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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunshine Lady 2012

Dottie McVey had back surgery last Monday, the 23 of January,2012. Dottie returned home after several days, and is recuperating. Her address is 404 Sago Palm, if anyone wishes to send her a card

Monday, January 23, 2012

Iowa Breakfast

We had our usual Iowa Breakfast on January 19th at the Tex Mex and we also had our usual fun crowd. There were at least 45 present at this breakfast, the biggest crowd this winter, we filled up the back room. The breakfast is inexpensive and very, very good and more food then one can normally eat, I would advice every one to try it....We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and told were we worked in our life time, Bill Hedlund gave the prayer (Thank you Bill) and Fran read three jokes, which seemed to please the crowd and We had a couple of other announcements. We sure must of had fun, because it was so noisy in there, it was hard to think....

Foxy took the pictures, so if you don't like them, please complain to him....Thank you Fran Foxyhoven!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't miss that snow

NOW WE KNOW WHY WE COME TO THE SOUTH AND RESIDE AT LEISURE WORLD....  Picture from The Journal Standard Newspaper taken in downtown Freeport, Illinois (our home town).  Six inches of snow and still coming down.  Our friends just don't like to hear 80 and 90 degree sunny weather when we talk to them on the phone.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Past Leisure World Resident

Just wanted to share a note I received from a friend who once lived here at Leisure World.
Even though our friends have left Leisure World, it is nice that they can still enjoy all the news (by the blog) and see what is going on.  Read on...
Hello from Iowa. The weather here in Des Moines hasn't been to bad. I got on the Blog and wanted to let you know how much I really like it. Makes me a little home sick for all my friends down there. But I know I did the right thing in selling. Its great reading about everything in Leisure World. I see a few new faces. Just wanted to say thankyou. Love Marilyn Rapp.

Dave's Comment`

We are in the process of redesigning the Leisure World Blog. You will note various changes...I welcome any and all comments. I hope that the ability to display pictures larger, have the weekly activities schedule in an easily readable form, and other revisions will make the blog even easier to read and follow. Send comments to my email address:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

News of your friends from Betty Meysenburg your Sunshine Lady

Ron Workman haas returned to Illinois due to medical problems.

Charlotte Schweppe's brother has passed away. He had suffered from cancer. Services were held in Iowa.

Walt Blackburn has entered a Rehab center due to severe problems with gout and arthitis.

Linda Decock's mother passed away. Memorial services will be held at a later date when the Decocks return to Kansas.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

LW Residents Walk The Causeway

Mary Gainer, Linda Wright, Joan Kurtenbach, and Don Kurtenbach pose for the camera just before falling into formation to walk the Causeway. Four Leisure World residents pictured above braved the elements to walk with thousands of others to walk the Causeway from Port Isabel to Padre' Island. Several days ago the weather forecast was for rain and cold temperatures but Mother Nature took pity on us and the weather was beautiful for walking.

The first group was runners and they ran six miles. A man and a woman from Kenya won that race. Second group was the walkers. When Linda Wright invited us to walk with her it was two miles. As time went on it became 3 1/2 miles. When we went to the Lighthouse in Port Isabel to register last Tuesday it became 5 miles. I am so thankful that the last estimation was a figment of Stan Gainer and Jim Wright's imagination. I think it was closer to 3 miles but we don't really know how far it was. Joan Kurtenbach thought it was too far. However, Joan did quite well, doing this just two days before her 70th birthday. Her husband, Don, is telling that Joan tried to take a walker from one of the walkers but Joan denies it. You be the judge, but we all know how husbands are.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Jim and Linda Wright hosted 23 guests and Mary Casey at the Riverside Inn in Mission to celebrate Mary's 89th birthday. Linda surprised Mary with her talents by telling a funny story concerning her trip to Padre' Island.

Mary Casey shared her birthday cake with her guests.

Charlie LeBlanc gave a preview of his act. He can be seen at the Weslaco Library. Check your Winter Texan for the date and time. He is very funny.

Storyteller Charlotte Greathouse shared her talents with everyone at Mary Casey's birthday. Charlotte's stories are very funny as many in the RGV can attest to. Dean also shared one of his jokes. Dean is Linda Wright's cousin.

FBI????? Did Linda and Jim Wright hire body guards for Mary Casey and guests??? Naw!! A closer look revealed that Larry Richeson's shirt said Full Bloodied Iowa or Full Body Iowa. Stop Larry on the street and take a look at his shirt. He and Carolyn enjoyed the party.

Linda Wright and Mary Casey pose for the camera

Jim Wright and Lloyd Walker joined in singing Happy Birthday to Mary

Duane and Jan Glover enjoyed the entertainment while also keeping an eye on Bob Clark with their daughter.

