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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Dinner At Leisure World

Sunday, December 25th, approximately 175 Leisure World residents (and families) gathered at the Hall to celebrate the birth of Jesus

and for another delicious feast.  
The stage and the window sills were all so beautifully decorated for the season.
 The manger scene so beautifully arranged on top of the piano...

Dick Connett was assigned to table no. 1 and the duty was making tea and coffee for the day...
There were ten tables set up with anywhere from 12 to 23 plus at each table, and each table decorated different. 
Thanks to our management for the turkeys and ham which was provided for each table. 
A lot of people taking pictures - here are just a few of the many taken.  Making more memories. 
Gary and Shirley
Art and Joannie
Phyllis and Dick
Gordy and Ardy
 Mary and Stan
Mary and Lloyd
 Donna and Tom
 Betty and Earl
 Connie and LeRoy
Rita and Scott
Linda Shires
And a big Thanks to CC who was in charge of setting up the hall....

Special Times with Friends

There is always time and room for Cake and Ice Cream.  One of these better times is sharing treats and cards with friends who are celebrating a birthday.  Just a few gathered in the new ANNEX building on Friday, December 23rd, to say Happy Birthday to these two ladies.  Lorraine Babcock - December 23rd and Kay Bullard - December 24th.

                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIENDS...

Smiles for Lloyd

The Leisure World Quilters have been very busy this year making a quilt for someone special in the park.  When the quilt was presented to Lloyd Walker, the smiles on his face and the thumbs up made the quilters day.
A homemade quilt with stitches full of smiles, laughs, and love for Lloyd...
This picture does not include all of the quilters.  Some were just not available at the time of presenting the quilt.

pictures taken by Betty Dixon

Friday, December 23, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Rayma Bitters family;  Grandnephew killed in a tragic car accident.

Frank Dowling will be having surgery for an abdominal aneurysm in January. Lynn and Frank could not come to Leisure World this season because of his health problems.

Jerry Cantu is beginning his treatments for lung cancer and will need continued prayer this winter. Please keep him and Diane and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers for Ruth Caturia' s family. Ruth's nephew passed away last week.

Linda  Belcher continues to struggle to regain strength in her neck. Her recovery has been slow and painful. Please pray for healing for Linda and God's grace for both Linda and Pastor Belcher.


Marj Herbig' s son is out of the hospital after 38 days. Pray for continued healing and recovery.

To contact Pastor Belcher, you may call 210 464 3907.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

About five years ago, Brent McGrean went through esophageal cancer and we had asked for your prayers.  Now Brent just got the news that he has lung cancer and needs your prayers once again.  Brent has a scope on Wednesday and probably his first radiation on the 27th.  He will have four hard hits (equivalent to having surgery) of radiation is how they explained it. Brent lives in Altoona, Iowa and is a nephew to Phyllis Connett, Trudy Hauserman and Carolyn Richeson.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thanks You.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Leisure World Community Christmas Party

Sunday evening - December 18th - Leisure World residents began to venture into the hall for another delightful night of "goodies" and fellowship.
Are we ready for that snapshot???  Guess not... 
Now we are - Marj Herbig (far right) and her helpers who did a wonderful job this year.  Thanks to all who helped.
Jan Scheetz at the punch bowl...
 There was a gift table for the women's gifts and then another for the men's gifts.  BUT some man kept getting earrings....
Merry Christmas from Betty (far right) and her family...
Then it was time to eat the "goodies" which was provided by all who attended.    What a spread...
AND HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS with his smile and a bag full of candy.  That darn "beard" just wouldn't stay in place...  But good job Santa...
Santa made a few stops along the way - seeing who was naughty and nice - those who were nice might get a hug and some candy...
And George says - "I was too good", Jack says - "No she wasn't, give me her candy"...
 JoAnne Kurtenbach's mother once again was able to join us.  And she always love Santa...  Don Kurtenbach and Pat LaFoe on each side...
Santa was happy to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY hug to Pat Jett.  Linda and Jim Wright also in picture.
Phyllis Connett got a hug, but no candy...
Pat and Sherry - good or naughty???

Dick Connett received a nice gift...
Art Miller was a good boy (he went to church before coming to the party) and with a little encouragement from a friend across the table, Joannie had his plate all ready for him.  What a good wife..
And finally Santa had to leave as his reindeer was getting so cold outside. But, as he left, he said "HO, HO, HO, AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL....  And all that "Rita" said was, WHO IS THAT GOOD LOOKING SANTA???

Pictures taken by Dick Connett and Helen Mott.