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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

April Activities

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tierra Santa Coed Golf

A very successful first year at the Leisure World Tierra Santa Golf Course for Coed golf climaxed on Thursday with Fun Day. We had 27 golfers shooting for the many prizes and door prizes. We also had 8 guest arrive in time for dinner following golf. The six hole prize winners were Jan Glover for Ladies Closest to the Pin, Lorna Bentt for Ladies Long Drive, Karen Meyers for Ladies Longest Putt. Mike Meyers for Mens Longest Putt, Patrick Shea for the Men’s Long Drive and Art Klassen for Men’s Closest to the Pin. The winning team was the threesome of Kathy Klassen, Mike Meyers and Jim Wright. We want to thank the kitchen staff at TS for putting on a great meal with three different choices. We also want to thank all of our ladies dessert makers, our prize donors and a special thank you to Lorna Bentt and Terry Caywood our Chair and Assistant Chair for the season!

L-R: Karen, Lorna, Jan. Art, Patrick and Mike

Jim Kathy and Mike


Wally Bentt

Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again

The last gathering (for the summer) for the Leisure World Red Hat Ladies took place at the Leisure World Rec. Hall on Thursday, March 20, 2014.  The gathering was a farewell luncheon prepared by the ladies and WOW - what an assortment on the table.
Hostess for this event:  Yvonne Grimmius, Mary LaFaive, Karen Anderson and on the right - Mary Ferguson.  Second from right is our Queen Connie Garrels.
A tasty cake for dessert...
Thirty-three out of sixty-one red hatters who had a great time at this event.  We played a new game of dice.  Queen Connie thanked those who were in charge of events throughout the year with prizes and all had a great time. 
 And once again Dick Connett was our photographer for the day.

So to the Leisure World Red Hat Ladies, we say:  HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.  Have a safe and successful summer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Thanks Dave for showing me how to do this. I also want to thank the person or persons who would leave my paper on my step. I really appreciated your kind gesture.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Last Goodbye to Thea

Several residents of Leisure World met at the rec hall on Friday, March 14, 2014 to show respects for their long time Leisure World friend THEA SOLAND.  Thea passed away on March 4, 2014 after spending her last few years at the Weslaco Nursing home.  Thea was 89 years old.
THEA SOLAND - DECEMBER 28, 1924 - MARCH 4, 2014 
Pat LaFoe organized this event with the help of Phyllis Connett and many of the Leisure World "Cookie" bakers.  Pat LaFoe made Thea's favorite cookies that Thea shared so many times at the hall. 
 Sharing Thea's favorite cookie recipe. 

 Pictures taken by:  Dick Connett

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St Patrick's Day Street Party

Our Host Mary LaFaive
Danny's Jeep Blocking Queen Palm

Saturday  March 15th was set for the St. Patricks day Block Party. Our hosts were Mary and Dennis LaFaive and winter-president-elect Linda Shires. Visitors at the park gate would have been greeted by our park manager Danny Jalife’s Jeep blocking off Queen Palm. The street was littered with party goers, tables, chairs and golf carts. Terry Shanafelt kindly blocked off the north side with his shiny black Dodge pickup. Foot traffic and golf carts only allowed.

Oh and don’t forget the food. Loads and loads of food were brought along by visitors. Someone pointed out that this looked better than the Golden Coral and my reply was that, “It was far better because we didn’t have to witness all those 600 pound people as well.”

The sunshine was in full swing and the party got warmed up with lots of networking, aka BS’ing, aka Story-Telling, aka Gossiping. Shortly after Jim Staton and friend Greg on bass guitar started playing some great street music. There was some listening going on until Jesse and Annesta Bennett put on their dancin’ shoes and started burning up the pavement. 

Greg on Bass and Jim Staton on Guitar
Jesse & Annesta Cuttin'  a Rug
They were joined by others and before long the dance floor was getting filled up. 
Lee & Karen Anderson

Then someone rang the dinner bell! Well what a feast! Pot Lucks are always great except you want to try some of each dish, and before long you are heaped so high you have to use both hands to stop you paper plate from folding in half. What a great bunch of cooks and shoppers (those who would sooner buy than cook) we have in Leisure World. Tables of all sorts are commandeered including a neighbours air conditioning unit. Margaritas and other beverages are also being whipped up in Dennis’ shed. 

