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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thanks, Danny!

We want to thank Danny for his promptness in getting our electrical problem fixed. We were having problems with our electric, the lights would dim, flicker and then they would go out. When I told Danny about the problem, he immediately sent an electrician to my house. By the evening the issue was fixed. Thank you, Danny and the electrician for your promptness and professionalism. Gracias. Clem & Elizabeth Del Campo - 249.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Air cond.

Go for it. Can't get a better deal than that.

Kitchen Improvement Addendum

Jim Edwards has just advised that Danny Jalife reported this morning that Richard Nodel has committed Nodel Parks to reimburse the Leisure World Activities Association 50% of the cost of the air conditioning installation if the project is approved by the Association.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kitchen Improvement Project

Association President Jim Edwards has been consulting with Danny Jalife on the possibility of air conditioning our Hall Kitchen. They have met with air conditioning contractors to determine the most effective plan to provide cooling for that facility. They have also sought bids for the necessary equipment and installation. This bid, valid for 30 days, for a central air handling system for the kitchen, with a 5 ton compressor unit located outside, is all inclusive for $4,600.00. The Association Board has voted to recommend this project, with a vote to be held at the October 14, 2014 business meeting. A favorable vote would permit the work to be completed by November when the “busy” season begins in kitchen usage. As this project would require approximately 50% of our total financial resources, we would like to hear opinions from our winter residents before the vote. NO PROXY VOTES can be made at the meeting, however all preferences will be discussed at the time of the vote. Please contact one of the summer board members (listed below) with your comments on this project.
Board of Directors, Leisure World Activities Association, Summer 2014.
President Jim Edwards (956) 532-1867
Vice President Beth Staton (620) 229-4145
Secretary Mary Baas (956) 969-1182
Treasurer Fran Foxhoven (956) 532-4135
At-Large Maxine Rice (956) 650-3813
Activities Director Jim Staton (620) 229-4197
Purchasing Agent Dan Foxhoven (956) 532-7216

Pat LaFoe, Winter Activities Director, also would like to remind everyone to gather the items you are bringing for the live and silent auctions at the annual January Gala. Thanks to everyone's generosity and help, this is both a really fun time and a major fund raiser for the Association.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sad News

Wally Bentt advised us via email that Leisure World Winter Resident Peter Doerksen lost his battle with lung cancer and passed away on Monday, September 15.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A New Service in Leisure World

Home Health Check, LLC, a home health care service will be coming to our park meetings once a month to give a short presentation about:
     What Medicare can provide in services in the park,
      Informative presentations on specific topics which will be pertinent to many in the park,
      Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar checks,
      Help in understanding the business end of the Medicare and Supplemental Insurance.
All of these and more will be available at no cost to us.  Our presenter will be Marty Salazar, LVN, Physicians Assistant Liaison with Home Health Check, LLC.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Football Season has arrived

 Donna and I attended the game in Basehor, Kansas Friday September 6 to watch our grandsons play.  This picture was taken after the game so you can see by the happy faces they won the game.  They won 20-17 in overtime.  What a nice birthday present for grandpaw.   As you can see both boys have some height.  Number four (Zach) is a senior and he is listed as 6'1"200 lbs.  Number 19 (Nick) is a junior and he is listed as 6'3" 190 lbs.   I have my shoes on and that is why I appear to be taller than #4.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Musician Needed

Our Leisure World Church Family is in need of a piano player for the coming year! Our services will begin on the first Sunday in November and will end on the last Sunday in March. I'm sure everyone who attends would agree that making a joyful noise unto the Lord is a major part of the service.
If there is anyone out there willing to provide this wonderful part of our service, please contact Beth Staton at 620-229-4145. Regardless, hurry back to your winter home.