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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

   As you all already know by now Foxy had surgery on the 8 of August to minimize a few problems he was having with his back for many years (a lot of pain, nubness and other issues)... He had two thirteen inch titanium rods and thirteen screws put in his back to support his back....Long story.
  Any way he was recovering at home and I thought he was doing well, then on the 1st of Sept, he slept all day and the next day he ran a fever, so I called my son up in Austin and told him and he said maybe just to be safe I should take his Dad to ER. I done that at 5 that night and by 12:30 they were taking him to Harlingen, by ambulance, where he had his original surgery. Turns out he had a severe staff infection and also Sepsis. On Wed. that week they had him back in surgery and they had to take out all the hardware, it had infected the bone, so he had infection in the blood stream which  affected all of his organs and went into his bone.......He was put in ICU for four days at Harlingen and released to the same floor on the fifth day to a regular room....He went through a lot of pain and just a lot of stuff. He was in Harlingn from the 2nd until the 18th where he was released by ambulance to the Care Facility next door to Leisure World Park. (Just a walk or a bike ride for me) He just had so many issues, that I myself could not handle being alone and all.  (Our son Mark was here for five days at the very beginning to help me through the bad stuff and then he had to go home to family).....It has been down a long road that many of you already know about, I had never went through this before and there is plenty left. He gets around with a wheel chair and a walker and is doing physical theraphy, he can not take steps yet on his own, but I'm sure with time when he is stronger, he will be able to do that....But all the Love, Good Thoughts, prayers and cards have helped so much ...Foxy has a long road ahead of him and but by the Grace of God I'm hopeing that it won't be long and he can be home with me and I can help him once again...(So sorry it took me so long to write this, but I am overwhelmed....Tonight I promiced him I would bring him a Whataburger and we can eat it on the patio at Weslaco Rehad and Nusing Care Facility, Eating out , something we love to do together...........Love to all....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dick Connett - Hand Surgery

Dick had what they classified as Duputren's Contracture on his hand. He could not lay his hand down flat. The doctor had said once this happened they would have to do surgery. If he waited too long, there was no correcting this and he would permantely loose the range of the knuckle. As you can see below, the tendon on his "ring finger" was pulled tight not allowing the finger to fully extend. He could not pick up anything and had no grip with that hand.

 Dick went into surgery on Thursday, 20th and came through the surgery just fine. He will have to wear his "boxing glove bandage" for approximately 10-14 days. He will then head back to the doctor to see how the hand is progressing. He is not to use his left hand until then. What causes this??? They say it is inherited. Thank goodness he is right handed.

Thanks to all our Leisure World friends for the "thinking of you" card.  It is always nice to hear from our friends at a time like this.



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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marie Johnk

Jack and Donna Fisher wanted to let our Leisure World friends know that Marie Johnk had a heart attack last week.  She had three blocked arteries and had two stints and angioplasty done.  Right now she is home and has to have time to recover.  Her address is 203 High St. Oakland, Iowa 51560.  We Know she would enjoy hearing from her Leisure World friends.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Leisure World Gala & Auction

Rosemary Hedlund sends along a reminder to all that another fun-filled Gala and Auction Evening is planned for January or February in Leisure World.
When you are packing for your winter journey south, be sure to remember to include those special items that are representative of your home town, state or region. (Or just something that's a lot of fun!) All items are needed for the silent auction or the live auction at the big Gala.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Eat Out Time

The Weslaco location of the Olive Garden was the site for 20 hungry residents of Leisure World last evening.

When the bread sticks arrived conversation took a lull.

And when the first table was served there were jealous glances (glares?) from their neighbors.

But, as is almost always the case, conversations once again  filled the air.

Shirley Bringham was engrossed with what Carol Slater had to say, and I do believe Ruby Lawderman was catching a quick nap!

Ray LaFoe  ignored the conversations and concentrated on the food in food in front of him.

Pat LaFoe was concentrating on her plate as well.  It was great to see Rob and Mary Beth Chandler were once again in residence.

Everyone was enjoying the salad, as they did all of the food that soon arrived. Another fun time together with our neighbors from Leisure World.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Veteran's Photos

Joan Weatherman sent an email reminder which said "...remind them about locating their pictures for the Wall of Honor we are putting up in the Rec Hall at Leisure World.  Maybe some of you have all ready sent them.  If you haven't yet, just bring them with you when you come back to Leisure World this fall.  We need a picture 3 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches.  Carolyn Richeson had Larry's picture reduced at Walgreens at the cost of 29 cents.  Pretty reasonable!  Any questions - drop me a line.  Good luck!  See you at Leisure World"

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Shuffleboard Garden

Marilyn Farmer discovered a day brightener when she started shuffling this morning! If you look closely behind her feet, under the bench, you'll see that that master gardener Mother Nature has been doing her thing this summer!

In case it is too hard to see, here is a close-up of the Texas wildflower gracing the shuffleboard court in Leisure World.