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Thursday, June 30, 2011

News from "The Hauserman's" in Topeka, Ks.

Windmill in Volendam, Holland

Trudy and her new friends in Moordrecht, Holland. Larry and 
I took a trip to Holland from June 17th thru 24th, 2011.
This was one of my long time dream trips to go back to
my father's birthplace. With the help of the Bakery Owner 
I found three names in the local phone book with my maiden
name(DeJoode). It was a worthwhile trip and we done some
touring in Moordrecht and around Amsterdam.

We had our De Joode Family Reunion on June 4, 2011 at 
Prairie City, Iowa. The seven surviving children were all  
there as well as lot's of family members and friends.

1st row: Willie De Joode, Trudy Hauserman and Carolyn 
2nd row: Barbara McGrean, Beverly Pearson, Donnie De Joode 
and Phyllis Connett.

Our quadruplets are now a year old and doing well. We have 
Aaron, Amanda, Anna and Audrey. They made quite an 
impression with all the family. They have a big sister, Rebecca.

On June 28th, we had lunch with Charile Green and Donis Hanrahan
We enjoyed their company and of course the conversation included 
when all of us would be heading back to Leisure World!!

We have had a busy summer so far and it isn't over with yet!! We hope all of our Leisure World friends are doing well.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beauty Runs In The Family

received this note from proud grandparents Miss Chattanooga Chandler Lawson Is 1st Runner-Up For Miss Tennessee
by Wendy Kingposted June 18, 2011 (From The Chattanoogan)

Miss Chattanooga Chandler Lawson was first runner-up in the Miss Tennessee competition in Jackson on Saturday night.

She finished just behind the state winner, Erin Hatley, Miss Collierville. All four Chattanooga pageant entrants made it to the Top 12.

Miss Lawson, a senior at UTC, received $8,500 in scholarships – $7,500 for finishing as 1st RU and $1,000 for receiving the Miss America State Academic Award. Miss Lawson had the high GPA.

This was the second straight year that Miss Chattanooga was the first runner-up at Miss Tennessee. It has been 63 years since a Miss Chattanooga was crowned Miss Tennessee.

Miss Lawson is the granddaughter of LW residents, Jim & Dona Lawson, 271 King Palm.

Here are a couple more photos of Miss Lawson, one her evening gown portrait from the competition, one with the full royal court.

Leisure World at Grand Cayman

Ronald & Jo Hersom and Jan Scheetz were a part of a group of 24 Family Campers & RVers that took a weeks cruise out of Galveston to the western Caribbean,  We left Apr 3rd. The weather was beautiful and the seas were smooth.  The stops were in Jamaica, Grand Cayman & Cozumel.  As you see we made friends with the stingrays. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ia Texas LW reunion

A letter will be going out in July for the Iowa Texas LW reunion to be held the 3rd thurs in August in Fort Dodge, Ia. All information will be given at that time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers' Day 2011

Fathers were feted by the friends of fathers in the Leisure World Rec Hall on Sunday, June 19th.
Banana splits, coffee and iced tea were enjoyed by all.

The service was superior.

Every father received a special gift.

The tables were decorated with a deft hand.

And everyone enjoyed the fellowship and conversations.

Thanks to Fran Foxhoven, photographer.

Wonder why this fellow got a close up?

And Dave just sat there saying "Beertender....bring us another bar!

Sunshine Report

George Ranier is now in re-hab after a fall and a stay in the hospital.

Peg Lepine is in the hospital after having a difficult time breathing over the weekend.

Adia Edwards is having surgery today 6/21.

Rita Boyd had a close encounter with a deer up north and ended up with a broken ankle in several places.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Adventures of Scott and Rita!

