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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunshine Report

8/29/2011 George Rainer was taken to hospital by ambulance.

8/30/2011 Dennis Hejlik is having shoulder surgery and wife Sandy is having foot surgery.

8/30/2011 Robert Warneke is very ill at home.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Belated Posting by Fran for 4th

Fourth of July

A wonderful time was had by all on the Fourth. we all met at the hall at 5:30 and enjoyed a pot luck and Brisket. The brisket was made by Linda and Al. I, myself, had never had brisket before and they done a wonderful job on it, the flavor was awesome and it was tender. After the clean up in the hall, a few of us went in the card room and enjoyed a game of 65.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maurice "Peg" Lepine

We were all saddened at the death of our good friend Maurice "Peg." Lepine. He had been in declining health for the past two months. Peg and Alma had been residents for many years. Alma died a few years ago. Peg took complete care of her, he didn't ever consider putting her in a nursing home. He managed to get his life going again after Alma's death. He loved golf and played every day. There was quite a group of them that played. Alma and Peg were from New York orginally. They often went back for short visits, but Texas was their home. Don and Mary James were his neighbors here in Leisure World. They looked out for him after his health began to fail. Mary stayed with him in the hospital as much as she could. His daughter was able to get to the hospital before he passed. He wants no funeral service. I can only imagine his reunion with Alma and the two sons they lost so many years ago. He was a vital part of our "summer " residents and he will be missed. Cards can be sent to his daughter Margaret Tatro at 21016 Butler St. Oakdale, PA. 15071.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunshine Report

8/22/2011 This afternoon Peg Lepine passed away. Per Peg's request there will be no services.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 reunion

I finally figured out how to get pictures but not how to write info at the same time. I did catch the printer menu just right as it was moving around and was able to get the pictures to my laptop but took at least an hour to down load the picture to blog so enjoy.

2011 reunion

Ia Texas LW reunion

We had a really nice reunion today in Fort Dodge, Ia. Charlie and Millie Lombard did a wonderful job. I had lots of really good pictures but my printer isn't working right and can't get the pictures to my laptop so will have to go buy another printer before I can send pictures. Was trying to hold off for a while but guess not.
We had a very nice visit with everyone with lots of laughter and good food. Several won teddy bears made by Millie especially all at one table. Two women brought their old teddy bears along with a story about them.
It was so nice to see all of them and a few new ones who weren't here last year. Too bad Kohl's isn't open yet so they couldn't go shopping. Next time. Hope everyone had a good trip home.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunshine Report

8/10/2011 Julie Saenz had back surgery & is at home recovering.

8/10/2011 Pat LaFoe's brother-in-law has passed away.

8/10/2011 Lucille Ruonavaara has had surgery on the veins in her legs.

8/13/2011 Peg Lepine is in the hospital.

8/15/2011 Mary Casey is in the hospital.

8/15/2011 Florence Doss has a fractured pelvic.

8/15/2011 Carolyn Prickett is in the hospital.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ia Tx LW reunion

It is not too late to sign up for the Iowa Texas LW reunion Thurs Aug 18, 2011 in Fort Dodge, Ia at Rides Bar and Grill at 723 South 31st from 9:30 to 2:30
Send a check for $15.00 per person to Millie Lombard, 1824 Charmil Drive, Fort Dodge, Ia 50501.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Good job to everyone that has had a part in remodeling the kitchen. From the pictures, it sure looks nice and you can see all the hard work that has put into it. We can't wait to see it when we come down this fall. Your hard work will really be appreciated by all. Thank you on a job well done.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kitchen Progress

With the arrival of August it was felt that an update on progress on the new kitchen in the Recreation Hall was in order. Progress has been constant, if slow. With few hands to do the work, and limited hours in the day that can be taken from regular tasks, it is not a speedy process. Thanks to the hard work and tools of Gary Bringham, his number one associate Al DeCock, plumbing expert Lupe Leal, and the occasional grunt work by Clem Del Campo and Dave Slater progress is achieved. Decorators and workers Jim & Aida Edwards, Jack & George Napier, and Mel & Darlene Herrmann have all been getting summer travel obligations taken care of for the last month or so.
The photos were taken this morning (Sunday, August 7, 2011) and show that trim and finish, counter laminate, and some painting and clean up remain in the kitchen area. The remaining work that must be completed before a final inspection by the city and fire department can be requested is the installation of stall panels and handicap hardware in the mens' and womens' bathrooms. Following inspection the hot water & gas can be turned on and the kitchen will be opened for use.
The two serving windows and "dutch-door" entry door are what will greet you when stepping up to the kitchen for food service.

The coffee service counter, restrooms and water fountain complete the new facade. 

The coffee service bar was installed early and has been in regular use. Doors and finish are Gary's  current project.

Looking through the main service window shows the entry on the west wall, the door to the storeroom  just to its right, the location of the refrigerator and convection oven.

The corner with the triple well sink and hand sink will be graced with some cabinetry  later, not needed prior to inspection.

Freezers and refrigerators line the west wall.

The main service window, door and work wall.

Stainless steel wall surface and light and fire-extinguisher vent hood surround the convection oven, gas range, and grill.

The cabinets and counter are lacking only drawer handles, laminate top and associated trim. As with the coffee service counter, Gary's construction is very, very sturdy and should serve well for a great many years.

