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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Fall Gathering

Saturday, September 26th - it was fun and excitement as the "Connett" family all gathered for a good Fall Gathering in Freeport, Illinois.  One daughter (Carrie) and family coming in from Waukee, Iowa and the other daughter (Lynsley) and family coming in from Milton, Wisconsin.  Of course besides eating all day long, we had to have a few pictures and make more memories.
 Phyllis and Dick Connett with daughters Lynsley and Carrie.
Our guest Paul, Granddaughter Danielle, Grandsons Dakota (showing off his new Iowa State socks), Nick and Joseph.  Denver couldn't make the trip due to another commitment that was planned far in advance of this date.  And one son-in-law couldn't come due to other commitments.
Our "noon" lunch was at the Country Junction in Freeport.  Grandson Joseph thought he could tackle the "Freeport Burger" which was two beef patties with all the trimmings in-between three pieces of Texas toast.  Although he was very hungry, he just couldn't quite finish the works...  
After lunch, we spent a little time at Krape Park in Freeport.  "Our guest" had never been to Freeport, so we had to show him the town.  We "got to ride" (more or less just sit) on this old fire truck (approximately dated in the early 1900's) which has been in the park for years. 
(Phyllis, granddaughter Danielle, daughter Lynsley, Dick, grandsons Nick and Dakota, guest Paul, son-in-law Chris, and in front is our daughter Carrie and grandson Joseph)
Grandson Nick was our "driver"...
 Back home, more pictures, more eating and more fun... 
We don't travel back north for Christmas, so this is the time we get together and have a good time.  Each year we have a Christmas Gift Hunt, and the grandchildren have to go around and collect their goods.  They are patiently waiting....  After a good long day, a lot of food, laughs and stories, all left for their homes in Iowa and Wisconsin...
 Early Sunday morning, Dick and Phyllis drove to Milton, Wisconsin where they met their daughter and then all drove up to Milwaukee to watch grandson Nick (in the red hat) march in the high school marching band competition.  We tell everyone that we are retired, but sometimes I don't think we even have time to or know that meaning ....  Now Nick is back in high school and the rest are all back to college. It was a great day with the family. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Belated Birthday Photos

Here are a few photos from Bud Williams' birthday party at last Friday's social hour.

Monday, September 21, 2015

I received a request from Betty Meysenburg to post a note about Rita Ivory. She was hit and drug by a car while out walking last wed.  There are no broken bones bur she suffered many injuries and spent     several days in the hospital. She is recuperating at home and will be a long recovery.  She would appreciate cards from her many friends. Also a note from Eleanor Strobel that Sunday Charlie Lombard  finally seems to show some improvement. Only family has been able to be in his room at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines, Ia. Ritas address is 1628 4th Ave North. Fort Dodge Ia 50501

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Family Night

Stan and Mary Gainer pictured here.  Stan and Mary attended a family get
together at the Monon, Indiana Civic center.  Family night was for the members
of the Purdue Home Extension Club of Monon and their families.  Food
was prepared by the club members.  Bunco was then enjoyed by everyone.
A few of the members and family waiting to see who won prizes.
Other members waiting to see who won prizes and Aline McKinley
appears to be singing but I think it was Ohhhhhh because she didn't win.
The Monon Civic center was once the bank in town.  The vault can be see
here.  What once held all the money in town now holds tables and chairs
for the center.  This building at one time was a hotel.  Lots of old
wood work in the building has been preserved thanks to the Preservation
Society of Monon.

Mary Gainer won the big prize for the highest points scored

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Birthday

Our Friday afternoon social hour was expanded some again yesterday. Along with the usual snacks there was a birthday cake.  We all celebrated Bud Williams' 90th. Good food, good company, a good time was had by all.
This morning at coffee, we wished Jim Edwards a Happy Birthday, too. He's running some 17 years behind Bud.

Monday, September 14, 2015

I received a message from Eleanor Strobel. Charlie Lombard had a bad fall at home yesterday and is in intensive care at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, Ia. If you would like to send him a card she recommended sending it to his home at 1824 Charmill Lane, Fort Dodge, Ia 50501. I am sure they would appreciate hearing from all of you

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jack & Donna Fisher - Football Fans

An emailed posting from Jack:

Football season again and we went to Baseher,Kansas,  to watch our grandson play.  This year he is playing both offense and defense.  He had five catches for 127 yards and one touchdown.  He also had some excellent plays on defense.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Food for thought...(and other uses)

