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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Note from Marie Johnk

Maarie Johnk is in the hospital and wants to thank everyone for sending her cards and good wishes. It means a lot to hear from friends at Leisure World.
Cards can be sent to her at her home address in Iowa.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Mysterious and Special Place

La Sal del Rey -  a unique place in Edinburg also known as The King's Salt.  If you like to walk (or ride your bike) you'll enjoy the adventure of the one mile hike each way to view the salt lake which includes about four million tons of salt and was once part of an extinct island sea.  The lake has a circumference of five miles, is a mile long, and normally ranges from two to four feet in depth.  It may dry out completely, or, if much rainfall, be more than ten feet deep.  The bed consists of rock-crystal salt.  Does not connect with any other body of water. If you would throw something into the lake, it can be recovered a day or two later encrusted in sparkling crystals.

The main access point is a parking area located about four  miles east of San Manuel.  You can take Hwy 281 and turn off at the exit of San Manuel onto State Hwy 186 for about four miles east and it would be on your left or you can go as far as you can on 88 and turn left on State Hwy 186 and it would be on your right.

This part was dried up for now, but in the background you could see the water.
Along the path, you can view different types of trees (this being a bean tree). 
salt along lake shore
Sitting over a solid dome of salt estimated at 4 million tons. Exactly how the massive salt deposit originally formed remains unknown, but it is probably a remnant of an ancient seabed. With salt crystals that are 99 percent pure sodium chloride, the lake can be 10 times saltier than seawater. Salt blocks removed from any spot in the lake are quickly replenished, often in two or three days.
La Sal del Rey
Even though the walk might be tiring to some, Dick and Phyllis felt it was a worthwhile adventure to see.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Annual Patio Sale

The bargain hunters were out in force early this morning as the Leisure World vendors staffed their sales tables on their patios. I got out a little late (about 9:45) but there was still a little bit of action going on.
Elizabeth Del Campo looks on as her sales items are checked over.

Jack and Dorothy Ruger join Merle and Darlene Lenz on their deck to observe the crowds of shoppers going by.

Fran Foxhoven scouts for more customers while several are browsing.

Maxine Rice wasn't quite ready to throw in the towel....but she relished a chance to sit down and catch her breath.

Maria Grey negotiates with a customer while Jim maintains a low profile on the screened deck.

Thelma Watkins pours on the charm with her sales pitch.

Jim and Beth Staton were in the final stages of clean up, having sold out by the time I showed up.

Don Kurtenbach posed with his remaining sales stock (actually I think he was bidding farewell to a well know visitor from Trails End who begged not to be included in the photo)!

Shirley Bringham was almost down to bare boards on her sales table. Gary was keeping a very low profile.

George and Jack Napier were still in full sales mode when I stopped by..

And Marilyn Farmer had a few items left as well.

Nancy Flinton was still greeting customers.

And   Ruth and Vernon Caturia have a few things left from their recent move to 716. Hopefully the annual patio sale helped them thin out the closets!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recent Train Out of Omaha

A few weeks back the Marriners were visiting the Meysenburgs at their home in Omaha. Since we had never been to Union Station, Knobby and Betty took us there

 where we went up to the window to check departure times "before purchasing" tickets

We spent several memorable hours there gawking at the gargantuan waiting room


and more visiting

"Riding in trains"

and taking in the History

The End

Email from Marie Johnk

 I'd like to say thank you to my my friends in the park for the cards telephone calls and good wishes.   I am hoping to be able to come down later in the season.  So stay well everyone .   Marie  Johnk

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Off To McAllen

Last Thursday evening 18 of us enjoyed a meal at the Red Lobster in McAllen. Everything was great as always and the same group of us seem to always have fun together, a lot of cutting up and laughter. I took a few pictures, but I only had my I phone with me, now that  phone takes good pictures, but these did not turn out well because I am starting to get a little shaky, to say the lest!!! everyone is starting to get a little sick of me coming with my camera, they are starting to show off their food, instead of there faces (Me included, I guess), Of course, their is Jim, who needs some companionship, or something, so he is picking on Mel......................And because of Jim, I did not get a picture of Darlene in there, she had no one to snuggle................ well see for yourself.....