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Friday, April 27, 2012


I have tried to get on here with no luck. One more time.  A couple days ago it was 90 today is 47. This is Iowa.  I wanted to know why there was no age number on Dons birthday cake. Is it 39 again. I enjoy the LW blog. Keep the news coming. thanks guys.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Email Update from Darlene Cook

Just to give you an update on myself.
I went to the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls,
on Wed, night, next morning went to the clinic,
had a test done to see what shape my arteries in
my neck were in and to check the stent in my stomach
and the stent by the right kidney.
All were o. k. except in the neck, so I was put in
Hospital, and the next day they went in from my
groin, and put in a stent on my left side of my throat.
I had an time when I couldn't breathe, and thought
I wasn't going to make it, I was never so scared in my life.
Well all is o.k. and we got back to Spencer, Sunday after dinner.
Take care    to  all.

Don's Birthday

Don Kurtenbach celebrated his birthday in fine style.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Activities Calendar

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Year Older But Still So Young...

Sunday, April 15th, several Leisure World friends were invited out to the Olive Garden in Weslaco to help Mary Gainer celebrate her birthday.

Mary was presented with a delicious dessert and the Olive Garden crew helped all sing Happy Birthday to her.

Back to the card room at Leisure World Mary was honored with a birthday cake...  (As if we needed more to eat after the Olive Garden)...  but we all dug right in...

The group anxiously awaiting for Mary to open up Birthday Cards... 

Mary received many "special" cards from her friends, but one had topped them all --- an EARLY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARD from no other than her friend Bob...  Now what are they laughing so hard for?  Guess they were beginning to think they were going steady as the photographer took so long in taking the picture... 

Dick and Phyllis Connett served cake and Ruth Elliott the ice cream to all.  Ruth furnished the beautiful flowers to make the table look inviting.  All had a great time as we sat around visiting and laughing.  Afterwards some stayed to play games in the card room.  "Happy Birthday Mary"... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Our Way to Washington (state that is)

The three of us have been so blessed with great travel, good weather and, so far, moderate fuel prices, at least for the times. We were able to spend the Easter week with our son and his family in Odessa, TX. Since then we have camped in Roswell, NM, Tijeras, NM, Sun Valley, AZ and for the last four nights in Williams, AZ.

While stopping in Sun Valley we took a day and traveled the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park.

For the past four nights we have been in Williams, Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Here we have been delighted by this charming and beautiful community that goes all out to cater to visitors. The city is spotlessly clean and has a total absence of parking meters. We encountered one really wonderful restaurant, not that there aren't a whole lot more from which to choose, called Pine Country. Decor, food, service and price simply top notch!

At this point we will be heading to the Yakama Nation RV Park in Toppenish, Washington where we will reside for the next two months. We have two daughters, a granddaughter and many friends in the area.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ladies Luncheon

  We gathered today for our first ladies luncheon of the season. It
was  held at Artuor's Restaurant on Texas boulevard and what a beautiful day, in and out......There were 13 of us present. We had a wonderful time together, as always, everyone talking and laughing at once. We were served a delicious meal, something for every ones taste buds. Mary James has a Birthday on Monday, so we celebrated that today. Eula Warneke had the owners serve up a "Flan" desert for Mary, with a single candle on it. Eula Warneke also had every one at the luncheon order the desert of their choice, which was Flan, Chocolate Cake or Cheese Cake....YUM....(The dessert was on Eula)....Thank's from all of us Eula and what a wonderful outing.....And another great remeberance...As always Fran F.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Texas Roadhouse

What do some Leisure World residents do best?  Eating?  You're right - and there were about 34 that enjoyed the Texas Roadhouse on Thursday evening.  There were a few with upcoming birthdays but the "Horse" just didn't show up.

Fran and Dan Foxhoven, Mary Baas and Bob Clark
 Norma Brown, Joyce Miller, Deanna and Tom Jones and Lorn Brown
 Dick Connett (Phyllis was taking pictures), Al and Linda DeCock, Joanne and Don Kurtenbach (sorry Don - you just didn't get to ride the horse...), and Bob Chandler

 Pete Knutson, Marian Smith, Linda Shires and Verna Louze.

 Charlie Green, Stan and Mary Gainer, Lloyd Walker, Mary Casey

Carol and Dave Slater with Jewett Powers

Best Friends:  Mary Beth Chandler and Helen Mott

The question for the evening was:  Just how many peanuts can you consume before your meal arrives???  All enjoyed the evening and all got back to the park just fine.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday at Leisure World

Easter Sunday at the rec hall was absolutely wonderful.  So many in attendance and the food was fabulous... Thanks to our Leisure World Managers for the delicious hams. 

Beth Stanton designed a cute little
"Butter Bunny" for our dinner.

Every dish that was brought in was so inviting.  WOW -
what a wonderful group of
great cooks.

Some enjoyed a few too many "jelly beans"...

Dave, was it the wine, too much food, all those women to yourself or just a good relaxing day???

Due to illness some of our Leisure World friends could not attend the dinner.  Several "meals" were taken to some of the shut-ins.  All had a great time and sure didn't leave hungry.  Thanks to Linda and Al Decock and Shirley and Gary Bringham for heading this event up and thanks to all who helped in the clean-up.  Another great event.....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Arkansas Once More!