Leisure World residents gathered at Fiesta Tex-Mex on one of their twice monthly summer "Eat Outs" last night. It was a goodly group, and I once again forgot my camera, so no pictures. I had a generous bowl of Caldo de Res...more than I should have eaten, but it was delicious! Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and the conversations were loud and long. Mel Herrmann mentioned to me at coffee this morning that he had even brought half of his hamburger steak home for another meal.  We were pleased to be joined for the meal by recent arrivals Denny and Sandy Hejlik who will be in residence for a couple of weeks or so. I enjoyed visiting with them during our meal...pleasant, interesting, warm, friendly folks (like almost everyone you meet who lives at least some of the time in Leisure World). Carol and I comment frequently on what a great choice we made when we retired to Leisure World some 19+ years ago!
My apologies to Caroyln Prickett and Tony Antonacci for not including them in my posting of bench painting volunteers. I also failed to point out that the lamp post with the decorative lights got a new coat of bright white paint.
Let's all give pause and a silent reflection as we remember the tragedy of 14 years ago today.
Have a good Friday, happy hour arrives at 4:00 in the activity room!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Benches Painted!

Yesterday's cancelled work detail got covered this morning while it was still cool!
Jim & Beth Staton, D.C. Freemyer, and Shirley Remillard welcomed the early morning sunshine and cooler temperatures by completing yesterday's work detail. Painting the benches at the mail box  area.

Labor Day at Leisure World

The heat (near 100) caused a cancellation of the planned painting, but other "labor" projects were accomplished by resident volunteers before we all joined in for a bountiful meal of brats, salad, baked beans, cake and ice cream.  Beth Staton put the party together, she and her "helpers" received a rousing round of applause both at the party and again at this morning's association meeting.  Here are a few snapshots of the event.
Beth Staton changes our "menu board" sign from wishing all a good summer to a welcome back for our winter Texan residents and friends.

One of the "work details" was the cleaning and wipe down of all the tables and chairs in use.

The kitchen drawers and their contents all got a good cleaning.

Mary Casey made sure that the salt & pepper trays sparkled as did each and every shaker...all freshly filled!

Of course no work crews would get things done without some strict supervision by the resident cleaning experts.

And when it comes to getting down to put things back on the kitchen shelves, call on Don Kurtenbach, but give him plenty of supervision!

Time to end the work details and heat the brats for the starving herd. 
A nice gathering doing a lot to chattering while waiting for the "Let's Eat" call.

Every thing is in announcement and a prayer is all that remains before chow.

At last  the line starts loading their plates.

Jim Edwards is about ready to start making his plate grow empty again.

D.C. Freemyer demonstrates the way a professional brat consumer approaches the task.
And that was it...a great party and a few good deeds. What more could we ask for a great Labor Day celebration.

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Leisure World Shuffle Team Uniforms

Jerry and Cindy Keesee model the chic newly designed uniforms for the Leisure World Shuffle Team. There are slight modifications to make the new uniforms suitable for inclement winter weather...all wool argyle socks may be added (but only if color coordinated to enhance our team's appearance).

Jerry Keesee's Birthday Party

Jerry Keesee is celebrating his 62nd birthday today! He'll celebrate even more when his first Social Security check arrives!
The card room at the recreation hall was packed with well wishers! Jerry and Cindy had outdone themselves in preparation. The tables at the end of the room were loaded with good the lines attested. Iced bottled water, wine on the shelf, and a cooler full of beer made sure everyone had a celebratory drink. Jerry opened cards and shared them with the crowd. The crowd shared much conversation. Great time. (I have heard better choral groups!)

Happy Birthday, Jerry....and thanks to the Keesee's for sharing with us all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Leisure World Garbage/Recycle Procedures

We were advised at this morning's meeting that we have changes in our garbage/trash pick up effective Thursday, September 3. We will now be recycling...with this chart as a guide. The recycled items do not need to be separated but can all be in the same bag. The park will also recycle glass, but it must be in a separate bag from the other recycled materials.
Effective Thursday, September 3, ONLY RECYCLE MATERIAL will be picked up. No garbage! On Mondays there will be garbage ONLY pick recycle material.
Thursdays there will be recycle only pick garbage.
If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Here is the recycle chart.

The Blog Will Continue

I have heard from a number of people, residents and former residents, who wish to see the blog continue. While the response was not overwhelming in numbers, the arguments presented have helped me decide to continue the blog, at least for a while. I will be making a few changes in the way I do it...but would still like to see as many of our residents as possible contributing. More later, as I have news about recyling changes here in the park.  Must leave for doctor's appointment now. Dave