Mrs. Gary Green enjoying the festivities seems oblivious to the camera bug lurking around

Gary Green of LW looks on as the entertainers take the floor to celebrate Mary's birthday

Alma Reed playing guitar with Charlotte Greathouse singing harmony

Alma Reed entertained the group playing the guitar and singing

Mayor Bob Clark of Leisure World enjoys the party with the lovely Shelly also of LW

Stan Gainer enjoying the celebration, caught on camera by wife Mary

Good Neighbors Award

In with the new - now what do you do with the old????  You call on the "Good Neighbors" gang... And it only took a few.   You get a hold of this one, then we call the next one and before you know, the goods is almost ready to roll down the road....
Now if anyone was looking out their window and saw such a sight going down the road, Heh - it was the "Good Neighbor Gang" helping out their friends. 

And there it goes down the road to a new home.

Thanks Pete and Roger and all else who so willingly helped.  Boy what a sight.

Travel Show

Several Leisure World residents attended the Travel show at the Civic Center in McAllen.  Some like to collect all the "goodies" and soon became loaded down.   
While "others" like to play with the Gladys Zoo snakes.....You can't see it real good, but Bob is holding the snake in his hands and yes it was real.  I stayed a distance taking that picture.
Sharon Decock trying to decide if she really wanted to take that cruise.
It was a very interesting day of checking out all the tours and viewing the Mexican artware that was at the center.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leisure World Activities 1/4 to 1/10

Wednesday, January 4
Exercise 8 am
Shuffleboard 9 am
Art Class 9 to noon
Donut Dance 10 am
Bowling 1 pm
Cancer Project 1 pm
Darts 7 pm
Movie "The Lake House" 7 pm

Thursday, January 5
"Co-Ed Golf 8:30 am
Quilting 9 am
Wood Carving 1 pm
Ladies 8 Ball 2 pm
Closed for cleaning 2 pm
Pinochle/500 7 pm

Friday, January 6
Exercise 8 am
Shuffleboard 9 am
Choir Practice 10:30 am
Board Meeting 11 am
Water Volleyball 3pm
Bingo 7 pm

Saturday, January 7
Breakfast 8:30 am
Hoss Collar 9:30 am
Bridge 1 pm
Pitch 7 pm

Sunday, January 8
Church Services 9 am
Card Bingo 4 pm
Ice Cream Social 6 pm
Entertainment 7 pm "Lindlay Creek"
Texas Hold"em 8 pm

Monday, January 7
Exercise 8 am
Shuffleboard 9 am
Crochet 9 am/Crafts 10 am
Peter Piper Pizza 11 am
Executive Golf 11:30 am
Round Dance Lessons 1 pm
Sq Dance Lessons 3 pm
Bridge/Dirty Dog 7 pm
Bean Bag Toss 7 pm

Tuesday 1/10
Mens Bible Study 7:30 am
Coffee Doughnuts 8 am
Park Business Meeting 9 am
Line Dancing 10 am
Brige 1 pm
Shuffleboard Lessons 7 pm
Pinochle/Euchre 7 pm

Monday, January 2, 2012

Activity Room New Years Eve

New Year's Eve - The activity room was filled with friends, family, games, laughs and an abundance of delicious foods to share with all.  Last count, I believe there were 48 in attendance.

Some parted an hour or so early, but little Sarah Lowderman stuck out the night with a few of the others to bring in the new year.  At midnight those who were still around joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Trudy Hauserman.  Thanks to all who shared their delicious food and thanks to Trudy and Larry for setting things up and also to Dick Connett who helped in cleaning up and for being our photographer for the evening.

Happy New Year to all  our Leisure World friends.....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hey it worked

I was the first to get on the Leisure World blog for the New Year......and my video below....

Happy New Year-2012 

I went to the New Years Eve Party last night, (with my husband) was so much fun, but life is what you make of it. My drink of choice was bottled water, and boy did I erver feel hung over this morning, Foxy and I danced every dance last night and I mean every dance. It was our 52 wedding anniversay, Foxy bought me this corsage and he thinks bigger is better, he ordered me the largest size they had and you would of thought I was wearing a flower pot on my shoulder...bless his heart.......Now I have to tell you that when I went to bed at two this morning, (don't ask me what I was doing until then), I had charlie horses in my feet, yes both feet, from dancing every dance, charlie stuck around until three..........We were one of the couples to win a prize and guess what, it was 10 dollars, I was so happy, after all, I can now buy my drug of choise once again...WATER.....The music was so good, By Jim and the food afterwards was also very nice, sandwhiches, chips, vegitables and dip and cake, coffee----- after dancing all night I was so hungry!!!! I tryied to make a video of the evening, you will have to try and click on it and see if it works, I don't even know until I post this...wish me luck... and click it or ticket....I Love you all and have a most wonderful and awesome new year....Fran and Dan Foxhoven