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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leisure World Veterans

Submitted by Larry and Carolyn Richeson  and  Joan and Jerry Weatherman
Last winter we visited a number of parks and noticed that most of them had a Wall of Honor for their veterans.  We thought it was such a good idea and that our Leisure World Veterans deserved the same honor for the time they gave and the sacrifices they made in the service to their country.   We decided that this might be something that we could do, so we contacted the board at Leisure World and got their approval to do it.  We got the word out what we were planning to do and that all veterans were to send their pictures to us during the summer or bring them when they came back the next winter.
Last summer we started planning, buying and assembling the board, but could only do so much, as the board needed to make its trip from Iowa to Texas in Richesons van in December.  Upon arrival in Texas, work on the board continued.  The pictures started pouring in and put on the board.  The Wall of Honor was put up and framed on January 14 and during the Jam on January 22, the veterans were honored and the Wall of Honor was dedicated.
The Weathermans and Richesons would like to thank several people for their help on this project.  Thanks to Dan Weatherman (son of Jerry and Joan) for cutting the 4”X 5” frames, to Julie Hove (daughter of Larry and Carolyn) for typing labels and to David Slater for making last minute labels as needed.
This wall hanging is donated to all Leisure World veterans and residents by Jerry and Joan Weatherman and Larry and Carolyn Richeson.  We enjoyed working on this project and hope all veterans and residents enjoy it for years to come.
We ask that no additions or changes be made on this wall hanging.  If any changes or additions are needed, please see Carolyn or Joan.

Pictures by Dick Connett

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