Improvised Table

Enjoying the Eats
Enjoying the Sunshine

Enjoying Sitting on the Street

Enjoying the Comraderie
I Found a Leprechaun

Jim and Greg took a lunch break and put on the music machine to keep us happy. Upon their return dancers really began cutting the rug or was that smudging the pavement. One Fran Foxhoven was even seen doing the hand jive in bare feet. OUCH! She later showed me the results which included very blackened soles and a blood blister on the big toe.

We had a little bit of all genres of music including the line dance, country, the Macarena, good old rock and roll. 

The Line Dance
The Macarena

When Jim sang that Bob Seger classic ‘That Old Time Rock and Roll’ the Michigan bunch vacated the shade at Betty Stoulil’s house for the street. 

Betty Stoulil's in the Shade Groupies

Then Jim said he had to pack his gear in the car to get to a gig at Edinburg before 6. But Danny came running from his home with a big sign that said WALTZ. So Jim graciously played ‘Waltz Across Texas With You.” 
Check Out Danny & Cindy's 
Great Waltzin' Footwear

Then Jim had to bring his van around from King Palm to load up and back north around to King again to head out. Hope he made it there on time!What a great party was had by all. Thank you Linda, Mary, Dennis, Jim and Greg for a great street party. Linda and Danny assured us that we would do this again next year! Hoooray!

Wally Bentt

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Leisure World Spaghetti Dinner

On March 4, 2014, over 280 Leisure World residents showed up at the rec. hall for a delicious dinner consisting of spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, salad, desserts, tea and coffee. 
Thanks to Kay and Harold Monroe and "the crew" for putting on such a delicious meal for all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday

There was a joyful gathering at the Leisure World Recreation Hall this afternoon. The occasion was the celebration of Mary Derr's 99th birthday! A cheerful crowd, succulent refreshments, and a smiling honoree...who could ask for more.
Happy birthday, Mary!
And here is the smiling lady herself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY.
photo courtesy of Wally Bentt

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Soetebiers Celebrate 50 Years

Saturday March 8th saw 30 to 40 friends of John and Laverne Soetebier (Lot 322) join them at the Mercedes American Legion to celebrate their 50th Anniversary on March 15th. We all enjoyed camaraderie, great food and great drink while wishing the couple all the best. There were pictures and a few stories swapped and we almost got the shot of the kiss. Thanks to John and Laverne and the staff at the Legion for a good time!

The third annual in-park Can/Am shuffle tournament has been under way for the past two weeks. This year’s winner are those Crazy Canucks. Of the games played the Canadian team won 57 and the USA team won 23. We used a different format this year which allowed anyone wishing to play to participate. This meant that most USA team members had to only play 4 games while most Canada team members had to play 7 or 8 games. I liked this format much better as all those who wanted to play could do so. Ken McPhee did a good job of seeding three different pods so players would be playing against their own calibre. As you may recall, Canada won this event the first year and USA won last year. This is all in good fun and everyone enjoyed a buffet dinner at the China Town restaurant on Business 83. Several award certificates were passed out. The main award goes to the Canadian team and is now posted to the Shuffle Shack window.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Olympic Winners

Leisure World Olympians did very well in this year's Mid-Valley Senior Olympics. Our park with 16 points overall tied for fourth place with two other parks. Gold medals were garnered in Cribbage by Jesse Bennett and Myril Ferguson and in Bean Bag by Vivian Swearns and Linda Wright. Silver medals were attained in Euchre by Sherry Petrie and Lydia Maresh and in Shuffleboard by Carol Johnk and Wally Bentt. Fourth place medals were gotten in Shuffleboard by Janet Doerksen and Marilyn Farmer and in Pinochle by Ralph Klenke and Tony Ziska.