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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Long, Dear Friends!

Today is our last day for Shirley and Al as the Leisure World Park management. It has been a great pleasure to count them among my friends. We'll look forward to welcoming Shirley as a "retired resident" in the park, and Al has promised to stay in touch from his new posting as Manager of Mobile Gardens!


Where are you pictures of Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing pictures

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Historic Port of Brownsville Tour

Dick Connett, Pat LaFoe, Phyllis Connett, and Linda Shires boarded the Getaway for a cruise of the Brownsville Ship Channel. They enjoyed a "history lesson" about the Port of Brownsville and Port Isabel's abundant wildlife and rich history. And--- there was even snacks and drinks on board. Afterwards all on board met at the Shrimp Haus Resaurant for a shrimp and fish dinner. A great trip that we would recommend to all.

Didn't know this second group but they were enjoying the sunshine on the walkway???

The only area of the port that we were allowed to photograph was the shrimp boat basin. Some boats were working shrimp boats while others were docked for repair or other purposes.

The tour took us all the way to the end of Brownsville Port before turning around and heading back.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


We are going to Charlie Lombards 80th birthday( which is the 27th) party this afternoon. I meant to put this on the blog sooner but forgot. I think they may be leaving soon for LW but will find out this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving for Thea Soland

Tuesday was the day for a Thanksgiving Feast for Thea Soland, who was once a Leisure World resident. Turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, roll and butter with pumpkin pie was the menu for the residents at the home.
"Virgil" was the gentleman who was there to greet Thea. He is the father of the home manager where Thea spends her days. Virgil said he has known Thea longer than any other patient there.

Phyllis Connett and Pat LaFoe were guests of Thea - all waiting for their dinner to arrive.

The Sweet Adaline's were the entertainment for the event. Second from left (standing) is Carolyn Prickett, a Leisure World resident. Thea loves to have company and would love to have "YOU" join her someday, just to pass her time.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Illinois Breakfast

Illinois breakfast was held at the Tex Mex in Weslaco, Texas hosted by Mary Beth and Rob Chandler. There were eight Leisure World residents that were present plus friends of the Chandlers. Next meeting will be hosted by Brent and Rita Langman. Sign up sheet will be posted in the rec hall where all the sign up sheets are, with the date and time.

Friday, November 11, 2011


IMAS - International Museum of Art & Science -- A Smithsonian-affiliated museum.

Dick & Phyllis Connett, Larry & Trudy Hauserman, Pat LaFoe and Linda Shires had the priveledge to visit the Museum in McAllen on Thursday, November 10th. Very interesting place.

The Solar system and planet display were outstanding and very informative.

Artist Chris Jordan has many of his art works (Running the Numbers) on display which were also outstanding.
Even though Phyllis had the "chance" to hold this Frilled Lizard, she chose to keep camera in hand and take the picture...
The art work at the entrance as all over the museum was very nice. I'm talking about the art work "behind" this lady....
Larry & Trudy Hauserman, Linda Shires, Pat LaFoe and in background Phyllis & Dick Connett. Museum is located at the corner of Bicentennial and Nolana in McAllen. Worthwhile trip.

Killer Bees Hockey

Although the Killer Bees may have lost this game against the Allen Americans, the game was very exciting to watch. There were times where the hockey pucks came flying into the crowd and there were times that a fight broke loose on the hockey floor. Dick & Phyllis Connett and Larry & Trudy Hauserman enjoyed the game which took place on Wednesday, November 9th. If you haven't been to a hockey game, this is one event we would highly recommend. Once you go, we could almost guarantee you will be hooked as we are.
Killer Bees verses Allen Americans
The Killer Bees Mascot is also so much fun to watch. If you are "Lucky" you might even get to catch a "flying Killer Bee T-shirt"...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Successful Don Johnk Tournament

Wow, Wow, Wow. We completed the 8th Don Johnk Memorial Tournament today and it was a huge success. We had 46 teams of Amateurs on Tuesday and 96 teams of Experts on Wednesday. Are we glad we had more room and a bigger kitchen. You Bet!!!! Almost every chair was filled.

