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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Illinois Breakfast

The first Breakfast for Leisure World Illinois residents was held at Diana's on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.  Those present were:  Dick and Lorraine Babcock, Dick and Phyllis Connett, Marj Herbig, Leon and Marge Langer, Brent and Rita Langman, Frank Lawless, Harold and Kay Monroe, Helen Mott, and Scott and Shirley Marriner.  A lot of "good stories and tales" were told around the table
From one end of the table to the other - everyone enjoyed each others company.
Frank Lawless had no problem holding this position - as he told the photographer "just take your time"....
One photographer (Scott Marriner) looking on as another photographer (Frank Lawless) is taking a picture of the photographer (Dick Connett) taking a picture of them...  The next Leisure World Illinois breakfast will be held Wednesday, December 12th.  Location will be listed on the sign up sheet which will be posted in the hall.  Thanks to Brent and Rita for planning this breakfast.  Hope to see even more in December.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ron Workman

We were saddened to hear that former resident Ron Workman passed away Sunday, November 25th. Ron has been residing the past few years at his daughter's home in Illinois. Visitation with family and friends will be Wednesday evening from 4 to 7 p.m. at Bosmo-Renkes Funeral Home in Morrison, Illinois/
Cards and letters can be sent to his daughter Gloria and the family at:

     Gloria Carroll & family
     518 E. High Street
     Morrison, IL 61270.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Eight tables of at least sixteen guests at each, shared friendship and a lot of outstanding food.  Leisure World residents gathered at the hall for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, November 22nd.  Then, as if they didn't get enough to eat, they gathered again at 5:30 PM and did the same.  As so many of the men remarked "You just can't stay away from this - as we have such great cooks here in Leisure World"...  and the friendship can't be any better than what you see here at Leisure World.
Sandi Quinn led the group in the National Anthem, and then Harold followed with prayer.
When Lloyd and Jim saw all the good looking pies, they had quite a big smile on their face.
Frank Lawless enjoyed the "COOL WHIP" with his piece of pumpkin pie.
Jim Wright thought we had a new gentlemen in the crowd, but when he introduced himself, he found out it was just Gary Bringham - you just don't recognize Gary without his veterans hat..
Thanks to the management for the huge turkey's and the delicious hams.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don Johnk Memorial Tournament

And so another successful Don Johnk Memorial Tournament is now over. This is the 9th edition of this event the first being in 2005. If you are doing the math you will say it is the 8th edition but we did both the last and first tournaments in one season. We had 90 degree plus days for each of the three days with loads of blue sky and not enough breezes. Many went home with rosy faces from the sun but I didn’t hear many complaints. The warm weather did keep our water delivery team very busy. Our outside volunteer team did a fabulous job of registration, parking vehicles, watering entrants, waxing and delivering pucks, washing boards, and refereeing. Thanks to all for their tremendous support. And the inside kitchen staff under the direction of Char Hejlik did a marvelous job of feeding the troops! And we must not forget the great support that Marie Johnk and family have given by providing the expert trophies once again. And I want to thank Park Managers Albert and Diana Earl for their great support. Albert worked a couple of hours of unpaid overtime power-washing all of the sidewalks around the courts. Just a huge thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.
Lots of Fans in the Bleachers

We had 34 amateur teams, 47 Tier 2 Experts and 34 Tier 1 experts. We were down 24 teams from last year. It might have been the earlier time in the year or the fact that we are losing some of the older shufflers. But it was still a big success. This tournament was the first to deal with the 2 Tier Expert system. This is a trial season for this only in the Mixed Doubles. The positives of this was that no team had to play 5 games and all games were 20 frames. The downside is that we needed one more set of trophies. This year the Leisure World Activities Association picked up the tab but we are hoping to get a sponsor for both this and the Nationals Tournament in December. Any suggestions for possible sponsors will be gladly accepted by chairperson Wally Bentt.

