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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fire Aftermath

Niel and Carol are safe and their house is still standing.  It will be at least the middle of July before they can start with the cleanup.  In the meantime, insurance is paying for all extra expenses and everyone is very safe.

Antiques and collectibles

On June 20th, The Ladies of  Leisure World enjoyed a very nice ladies luncheon at the Antiques and Collectibles on Texas Boulovard, nine of us were present. We all had a very wonderful Sandwich meal on what ever type of bread we wanted, what ever meat we wnted,drink of our choice, chips included on the plate, soup of the day was Tortilla, I had some of that, it was very good, my sandwich was big enough, I took half of it home to my husband. I wanted to stress that every thing was great, because we did have a couple more signed up, but due to news flash in the park, they signed off..... to bad about stuff  like that, but it persons opinion....anyway it was great and then to top it off, if you weren't full enough, they had Chocolate Cake for dessert and Who don't like Chocolate....certainly not me....We all enjoyed looking through the store also....Fun Day had by us nine....Nice little group, even if I do say so myself....We'll have to do that again ladies!!!!!!! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunshine Report

6/29/2012   Charlie Lombard is having surgery for an abdominal aneurysm.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunshine Report

6/28/2012   Linda Wright has had a fall and broken her right hip and arm.

6/28/2012   A note from Donas Hanrahan : Thank you everyone for the get well cards, the birthday cards and letters. I enjoyed them very much and cried as I read them. I still have lots of pain and in bed much of the time. I go back to the doctor soon and have to ask him for stronger medicine.
        Miss you all so much.
                                                   Donas Hanrahan                                                                                                  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorado Springs

Many of you met my son Niel and his wife Carol when they were here last winter.  They have probably lost their home in Colorado Springs.  They know the fire went over their house but pictures look like a few houses may have survived.  The kids and Maggie are safe.  They had to evacuate last Saturday and are now living in their motor home.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Right For Wright

THE RIGHT FOR MRS. WRIGHT-   Had a visit on the phone from Linda Wright.  Seems her and the curb just didn't get along.  Yes, she broke her right hip and arm due to a fall.  She went to step up on the curb and down she went.  Her first reaction was to look all around and hoped nobody noticed her go down and as she tried to get up she realized she was in a lot of pain.  After a day or so in the hospital, she is now at home re-cooperating.     

Sunshine Report

6/26/2012   Marilyn Farmer is having back surgery in Harlingen today.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Sunshine Report

          Well guy's maybe today I got it figured out how to post where I need to with Dave's help and a little computer adjustment. Not really a Sunshine Report but a test for me.
                                                                                        Sunshine Lady Linda

Fathers Day in the park

 Father's day in the park was wonderful. I wanted to post a picture of all the fathers present this year, I think they all enjoyed themselves.....First,,,,,,,,Alex .......Wayne

 Jim....What's his name.....
  Gary.....Mel....LLoyd...... and The one that always has to be on the run and working.........Dave
                Wanted to get a picture of all our hosts, did not get one of Eva.  They done a wonderful job of keeping us in pizza and refreshments and what ever it took to makes us happy, of couse after a couple of drinks, we were already happy enough without any service........

                            The pizza was delightful and the table was full.....twice over.......

 The most important part of the party was the beer and

Margarita....That's why I took two pictures of the beer....and

that's why I went to the party....No actually tried to delete one

out with any success....guess I need to know some more

about what I am doing on this computer, before I do

it....besides as I write this I wouldn't mind a do over of the


Diana and Albert furnished the margarita's and Beer....YUM..

 And we had the best entertainment in town.........Mary Casey.......Good job...Mary...and thank's to every one for a great afternoon......Wish you could see her high heels and bobby

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wally & Lorna Finally in Europe

Lorna and I and two other couples are back from our month long European tour. We started out with a direct flight from Edmonton to London Heathrow. We took the 40 minute 'Tube' ride to Earls Court. Riding the tube is crowded but very quick once you catch on to the system. We did a lot of walking on the entire trip and London was no exception. And my knee held up pretty well. The highlight of the first day was riding the London Eye. This huge slow moving ferris wheel gives one a good vantage point to get an overview of the city. Fabulous. Our next day was spent doing the Hop-On/Hop-Off (Ho-Ho) open top buses. This is a great way to see the top venues of any city. We did get to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard but there was such a mob there that we couldn't see much. We also had a boat ride up the River Thames.
The London Eye
Big Ben

