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Sunday, August 25, 2013

September Activities

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Friday, August 23, 2013

What a Fabulous New Building..

   As everyone probably knows, Arturos's Bar and Grill built a new building out by the expressway in Weslaco. Last night 19 people from Leisure World walked through the doors of the new building for the first time. It is a beautiful building, The bar area is really neat, that is where they seated us for the evening, we had six waiters, they hired a gal from Mexico to come up and play music, just for us for the evening. Surprise to me, since I book!!!
   Since Arturo's don't officially open until Monday, We all felt special with, Six waiters for the evening for 19 people, wonderful service, good food (Full Menu), music, nice atmosphere, and to top that off, when we all went to pay our bill, they told us that all liquor drinks that we had, were on the house....We were treated ROY
ALLY!!!!!Who could ask for anything more.....Here are a few pictures of our more then nice experience!!!! We had some special guests sign up from Trails End.....
   And of course, Dave clowning off, I did get Jim in tho...
Our waiters and Boss!
My lovely salad.....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Services for Darlene Cook

Mary Ferguson forwarded the following information regarding Darlene's services.
Visitation is Wed, Aug 21 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. at Warner Funeral Home in Spencer IA.
A Catholic Daughters Rosary at 4:30 and the family present from 5 to 7.

Funeral service are Thursday Aug 22 at 10:30 am at Sacred Heart Catholic
Church, Spencer IA.

Lorn Cooks address is :  1019 4th Ave West
                                     Spencer,  IA    51301

You may go on the funeral homes web site to view the obituary.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sad News

Received the following note from Mary Ferguson this afternoon:
" I just got word that Darlene Cook passed away this morning at her home. As soon as I have any word about the arrangements, I will notify you of them.  Please keep Lorn and his family in your prayers."

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Visit up North

Iowa, Hear we come!!! and Nebraska and Minnesota and!!!!!

 I figured if I wrote this article, anyone that is interested, could learn more about our family and who we are.......Foxy and I just spent a while traveling back up North to our old stomping grounds to visit Family, Friends and anybody we knew. We left June 28th and first visited our son Mark and his wife Kim and the three grandbabies, Jake-Kyla-Slate, They live in Austin, usually where we go on Holidays. The picture above was an evening out with Kim's folks, who we always join when going up to Austin and so many places to go in Austin.....Mexican, this evening....We also babysat the two dogs (Sawyer and Ginger) while there, so they could take the kids for a three day outing, to San Antonio. We also joined Becky and Randy Machemele for a dinner one of the evenings, Marks next door neighbors, our good friends....... Our second stop was to visit Ruby Lowderman in Wichita Kansas on the Fourth of July. We had such a nice time with Ruby, she showed us all around Wichita and served us a great Roast beef dinner and took us to the golf course to watch fire works, I was thrilled, haven't seen any that nice since living in Texas. We stayed overnight with Ruby and left the next morning....What an awesome lady!!!!
  Our third stop was Constance Nebraska, where we visited Foxy's parents, they have been deceased since he was around thirteen years old (Father and Mother both cancer) visit them is always a sad time, I would have given anything to know them.....
One of many of Foxy's nieces and nephews in Nebraska, he has three bothers and three sisters, all married, that live in the same area, Crofton Nebraska and Yankton South Dakota, 15 mile radius, mostly farmers, so the nieces and nephews are to numerous to mention, it is overwhelming when we go out to Nebraska. always so many around us....and so many to see and not enough time....
 Here, we are off to Yankton, to the Monastery to visit Sister Grace, Foxys Aunt. In the picture we have....Foxy's sister Bea, Foxy's Aunt Sister Grace and his brother Joseph on the very end.  We next visited our daughter and her family in Moville Iowa for a few days....Melania, Brian, Zach and Jimmie
 Then on to Waterloo Iowa where we spent five days and six nights with our oldest daughter Roxanne, Mel came over and joined us, She missed us so much... Roxanne has five children, you will meet three of the five later on in this article. One of them right below...

Grandpa went out to golf with Michaela our oldest granddaughter, he had not golfed at all for at least two years because of illness and Michaela was so excited to get to golf with him for the first time ever..... She is Roxanne's oldest daughter, she has a little boy who is seven, named Andrew. He is one of four Great grandchildren. She is not married at this time.

 Next I have a forever friend in Waterloo and we were able to spend time together. What memories we made!!!!We used to be next door neighbors in Spencer Iowa....Carol StahlFoxy and I Then went on to Farmington Minnesota where we have daughter Dawn and her husband Dan, they have no children and a dog named Onyx, who is the love of their life. we spent five day and six nights with them. She took us into Wisconsin for dinner one day, we had never been to Wisconsin before, so another first.
                                                       After leaving Farmington we moved onto Mankato Minnesota where we spent time with our oldest Grandson Michael and his three babies and another Granddaughter Brittany, they all live in Mankato, so we stayed there a couple of nights and got to know our other three Great grandchildren better. The youngest of the three, Cora, fell instantly in Love with Foxy and I caught it on camera, we had never met her before, such a sweetie. I forgot to mention Michael's wife's name is Katie and his two other children are Jacob and Ella. This picture shows why Greats are so GREAT!!!!!!!!
Michael and Brittany.... Brittany will be married next year to the love of her life, Arron, he has two children. Brittany could not wait to play Mexican train with us. Our whole family loves table games....
 We moved on to Spirit Lake Iowa next, where I have a brother, his wife is actually In a care center there, to young for that, but she suffered from cancer 12 years ago and all the cemo and radiation took its toll on her. It was so nice to spend time with Ron , but sure missed having his wife around. While we spent time with Ron, we branched out towards Spencer since it is so close and visited with other people we knew. We had Dinner one evening with Lorn and Darlene Cook while we were there and also I visited with a couple of other life time friends.
Life time, forever friend and also another one of my next door neighbors in Spencer, so many years ago, Kay Jewitt, we really enjoyed her company. She has also been ill for a while and when she walked me to my car, she picked a rose off of her bush and gave it to me, I thought that was kind of touching...
Now I will introduce you to a third forever friend, Annette and x neighbor from Spencer Iowa, and her husband, Dave...we had an evening out with them for dinner also, went over to a new home they have built, had so much fun together. Root beer floats and lots of conversation and laughs that day!!!!!

When we finally left Spirit Lake after few days, we decided to go back to Nebraska because Foxy wanted to see a sister from Rapid City Iowa, which we had not stopped to see while we were in Waterloo, so back to Nebraska we went. There was a big shindig while we were out there and it was more family, more nieces and nephews and more brothers and sisters and more BEER, thought that would wake you up!!!!! You get the picture......had so much fun....
Bea, Angeline, from Cedar Rapids and JoAnne, his sisters......
Then it is back to Austin Texas and we took our three little munchkins to Barnes and Noble for the afternoon, that is our usual outing with them when we go up there. They love it and Foxy and I love it.
We spent forty days and forty nights living out of our car and out of suitcases, nothing fancy, but we seen so many people and had such a fantastic time, We ate many home cooked meals and seen a lot of decks, had lots of conversations, and lots of laughs....can't even tell you how awesome the whole trip was......out of my mind overwhelmed.....we put over 4,000 miles on the van and spent to much money on gas, but oh for the memories we made with our family and forever friends.........Forever memories....An after thought...Dawn and I by her fire pit in the back yard after having s'mores....


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