Here we are in Arkansas once more. We just can’t seem to stop coming to the “Natural State” because it has some of the best riding roads in the country and some of the best golf courses for Lorna.
After spending three days with our daughter and family in Cypress, Texas we headed north east to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. This time we are located in the north central part of the state. It doesn’t disappoint. We turn off highway 65 at Clinton. As we travel the 20 miles into the resort, the GoldWing is in it’s glory even though it is inside the trailer. We are into corner after corner and hill after hill. Only one problem. We arrive in the dark and finding our way around the resort to get to our unit is not fun. A couple of times we got into a place that was not designed to go into with a trailer. We finally found our unit and got the trailer disconnected.
Sunday morning we get the bike unloaded and head first of all to the Marina on Greer’s Ferry Lake. The lake is very high after big spring rains. We arrive to a big ruckus in the water. Kids are feeding fish off the dock. There are hundreds of ten-pound Carp with mouths open jumping atop one another to get their free meal. We have never seen a sight like this before. Then we headed to Mountain View. This is a small town with antique stone buildings and bikers and bikes everywhere. After a nice lunch we headed back to Clinton for gas and groceries and then did the west loop on highways 16 and 254. This year the woods are very green early due to an unusually warm winter. There are lots of Red Buds, Wisteria, and Flowering Dogwood everywhere and many yards have Irises, Daffodils, Rhododendron and Periwinkles. The woods are alive with the sounds of birds. Cardinals in particular are in abundance and their song is beautiful.

Hungry Carp

Dogwood Flowers Everywhere!!!

Down here they build the roads where it is logical to build them. You won’t see many great rock cuts, retaining walls or straight aways. Roads simply follow the landscape, and Arkansas has some great landscapes. At the end of our 200 mile ride my arms are tired from push steering, but loving it! This was well worth the price of admission.
Monday is a golf day at Indian Hills Golf Course. This is a tough one so don’t ask what our scores were.
Tuesday we are on the bike again headed for Mountain Home and then into Missouri. One interesting town was built on a cliff and is called Calico Rock. Don’t ask how many corners there were but after 274 miles I am beat. Parts of the trip had as many as 25 corners per mile (cpm) but some of the straighter highways had only 6 or 8 cpm. The majority of corners were marked 30 or 35 mph but some were down to 15. Most of the corners you could take comfortably at twice the posted rate. I can’t see how anything could top this. And yes Dave E, those Elite 3s are humming loudly. Great!
Wednesday was a golf day for Lorna while I toured around the countryside scouring out some good photos. My ride today would take me back to Mountain View with many stops along the way to shoot some of the old buildings around here. Much of rural Arkansas has newer housing or mobile homes but there are still lots of old buildings that look like they are from the moonshining era. It makes one wonder, ‘is that era really over? And many folks are still living in these shacks. Most small towns have stone buildings that date to the late 1800s and early 1900s so this all makes for some great photography subjects. I only rode 124 miles today but had a ball with the camera. Lorna golfed at Mountain Ranch today but reported that Indian Hills is a better course.

Shacks the People Live In

Old Barn Great Photography Material

Thursday is another golf day at Indian Hills and the weather continues to be warm and sunny, They are breaking records all over the area. Today was a much better day on the scorecard but I still won’t tell you the bottom line. It’s a secret!
Friday is our last day here so we will head out on the bike one more time. We head south to Greer’s Ferry and Heber City. There is more agriculture down this way and things look more prosperous. We stop for lunch in Conway and then decide to do the Pig Trail, Arkansas’s top biking road. To get there will require us to hit the 4 lane for an hour on I-40W. Big trucks everywhere! We turn north on AR23. This is a great road with several 15mph corners. Once we get to the top end of the trail we plug in the condo’s address and discover we are 140 miles away. Whoops we bit of almost more than we can chew. We had hoped to be back by 4pm to load the bike up and pack. We press hard via some more great highways and finally arrive about 5:15. Daylight saving time allows us to get in 310 miles today and still get everything done before dark. What a great week! Super weather! Great golf! Top riding roads. We love Arkansas!

Another Great Photography Subject
   Saturday we check out early and head for Kansas City with a stop at Costco for some shopping. Then we’re on to Sioux Falls, SD for an overnight stay. On April Fools day we are on our way to Minot, ND. We dined at the Grand International Hotel which has a super view of the city. The valley we were overlooking was that of the Souris River where the terrible flooding took place last spring. There are great Real Estate flood deals should one wish to gamble.
   Monday and Tuesday we overnight in Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to visit with Lorna’s family and then we arrive home shortly after noon on Wednesday. We get all unloaded and stuff put away. We awaken Thursday morning to about 6 inches of snow and huge flakes coming down. It is beautiful to be sure but now we know why we spend those big bucks to go to Texas. This storm will have more heavy wet snow than they got here all winter. Must be a welcome home party for us!

Welcome Home Party

Wally and Lorna Bentt

On the Road Again...We miss you already!

Hi Y'all--
The Marriners departed LW on Tuesday, April 3rd, to begin a summer of travel, new adventure, square dancing and visiting family and friends. Jefferson, as usual, climbed up on Shirley's lap for most of the trip with the first day, which took us through San Antonio. Then we went about another 22 miles to the "Top of the Hill" resort just west of Boerne, TX. The first day drive was really pleasant and made especially so by a good tail wind. We enjoyed a delightful sunset and warm, then cool, dry breezes. Almost thought we were in heaven.

Wednesday we completed the first leg of our summer journey by driving into Odessa, TX and the home of our son and his wife, Terry and Cindy with whom we will celebrate Easter. What was so spectacular about this day were the Texas wild flowers. Those of you who have already traveled in the Texas Hill Country know how beautiful they are, and it seems especially so this year. Shirley aimed her camera out the windows of the motor home and shot lots of pictures like the ones here.

We'll be here in Odessa for a week and then head west to the Petrified Forest NP in Arizona followed by a several day stop at the Grand Canyon. 'Nuff for now. More later as we experience it on our way to Washington State.