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Monday, August 27, 2012



Ice Machine

Due to expensive repairs and parts the Leisure World Activities Association voted to replace the 6 year old ice machine. A somewhat larger new machine is now in place and producing ice cubes. Once again bagged ice will be available to residents, however, to assist in meeting the cost of maintenance and repairs on the machine, ice bags, etc. we are now asking a 50 cent per bag contribution. An attractive money box has been constructed by Lloyd Walker, and Lucy R. has volunteered to remind all that the honor system means dropping your contribution in the box when you take a bag of ice. We are pleased to recognize our Ice Sheriff Lucy!
Photo courtesy of Albert Earl

Friday, August 24, 2012

Leisure World Residents Eating Out

Denny's Restaurant in Weslaco was enlivened Thursday Evening by a loud and happy crowd from Leisure World. Few things in life are as important to them as good food, good prices, good service. We usually are able to score on one or more of these goals twice a month! Look over the attendees at this gathering and pick out the "quiet" ones!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meeting An Old Friend

A couple friends and I decided it was time to meet up with an old friend from ABWA (American Business Women's Association) which we did on Saturday, August 18th. We met at a very neat Tea Room (The original Fatt Cat Cafe) which is located in Rockton, Illinois. We enjoyed past memory stories and brought all up-to-date on what we were doing in our lives.

Angie Honchalk, Deb Downs, Me (Phyllis Connett) and Rozelle Carroll (sitting). Although we have always kept in touch, we had not seen our friend Rozelle for approximately eight years. Rozelle had been suffering with a broken hip.   After recovering she was working in her yard tending to weeds and her flowers.  She has a golf cart she uses to get around her big yard pulling weeds and tending to her flowers. She got tired one day and pulled herself upon the golf cart only to fall on the floor of the cart.  The cart was now in the right gear and pulled her around the yard for several minutes before someone coming to her rescue. Needless to say, she suffered more leg problems after that accident. We all need to take the time for our old acquaintance and spend time with them. What a great time we had.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shirley Appreciation Bench

Several individuals who were unable to attend Shirley Rollins' appreciation dinner last Thursday have sought information on how they could participate.  Plans are underway to purchase a bench for the park and a plaque for display on the bench expressing our appreciation for Shirley's years of service and friendship. After discussion, Dianna Earl has agreed to act as coordinator and fund representative for this endeavor.

Anyone wanting to share in this project can send a check to the Leisure World Office,  made out to Dianna Earl, with memo indicating it is for the "Shirley Appreciation Bench". Dianna will cash the check and add it to the fund for the purchase of the bench and plaque.  She will also see that the names of those sending contributions are added to the card we signed at the Appreciation Dinner.

Any questions?  Call Dianna or me.

next move

Now it's on to Cape Girardeau for a painting lesson.  Then after three days there, it's time to get ready to come home.  See you all Tuesday at the meeting.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thelma's Trip to Michigan

Thelma's trip to Michigan for two weeks with her family celebrated Alex's 10th birthday and the 80th birthday of a dear friend. She shares some of he photo memories.
Granddaughter Mindy & Great Granddaughter Alex

GGnddtr Alex's 10th birthday

Thelma, Rena & Ellen at Dave & Julie's home for a party for Thelma

Son Steve & girlfriend Lisa

Mom & Steve fooling around

Rena, Thelma and Nancy  (Lucy R's daigjter) at a dinner Nancy hosted

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrating Shirley

The residents of Leisure World gathered this evening to enjoy a special meal and celebrate their friendship with Shirley Rollins. Shirley is now in Kansas where she is in assisted living and receiving therapy for the weakness on her right side. While she is residing in Kansas Shirley was still able to provide a meal for all currently in residence...with the Schwans products in her freezers.
Shirley was with us...presiding at the head table. (In spirit and in effigy!)

Al DeCock was busy polishing the floor!

Ray LaFoe oversaw the cash box. Collections will be used for a permanent memorial to honor Shirley.

Dianna Earl took time off from kitchen duty to photographically document the proceedings

The hardworking kitchen crew paused for a little sustenance.

And here are the revelers

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here

It was a nice crowd, especially for summer time.

and Dianna even managed to get almost everyone in a picture with "Shirley"

And if you think Gloria Leal and Thelma Watkins were pleased with winning their door prizes (the orchids that graced the serving table) you'll understand why the big smiles!