The needle on the thermometer hovered over 98 degrees for most of Tuesday afternoon. The a cold front came through and cooled things off for Wednesday with a high of 74. Flip those digits around and you get the morning temperature for the finals on Thursday. Thats right 47. Unusual for early November. You have to be hardy when you're a referee and the temperature is 47. Can you see Sheriff Janet Doerksen. She has so many layers on we can't see her badge.

Leisure World entered 10 teams this year. Good News! Leisure World didn't get blanked this year at our own tournament. Donis Hanrahan and Lorn Cook took the fourth place trophies in Amateur Main. Congratulations to Donis on her first every trophy!

One trophy is not enough! Wally and Terry will start shuffleboard lessons on Tuesday the 15th and run them every Tuesday until no one shows up!


I just received a phone call from a reporter who remains anonymous advising:
"Our own Lloyd Walker has made the proclamation that the bathrooms at Riverside are now Co-Ed. The bar was closed!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shuffleboard Feast

The Leisure World Kitchen was a busy, busy place as the Leisure World Ladies prepared for the Shuffleboard Feast. Char Hejlik and her "crew" spent many long hours preparing for the Don Johnk Memorial Shuffleboard Feast. Each day there was a different main dish and every day was the delicious sandwiches plus a great potato salad and Cole slaw. Pulled pork, sloppy joes, hot dogs with kraut, ham sandwiches and if you didn't get a giant piece of pie you were missing out on something very special. Twenty -two pies came in from the Leisure World Ladies the first day and the second day there were twenty-seven, People were having problems making their mind up on what dish they wanted (as they all looked so good to them) and they had trouble selecting the right piece of pie.
Char Hejlik (Our leader) furnished "homemade" cookies that were placed on a tray for "free". Once the word "free" got out, the cookies disappeared quite fast.
The ladies are anxiously awaiting for their first customer to come in.
Helen Mott washing pots and pans - keeping up as things were needed.
After the main meal came the long line of pies. What a decision to make...Kay and Harold Monroe were there (plus many other park residents) to support the event.
Colleen Cain (she got cut out there), background Char Hejlik, Darlene Cook, Dorothy Nill, Corky Rink and Linda De Cock serving up the "goodies"... Darlene Hermann in background. Del Peterson and Sharon Staude were also helpers.
Phyllis Connett and Pat LaFoe in charge of the pies. When this picture was taken, the pies were almost gone.
Jan Shires and Donna Fisher were in charge of coffee and tea.
Linda Shires was in charge of serving up the "hot main dish".
Linda Wright, Jack Ruger and Vivian Swearns (not pictured) were keeping people in line and making it easier for the customers as they handed out trays for their food.
Sandy Hudson and Joanne Kurtenbach were collecting the greens.....
And we cannot forget Al DeCock who was there every minute of the day to help with what was needed. He kept the coffee and tea pots going, ran all the errands, washed tables with the help of our President Mel Hermann and others. There were others who helped also but didn't get in the pictures. And so many of the Leisure World Ladies that donated their time by making the delicious pies that everyone raved about. These days cannot be possible without everyone pitching in to support the park - and thanks to all for that support.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Don Johnk Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament

The annual Don Johnk Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament got underway on the Leisure World courts this morning. Parking places were at a premium (as always).

Thanks to our Leisure World volunteers, all parking went smoothly, no fender benders, no heated tempers among the drivers.  Well done, fellows! (I may even overlook Styrl's Nebraska hat.)

The activity on the courts was soon intense. These folk take their shuffling seriously!

 And here he is...overseeing all the action...our own Wally Bentt.

The action by the spectators was pretty intense as well. Mary Casey shares her comments with Eva Uptergrove, both of whom know their way around a shuffle stick.

And last in our line-up of snapshots is VP Jack Fisher, poised for action with his official kneeling pad!