And now to the winners! Please note that Leisure World was not blanked this year!
Bill Hudson & Laverne Soetebier 3rd Amateur Main

Rita Christenson and Jerr Beck 1st Amateur Consolation

Amateur Main

  1. Bill &Louise McElrea                          Llano Grande
  2. Ken & Pat Rankins                              Casa del Sol
  3. Bill Hudson & Laverne Soetebier     Leisure World
  4. Lyle & Pat Robson                               Magic Valley

Amateur Consolation

  1. Rita Christenson & Jerry Beck            Leisure World/Holiday Village
  2. Russell Godfrey & Sandy Johnson   Trails End/Alamo Palms
  3. Wayne & Diana Harris                         Victoria Palms
  4. Joe Hinnenkamp & Esther Martini     Weslaco Trailer Park

Tier 2 Expert Main

  1. Pete & Julie Neustaeter                       Weslaco Trailer Park
  2. Ron & Marylyn Sigurdson                    Pine to Palm
  3. Tery & Nancy Minor                              Llano Grande
  4. J.O. & LuCretia Thompson                  Ranchero Village

Tier 2 Expert Consolation

  1. John & Irene Oie                                   Texas Trails
  2. Kerwin Kent & Pauline Strachan        Llano Grande
  3. Charlie & Shirley Rickett                     Alamo Palms
  4. Aven James & Kathy Atkinson            Fiesta Village

Tier 1 Experts Main

  1. Brian and Gina Bassilion                    Pine to Palm
  2. Clayton Bakke & Erlien Boots            Pine to Palm
  3. Stan Quinn & Shirley Crocker            Seista Village/Victoria Palms
  4. Cecil Warren & Sandi Quinn              Seista Village

Tier 1 Experts Consolation

  1. Mike Zeller & Rayma Hoskins           Seista Village/Trophy Gardens
  2. Brian Sullivan & Shirley Evans          Casa del Valle
  3. David & Peggy Barnhart                     Casa del Valle
  4. Bill & Chris Medd                                 Pine to Palm

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old Men's Meeting

At this meeting, you just never know what will be discussed.  Guess What?  Recently this meeting has been nothing but politics, politics, politics...
Hi - My name is Frank Lawless and I have just made a bet (and lost)...
Now this is Alfred collecting the bet he won.
Now with that behind us, the club gets on with the discussions about dogs, speeding vehicles, military stories and then there are some things that are just kept around the table. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank You Card

Via email from Marie Johnk:

Thanks to my friends from Leisure World, for the cards, calls and thoughts. It was all appreciated. Hope to see all of you soon.  Marie Johnk

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black and White Gala II

OK, mark your calendar now for the Second Leisure World Black and White Gala!  Rosemary Hedlund  has advised that Wednesday, January 30 is now reserved for that fun event. There will once again be a silent auction, live auction, and of course, dinner!

Now is the time to arrange to bring that special item for either the silent auction or live auction (or if you really want to be an outstanding participant...BOTH) that is representative of your hometown, your state, your hobby, or just your wish to share. And most of all, plan now to share in all the fun.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 -- The Leisure World Black and White Gala II!

Update from Rita Ivory

Rita requested that I send a big heartfelt thanks to her Leisure World friends for the wonderful, comforting cards and notes that have come her way since Joe's death. She said she has received such compasssionate  words of sympathy, and reassurance that Joe was a good friends to many residents. She plans on passing them on to Joe's children, so they also can feel the pride and friendlines their father gave to others.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

LW Octoberfest pics

Mary and Phyllis
Dick and Phyllis
Floyd and Ruby
Ruby, Phyllis and Mary Bass
Pat Leafoe in the pumpkin patch

Leisure World Halloween Party

If you didn't show up for the Leisure World Halloween party on October 31st, you missed a good time, good food and getting to see all the "brave ones" who had the courage to dress up. 

Pat LaFoe and Mary Baas

 Dick and Lorraine Babcock
Giggles (Ruby Lowderman) - such a sweet witch




Ruby Lowderman, Phyllis Connett, Mary Gainer and Pat LaFoe
And the winner is:  Eulalea Warneke

Thanks to the Summer Association for the delicious meal and thanks for all those who helped to make this possible.

If anyone else has any good pictures of the Halloween party to share on the blog - we'd love to see them.