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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Day At ROPA

Oh what fun we have when a bunch of Leisure World ladies get together and head for the ROPA piles.  There were eight that climbed the piles (well some didn't make it to the top) on Tuesday, October 30th.  It was a little hard to make the climb as we were all full from our first stop (for lunch) at Jason's Deli.
Rita searching for certain items...
 Linda - look what I found ladies...
Ruby, Phyllis and Linda - it wasn't easy trying to keep your balance on top of the piles...
 In case we fell, Pat was there to catch us...
 Hey Sharon (In the middle of the pile) - what did you find there?
 Dorothy found herself some goods...
Where did Corky go?  Woops - there she is in the middle of the pile...
 I have never seen such a huge pile of blue jeans - almost every design available...
 Char and Pat resting below the pile...
Come on down Linda and Rita - almost time to head home...
Last chance to look - time to head out - MAN were we ever tired from such a fun day.  This was a "first" time for some.  Some spent $.14 while others really splurged with a $4.00 purchase.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flea Market

After a nice breakfast with several Leisure World residents, Ruby Lowderman said she was taking Phyllis Connett to church.   And this she did... At the Almo Flea Market...

The preacher man has his own little shanty set up at the Flea Market.  He honks the horn on his car and announces that church is about to start.  AND IF YOU NOTICE THE SIGN - IT IS IN ENGLISH. 
It was quite interesting to see what all you could "purchase" at this flea market.  Besides the usual jewelry, clothing, fruits and vegetables, there was beautiful plants, puppies, cats, snakes, spiders, fighting roosters, baby chicks and white doves.  Phyllis didn't get too close to those snakes and spiders, but Phyllis and Ruby did get pictures taken with the beautiful parrots.  We had to purchase a great watermelon for $1.00 before returning back to the park.  It was a fun day.
(Pictures taken by Floyd Lowderman)

Social Hour

Dave Slater made a "toast" for the last summer gathering on Friday, October 26th.  Every Friday afternoon during the summer, the residents have been gathering at the hall to enjoy each others company and get to know "new" people coming into the park. 

Joining the group this Friday were the daughters of Dan and Fran (seated between their parents).  They are at Leisure World for a short visit.

There were also several "Winter Texans" who have arrived early and joined the group for the afternoon.
(Dick Connett was our photographer)...

Saturday, October 27, 2012


For those of you who have been around Leisure World for some time and will remember "Swede", this obituary was published in the Sioux City Journal today.

Harlan Ihrke

SAC CITY, Iowa | Harlan Ihrke, 87, of Sac City died Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at Blackhawk Life Care Center in Lake View, Iowa.
Memorial services will be 10:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 2, at United Methodist Church in Sac City. There will be no visitation. Arrangements are under the direction of Farber and Otteman Funeral Home in Sac City.

Friday, October 26, 2012


It is always fun to view the faces of those who have never been to ROPA.  The look on faces for their first visit, is priceless. We had a great time, a lot of laughs and a good lunch together.  Mary Gainer (first timer), Lorraine Babcock, Ruby Lowderman and Phyllis Connett got to view all the "goods" at ROPA on Wednesday, October 24th.  We even have plans to go back and take more first timers with us....

Leisure World Evening Out

On October 25th, Leisure World residents had a great time visiting and enjoying their meal at Jose's Restaurtant - Cortez Hotel downtown Weslaco.  Gathering at the tables, visiting with all, there were 40 who joined for the evening.


Breakfast Bonus

Several residents of Leisure World gather on Sunday morning for breakfast at the Frontier Cafe in Weslaco. Their breakfast specials are super good, and last Sunday Jewett Powers got a nice bonus with her eggs and bacon! The folks at the Frontier passed out tickets to all the customers and then held a drawing for a Halloween basket. Guess who lucky number one was!
Thanks to the staff at the Frontier for providing a copy of their photo.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shirley's Bench

In front of the Leisure World Office you will now find a bench-swing celebrating the memory of Shirley Rollins' years of dedicated service to the Leisure World Community and residents. The bench will be a welcome reminder of our longtime manager and friend. Each time we pause and rest a moment we will be reminded of a dear friend, now living in Kansas.
Karen and Mike Deal, Shirley's daughter and son-in-law try out Shirley's Bench. They were in Leisure World to close out Shirley's house and to move her things to Kansas.

A special plaque identifies Shirley's Bench, and recognizes her years of service to Leisure World Community.
Shirley's Bench welcomes all to sit, relax and enjoy our great South Texas weather. And while we are there we can remember our longtime friend and fellow Leisure Worlder, Shirley Rollins!