The work table at the work wall is still doubling as a construction support.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thelma Watkins' Two Week Vacation in Michigan

Thelma provides the following report on her recent 2-week trip.
"Kendra, my daughter-in-law, picked me up at the airport in Grand Rapids. The first week of my vacation was spent as a guest in Kendra's home. Garanddaughter Telia came that evening and stayed. The next day my nieces and their spouses gathered and we all went out to lunch....and of course, talked our heads off...such fun.
Kendra gave me a permanent, she's soooo good to Bob and me.
"On Friday, daughter-in-law Mitzi, picked me up and took me to their home in Lansing for a few days. They took me everywhere I wanted to, the cemetery, and to uncover some really good buys at a boutique. On Friday night they invited the whole family to a barbecue; it was another wonderful reunion. Grandson Journey, Mitzi, and Rex even challenged me to a game of Euchre. It was a lot of fun, and of course again a lot of talking! On Sunday night my brother-in-law Jim invited us for another wonderful dinner and even more talk and fun.
"Tuesday morning son Rex took me to board a bus to go gambling at Battle Creek. I joined Lucy Ruonavaara and a bunch of people on the trip and we had a great time. Once again a lot of talk and laughter, and I even won a little, too! Then back to Lucy's where my oldest son, Steve, picked up daughter Rena and me to spend the rest of the week at his home. Rena and I had a great time, catching up on all the family information and generally reminiscing. Steve's daughter Mindy along with my two great's Alex and Jade (9 and 14). It was pretty hectic, bu lots of fun. We took a lot of pictures.
"Then Sunday Steve took me back to Kendra's...stopping on the way for a visit with a friend of mine. We talked over the passage of some 70 years of friendship, shared food and fun with our conversation.
"Back at Kendra's I finished off my trip enjoying swimming in her pool, and of course a lot more company and conversation.
"I missed my Bob a lot and I was glad to get home! Such fun! (It was HOT in Michigan, too."
Oldest son Steve, Jade (great granddaughter), Rena (daughter), Mindy (Steve's daughter)

Youngest son's family. Journey, Rex (son), Breaha, Mitzi (wife) and Josh

Kendra (daughter-in-law), Thelma and Teila (granddaughter)
A friend "Shane" joins Kendra, Thelma and Teila
Thelma and Teila (Kendra's daughter)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When we left the painting studio in Republic, MO, this afternoon the bank thermometer read 111 degrees.  I'm anxious to  get to cool Weslaco.  97 sounds a lot better.

Merle and Darlene Trip

Monday July 25th, Merle and Darlene Lenz, with a rented 26' U haul, left Weslaco for Cambridge, MN. to pick up hospital beds from Cambridge Memorial Hospital, that were being replaced with new beds. Their daughter Laurie is a RN at the hospital and when she found out that the beds were going to the landfill, she called MOM & DAD, knowing that the beds could be used in the hospital that will be built in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. We left Weslaco at 2;00 PM on Monday and arrived in Cambridge at 8:00 PM Tuesday, driving straight thru. The U haul truck doesn't have quite the ride of a Cadillac, but it wasn't bad. Our daughter Dianne had arranged to have volunteers at the hospital at 7:00 AM Wernesday morning to load 19 electric hospital beds and mattresses. Dianne picked us up from the Motel at 7:00 AM and when we arrived at the hospital, the truck was already half loaded. The volunteers were from our home church in Minnesota. and they did a wonderful job. We stated in Cambridge for 2 days to visit our family and friends before heading back to Texas. We left Cambridge friday morning around 9:00 as we had to go through either Minneapolis or St Paul and didn't want to get involved with rush hour traffic. We had excellent driving conditions and being on the road on the weekend, the traffic wasn't bad. We arrived back in Leisure World Sunday afternoon at 4:30. Monday morning with the help of Ronnie and Clem in our park abd 4 helpers from Nuevo Progresso, the beds were unloaded and are now stored at the closet next to the park. The truck has been returned to U haul and we are trying to get rested up. Quite a trip for us old timers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gainer's visit Sally Mountain

Stan & Mary with friends Jean Wheeldon and Peachey Phiefer standing by Rhonda Vincent's tour bus. Martha White is Rhonda's sponsor.

Rhonda sings with Mary

Rhonda hugs Mary

Stan and Mary Gainer visited Sally Mountain Park at Queen City, Missouri in July. Mary had the opportunity to sing with Rhonda Vincent. Rhonda is a Nashville Bluegrass recording artist with many awards to her credit. She has won the Female Vocalist award for Bluegrass music 8 times during her career. 7 of those times were consecutive. Rhonda started her career in Bluegrass music then went through a period of recording Country music but has been back to Bluegrass for a while now. She just recently recorded a CD with country artist Gene Watson. Rhonda and her band "The Rage" spent the week at the Sally Mountain Festival.

The park is owned by Rhonda's parents Johnny and Carolyn Vincent. At this year's festival Johnny and Carolyn Vincent celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and 25 years of the Sally Mountain Festival. Rhonda's brother was Emcee at all of the shows. The Sally Mountain Show consisted of Rhonda's parents, Rhonda, brother Brian and a close family friend, Lloyd Allen.

Rhonda's two daughters have a band and they spent the week at the festival and appeared in all of the shows. There were five other bands appearing also.

We also had the privilege of watching Rhonda and The Rage filming a project that will be her first Gospel CD. They filmed three days in the church she grew up in in Greentop, Missouri. We were there watching what goes on behind the scenes putting together a CD. We also watched the filming in the campground. It was very interesting to watch them work. Of course it was entertainment for us. We will be watching for the CD to come out.