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Friday, June 28, 2013

An Evening at Border BBQ

Conversation lags when the food is served at an Eat Out for Leisure World residents!

News from Rosemary Hedlund

Received the following for posting from Rosemary.
Knobby and Betty Meysenberg and Bill and Rosemary Hedlund enjoyed the last 4 days in Branson, MO.  Their favorite shows were the morning shows of John Denver and then the next day the Brett family.  On Wednesday afternoon Mike and Karen Meyers came down to  a share a spaghetti dinner and evening of cards. We also saw  Verlin  and Martha Burgin Blue at one of the shows.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Resident dies.

Sadly, Leisure World lost another of our permanent residents Tuesday evening, June 25. Shirley Carroll passed away at her home in Leisure World, Unit #724. Condolences may be sent to the family in care of her daughter Vickie who shared her home here in Leisure World.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Leisure World

Good afternoon Leisure World.  Not much going on here but I thought I would share our visitors with you.  Every morning we have nine huge white Swans visit in front of our house. Arriving home from church we discovered they were visiting Sunday afternoon.  To ger a close up picture I had to go to the neighbors peir.  It is almost impossible to get all of them together in front of our house.  In these pics only eight were in my camera frame.  The ninth one was being stubborn an stayed off to the left of camera.  Several days we have seen a deer at the back of the house but she goes into the woods too quick for me to get the camera.  Have a good day!!!  Stan & Mary Gainer

Friday, June 21, 2013


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Monday, June 17, 2013

More from Father's Day

I shared some candid snapshots yesterday. Today it's a real treat...Cindy Jalife  shares some of the photographs she took Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Luau

Father's Day in Leisure World was celebrated in bang up form this year. The occasion was billed as a Luau and the theme was Hawaiian and tropical.

Chair person for the occasion, Alma Antonacci and her chief assistant Tony, posed for a photo at the beginning of the festivities.

All feasted well on the Carribean Jerk Chicken and Plantains, red beans and rice, prepared by our very own Chef (Manager) Danny Jalife.

Here are a few candid photos of the hungry residents gathered, the winners of the "Name That Theme" from 60s TV Shows (found out who was watching TV and who was working with this one!), and everyone just enjoying the fun. I apologize to anyone I missed in the photos...but I was really there to eat!

Champion TV viewers from the 60s, Jerry Keesee and Jim Staton, model their brand new grass skirts!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank You from Mae Gould

Heard from Mae Gould via email today. All is going well, she is staying very busy, and anticipates coming to Leisure World for the winter after spending the Holidays with her family. She sent her sincere Thanks to all for the many, many cards and notes she has received in sympathy for Fritz's passing. She really appreciates her caring, extended family from Leisure World.

Another Winter Resident Passes Away

We were advised by email from Roger and Pat Dhoker that Doug Beauchamp, a Leisure World resident for 3 winters, passed away at St. Joseph's Hospital in Elliot Lake, Ontario on Wednesday, June 12th. Our deepest sympathy to Doug's family and friends.


    Last evening fourteen of us met at the Eldorado restaurant for another of our monthly eat-outs.  I was impressed, I arrived early and they had all the tables set up, was really a nice surprise for a change. There were fourteen of us, a lot of people are gone, but still very enjoyable and fun. Sometimes the smaller the crowd, the more we can visit. The service was excellent, the food excellent and everyone said they had hot food.  We even took a few picks and hear they are....enjoy....Next eat-out...Border B.Q. Some of us didn't have to rush right out the door, so got some more personal pictures......You know how it is!!!!!!Eat and run..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Friend & Neighbor gone

We received word via email from Jack and Eleanore Strobel that Ardis Klingson passed away suddenly yesterday June 6. Funeral service is Monday, 11 AM at Lutheran church in Callender, Iowa. No further details are available at this time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On The Road Again

Dick and Phyllis have been thinking of Willie Nelson as we have been ON THE ROAD AGAIN.  Traveling between Illinois and Iowa seem to be our road path for the past few weeks.