I received the following e-mail this morning.
"Hello Friends and family,
I am writing tonight to catch you up-to-date on our latest (unplanned) adventure.  We went to visit our friends Charlie & Shirley in Webster, WI and had a lovely visit.  We left about 6:30 PM and had about an hour and a half drive home.  We were on Hwy 48 sort of by the state park and my feet were feeling swollen, so I put them up on the dash to help my circulation.  It wasn't but a few minutes later and we heard  what sounded like a gunshot and then the airbags deployed! A deer had hit the passenger side of the car, tumbled into the windshield and disappeared over the car. I broke and dislocated at least 2 bones in my ankle with some other pieces of bone just floating around surrounded by tendons or ligaments.  My right foot was turned 90 degrees from my leg.  Humans don't usually bend like that!  Scott managed to keep the car perfectly on the road, slowed it down and pulled off to the side without us rolling the car which was very lucky.  The tow truck driver said that it was actually a good thing that my feet were up because that kept the deer out of the car and consequently in control.  Most accidents like this end up with a car in the ditch.  So I have a seriously broken ankle and the other leg is bruised beyond belief but - We are alive and well!!!  I called 911 and the ambulance came to get us.  Scott walked away without a scratch and kept both of us safe.  At the Sandstone hospital they set my foot so it at least looked like a foot properly attached to a leg and then wanted to know what hospital we wanted to go to next.  They suggested a hospital with a good orthopedic program because I would need surgery.  I chose HCMC.  When you're a transplant patient there's all kinds of special rules about being in the hospital that aren't the norm so I felt confident in coming to HCMC and being taken care of once again.  Sandstone made all of the arrangements and Scott's sister Joanie came up to get us to take us down to the cities.  Our car was totaled so we needed a ride.  First however, our friends Hazel & Al went to our house and picked up my pills, something I've learned never to travel without, even if you think you're just going for the afternoon!.  We got down to HCMC at about 2:00AM, they took more x-rays and lots of people stopped by to look at my crazy right ankle.  By 6:00 AM I was in my room and by 7:30AM Joanie was back to pick up Scott and take him to the cabin.  He stayed up there and got things in order as I was in the cities trying to figure out what was going to happen next.  By Wednesday afternoon the doctors decided that they could not do surgery until about the 29th because though they could fix the bones without any trouble there's a definite chance of infection with all the swelling.  I will wait until everyone thinks it's safe to have the surgery.  After the surgery they don't want me to put any weight (or load) on my right leg, so I now hop with the aid of a walker.  It's a lot of work for an old, fat woman to hop everywhere she wants to go.  I now call them exercise routines - Like the go to the bathroom routine, by the end of this small task I've probably burned 1000 calories hopping around with my walker.  There's the practice walk to the door routine, which is all of about 30 feet and I feel like I've hopped the length of a football field.  The Let's stand up routine takes a while because when I lay in bed for any length of time there's not a lot of blood running to my feet and when I dangle my feet over the edge of the bed the blood rushes down to my feet and it really hurts so before I can even attempt to stand I just dangle for about 5 minutes and sweat while I'm doing it.  I'm not a very high hopper so I don't get crutch lessons until I can master hopping really well with my walker.  I think that may happen at about the same time I lose those 50 pounds I've been trying to lose forever!!!  I think they are sending me to a rehab center early next week until the surgery so that I will be close (if not in) HCMC should any problems occur. And of course I will have plenty of practice time hopping.  Scott stays at the cabin mostly and will make trips down to the cities when I need something.  We are still planning on having the cousin's party in August because by then I will probably be totally muscle bound in my arms and upper body and will also be an expert hopper.  Well, that's it for now.  Another glimpse into a day or 2 of the calm retired life I am trying to lead.  Stop by and see me in Minneapolis or stop by the cabin and see Scott.  Both of us love company.
See you all soon - I hope!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Royal Hersoms

Ronald & Jo Hersom left Leisure World March 16th to attend the Family Campers & RVers Retiree Rally at Canton, TX.  We were Iowa's King & Queen and we were going to compete with three other couples to be selected FCRV International King & Queen.  We worked to make up campaign hand-out most of the winter.  Jan Scheetz and Carolyn and Marlin McCleary as well as other Iowa campers in other parks helped with those projects. We smothered 450 of them with our charm and they voted us to be their 2011 International King & Queen.  We've been invited to attend state rallies in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Dakota and Kansas.  So, starting July 4th, we will spend the next 14 weeks traveling 12,500 miles.  And you guessed it, the dates aren't coordinated for efficient travel and some rally dates overlap. We'll have fun and see you next December. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunshine Report

New word this morning - George Ranier has fallen again and is in the hospital. A card is being sent.
Karen Myers has had back surgery and is doing very well. We are sending a card.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Copied from facebook

Eleanore posted this yesterday afternoon!  Good news!

Good news! I got home from rehab this morning! Feeling okay, will need outpatient therapy but slowly getting better. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and prayers. It was very encouraging.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arline Ballering

Ruben Baltus sent me the obituary of Arline Ballering. Arline and Robert were long time residents at Leisure World. Robert was president of the association for two years. Arline loved to play bridge and was involved in most all the activities in the park. They had a long marriage. He preceded her in death on March 27,2001. Funeral services were held for Arline on March 25th. She is survived by two sons Mark and Scott. Arline and Robert lived at 158 Queen Palm.