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Friday, December 28, 2012

Carol Burkett

Per request from our Sun Shine Lady Mary Beth Chandler, I was asked to post a message about our Leisure World resident Carol Burkett - Lot #161 Queen Palm.  Carol passed away last night (12-27-12) at the Corpus Christi Hospital after emergency heart surgery.  More information will be posted later.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thea Soland

On December 28th, Thea Soland turns 88....  A past resident of Leisure World for so many years, Thea Soland was quite surprised when about a dozen Leisure World ladies appeared at the home where she now resides.  Cake, punch and coffee were served in Thea's honor.  Birthday cards were opened and read to Thea.  Thea had quite a sense of humor and enjoyed her cake and punch.  The cards were taken to her room where she can enjoy them and hopefully they will bring some good memories back to her from her friends at Leisure World.   
Thea seemed so happy to see her Leisure World Friends...
Pat brought in the cake for Thea...
Thea had quite a sense of humor and enjoyed her cake and punch.
Thea and her "friends"

Leisure World Christmas Party

Leisure World Christmas Party took place at the rec. hall on December 23rd.  Frank Lawless entertained with his music and songs, while guests were arriving.  Finger foods were in abundance, Santa arrived with candy for all and gifts were exchanged.  Thanks to Marj Herbig and her crew who all did a marvelous job once again. 
 Frank Lawless
As usual, the hall is decorated so nicely for the season.
The punch was delicious, just ask Mel...
Santa left all with candy to munch on...
Another Christmas has come and gone, now to look forward to another new year. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at Leisure World

Here's a little reminder of how to celebrate Christmas at Leisure World. This snapshot taken at 3 pm on December 25, 2012, especially for all our residents and friends who chose to spend their holiday in the frozen north!

Merry Christmas

To all LW - Merry Christmas from the frozen north.  Jewett Powers

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cherry On Top

Queen Connie planned and had A great turnout of Leisure World Red Hatters as they enjoyed their outing to the CHERRY ON TOP on Friday, December 21st.   Sherri Cherry is the owner of Cherry On Top which is located at 4300 South Bridge, Weslaco, Texas
Do you see WALDO?   
 The dog got a lot of attention while we were there.  He would have laid on his back all day if one of the ladies would stand there and pet his belly...
The roosters all roamed freely and were beautiful...
"Cherry On Top" gift shop was very interesting, as there were many different gifts to choose from - hams, pies, candies, jellies, and etc.  Sherri's signature (trademark) is the "Cherries".   Cherries decorating throughout the shop plus every gift going out has a cherry on top...

Owner Sherri Cherry invited the red hatters into her beautiful home which she is preparing for a Christmas family dinner.    
The Whistling Ducks were in the hundreds as we enjoyed watching them around the pond. 
After enjoying all the great outdoor scenery, we headed for the Olive Garden and enjoyed lunch and exchanged gifts.  What a great day. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leisure World National Mixed Doubles Tournament

Our second annual National Mixed Doubles Tournament was held on December 18, 19 and 20. And once again this was a huge success thanks to the many volunteers who make our park the Best In The Valley. We had two hot, windy days for the preliminaries and a cool and very windy day for the finals. We had 132 entries this year comprised of 55 Amateurs, 45 Tier Two Experts, and 32 Tier One Experts. This number is down slightly with 6 fewer teams than last year. And the great news is that we had four Leisure World teams playing Thursday in the trophy round. Way to go team!

June Weis and Ken McPhee (1st place Tier 2 Consolation)

Betty Wikdahl (from Magic Valley) & Wally Bentt   (3rd place Tier 2 Main)

Jim White  and Carol McPhee (2nd Amateur Consolation)

Maria Oachs and Jesse Bennett (4th Amateur Consolation)

Between the kitchen and entry fees we cleared almost $2,200 for the association. Thanks to Rosemary Hedlund and her entire team in the kitchen, to all the pie makers and to all the outside volunteers who make these tournaments such a success. It was so much fun as well! And we couldn't do this without our trophy sponsors Munal Insurance, Galvan Insurance and the Leisure World Activities Association.

Merry Christmas or all and a Happy New Year to come as well.

Your Shuffleboard Chairperson
Wally Bentt

Monday, December 17, 2012

Leisure World Christmas Caroling

The Leisure World Christmas Caroling group got together on Friday, December 15.  Up one street and down another, they sang their hearts out to help spread the good spirit for the Christmas season.     
Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause, right down Palmento Lane......
And.... Santa had many Leisure World Elves to help him.

And there goes Santa with a HO, HO, HO, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our dear friends at Leisure World. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leisure World Parade

I had Foxy take this video yesterday with our small camera, I thought the video turned out pretty well considering...So I thought I would share it with whomever....It is great to have volunteers that will do these things. There were so many different colored carts all decorated up and the singing was great...(I missed the lime green cart, not in the parade) The narrator is kind of quite, he didnt say much. Was very enjoyable to watch....Thank You....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Illinois Breakfast

On Wednesday, December 12th, Leisure World residents met at the Frontier for an Illinois Breakfast .  There were fifteen in attendance, hosted by Phyllis and Dick Connett.  Next Illinois Breakfast will be held at Victoria Palm on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 and will be hosted by Kay and Harold Monroe.  All had some good stories and a great time.

Left Back Row:  Rob and MaryBeth Chandler, Helen Mott, Kay and Harold Monroe, Phyllis and Dick Connett and Frank Lawless.  Second Row from left:  Diane and Jerry Cantu, Marj Herbig, Lorraine and Dick Babcock, Brent and Rita Langman.

Sign up sheet will be posted in the rec. hall.  Sign up and join us in January.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


On Wednesday, December 5th, several Leisure World Ladies followed the Leisure World ROPA Queen (Ruby Lowderman) and were off on a mission.  Most in their little red shirts (in case they got lost in the pile) climbed the pile of clothing for "Women Together".

Women Together (Mujeres Unidas), is an organization (shelter) for women seeking refuge from violence in their homes.  George Napier suggested to the "Thursday Morning Women's Circle" that if they would like to do something special this holiday season, we could make a fun day and collect items for this purpose.  So in doing so, as you can tell by the pictures below, we all had a great time, many laughs and some tired bodies by the end of our adventure.

There were several other ladies from Leisure World who could not make this trip but did donate to this purpose.
We were all so very tired, but not to tired to stop by McAlister's Deli for a great lunch and fellowship.  It was a great day.   We hope our items will put a smile on "somebody's" face...
Pictures were taken by Rita C. Boyd.