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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leisure World Chapel : Joys and Concerns


Dennis LaFaive had triple bypass surgery last Monday and is still hospitalized.  He is doing well, and may be home soon.  UPDATE:  Dennis is home from the hospital!  He would appreciate company.....


Brooke Jones, Michelle Boven, Bob Sheets, and Jason Keesy.

To contact Pastor Charles Belcher you may call 210-464-3907.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sunday Night Entertainment

Sunday Night Entertainment has been successful so far
this season.

January 3, 2016 Denim and Diamonds were scheduled to
entertain but they did not return to the Valley this season.
The Chamberlin's came to our rescue so that we would
not have to cancel.  Sixty-six people attended their show.

January 10th we were to see a performance by The Punches
Family who decided not to return to the Valley.

The BJ Brothers who have been coming to our jams and
were looking for work in the Valley brought their show
to Leisure World and had a great turn out.  151 people
were in attendance.

January17th The Cook Brothers performed their rendition
of Classic Rock 'N Roll and Jazz with instrumentals.  These
men are very talented.  Fifty-one people attended which was
a very good turn out considering they were bumping heads
with Goldwing Express who was just around the corner at
Ranchero Village.

January 24th we were treated to a very lively performance
by Mama's Wranglers.  If you missed this group you missed
a super good performance.  101 people attended.

January 31st we will see Southern Anthem.  This is a family
consisting of Mother and three children.  It is unreal how
talented these kids are.  You won't want to miss their
performance.  Their talent on the instruments is unbelievable
and their harmony is very pleasing to the ear.

We hope to see you for these performances and you can
treat yourself by coming early (6PM) and having Ice Cream
served by Delphine Peterson and Yvonne Grimmius.  Only
fifty cents per dip.  What a bargain.

Mary Casey's Birthday

On January 16th forty-seven Leisure World residents traveled
to Riverside to celebrate Mary Casey's 93rd birthday.

The Valley favorite HUGE tenderloins were enjoyed by all.

Mary received many lovely cards and a personal chocolate
cake which she shared with Lloyd.  Lots of hugs and well

We look forward to celebrating Mary's 94th birthday
next season.

Due to camera operator error, no pictures are available.
My apologies to Mary, Lloyd and the group.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Leisure World Chapel Prayers and Concerns


Dennis LaFaive, park resident, open heart surgery on Monday for blockage.

Pat Terryn, park resident, fell and broke her arm several weeks ago and needed surgery
last Thursday because it was not healing correctly.
Don Eichen, park resident, who has Shingles that is affecting his face area.

Elizabeth Del Campo, park resident who is on a mission trip to the Phillipines.


Michelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Brooke Jones, granddaughter in law of Mary Gainer, who is maintaining health to have
surgery in March.

Jason Keesy, still receiving treatment for PTSD. and recovering from surgery.


Pastor at our Leisure World Chapel is Charles Belcher.  Anyone who would like to contact
him may reach him at 210 464 3907

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Prayers & Concerns

I would like to ask for prayers for Elizabeth Gonzalez-Del Campo who is on a Mission Trip to the Philippines.  Prayers for safe travels, Blessings in all she and the group accomplish while there.  Also prayers for good health for the entire group. Beth Staton

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Red Hat Leisure Ladies

Fourteen Red Hat Leisure Ladies ventured north on Tuesday, January 19th to visit Santa's Texas Workshop and the Christmas House in Falfurrias, Texas. The ranch is located in the midst of the cactus and mesquite brush country.
Our first stop was for lunch at Stricklands.  Kay Bullard has joined the Red Hat Leisure ladies for the first time being a red hatter.
Our picture was taken with John Wayne and the gang...
Helen Mott was serenaded by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  After lunch we were off to the Christmas House, which is the Mintens' ranch home.  It is the house built in 1926 by the Minten Sisters' grandfather who established the Minten Ranch in 1907. All three sisters grew up in the house.  The Christmas House is open mid-September thru end of March.  Santa's Texas Workshop is open year 'round by appointment.
This is the 30th year for the sisters to open to the public.  Each year the theme is a little different and each room and bedroom closets are fully decorated.  They will tell you stories and even do a little singing.  All three sisters are retired school teachers, full of energy and great humor.
The above picture was an arrangement in the bedroom closet. 
A very interesting trip for the Red Hat Leisure Ladies...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Alice Cockerill asked for prayers for her late husband Ernie's family who are in the tornado area in Florida.
Rayma Bitters asked for prayers for park resident Mary LaFaive who has not been feeling well.


Reverend Mary Herbig was installed as Pastor of her first church in Hawaii.  She is the granddaughter of Marj Herbig, a park resident.


Michelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, who is undergoing Cancer treatment and is having a hard time.

Bob Sheets, son of Jan Sheets, who is going through treatments for cancer on his neck.

Brooke Jones, granddaughter-in-law of Mary Gainer, who is maintaining her health to be able to have surgery in March.

