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Friday, December 27, 2013

Cookouts At Leisure World

The cookouts at Leisure World are always fun.  Put together a "team" and invite someone that you don't know to help you out - this way you keep your "old" friends but make "new" friends.  This is what we did and have found new friendships.  We have a good time acting crazy and making the "job" fun as we prepare for the evening getting together for the cook outs.
Scott and Rita, Dick and Phyllis, Carolyn, Stan and Mary, AND Linda and Al
First job is to wash down all the tables in the hall, then we put the "guys" to work at washing potatoes although we didn't get that picture.  Our team photographer is Dick and he was washing potatoes at the time.  Then we wrap these potatoes and get ready to cook them by early afternoon.  The grills are also lit early in the evening to be ready for our customers.
 Al De Cock preparing ice for the tea that will be made later on.
 Carolyn and Mary.  Butter and sour cream is prepared for those who might want it with their evening meal.
Scott and Rita.  Bread has been sliced and buttered earlier and now ready for the grill so that it will be hot when customers arrive.
Pies and cakes are cut and ready to be placed on the table for those who like "sweets"
Linda and Phyllis. Tickets are sold to those who have signed up for the dinner.  Also tickets for 50/50 are sold by Stan - half goes to the lucky winner and half to be put in the treasurers fund.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who volunteer their time for baking the delicious desserts.  Some furnish a dessert almost every cookout. Couldn't ask for nicer desserts.
And in the foreground, this is what the dessert table looks like after everyone has arrived and are enjoying the evening.  Bring your own meat to grill and the $2.00 charge will get you a couple pieces of garlic or non-garlic bread, baked potato, dessert, tea/coffee.  Can't beat the price, the food, and of course the fellowship.  AND THEN THE "TEAM" GETS TO CLEAN UP..... of course we always have those extra's who come in and are always willing to help us.  Thank goodness for "friends"....

Christmas Caroling In the Park

December 17th was the day scheduled for the carolers at Leisure World.  They could be heard as they drove down each street here in the park.  We weren't quite fast enough as they passed by, but we did get one picture - AND THERE THEY GO....
"Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, Snow is glistening,
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, as we pass down the streets of Leisure Lanes". 

Christmas Dinner at Leisure World

December 25, 2013, many, many Leisure World residents met at the rec hall to share in the feast at each individual table for another lovely time together.

Tables were all decorated a little different, but so brightly as we celebrated the birth of Jesus.  The hall was buzzing with excitement as all waited anxiously for the clock to strike the time to eat...
 Camera's were all going off around the room to capture the highlights of the day.
 I don't know if Len was taking pictures or doing some sign language... 
 Frank and Ray were sitting patiently waiting for the day to begin...
 Jim and Linda Wright
 Stan and Mary Gainer visiting with Linda
 Mary Casey and Lloyd Walker
 Dick and Sue Babcock (visiting with Mary).  Dick and Sue are family of Dick and Lorraine Babcock and are in the park for a nice visit.
 Carolyn Cornelius (a new resident in the park and sister-in-law to Mary Gainer) chatting with Phyllis

 What happened?  Dick our personal table's photographer got in a picture with wife Phyllis.
 Judy Hood, visiting from Indiana.  Judy is the daughter of our new resident Carolyn Cornelius 
 Sue, Dick and Dick Babcock
And now we have another year of "Memories" at Leisure World Community Park.  Once again we thank management for the turkey that each table received.

Santa Claus came to Leisure World

Sunday, December 22, 2013 -  Even though there was no snow, no reindeer, it still didn't keep Santa away from us old folks here at Leisure World.  Yes, he appeared through the doors of the rec. hall as everyone was sitting around enjoying the fellowship of one another. 
While finger foods were being situated by the "elves", punch was served.
Jim Staton and Mary and Stan Gainer lead the group in some Christmas carols, while all were sitting around having a good time waiting on Santa...
Kay and Harold Monroe  
Lorn Cook visiting with Harold  
Al DeCock just taking time to relax  
Mel and Tony gazing at "who knows" 
Our Park Sheriff, now Santa's Helper... 
And finally Santa arrives.  For those who were nice all year received a Beanie Baby, and those of us who weren't so nice got some sweets...  And some got hugs.
A gift exchange took place. Thanks to Marj Herbig and all her "elves" who helped make the evening another fun time at Leisure World.
Merry Christmas to all and to all it was a "good night"  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Leisure World Red Hatters

A little late getting this in, but the Leisure World Red Hat Ladies met on December 17, to have some fun in exchanging gifts and enjoying food and fellowship.

This event took place at Milano's restaurant in Weslaco.

Back of the hats are important too, as that is where the beauty of the hat is.
All the beautiful hats and the smiles that went with them made the day....Now we are all waiting for the next fun adventure with the Red Hat Ladies.

Merry Christmas, All!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Palo Alto Battlefield

Thanks to  Rosemary Hedlund for sharing this with us!
Did you know we have a National Park right here in the southern valley of Texas?  Bill and Rosemary Hedlund and their friends the Whighams visited the Palo Alto Battlefield which is near Brownsville.

Palo Alto was the first battle of the United States-Mexican War on May 8, 1846. The Visitors Center is very pretty with an information desk, exhibits, bird sighting computer and books. We saw an excellent video about the war and the people involved in the war.

Rosemary's brother-in-law, Daryl Sullivan is the volunteer at the information desk on Mondays.

Ranger walks at Palo Alto are Monday and Wednesday at 10 AM and Sunday at 2 PM. The next Living History Program will be Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 10 AM to 1 PM.
This park is a wonderful place to visit to expand your knowledge of the U.S. history. You can even go on to South Padre for lunch!