Monday, October 22, 2012

In Memoriam

Styrl Little advised us this morning that former Leisure World resident Phyllis Dicks died on Friday, October 19th. The funeral will be Friday, October 26th at Iconium, Iowa.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Leisure World friends

A note to tell everyone at Leisure World , that Joe Ivory's funeral and services was attended by  some of his many friends  who reside at Leisure World.  - Glenn and LaVon Rude, Charlie and Millie Lombard, Don and Joann Whittingdon, and Darold and Mary Bergemann were present , as were the two of us. It was a blessed ceremony relating Joe's great faith in God and family. Rita is undecided at the present time of here future plans, but has a wonderful family to help support her during these difficult days,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Those Beautiful Lights

As the evening sun begins to set, you may have noticed the blue glow in the evening coming from 323 Palmetto Palm Dr.  Donis Hanrahan and Ralph Klenke have displayed the beautiful lights that they purchased in McHenry, Ohio, the town where Ralph was born and lived most of his life. 
The Rosary is made up of beads representing prayers.  Donis explains the meaning - "we" make the sign of the cross with the cross and say "The Act of Contrition" - one bead is the "Our Father" Three beads are "Hail Mary" prayer - then "Our Father", and ten beads are the "Hail Mary" prayers.  "We" repeat this all around until the end is "Hail Mary Queen" prayer. 

Donis said they say the Rosary daily for the sick, our families and those loved ones that have gone before them. 

A lot of the homes in Ohio have these beads hanging on their homes.  They are so beautiful at night to see so many.  There are a couple different men who makes these beads in that area.
Drive by in the evening and see for yourself the beautiful lights and the angel that lights up the street.

Cracker Barrel

About 17 Leisure World residents enjoyed a nice evening out on Thursday, October 11th at Cracker Barrel in McAllen.  The food was very good and the friendships are priceless.  Ruby Lowderman furnished the "dessert" for all which was a delicious pecan log roll passed along the table until everyone "who wanted" shared a taste.

It is always hard for "some" to keep their eyes open while trying to snap that shot - so Ruby made sure her eyes were opened the second time around, as you can see in the picture below....

 Ralph and Donis enjoyed the meal, while others enjoyed trying their hand at a little checkers...
 While waiting for our meals to arrive, some spent their time in the gift shop.  What a fun evening.

Help for Classifieds

In attempting to rearrange the Community Classifieds feature on the blog I erased it! Dumb David! I need your help to reconstruct it. If you have/had a listing you wish to keep on the blog, please email the information to me once again at I will recreate the feature when I get the information. All items for rent/sale/wanted (if legal) may be listed.  Thank you, DD

Patio Sale Saturday

Fran Foxhoven had her usual bountiful display out this morning. She reported sales had been brisk.

No comment from Juanita Inman, she was too busy being the friendly sales lady!

Ruby Lowderman was more willing to pose when I promised I would point out to everyone...HER EYES ARE OPEN! Ruby did say sales were good today.

The Hejliks had barely had time to turn on the lights after their arrival before it was sales time! All looked great, including the neighbor sales consultant, Sandi Hudson.

Rob & Mary Beth Chandler were caught taking a breather from the swarms of customers that started calling before sunrise.

The Kurtenbach homestead was still seeing active sales when I showed up. Jo Anne was working hard...she was trying to sell me a camera lens (good bargain by the way) even though I kept explaining that my little digital had a fixed lens!

Luciy Ruonavaara had so much left from her recent move to full time status that she imported a daughter to help out. (I had to explain that typewriters work better on desks or tables, but I was finally convinced a patio driveway will work in emergencies!)

And at the DeCock residence they had a guard posted while Al and Linda were out shopping.

Jim Edwards was demonstrating his preferred pose. (I almost didn't recognize him without the hat!)

Debbie Collins was too busy weeding to go shopping. (Never tell what blooms you can see in the local gardens!)

Jack Napier was busy disposing of the heavy clothing that was on hand from summer in Colorado. (I like the heat better, too, Jack.)

The Leals were keeping everything neat and organized. None of this rummaging at their rummage sale!

The Flinton residence was almost down to empty tables.

Nancy and Robin were enjoying just lounging in the shade.

It did my heart good to discover I wasn't the last one to visit the sales sites when Mary James' pickup arrived. Mary is camera shy, but I'm a pretty sneaky photographer.

And finally, we found the secret of good sales at the Edwards home. Aida handled sales and Jim went touring on his bicycle.