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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black and White Gala

WHO WILL GIVE ME $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 - SOLD FOR $20.00.... this is how the evening went and can you believe the results - $4,617.00 CLEAR....WOW - is the best word to express how well the Black and White Gala evening ended up. The committee worked hard to bring things all together for February 10th and it paid off. The Leisure World residents came forth with beautiful "goods", and the "buyers" came forth to support the evening.
Many, many items kept coming in as the evening began.
All donations were beautiful and very much appreciated.
Different states were represented with their goods. All sorts of items including homemade jellies and handwork.

A beautiful red hat basket that any red hatter would enjoy getting.
Beautiful original pictures painted by our own Leisure World residents all went for a very high price and was well worth it.
The desserts were undescribable and most delicious and all enjoyed as much as they wanted.
Pat LaFoe was our special MC person, Harold Monroe and Jack Fisher were the floor auctioneers,
While Floyd Lowderman (with his 50's hat) was the main auctioneer on stage.

The crowd had a chance to check out and bid at the silent auction before the delicious meal of pork loin sandwiches, chips, oriental salad, desserts and punch were served. The live auction also included homemade pies from our Leisure World Ladies, some going as high as $52 and $55.00 plus. I think all the cooks were amazed and pleased with the outcome.

WOW - what an evening. Thanks to the whole park for participating in one way or another. The work was well worth the results of the evening.

Illinois Breakfast

Once again the "Illinois" group gathered for breakfast on February 9th at the TexMex.
There were twenty-four in attendance for this breakfast.
Gwen and Lee Brown enjoyed the breakfast while visiting across the table with Lorraine and Dick Babcock and Dick Connett.
The Illinois group meets the second Wednesday of the month with the place to be announced once organized. If you are from Illinois and would like to join us, we would love to have you.
All had a great time.

A Visit To ROPA

February 8th, Ruby Lowderman gathered some of her friends (Phyllis Connett, Gwen Brown, Bobbi Shelton and Trudy Hauserman) to enjoy a fun and relaxing day at ROPA. Ruby was searching for Disney neckties while Bobbi was searching for nylons to be used as stuffing for the cancer project pillows. As you can see in the pictures below, they all had a blast.
Phyllis and Gwen found the perfect pants for their husbands(???), while Trudy on top of the pile is still searching for the right garment(s).
This was the "first" for Gwen and she was overwelmed with all the stacks of clothing. What a fun day thanks to Ruby Lowderman.

Leisure World Olympics

Thirty-One plus had the opportunity to participate in the Leisure World Olympics this year.
Phyllis Connett, Harold Bergemann, Lloyd Walker and Linda Wright anxiously awaiting their turn to represent Leisure World for the Bean Bag Toss.

It was a fun time and all enjoyed viewing as well as participating in the olympics.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February Gospel Jam

Sunday, February 6th, the third jam of the season was held in the rec hall in Leisure World. The turn out was tremendous for this jam. There were 28 jammers, including the stage band, and 102 listeners. Stan Gainer started the jam two years ago and the Leisure World residents have been very supportive. Many of the Leisure World ladies donate refreshments served by Carolyn Richeson at break time. Ladies donating at this month's jam were:

Millie Dennis
Dona Lawson
Carolyn Richeson
Marlys Beeler
Pat LeFoe
Marilyn Ward
Joyce Miller
Alice Cockrill
Mary Gainer

Thank You ladies. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Stan and Mary Gainer sing the closing numbers at Sunday's Gospel Jam.
Ray and Millie Dennis attended Sunday's Gospel Jam to enjoy the music of the stage band and the jammers.

Bob Thompson entertained the crowd with his perfect rhythm with the spoons at Sunday's Gospel Jam,

The lovely blend of voices of Sandi Quinn and Richard Hamilton were enjoyed by listeners as they sang "Mansion Over The Hilltop".

Larry and Carolyn Richeson of Leisure World, in the kitchen with the lovely trays of cookies prepared for the Gospel Jammers and guests. Larry and Carolyn are always there to help in many ways. Thank You. We couldn't do it without you.

Jim and Dona Lawson, Leisure World residents, singing at Sunday's Gospel Jam. Jim plays guitar and harmonica and Dona plays keyboard. Both share their talents on vocals. Jim and Dona are part of the "Missouri Group" who spend time together near Branson playing and singing.