There have also been page views during December by computer users in France, India, Romania, Egypt, Israel and Hungary.

So, share your news with your friends and neighbors (and with the world)! Become an active “author” or email news to me....and Happy Blogging!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Leisure World National Shuffleboard Tournament

The first ever Leisure World National Mixed Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament was held December 20, 21 and 22nd. This was a huge success despite cooler weather that  threatened a light drizzle a couple of times. The only bad thing about the entire event was that Leisure World shufflers did not collect any trophies. 
Last year when we applied to host this event we were uncertain about the time being right around the Christmas holiday! Trophy Gardens had hosted this tournament for the past few years, however they were having trouble getting volunteers. One can’t run an event of this stature without a good group of volunteers both in the kitchen and out on the courts. Well let me tell you Leisure World came through with flying colours once again! Rosemary Hedlund and Kay Munroe headed up a great team of volunteers in the kitchen. Thank you to the entire group. Great meals and desserts go a long way to attracting entrants. What more can I say about the great people in this park! All of you volunteers reach over your shoulder and pat yourselves on the back! You’re all great!
One of the nice things about any tournament is that their is a big financial boost to the hosting park. Between the kitchen proceeds and the entry fees we cleared a few dollars over $2,000 for the association. Our entries this year were 22 teams more than what they had last year at Trophy Gardens. There were 62 Amateur teams and 76 Expert teams. The word is out! We not only do we have some of the best courts in the valley we also run a great tournament! 

Shufflers in this tournament get TSSA (Texas State Shuffleboard Association) points as well as National points which could qualify them to represent their country at the World Tournament. All finalists were from either Canada or the USA. The top team in the Amateur Class was Lois Dannewald and Lorenzo Melanson of Casa de Valle. The final Expert game pitted Quinn versus Quinn with Sandi Quinn and Bill Piett taking home the trophy. Sandi is from Siesta Village and Bill from Pine to Palm. Each team member in both Amateur and Expert were also awarded a $50 Wal Mart gift card by TSSA.
Next year will look a little different for this torunament. Because of leap year Christmas will fall on a Tuesday. The tournament will run December 26-28.

Wally Bentt
Shuffleboard Chairperson

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Ringing The Bells"

If you passed in front of the Penny's Store in Weslaco sometime in November and December you would have seen some of Leisure World's volunteers helping to "Ring those Bells" for the Salvation Army. Some of the bell ringers were Dennis and Colleen Cain, Phyllis Connett, Mick Cooley, Al and Linda DeCock, Trudy Hauserman, Marj Herbig, Bill Hudson, Jerry and Bonnie Johnson, Don and Joanne Kurtenbach, Pat LaFoe, Styrl Little, Janice Mahnke, Dorothy Nill and Terry Shanafelt.  Below are just a few of the pictures to share.

"Someone" in the park has named these two sisters "The Ding-a-ling Sisters".

As we visited with people donating, some got a kick out of ringing those little red bells.  One little boy was so excited to ring the bell and while I was putting the camera away, he took the bell into the store with him.  I went all around the store trying to find him to collect that little red bell.
It was very interesting to see our "customers" reactions when we would wish them a Merry Christmas and they were all so willingly to share.
The children loved to participate in ringing the bells.  It was really a very windy day.  It was hard to  keep the sign standing.  Had to hold it down with one foot all the time.
And finally our "relief man" came to take our place.  Now he gets to sit perched on that big red block for a few hours.  But I think all volunteers would agree that the time went fast and it was a fun time to share.

Leisure World Christmas Party

Leisure World Christmas party took place on Sunday, December 18th.  Wow what a nice gathering for the residents of the park.
 Marland McCleary greeted residents as they came in, taking their gifts for exchange.
Then we were offered some very tasty punch from Jan Scheetz and Carolyn McCleary.  Next we were entertained by our very own Richard Hamilton and his friends.  They were great with their stories and songs.  The crowd enjoyed every minute. 
Marj Herbig (with her helpers) did a marvelous job planning the party.  And look at our cute Lucy Ruonavaara having so much fun dressed up as Santa's helper. 
 Vivian do you know who this sweet young lady is???  Is she on the naughty list or the nice list. 
Here comes Santa with his sack full of goodies and a big bag of candy.

 Santa now has an empty bowl, so it is time
for him to leave.

