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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mary Bergemans cactus flowers

Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter Piper Day

Monday, March 28, 2011 was the day for Leisure World Residents to join their neighbors and friends at Peter Piper. There was a great turn out and a special guest, Theo Soland who was enjoying every minute reminiscing memories with old friends.

Cleaning the Card Room & Hall

On Friday, March 25, 2011, several residents joined in to clean up the card room and rec hall. Alice Cockerill graciously volunteered to wash and press the card room curtains.
Trudy and Larry Hauserman took charge of washing windows in the card room.
Dick Connett was in charge of the "Jack of all trades" of the card room.

Caroline Batson graciously asked if she could help in the card room, and the answer was not NO, as all the help we could get was appreciated.

Phyllis Connett was ready to quit when the project was completed.
Marilyn Ward was so sweet - she furnished us some "energy food" - homemade cookies to help us through the morning.
Marge Langer and Betty Meysenburg was cleaning up in the rec hall...
Rita Ivory sure knows how to push a broom...

The Bregeman's was taking charge of the "outside" work for the rec. hall...

Although all were tired when finished, everyone still had that smile on their faces when the job was completed. There were others who were there to lend their hand, but just didn't get in front of the camera. Thanks to all who helped make the day a little easier.

Illinois Breakfast

The last Illinois breakfast for the season was held on March 9, 2011. Approximately 24 Illinois Leisure World Residents met at Pimiento's downtown Weslaco.

Bob and Ron have just finished their breakfast and are now studying Brent's - are they wishing they would have ordered what he did....

Even though we see most everyone everyday at Leisure World, it is always fun to exchange stories across the table.
We had a few new "faces" join us this year.
Some got their meal and again some didn't, but it was a fun morning...

Surprise - the camera is rolling - ready or not...

Guess Bob and Ron have given up - Brent is not sharing...
Dick and Lorraine Babcock seem to have been satisfied with their meal....
All finished with their meal - Phyllis and Dick Connett
Walt at the end of the table anxiously awaiting his meal - I don't believe he ever did get it...
But, we'll all meet again this fall. We hope everyone has a good trip heading back north. See you all in the fall.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another New Phase - Moving Day

The next phase arrived! After much advance warning and cautions about the temporary loss of water, power, separate bathrooms, and other amenities it came time to move equipment and supplies from the existing kitchen to permit the removal of cupboards, walls, etc.
 With the tables lined up along the South wall of the hall, many hands made light work and fast progress in the necessary transfer of many items.
Needed supervision of the "stacking" was even on hand. 
And then the hammers, crowbars and other "destructive" construction tools took over.
Close supervision by the foreman was necessary, but even he was amazed at how much progress the day provided.
 Some folks said it was because of the strong voice and gestures of the foreman that the work progressed so well.
Then there were those who attributed the smooth flow of work to the skill and sharp eyes of the workmen.
Whatever the reason, all those who pitched-in are to be commended for the job well done.
And then, a couple of days later...this is what we see! Everything stacked neatly(?) on the southside of the hall.
Practically all of the former "kitchen" stripped and ready for new construction attention.
 Some of the "tools of the trade" still decorating the perimeter of the construction zone.
And lo and behold, the faithful "potluckers" breaking bread at a table in the Northeast corner.
Then on the way home, Linda and Linda admiring Smalldog and Sassy!
Thanks go to Betty Dixon for the fine photos of moving day. Choosing just a few from the great selection she provided was a challenge.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pirates Caught On Ship

Leisure World Residents beware ... Seems there were four pirates who were captured on board the Padre Island Ship this week. Pirates are now located at Leisure World Community and one has already escaped and heading north....

The three sisters (Phyllis Connett, Trudy Hauserman and Carolyn Richeson) had the pleasure once again to have their youngest sister visit Leisure World for a week. Barbara McGrean from Altoona, Iowa had a great time as she got to visit with her family (Dick and Phyllis Connett, Trudy and Larry Hauserman and Carolyn and Larry Richeson) playing games, shopping, eating, although they didn't take much time to relax. Barbara got to take in some of the surrounding sights including downtown Weslaco, Don-Wes Flea Market and the Weslaco Flea Market as well as several trips to Progreso to shop on the streets.

Now Pirate Barbara is back up north where she just can't wait???? to return to work and dream of her retirement the end of the year.
Captain on Board, Phyllis Connett, Carolyn Richeson, Trudy Hauserman, Barbara McGrean and Larry Richeson.

If you said one word out of line on the ship, there were several "squirt guns" that were pointed at you and you were instantly soaked. The pirates enjoyed a noon lunch together before boarding the ship. The week just went by too fast.