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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Death Announcement

It is hard to announce another couple of deaths. We lost a pernament resident last week. Robert Warneke. He lived at 638 Palm Blvd Circle for several years. Bob didn't get out much, but Eulalea was every where. Bob had a great since of humor. He had a hard time getting around the last few months and was seriously ill the last few weeks. They had a large family that visited often. There will be a memorial service in the hall later. The other death was Gladys Grant. She and Clarence lived here in a RV at #15 for several years. After Clarence died she still came back. Mac and Dottie McVey and Bob and Marlene Lane made sure she always had what she needed and that worked for several years. But then her health got worse so she sold her trailer to Don Kurtenbach. She passed away Sept 25th in Sioux City. She was buired in Isle, MN.

Monday, September 26, 2011


DAVE, IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!

Eat Out

  Boy I have been having a terrible time. My desk top computer crashed, so I had to set up e-mail for my laptop before I could make another post....Lost all of my pictures from the Eat Out last Thursday, so had to transfer those from my I Phone to this laptop, so I hope all is working----What a headache, but here I am...

I thought this was a good picture of Dave and Carol, I ask them to get there heads together, so they did.
We had a great time at the eat-out as always.


(Most of the group.)
We went to the Chinese place out by big-lots, forgot the name of it....The food was good as always and of course the friendship also. Everyone talks at once, so you don't really hear anyone!!!!!

(Our President)

  We got back to the park by 7 and 5 of us played 65, and it was back home before midnight.
  You'll have to bear with me on the Pictures, I am still getting use to my new Phone and I used the camera on that....
(Don't that look good?)
(Don't we all look good?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ladies' Luncheon

The Ladies of Leisure World gathered at BJ's Brewhouse in McAllen this afternoon to enjoy food and fun. Early arrivals had to wait while the tables were set up for the dozen (counting the photographer) hungry individuals.

One of the individuals who arrived early was heard to complain that either the counter was too high, or the floor was too low! You probably recognize the picture!

And here the ladies are, enjoying a warm afternoon  lunch at BJ's.

And some came in for special attention when it came for menu explanation!A quick (?) stop at Barnes and Noble followed for most of the luncheon guests, then hurry home for tonight's Leisure World movie, "Cedar Rapids".

Additions to sick list

We have a couple more names to add to our sick list. Shirley Bringham had surgery for a hernia. She is recovering at home. Nurse "Gary" is taking good care of her. Then we had news that Charlie Lombard had hip surgery. He is at home recieving out patient therapy. Our best wishes to them both. Shirley

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cards In The Office

We have an abundance of cards this week to be signed. Brent &Rita Langman have both had shoulder surgery. Carol Woodruff has had to make a permanent move into a care center. Gail Vermmeulen is fighting cancer, so we sent a "Thinking of you "card. Betty Stoulil had a fall and broke her hand. She was in a lot of pain afterwards and when they got back home she went to her doctor he xrayed it and found it was set wrong, so it had to be rebroken and set again. Carol Neis has had knee surgery and is in rehab. Don James was having trouble breathing and was placed in the hospital. Then the really bad news. ET Hendrick passed away. I don't know the date. Jim and ET were long time residents of Leisure World. Jim loved to write poetry and usually had something to say at every park meeting. They were missed after they left. The other death was Eunice Pelechaty. Eunice and John are Canadians and only came in the summer. They had renters in the other months. I have known them for many years. Their home was owned by Eunices parents, Nick and Rose Marchinski. They lived here until Nick's death. It is always sad to lose friends.' Our Sunshine Lady,' Linda Decock , has done a wonderful job keeping up with all the cards this summer but I think she is ready to give the job back to JoAnn Kurtenbach. Hurry home JoAnn. Shirley

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Olive Garden

  Well, I can't believe it has been a week since I wrote my last BLOG. Last Thursday night we all went to the Olive Garden for our"Eat Out"(here in Weslaco,) there were 19 of us. I was really surprised to see such a crowd, since some people are sick and some are, just plain out of town. The food was really good, but then I'm an Olive Garden Lover. The friendship was great and every one ate their hearts out...During the day time, until four, they serve soup, salad and huge bread sticks and it is all you can eat. In the evening, after four, they serve soup, salad or pasta and their bread sticks, all you can eat. The lunch meal is $5.95 and the dinner meal is $8.95. We even get to do some wine tasteing, a good way to try to sell!!!!Any way we had a great time and it was Gary's B's Birthday(Shirleys was the day before), so we all enjoyed a piece of cake, they brought out two cakes,(Quart size) with candles on them and we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY...of course Gary had to blow out the one candle....No pictures, Dave and I forgot our camera's.
  Tonight will be pot-luck, with some entertainment. After pot-luck we play a little 65, the last time we played 65, ten people showed up, I thought they were coming out of the wood work, but it was fun!!
  Bob Clarke was out of town for a few days, he went back home again, but is now back, he was gone so long, we all thought he got lost, after all, they tell me, he got lost one day in Weslaco. Oh maybe I was not suppose to tell any one....We are all getting old enough to forget certain things.
  Some might be interested in the fact that they got the canal cleaned out to keep the park from flooding, Foxy tells me that some people have been after them to do it for a long time....It's done!!!!!!
  OH!!!! and we got sprinkles today, wish it could have been rain, but it cooled it down to 86 degrees and compared to the 97 we were suppose to have, it feels GREAT out.....I guess there are a few sprinkles coming down now....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunshine Report

9/10/2011 Don James was taken to hospital with trouble breathing.

9/10/2011 Word has been received of the death of E.T. Hendrick a former Leisure World resident.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Fran, there are some of us diehards here - at least part of the time.  What would we do with out David at the computer and the  guys working on the kitchen.  Actually we have a lot of fun in the summer so just keep on writing about us.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About Dave Slater

You know how when sombody shows or tells you how to do something, if you don't do it all the time you FORGOT!!!!! Well that is what happens to me.
 I was telling Dave this yesterday at the Labor Day Party, (which by the way, was real nice. Hot Dogs, with everything imaginable to put on them, Baked Beans, Potatoe chips, Watermelon.)
I said ,"You know Dave, you showed me how to post again, last week, after not doing it for two years, well I have probably forgotton again".
He says,   "well you know Fran, you have to do it at least once a week so you don't forget."
 I ask him, What should I talk about, my life is boring."
 He says "Well, your neighbors." and I says,
"Well you know, I don't have any, they all moved out for the summer"....
So hear I am writing a boring letter for you all to read...Thanks for all your help Dave...God only knows...I need it....

Sunshine Report

9/06/2011 Thelma Watkins took a tumble outside of Cici's resturant Friday evening, after stiches in her head she is recovering at home.

9/06/2011 Jim Gray spent the weekend in Knapp. He is now recovering at home.