What a wonderful gathering for the Leisure
World residents.  Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas Caroling

Here comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause, Right Down Palmetto Lane -----  But where was his reindeer?   The rainy weather sure didn't stop those willing carolers who got out in the nasty weather to bring some cheery Christmas carols to the residents of Leisure World on Friday, December 16th.   

Afterwards their reward was all the "goodies" that Santa had left for them in the rec. hall.
Nice going ladies and gentlemen.


Friday, December 16, 2011


Thursday, December 15th, the Leisure World rec. hall was filled with many, many Activity Directors from the valley parks. The Rio Grande Valley Association gets together once a month to discuss entertainment throughout the valley. This information is then taken back to their individual parks to present to their residents. Many interesting places to go in the valley such as the different tours, museums, Hildago Christmas lights and etc.
Representing Leisure World are Pat LaFoe - Entertainment Director, Joanne Kurtenback - Activity Director and Linda Shires - Entertainment Director with Del Briggs - President of RGV Association.
Publisher Kristi of "Welcome Home Winter Texans" magazine is handing out information about the association. The magazine is published each month.

Activity Directors and guests signing in at Leisure World for the meeting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunday 12/18

Church Services 9am
Christmas Party 6 pm
Texas Hold'EM 8 pm

Monday 12/19

Execise 8am
Park Meeting 9am
Shuffleboard 10 am
Executive Golf 11:30 am
Sq Dance Workshop 3pm
Bridge/Dirty Dog 7 pm
Bean Bag Toss 7 pm

Tuesday 12/20

Nat'l Mixed Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament
Pinochle 7 pm

Wednesday 12/21

Nat'l Mixed Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament
Darts 7 pm
Movie 7pm ("The Santa Clause 3"

Thursday 12/22

Nat'l Mixed Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament
Pinochle/500 7 pm

Friday 12/23

Exercise 8am
Shuffleboard 9am
Choir Practice 10:30 am
Cribbage 12:30 pm
Bingo 7pm

Saturday 12/24

Hoss Collar 9:30 am
Bridge 1 pm
Christmas Eve Service 4 pm
Set up Tables for Christmas Dinner after Church
Pitch 7 pm,???

Sunday 12/25

Church Services 9 am
Christmas Dinner 12:30 pm
Christmas Supper 5:30 pm
Saturday 12/17

Breakfast 8:30 am
Hoss Collar 9:30 am
Bridge 1 pm
Pitch 7 pm
Friday 12/16
Exercise 8 am
Shuffleboard 9 am
Choir Practice 10:30 am
Cribbage 12:30 pm
Caroling 4 pm
Bingo 7 pm

Leisure World Activities

The Activities for the rest of the week ending 12/17/11.


Iowa Breakfast 8am
Co-Ed golf 8:30am
Quilting 9 am
Wood Carving 1pm
RGV Activity Directors Mtg 1pm
Pot Luck 5pm
Pinochle/500 7pm

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Illinois Breakfast

Brent and Rita Langman were in charge for the monthly Illinois breakfast which took place on Wednesday, December 7th and held at Diana's Diner in Weslaco. Fourteen residents were in attendance. Jerry and Diane Cantu will be hosting the January breakfast. Watch for the date and time which will be posted on the sign up sheet in the rec. hall.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gospel Jam

Sunday, December 4, 2011 the Leisure World Rec. Hall was filled with music as it was the first Leisure World Gospel Jam hosted by Mary and Stan Gainer.

There were seventeen "jammers" who came to participate and share their talent.

There were approximately 80 onlookers who enjoyed the gospel music.

Leisure World Resident Jim Staton with the band on stage.

Leisure World Resident Richard Hamilton sharing a gospel piece with Sandy Quinn.

The "spoons" is always a plus for the gospel jam played by Bob Thompson.

Leisure World Resident Vivian Swearns with her sweet voice.

Southern Comfort Resident Lois Oelson.

Leisure World President Mel Herrmann congratulating Lloyd Walker on his 89th birthday.

Larry and Trudy Hauserman, Linda Wright, Phyllis and Dick Connett were in charge of the "goodies" and coffee. Mary Gainer provided cookies and pumpkin cake. Mary and Stan would also like to thank Marilyn Ward, Marilyn Thompson, Donis Hanrahan, Marj Herbig, Alice Cockerill, Trudy Hauserman and Phyllis Connett for the brownies, cakes, cupcakes, an assortment of cookies and the pecan caramel candies. Everyone enjoyed the day. The next gospel jam will be in February of 2012.