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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunshine Report

10/29/2011 Betty Whitesell a long time resident has received word that her brother has passed away.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The new kitchen passed its final inspection by the Weslaco Health Department this morning! The certificate is in place and the ribbon cut!
Gary Bringham wields the scissors as Association President Mary 
Baas assists for the GRAND OPENING of the Leisure World kitchen.

The occasion this evening was a Tortilla Soup supper prepared by Roger Gallea. Good attendance, and a fairly good crowd for the last movie of the season which followed at 7:00.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes

I had never seen this flag before, which is flown here in Weslaco. It is a Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes. The flag is created from the names of those who perished in the terrorist attach of 9/11. Now and forever it represents their immortality. We shall never forget them. Thought this was worth sharing.

Sand Castle Days

Although the red tide in the water was taking place, the day was beautiful as the Sand Castle Days took place at South Padre Island. Artist came from as far as Singapore, Netherlands, California and other places to do their sand sculptures. They were each given the same amount of sand and time to complete their art work. It was amazing to see such sculptures.
This gentleman had to poise for us as he was mixing his sand with water.
There were several displays being formed along the beach as well. Below Jim Wright found a dead fish that was washed up on the beach (due to the red tide).
Phyllis and Linda were "picking" on this poor skinny guy who was wrapped around the spare tire.

Illinois Breakfast

Bob Clark organized our first Illinois breakfast on Friday, October 21st, where several Illinois residents met at the Frontier Restaurant for their monthly breakfast. We adopted a few other "states" for the morning. All enjoyed the company and food.
Linda Wright, Helen Mott, Mary Beth and Rob Chandler, Shirley & Scottie Marriner, Bob Clark, Wayne and Corky Rink and Phyllis and Dick Connett.
And bringing up the end of the line is Jim Wright. Next Illinois breakfast will be organized by Helen Mott, Mary Beth and Rob Chandler and will be announced later.

Dinner Out

Leisure World residents met at the La Casa Del Taco house for a good meal on Wednesday, October 20th. A great turnout. Some ordered chicken and got steak and visaversa. But, all had a great time and didn't go away hungry.
Phyllis and Pat having a great time while waiting on the food.
Roger was beginning to wonder if he would ever get the taco sauce for his taco's.
Linda Wright, Big Chief Jim Wright (wondering if he should have went to McDonalds) and
Wayne Hand.
Jewett, Carol and Dave and Shirley and Scottie.
Some are saying "those darn camera's keep showing up".... But everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Luncheon At Arturo's

Twenty Leisure World ladies met at Arturo's in Weslaco for lunch on Wednesday, October 19th.
In the left corner - Eva Uptergrove - far end is Mary Beth Chandler and on around the table -
Verna Louze, Linda DeCock, Corky Rink, Jewett Powers, Mary Baas, Carol Slater, Helen Streets (Eulalea Warnke and Debbie Collins didn't get in the picture).

The second picture is Donis Hanrahan, Joyce Miller, Fran Foxhoven, Mary Casey, Marj Herbig, Linda Wright, Phyllis Connett and Helen Mott.

On the far end is Mae Collins.

All introduced themselves and got re-acquainted with those who they hadn't seen for the summer months.
The service, food, stories and fellowship were all great.

Some Fun Crazy Games

It is always fun to get with friends to play some of those "crazy" games. This time it was Jack, Phyllis, Corky, Marilyn and the photographer Dick. If you haven't played "Mexican Crazy Eight" you are missing a lot of fun and laughs. Anyone who would want to learn the game - we'll show you.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I talked to Carol Woodruff this morning. She had spine surgery and is in rehab. She was on way to Dr for checkup but it may be a long time before there is any improvement. She does hope to improve enough to be able to go home. She doesn't think she will ever be able to come to LW again except to move her things out of her 5th wheel and sell it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lunch Bunch

Trudy said "So Long" for a few months to her friends that gather for lunch on Fridays in Topeka. We have had a group of about 12 but have lost a few over the years. My friend, Ruth, on the left and myself are the "Old Timers" with starting back in 1974 going out for birthdays once a month, then decided to make it every Friday if we can and get together "just because". Sometimes we may only have two or three and sometimes we may have six to eight. This day we met at Jasson's Deli, they have good "Irish Potato Soup".

If you are ever in Topeka and want a good place to eat, just ask this "Lunch Bunch"!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bobbi Shelton

Bobbi Shelton - a very long time resident of Leisure World, has now moved onto a different phase in her life.

Bobbi turned 96 this summer and has now decided to move to an Independent complex which is closer to one of her daughters (Lois) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bobbi's new address is:

Bobbi Shelton
Savannah Pines
3900 Pine Lake Road #217
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Drop Bobbi a note, she would love to hear from her friends at Leisure World.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ardis Klingson called me to say Rose Nulle passed away. The funeral was on Tuesday. Wes lives in Manning Ia. They haven't been to LW for a couple years.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pot Luck

Marilyn Farmer hosted a Pot Luck Dinner on the 30 of September for all the people that shuffled all summer, including all the other parks around. Everyone brought a side dish of thier choosing and boy we had plenty of food, made by expert cooks... Marilyn had foxy help her with the event, he done the coals, cooked the dogs and served the dogs at serving time, she also had a couple of ladies from another park help her with the little things. It was really a fun dinner and plenty of food and a lot of chatter. Forty people signed up, liked the idea and had fun....big hit!!!!!!!I might mention also, that the Monday before that, after the last summer shuffle, a few people went over to the small restaurant, with the large hamburger's in Donna, to celebrate the end of the!!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain in the Hill Country

We have been camped at Lake Pointe Resort on Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country for the past few days. We're about 40 miles (give or take a few) north of San Antonio, and planning to be back in good ole Leisure World on Wednesday afternoon. The local weather people have been promising rain for several days and they came through last night. We were awakened about 3 AM with the pitter patter of drops on our roof, which soon turned into a major downpour. It was sooooooooooooo nice to hear. Then we fell back to sleep and when we got up again around 7 it was still raining. Not hard, just a nice nourishing rain. It comes and goes with short periods of dry, but the rain continues to this hour. It will be so nice for this part of the country as it has been so terribly dry. We shouldn't have any fires for a few days.

We're looking forward to being back. See you all Wednesday.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Patio Sale

Today was the annual Fall Patio Sale in Leisure World.  While Mary James and former resident Helen Howard seem more attracted to the Frangi Pani blossom than the bargains, most residents reported brisk sales, even if a gentle shower may have deterred less hardy shoppers.