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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Carolyn's Quilts

Carolyn Cornelious of Fairmount, Indiana came to Leisure World to spend the winter to be near friends, Mary and Stan Gainer.  Many years ago, Carolyn and her late husband, Norman, spent a winter in Mission.  At that time they had moved to Blakesburg, Iowa, where they lived for five years.  They traveled with friends from Blakesburg and spent a winter in Arizona and California.  The warm climate in Ft Meyers became their winter for six years and at this time they moved from Iowa back to Indiana to near their children.

Carolyn has been a seamstress, crocheter, knitter, quilter and crafter all of her adult life.   During their travels Carolyn decided to put the sewing machine away when she quilted making all of her quilts by hand.  She hand pieces all of her quilt tops then puts them together quilting by hand.

While at Leisure World she has made three afghans, a jacket, a set of place mats, which are a quilt as you go pattern that her friend Donna taught her to do.  She is piecing another quilt top to be quilted when she returns home.  Pictured below are the items she has made while at Leisure World along with two quilts she brought from home when she came down here in December.  They are" Rose In The Garden" pattern and a Christmas quilt. 

Carolyn has spent the winter in Ralph Klenke's park model on lot 327 and we look forward to her becoming a Winter Texan residing in Leisure World.

Gospel Jams

Due to computer problems the Gospel Jams have not been published.  With the Dave Slater's expertise I will attempt to publish a brief post of the three jams already held this season.  There will be one more Gospel Jam this Sunday, March 2, 2014 and I am hoping for a large attendance.

Refreshments are always available at the Gospel Jams.  Refreshments are donated by ladies of Leisure World.  For the three Jams of the season they were donated by
Marilyn Farmer, Phyllis Connett, Millie Dennis, Jeanette Thompson, Alice Cockrill, Donis Hanrahan.
Helen Mott, Lorna Whyte, Joyce Miller, Yvonne Grimmis, Carolyn Richeson, Dona Lawson, Marlys Beeler, Millie Dennis, Beth Staton, Bev Thompson and Mary Gainer.

Thank You ladies for your generosity.

Thank You to Phyllis and Dick Connett for taking care of the refreshments and coffee, setting a
lovely table for the guests in December.

Also, Thank You Larry and Carolyn Richeson for taking care of the refreshments and coffee and setting an equally lovely table for the January and February.  Larry and Carolyn will  also man the kitchen for the March 2nd jam.

Thank You Larry Richeson for being our stage manager.  It is a big help of have Larry adjusting the
microphones and music stands for each performer.

Thank You Scotty and Shirley Mariner for engineering the sound equipment for us.  It makes a big difference that the sound checks are done by a professional.

Singing for the Gospel Jam and stage band in background, Cliff Nichols, Jim Staton and Rodney Crouse.

John Beeler, resident of Leisure World singing with Jim Staton accompanying.

Jim Lawson playing Harmonica.  Jim is resident of Leisure World.

Jim Staton plays lead guitar for the Gospel Jam. Jim, also is a resident of Leisure World.
La Donna Speer from Alamo Palms plays Mandolin
Bob Allen, a former Resident of Leisure World with Jim Staton in background.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Leisure World Happy Hour

Leisure World Happy Hour takes place on a Friday afternoon (around 4:00 PM) in the card room.  Each brings their own "drink of their choice" and maybe a snack to share.  Several residents gather just to visit and enjoy others company.
This week was probably the largest crowd so far with 20 present...

As you can see in the pictures below, everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

Will we see you there next Friday???
Pictures taken by Dick Connett

To Love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides

Sharing a photo of the family of Richard and Lorraine Babcock.  Richard (Dick) and Lorraine reside at 337 Palmetto in Leisure World. 
"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides"
You can see from the picture at the left, that Dick and Lorraine are in the very center of the throw.
Dick and Lorraine are very proud parents of ten children. The children are all living in Illinois (except one in Indiana) around the old farm stead, where Dick and Lorraine live during the summer months.  The ten children, gave Dick and Lorraine 25 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  Of course Dick and Lorraine think all the children are GREAT children.  This past year, the children gave Dick and Lorraine a "gift of love".  A picture was taken and then a "throw" was made for them.

