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Friday, January 23, 2015

Illinois/Indiana Breakfast

The first Leisure World Illinois/Indiana Breakfast for this season took place on January 22nd.  Dick and Phyllis Connett were in charge and we met at Victoria Palms.  There were nineteen who had signed to come, but some complications took place, therefore we had 12 attending.  But we did have an enjoyable breakfast and enjoyed each others company.  
Steven (Marg Langers son-in-law), Marg Langer, Jack and Dorothy Ruger...
On the left is Jerry and Diane Cantun, with Aunt Janice Lewis...
And on the other side of the table is Dick and Lorraine Babcock, Phyllis and Dick Connett and Marj Herbig.

We were greeted at the door with a big smile and the hostess was graciously helpful with our orders as some wanted particular items instead of the regular.  We even talked the "Waffle Chef" into finding some pecans to throw in the delicious waffles, and served with hot syrup.

Watch the sign-up sheet in the hall for our next outing.  Mary Beth and Rob Chandler will be in charge for the February outing.  Hope to see you next month.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


January 16th, a couple of young ladies were honored by approximately 61 Leisure World residents to help them celebrate their 73rd and 92nd birthday.  Riverside was quite busy for a few hours trying to keep up with the chicken strips and the extra huge tenderloins.  A few extra good friends furnished the cakes to share with all who arrived. 
 JoAnne Kurtenbach and Mary Casey (Our birthday ladies)

It was good that our friend Elsiebel could join in on the fun.
"Now Elsiebel, I told you to go "Lite" on that bottled water..." 
Waiting patiently for the Birthday ladies to arrive....
Dick, Dick and Larry seem to have an enjoyable time as all did and we all wish JoAnne and Mary another happy birthday year.  There were others there taking pictures, so there might be more to come...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunshine Report 12/15 - 1/15

Cindy Keesee, our Sunshine Lady, has reported the following cards were sent.

12/16 - Shirley Fischer  (Pneumonia)
            Shelley Grandstaff (Back Pain)

12/17 - Flo Deacon (Passed Away)

12/14 - Linda DeCock (Back Pain)
             Bob Watkins (Get Well)
             Linda Rickel (Brother Passed Away)
             Frank Lawless (Stent surgery)
             Eva Uptergrove (Surgery)
12/28 - Mel Herrmann (Hospital after fall)

12/29 - Wayne Oachs (Daughter Passed Away)

12/25 - Glenn Howarth (Passed Away)

 1/4 - Rita Langman (Cyst on Brain)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Peter Piper Day for Leisure World

It is always fun to get together to visit and of course the thing we all do best - EAT.  Peter Piper Monday is just that day for the residents of Leisure World to enjoy.  From the expressions you will witness here, you can see that we all like to eat, listen and enjoy each others company.
Going through the buffet line, you can get just as much or as little as you wish, and then go back and get some more. 
You can always find someone to have a little chat with along the way...."Do you think we'll get anymore rain, or do you think the mud will dry up before we get anymore?  I know the crops needs to grow, but gee, we need some sunshine down here in the valley - don't you think???
Your cup is orange, and your cup is brown, but I have the Gold one... 
"Emm - this is so good" 
 "I just can't decide if I should go get some more or not"...
Deep in thought..."Oh my, my three weeks is going much to fast, then I have to go back up north"
And after all that pizza and salad, they bring around this delicious ice cream which you just can't refuse. Those left on the tray above were for those who didn't show up - so of course someone had to consume those also.
And then the lucky people who have a birthday, get a balloon.  What more could you ask for.  Happy Birthday Cindy...
After each one received a ticket, the numbers are drawn, and the lucky winners are presented with a frog or a monkey...
 Some wondered who the monkey really was???
Hum - I wonder if Cindy will get a "monkey" for her birthday??
 Vicki and Len (below) said they were so glad to get a frog...
Our "helper" here (the one in the red) might have to have surgery on his hand, so we wish him the best of luck..We told him to say "CHEESE" but he said no, he doesn't like cheese....   
Sign-up for the Pizza day so you can also join in on the fun...
 Pictures taken by Dick


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Necrology - former resident

Rosemary Hedlund shared this with us via email last week.

Ione Nelson,99, died in NE this week.  Her son-in-law who also used to live in Leisure World is Wes Nelson, 8406 East Champion St. , Wichita, KS 67226.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve

The Leisure World card room on New Year's Eve was full of "goodies" and a lot of residents to bring in the new year with some fun games and just plain fun.  Almost all the group stayed until they saw that big clock strike midnight bringing in the new year.
  What a great time - we all eat to send the old year away and eat to bring in the new year.... 

There wasn't an inch space left on the counter top to put another food item...

 Some had a little complaint about the weather messing up their hair. Don't know what was in the water, but after
a few hours, their hair started growing - someone must have put some "miracle grow" in that water...

I guess that is what friends are for - sharing.
Some got on the phone to wish their loved ones up north a happy new year.... We all got on the phone to call a special friend back in Kansas (Giggly Ruby) to wish her a happy new year.  She is the one who got our group started with this Joker game.... And you guessed - she is still giggling. 

And Dick and Phyllis says: