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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Phyllis Connett's Birthday

Last Sunday, February 15, 2015, was Phyllis Connett's birthday.  We won't tell how old she is, just that she will be older than Mary Gainer until April 15th. :)
Several friends and family celebrated in the card room before playing Pegs and Jokers.  Cake, nuts and mints were served and fun was had by all.
Hubby Dick Connett helps to celebrate Phyllis' birthday

What is the birthday girl saying to Mary Bass that is so funny.
Probably saying I'm not telling how old I am, let everyone guess

Phyllis looks at the gifts she received and was very appreciative
We had so much fun, Phyllis, that I can't wait until your next birthday
How about you?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Leisure World Illinois/Indiana Breakfast

February 19th, twenty-one Leisure World lllinois/Indiana residents met for breakfast at El Rancho Grande Restrautant
318 Pike, Weslaco, Texas.
Hukill, Snowdon and Langman (Rita had to leave early for an appointment)
Dixon, Chandler, Cantu and Lewis
Lawless, Langer and Herbig
Connett, Lawless, Langer, Herbig and Babcock
Thanks to Jerry and Diane Cantu for hosting this month.    

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here is the picture of your Leisure World Olympians for 2015. Our team garnered 2 first place finishes, 3 third place finishes and one fourth place finish. That gives our park 15 points. And this year Ken McPhee and Wally Bentt got Gold in Men's Shuffleboard which is the first time ever from my knowledge.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunshine Activity

Cindy Keesee, Sunshine Lady, reports the following cards sent from January 15 to February 15:
1/18 - Lee Anderson - Hospitalized
1/20 - Joyce Duncan - Ill
1/20 - Peg Bloom - Fell
1/28 - Alvin & Frances Johnson - Son (Arthur) passed away
1/28 - Joe Lamash - Hospitalized
1/28 - Kathy Dalton - Hospitalized
1/31 - Don Eichten - Bleeding Ulcer
2/1  -  Styrl Little - Hospitalized
2/1  -  Mike Myers - Hospitalized
2/1  -  Gen Taylor - Sister passed away
2/4  -  Donna Colstrom - Hospitalized
2/4  -  Al Seberg - Hospitalized
2/4  -  Stanley Lasik - Hospice
2/13 - Jack Ruger - Chemo Therapy

Monday, February 16, 2015

RGV Killer Bees vs Lone Star Brahmas

February 13th, six Leisure World couples had a great time watching the hockey game. It was the first time for two of these couples, now I think they are "hooked".  This night was a two for one ticket, hot dog tail gate party in the parking lot, and all the beer and Krispy Cream donuts you wanted with dancing in the street, and spinning the "wheel" for money or free coupons.  It was a great night.
Dick Connett, Jeanette Thompson, (wiener boy), Jack Napier, Dan Anderson, Myron Ferguson, Jerry Cantu, FRONT - Bob Thompson, George Napier, Alice Anderson, Mary Ferguson, Phyllis Connett and Diane Cantu.
 The game was very exciting as it was a tied score, so the team had to do a "shoot out" and the Killer Bees won.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grace Heritage Ranch

February 12th, fifthteen Leisure World Red Hat Ladies, left the park for an all day adventure.
 But, along the way, we had to yet stop at another great place, the Longhorn Steak house in Harlengin where we enjoyed a delicious meal together before heading on down the road.

Some (like Pat) enjoyed it more than others and somebody ate their share of peanuts.
 C’mon over to Grace Heritage Ranch
Howdy! The Schalks - a Christian homeschooling family introduced us to their homesteading ranch life. At Grace Heritage Ranch they offer unique educational tours of the 100-acre homestead located in deep South Texas. The tour is a fun adventure as we set out to interact with some very special animals.
Why is it called Grace Heritage Ranch? GHR actually has a double namesake: the first is God's amazing grace towards us, and the second is their first donkey named God's Grace. Though she was blind, she worked faithfully guarding the animals and raising her little foal Mercy until she passed away from cancer in 2012.
 DID YOU SAY SNAKE...A BOA... and yes you guessed - the other  ladies were standing back about 20 feet from these two crazy red hatters.
The Schalks say they have an ever-increasing passion for sharing the wonderful things they are learning, doing, growing, and enjoying.  We saw how they raise and naturally pasture their heritage breeds of animals.  The family learned how to organically grow heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. We got a glimpse of life on a homesteading ranch and learned some "new skills" gleaned from the past.

  We had the opportunity to feed the animals...
 Mother with her 4 day off spring...
Who you looking at??? 

  And we had a lesson on the Honey Bees...

 And the cotton...
   And the animal fibers.  How to weave yarn - and yes, the goat fibers are dyed after taking fiber from the animal.  Some of the group had a little knowledge of the farm as they grew up that way, but others were quite amazed of the work living out in the country.  What a great day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Wednesday, February 11th, the Leisure World Sisters Party for 2015 was held at "Tea With Friends" 620 S. Texas  Blvd, Weslaco, Texas.  A very elegant and lovely place.   
Owners of "Tea With Friends" - Mother on right with daughter and cousin. 
Antique jewelery, shabby chic furniture, tea sets, gifts and more are among the unique items decorating the rooms.   
Hats of many shapes and colors.  
The ceiling was even decorated...
 Seventeen sisters enjoyed lunch together, each told a little "story" about their sister(s).   
Sisters Terry Caywood and Nan Alden were the host for this lovely day.  
Mary Bergemann and Hazel Oachs
Linda DeCock and Marilyn Anderson
Annesta Bennett and  Vicki Konya with mother Betty Stoulil in middle. - Betty's sister Maida deceased
Marian Smith and Verna Louze
Lynda Rickel (sister Marlene could not attend this day)
Phyllis Johnk and Roberta (Bobbi) Rising

And the three musketeers, Trudy Hauserman, Phyllis Connett and Carolyn Richeson.
The owner ask each guest to model a hat from the "hooks" and the owner took pictures for their facebook.  The hats were beautiful.

Thanks to Terry and Nan for the lovely day.  Thank God for "sisters"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love all your pictures. Anyone have pictures of valentines party to post on here. Hope so

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leisure World Red Hat Outing

Tuesday, February 10th, twelve of the Leisure World Red Hat Ladies visited the Border Patrol in Harlingen, Texas. 

We toured rooms of the building and learned some of the responsibilities of Border Patrol duties.  It was a very interesting experience, especially for those who had never been there before. 
Yvonne, Marj, Helen, Trudy, Mary, Hazel, Char and Ruth Anne,
Nancy, Phyllis, Ellen, Carolyn and Sandy 
We had a great time  
Two new Red Hat Members - Carolyn and Mary with two Red Hat Sisters Trudy and Phyllis. After the tour we stopped at the Golden Corral for a nice lunch.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Country Jams

The Tuesday Country Jams started in November and have been a great success.  We are going into February with about five more weeks to go to complete this season.  The lunches served have also been very successful.  I for one lady in the park look forward to eating lunch every Tuesday at the Rec Hall.  I have missed posting the last few jams so below are pictures from more than one jam.
Enjoy looking for yourself or your neighbor.
Marilyn Thompson and Shirley Fisher

Red and Ann Merryman

Mr and Mrs Grandstaff from Logansport, IN

Joan Weatherman

Ron and Lila Mozdzen

Joe Huntington and Ron Mozdzen

Delphine Peterson

Wayne and LaDonna Speer
Wayne and LaDonna host the Monday jam at Alamo Palms
LaDonna performs playing the mandolin

Marion VanDrese

Leisure World's band leader Louie Jett with Ken Hill on Ryhthm Guitar

Visiting jammer

JR and wife enjoying the music.  

Dwight and Bev Thompson

Stan Gainer and Marlys Beeler

Bass player Ron Ford

Clarance and Donna Thomas

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Bob Thompson

Pat and Louie Jett sing a number together

Dave and Carol Slater

Ron and Lila Mozdzen

Jim Lawson playing harmonica

Mary Gainer