The New Shard
Picadilly Circus 
Our third day had us heading back to Heathrow to pick up the rental van, a brand new Hyundai I-800. This is a large diesel powered van with seating for 8. Because they drive on the left side of the road over there, the 6 speed manual dash mounted shifter is on the left side of the steering wheel. The pedals are the same as over here. Our biggest problem was the wipers/signal lights which are opposite to here. Somehow turning on the wipers instead of the turn signals is a signal to the locals that we were tourists. We took in South Hampton, Bath, Stonehenge, and ended in Salisbury the 1st night on the road. Bath and Stonehenge are really are really something to see! 
Bath Cathedral Stained Glass Windows

Bath Cathedral Pipe Organ

Five of us at Stonehenge

The next morning we went to see the Salisbury Cathedral which has a huge steeple. From there we head to Kenilworth Castle and then the well maintained Bolsiver Castle atop a big hill in central England. They are demonstrating a sword fight as we arrive. These castles are really something to see. Then on to Brodsworth Hall and Gardens which is a newer 18th century home with fabulous gardens.
Sword Fight Demonstration
All 6 of us at Bolsover Castle
Our last major stop of the day is Hadrian’s Wall which the Roman emperor built to keep the Scots our of England. This wall went from sea to sea but the best ruins are at this site about 20 miles NW of Newcastle. We stay in Carlisle that night.
 Our first stop the next morning was in Lanark, Scotland. This is the birthplace and hometown of Wally’s Dad. Then we are on to Glasgow. The downtown buildings are massive with large overhangs and gargoyles everywhere. 
Massive Buildings in Glasgow
Main Street in Lanark

 We then head over to Stirling and the fabulous Wallace Monument. This is a 220 foot high tower atop a mountain that celebrates the life of Sir William Wallace, he of “Braveheart” fame. Yes we climbed all 246 steps. We have a hard time finding a room tonight and end up with a postage stamp sized room in Grangemouth just to the west of Edinburgh.
William Wallace Monument
Our next day is into the historic old city of Edinburgh, pronounced Edinborough. Note that the city in Texas was supposed to be named after here but someone missed the ‘H’ at the end of the name. Again we did the ‘Ho-Ho’. There are many fabulous sites here including the Scott Monument, Edinburgh Castle, and HMCS Britania. The rail centre is right downtown below the street level. Buildings are dark and black here because the sandstone used in construction has a high oil content. It would be a major job to clean them up all the time. There is so much to see here but we leave mid afternoon to take in St Andrews.
Walter Scott Monument In Edinburgh
With Lorna along we  just couldn’t pass St. Andrews. We walked along the first couple of holes of the “Old Course” and then got some souvenirs at the Golf Museum. The Old One and number 2 don’t look all that challenging; fairly flat with large fairways and greens, no water and no trees. But today is wonderful weather so if you factor in the normal weather here it might be tougher than it looks. 
Lorna and Wally by the Very First Golf Course!
We want to stay in Aberdeen for the night but there is a huge North Sea oil convention going on. There are no rooms to be had anywhere around. Finally after many stops with no luck we get one hotel to try in Inverness which is 104 miles away. Again no luck but he calls a fellow who rents out a 3 bedroom town-home. We are in luck at about $500 a night. It is almost 11pm when we arrive. It is a fantastic home located right on the Ness river. The next morning the ladies take advantage of the washer/dryer. We decide that this is very worth the price so take a second night here at a slight discount. It really isn’t that expensive when divided by three couples. We head to Ft. William along the north side of Loch Ness and then return via a narrow one lane road along the south side of the lake. No we didn’t snap a photo of Nessie!
The next morning sees us heading south. We stop at the Dalwhinnie for a tour around the famous Scotch Distillery. We pick up some liquid souvenirs and head for Perth and on to Falkirk, and the engineering marvel, site of the Falkirk Wheel. This huge device lifts several boats 79 feet from one canal to another. It replaced 11 locks and uses very little power or water.
Dahlwinnie Distilery
The next  day our first stop is the Melrose Abbey ruins. This a fabulous historic site with lots of great photo ops. The we crossed back into England again headed for Newcastle. This is a newer city than most others so it wasn’t as impressive. We stayed at the resort town of Morecambe.
Melrose Abbey
The next day we skirted around Liverpool and Manchester to go into northern Wales. The north shore has nice beaches with may beach-goers. Across the river Dee we can see huge windmills in the water a long way off. We cross the bridge to go to Anglesey Island. This is where the town with the longest name is located. Don’t ask us how to say it but it is spelled ‘Llanfairpwilgwyngyll’. The traffic is preposterous so we go back across and head south through Snowdonia National Park. Wales is loaded with scenery with rolling hills, small fields and loads of sheep, much like Scotland. We stay overnight just to the west of Cardiff. 
Into Cardiff we get on the ‘Ho-Ho’ to tour the city. It is much smaller than the other large cities we bussed in, but very interesting. Fortunes were made here mining and shipping coal. The port area has been totally transformed from the mining days and is a nice shopping and entertainment area. Cardiff Castle is right downtown. The majority of it was built around and old Roman fortress in the 1860s by the rich Scottish coal baron John Stuart. This is a fantasy castle with elaborate paintings and decorations throughout. Through the generations the family fortunes dwindled and so it was given to the people of Wales and is now the city’s major tourist attraction. We leave Cardiff in the early afternoon and head back to Heathrow where we will catch a plane to Barcelona for the cruise portion of our trip.
Our I-800 Hyundai van was very good. It was perfect for our group with loads of luggage space and room for 8. We did 2,335 miles on it in 11 days. It got 35 miles to the gallon which is a very good. Why don’t they import this unit into North America? At $10.50 a US gallon for diesel we still spent a lot on fuel but it was far better than the equivalent US vehicle.

We will post the cruise portion of our trip to the blog in the near future! Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shirley Rollins

We are saddened to report that Shirley, long-time manager of Leisure World, has experienced health problems in retirement. She has had problems with infections and has fallen numerous times.
Her daughter Karen came down last week and accompanied Shirley back to Kansas where she is undergoing tests after entering an assisted living arrangement. We are certain that Shirley would love to hear from her long time friends and all the residents of Leisure World.  Her mailing address is:
Shirley Rollins
Guest House Estates
Room 108
400 S McGee
Caney, KS  67333

Living Up to Fran's Description

Would you believe we are celebrating 57 years of marital bliss this very day?  We plead guilty.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Blue Onion and The Reuben Sandwhich

We had an eat out at the Blue onion last week....20 people were present......The menu is quite different......To say the least.......Bread....Bread..... and more Bread....and dips....
         There was a lot of food, I had never ate there before, so was not familiar with the menu. Since I was sitting next to Linda S. I had to have her kind of explain the menu to me. Fox was going around the room taking pictures. Ten of us, which was half of us ordered reuben sandwhich, which must have caught them off guard....
 Because when it got down to the last two of us the corn beef was very scant, the sandwhichs had no russian dressing on them and the sauerkraut, well, you couldn't  find that either.....When I ask for them to bring me some russian dressing to dip my sandwhich in, it was enough for one half of my sandwhich, so I orderd another cup of dip for the other half, that is when they told me they had to make some more dressing,                       
  So that is when I ask the waiter to compare my sandwhich and the other guys sandwhich. to the others around the table, he got a grin on his face, (a nervous grin) and said, would you like me to make you another reuben sandwhich, at first I refused and then the other guy that also got ripped off, said "Yah, make me another one"....That's when I spoke up and said "Well if you are going to make him one, make one for me also"....                   
 That's when we figured out the whole story. They ran out of corn beef, cause they didn't expect 10 orders, so started cutting down on the corn Beef on the last two, gave the last two sandwhiches five strands of Sauerkraut a piece and no dressing on the last two sandwhiches, because they were running low and they thought we would not know the come on.....I Love food......Not the lack of it........
 Anyway our last two re-orders, were just as funny, they had ran out of thawed corn beef and had to quick thaw it on the grill, because it was a very different color...I took my second sandwhich home...did not want to cause anymore confussion.........
                                                 Big Mouth...... eating her sandwhich.......
                                                     The man that puts up with her...
                      The Cheese Stretcher.....Oh yah, there was cheese on the sandwhiches......
                                                                The Big Dipper
                                                                   The Chatter Bug....
                                                                    The Thinkers.....
                                             My Second Sandwhich, which went home...
                                                    And Finally....The Love Birds................