We first traveled to Iowa where we parked the RV on my  nieces farm.  We were there to see our first grandson graduate from Waukee High School.  Dakota has been accepted at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa where he will be majoring in Engineering.  We are very proud of him.

Back to Illinois where we attended the court of honor for another grandson Joseph Hipsky.  Joseph worked so hard in Boy Scouts and received the Boy Scouts Highest Rank of Eagle Scouts at the age of 15. 
Below are the many awards Joseph received while in Boy Scouts.

Upper Peninsula Bible Camp, Little Lake, Michigan, Joseph led camp volunteers and scouts to build and stone a drinking water fountain, where previously water was packed in or hand carried out to the remote "back 40".  Joseph's project was to lay a new water line out to the Archery camp Riflery Ranges, and at its end to construct a drinking water fountain with mortar and additional stone for biblical character.  The fountain is a rejuvenating source for all UPBC staff , campers and volunteers during the hot summer months.
Back to Iowa for the family reunion, cousins party and then a graduation party.  We spent some precious time with family and friends. 
We are back in Illinois but heading on the road again tomorrow for another venture with our RV group in Wisconsin.



Our Family Reunion

The three Leisure World Sisters - Phyllis Connett, Trudy Hauserman and Carolyn Richeson and their spouses all gathered in Iowa for the yearly family reunion.
The De Joode Family reunion started in 1961 with all siblings in the picture above.  Due to illness and death in the family, two years were cancelled, but in 2013 the De Joode reunion took place in Prairie City, Iowa at the Community Park Building.  This was our 50th reunion.  Out of the twelve children shown in the picture, there is just seven of us to carry on.  We had 108 in attendance this year consisting of immediate families, cousins, relatives and friends.  It took over five 8' tables that could hardly hold the bountiful feast that was gathered by all. 
 One of the great surprises to be presented was a piece of the past.  Mother's old wool quilt that Trudy had acquired was moth eaten and ready for discarding, but Teresa (Trudy's daughter) put the wool to a piece of art.  She cut the quilt in pieces, made either a windmill or tulip with the "De Joode" name on each and presented to each of the twelve siblings plus.  (Those who were already gone - she presented to the children).  This will be a treasure for each -  thanks to Trudy and Teresa.

After coffee hour, we gathered around and had a baby shower.  Bingo and door prizes were a hit as well as the placemats made (by another niece) from the first reunion picture (above) for everyone.  One nephew made "Dutch" hand bags while another niece had made "Dutch" Kozies.  Phyllis also updated the "address" booklet which everyone received.  Since our last reunion we have two new births in the family, three new marriages and three graduation students.  The family continues to grow.  Now we are starting on our next fifty years of the De Joode family reunion. 

Safe in Sioux City

Thanks to good weather along the way we had a delightful and uneventful trip from Weslaco to Sioux City, Iowa. We departed Weslaco on Wednesday morning, May 29th and made stops along the way in Georgetown, Texas, Thackerville, Oklahoma, Hesston, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

We did travel through Moore, Oklahoma and see first-hand some of the devastation from the recent tornado. Rubble was visible on both sides of I-35. We did watch the weather very closely inasmuch as new storms kept threatening; however, Scott calculated that if we could get through Oklahoma City early enough in the day that we would have good weather, and we did. Unfortunately later in that same day, May 31st, new storms hit the Moore and Oklahoma City area and more people lost their lives, but when we went through at around 10 AM the sun was out and all was peaceful.

Knobby & Betty rest at "Gateway to Heaven"

Saturday afternoon found us on the doorsteps of Knobby and Betty Meysenburg, who found a bed for the three of us for the next two nights. It was like “Old Home Week” complete with “Tea Time”.

Sunday, June 2nd, Knobby and Betty took us to the recently constructed Holy Family Shrine “Gateway to Heaven” located at Gretna, between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. It can be seen from miles around and from Interstate 80 as one travels either east or west.


The final leg of our journey, at least for the time being, was to drive to Sioux City, Iowa and home home of our daughter and her family. Here the motor home is parked on their five acres with an imposing view of Iowa farmland in every direction. We did make it just in time for the next rain, which is occurring as this is being written. Nevertheless we are cool and safe.