This is the family picture that was taken to make the throw.  Back in Poplar Grove, Illinois, back in the timber where you'll find a large lake, a huge building with many picnic tables and a large grassy stretch of land is where the family gathers at Dick and Lorraines for all family outings. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leisure World Card Room

We thank Leisure World for all the new tables and chairs that we received last year.  They sure are coming in handy as the card room is almost full every night.  Us silly card players are sure having fun and we meet some very good friends while there.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Congratulations Joannie

On February 15, Joannie Miller entered her embroidered Victorian Doll quilt in the 35th Annual Rio Grand Valley Quilt Show at McAllen.
Joannie received a red ribbon (2nd place).   
 This will be a gift of many memories for her great granddaughter.  A job well done.  Congratulations Joannie.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leisure World Red Hats Dazzled

On February 10, 2014, Hostess Joannie Miller, Phyllis Connett and Trudy Hauserman hosted a "Dazzle" day for the Leisure World Red Hatters.  Red and purple covered the Leisure World rec hall as 110 red hatters joined together to have a fun day.  Leisure World and Trails End drew for their seating as they entered the hall and made new friends for the day.
 Wayne and Mary, Scott, Pat and Rita (Roger missing from picture) was our great kitchen crew that prepared and served the sloppy Joes and chips for all. 
Little red hat dolls, bookmarks and little red dress pins were placed on each table for our guests.  As each guest arrived they received a "white sack gift".  Orange "goodie" bags for each guest were compliments from Kristi "Welcome Home Winter Texans".

 Each table had a personal hostess to welcome the guests and to help with the craft. Rosemary, JoAnne, Lucy, Donna, Joanne, Hazel, Connie, George, Jeannette, Mary, Linda, Yvonne and Mary.  Our craft (Martha Stewart's) slippers were enjoyed by the ladies.  If you are curious as to what these are, ask a red hatter.
 Pat LaFoe sold tickets for all the great prizes below that were donated for this event.

 Olivia Taylor (from Harlingen) presented her beautiful homemade jewelry.

 Thanks to Kay Monroe who manned the RADA table, and thanks to Dick Connett, our photographer for the day.  
Valley Queens as well as back North Queens were presented with a gift and all February birthday ladies were presented with a purple flower for their hair.  Our Leisure World Men (Bob Thompson, Bill Hedlund, Jerry Cantu, Art Miller, Don Kurtenbach, Jack Napier and Lorn Cook) were great helpers as they sat up the tables, kept tables in order and took tables down.  Hostess's Joannie, Phyllis and Trudy would like to thank all who had a part in making this a great day for all.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A "Golden" Celebration

Brent and Rita Langman celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on February 8th. with a huge group of their Texas friends. The location for this prestigious event was a regular haunt of the Langmans at the Horseman Bar in north Weslaco. 

They celebrated in 'Cowboy' fashion dancing to the Roy Torres band. The music was so good that big John Soetebier was seen still dancing on his way out the door. A great time was had by all with good music and dance, great food and beverages. Congratulations Brent and Rita!

Story & photos courtesy of Wally Bentt.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl

Sunday, February 2, 2014 - Leisure World Rec. Hall

SUPER BOWL  - Seattle Seahawks (43) and Denver Bronco's - (8)

Leisure World Super Bowl Kitchen Crew
Lupe Leal, Dan Anderson, Gary Fisher, Art Klassen, Jeff Caywood, Jim Edwards and Fred Fisher (Omitted from picture is Jack Napier - he was busy doing something else to make the day).  The Super Bowl Kitchen Crew did a marvelous job in preparing and serving Jeff's special bean soup and the delicious hamburgers with all the trimmings.
Before the meal, after the meal, and while the game was going on, Leisure World Super Bowl watchers enjoyed their own "goodies" at the tables.  Thanks to our Leisure World friends who prepared for this special Sunday afternoon.
Pictures taken by:  Dick Connett