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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lucky 13 Gala

Rosemary Hedlund (Chair) and her committee, organized the LUCKY 13 GALA  held on Wednesday, January 30th.  AND IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS.  Ticket sales was tremendous and seating was extended to the card room.  A delicious meal of pulled pork sandwiches, oriental salad, potato casserole and desserts were served.  Leisure World residents were very accommodating with their "silent" and "live" auction items to make a very exciting evening.  Pies, candy, bakery goods, artist items, state baskets - just too many items to list Individually.  Thanks to all who so graciously had a hand in this event.

From the beautiful decorated tables to the well attended Gala - all seem to be having a delightful evening...
Rosemary welcomed all to the event, and as the sign read - LUCKY 2013 was the results of the evening. 
The kitchen crew was prepared...
Bill Hedlund read off who the Lucky winners were and how much was bid for the items.
Our auctioneer Harold Monroe had a few "stories" to tell in-between bidding.

Mary Gainer and her committee did a super job of keeping up with the punch and wine, although a picture was not taken.  Our photographer Dick Connett was trying to keep up with the picture taking as well as selling 50/50 tickets.  (Winner of 50/50 was Helen Mott who so graciously gave back her share).  Everyone seem to enjoy the great evening.  Great bidding by the crowd, and a lot of happy "buyers" as the evening turned out great.

Pictures by Dick Connett 

Leisure World Veterans

Submitted by Larry and Carolyn Richeson  and  Joan and Jerry Weatherman
Last winter we visited a number of parks and noticed that most of them had a Wall of Honor for their veterans.  We thought it was such a good idea and that our Leisure World Veterans deserved the same honor for the time they gave and the sacrifices they made in the service to their country.   We decided that this might be something that we could do, so we contacted the board at Leisure World and got their approval to do it.  We got the word out what we were planning to do and that all veterans were to send their pictures to us during the summer or bring them when they came back the next winter.
Last summer we started planning, buying and assembling the board, but could only do so much, as the board needed to make its trip from Iowa to Texas in Richesons van in December.  Upon arrival in Texas, work on the board continued.  The pictures started pouring in and put on the board.  The Wall of Honor was put up and framed on January 14 and during the Jam on January 22, the veterans were honored and the Wall of Honor was dedicated.
The Weathermans and Richesons would like to thank several people for their help on this project.  Thanks to Dan Weatherman (son of Jerry and Joan) for cutting the 4”X 5” frames, to Julie Hove (daughter of Larry and Carolyn) for typing labels and to David Slater for making last minute labels as needed.
This wall hanging is donated to all Leisure World veterans and residents by Jerry and Joan Weatherman and Larry and Carolyn Richeson.  We enjoyed working on this project and hope all veterans and residents enjoy it for years to come.
We ask that no additions or changes be made on this wall hanging.  If any changes or additions are needed, please see Carolyn or Joan.

Pictures by Dick Connett

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Country Jam

The weekly Country Jam at Leisure World kicked into high gear today! The stage band was exceptional, the jammers top notch, the large crowd appreciative, the kitchen volunteers busy serving sloppy joes, brats and saurkraut, chips, tea and coffee! A great time was in store for everyone. If you haven't stopped by, visit Leisure World on Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for some really outstanding country music! Special recognition goes to Dennis Perry and Jim Staton who have put these jams together. Both Dennis and Jim are Leisure World residents, as are Dan Steel and Larry Hayes. These fine musicians were joined to make up the super stage band by Tom  Kimbrow and Greg Duschene, great additions to any musical group.  Scotty Marriner rode herd on the audio system, and Stan Gainer handled the MC duties. Here are a few photos from today's Jam. (You can enlarge the photos for a better look by clicking on them. Just try it!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trip to Port of Brownsville on January 21, 2013

A few Leisure World and Trails End Residents got together on January 21, 2013 for the Port of Brownsville Tour.  It was approx. 17 miles down the channel to the Port of Brownsville.  We got to see lots of shrimp boats, seen large ships being torn apart and sold for scrap.  Also when docked at the Port of Brownsville, we got to sample the fresh shrimp.  We traveled back to Pier 19 on South Padre Island and had lunch together.  It was a fun day with lot's of history, a nice lunch and fun with friends.  Our Tour Boat.
Tom, Barb, Linda, Trudy, Larry and Jim
Trails End and Leisure World Residents.
Where the tour left from.
We had to have some breakfast before starting the tour!!
This is a large ship being torn apart and sold for scrap.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Wednesday, January 16th approximately 32 friends were at Riverside to surprise Mary Casey.  Tenderloins were enjoyed and afterwards Linda and Jim Wright had a beautiful cake which was served to all.

A lot of smiles and cards were presented to Mary for her 90th birthday, and she was surprised... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gospel Jam

Another great Gospel Jam with approximately 135 in attendance took place on January 6, 2013.  The new year was brought in with many good musicians.  Although Mary Gainer was not able to attend, she would like to thank Carolyn and Larry Richeson for taking care of the "serving of goodies".  Mary would also like to thank all those who furnished these goodies which are very much appreciated.  Those who donated were:  Trudy Hauserman, Phyllis Connett, Mary Gainer, Carolyn Richeson, Dona Lawson, Jeanette Thompson, Donis Honrahan, Joyce Miller, Beverly Thompson, Marlys Beeler, Ardis Klingson, Lorraine Babcock and Yvonne Grimmius. 

The Gospel Jam is always the first Sunday of the month, so we would like you all to come back on February 3, 2013.  If you play an instrument and sing, or just sing, please come and join the crowd for a relaxing Sunday afternoon from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Illinois Breakfast

Illinois Leisure World Residents met for a good breakfast on January 9th.  All had plenty to eat at Victoria Palms and had a good time exchanging stories.  Next breakfast will be held at the Sunrise (Weslaco) on February 6th. 

First Leisure World Country Jam

Tuesday, January 8th was the First Leisure World Country Jam held at the recreation hall with lunch being served.  The Country Jam will be held every Tuesday.

The jam pulled in a crowd of approximately 155 guests excluding the entertainers.

As you can see from the pictures below there is a lot of talent in Leisure World Park.  
Jim Staton, Dennis Perry and Larry Hayes.
Jim Staton
Bob Thompson - plays the spoons
Stan Gainer who is also the M.C.
Dan Steel on the electric guitar.  
Lorraine Miller

Dona Lawson

There was several entertainers from outside the park who came to participate. 
Lois Oleson - Southern Comfort and below Dale Wayman - Pharr South, both friends of many from Leisure World.

This couple asked permission to dance, when the answer was yes, they really enjoyed themselves. 

AH, the work in the kitchen is done...Team 1 served a very good lunch of sloppy Joe's and brats.  Everyone enjoyed our first jam and are looking forward to the next one.