Jason Keesy, friend of Beth Staton, who is recovering from surgeries and PTSD.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Iowa Breakfast

Some 23 escapees from the frigid Hawkeye state gathered for a warming breakfast this morning at the Fiesta TexMex restaurant. With another group gathered in the same room, the conversation roar level was huge. Some of the late arrivals even were seated across the room at a suplemental table. However, a good time was had by all and it was good to get together. Thanks to Ron and Jo Hersom for the work of organizing our gathering. Photos are courtesy of Jeannette Grieve-Thompson.
The supplemental table was well occupied with mostly empty plates and plenty of coffee.

Yours truly was enjoying himself, while a rare T-Shirt garb proclaimed his Cyclone loyalty.

Has anyone ever seen Styrl Little without a big smile on his face?

Jo Hersom tested our knowledge of our home state's history with a series of questions.

Of course the important business of the morning was creating those empty plates. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Illinois/Indiana Leisure World Breakfast

Wednesday, January 13, 2016, twenty Illinois/Indiana residents from Leisure World shared many stories over breakfast which was held at Diana's in Weslaco.  
 Thanks to Rita and Brent Langman for hosting this months event. 
Around the table - Janice Lewis, Diane Cantu, Rod and Mary Beth Chandler, Lorraine and Dick  Babcock, Phyllis Connett, Rita and Brent Langman, Marj Herbig, Helen Mott, Larry and Marj Snowden, Shirley and Scott Marriner, Judy Hukill, (new comers Rosa and Larry Collier) and Dave Hukill.
Dick Connett (our photographer) and Phyllis Connett
Watch for next months date and time for the Illinois/Indiana breakfast which will be posted in the sign-up area at the rec. hall.  Come on out and join us. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunday Night Entertainment

Sunday Night Entertainers this coming Sunday will be
The Cook Brothers.
This Duo plays Classic Rock 'n Roll, Jazz and Big Band.
Vocals and Instruments.
Many of you may know this duo as they
have day jobs in the valley.  One has a carpet
installation business and the other has a computer service.

Please come out a support our Sunday Night Entertainers.
Show time is 7 PM with ice cream being sold
at 6PM.  Price of admission is $5.00 per person.

Happy Birthday CC

The --birthday of Carolyn Cornelious was
 celebrated in the cardroom with
several friends after the cookout Saturday
January 9th.  Carolyn has always shared
this birthday with my Mother therefore I
cannot forget it. 

The day before was
Elvis Presley's birthday and several Red Hat
ladies from Leisure World made the trip down
to Los Fresnos to celebrate his birthday.

Included in the group was Carolyn Cornelious,
Mary Gainer, Lois Carr, Mary Ferguson, Betty
Dostel and Sue Heiderschiet.

Gospel Jam

Don Barnard, lead guitarist for the Gospel Jams also is a vocalist.  The second Gospel Jam was held in the Rec Hall at Leisure World Sunday January 3, 2016.  A large crowd attended and we had 23 jammers including the band.

Thank You to everyone attending and a special Thank You to everyone who helped.  The ladies in the kitchen, Phyllis Connett, Carolyn Cornelious, and Kay Bullard.  Also Thank You to Dick Connett for making coffee and taking pictures,and to Scotty and Shirley Marriner for working the sound system.  To Ron Mozdzen for helping Stan set up the stage.

Thank You to the ladies donating  refreshments, Phyllis Connett, Carolyn Cornelious, Pat LaFoe, Delphine Peterson, Donna Thomas and Mary Gainer.  The next Gospel Jam is to be February 7th at 1:00 PM.
Jan Benson so graciously agreed to play the keyboard for the gospel jams.  Jan replaces Dona Lawson who is unable to be here this season.  We miss you Dona and Jim.

Rodney & Linda Crouse sing together while Rodney plays base for the jammers.

Red Merryman, former LW resident plays the drums.

Mary Chamberlin does a promo at the gospel jam for her show that same night in Leisure World.

Clarence and Donna Thomas of Leisure World

Marvin Luenberg plays the consatina.  This really is not Red Merryman but a good look alike.

Stan Gainer, host of the Gospel Jam looks for the next selection

John Beeler of Leisure World sings his selection of the day

Bob Thompson of Leisure World plays Spoons

Will & Sandy Hickey from Leisure World

Mary Gainer sings harmony with Eugene Smith from Trails End

Leisuire World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Prayers for safe travel for Dave Vermuellen as he travels back to Canada for the funeral of his mother-in-law.
Prayers for Blair and Marj Patience on the death of his mother.


Bob Sheets, son of Jan Sheets, as he begins Chemo and Radiation Treatments for cancer on his neck.
Michelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, as she continues with treatments for cancer.


Jack and Donna Fisher received word that their granddaughter received a scholarship to
the Arizona State University.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Prayers for Mary Gainer and her family in N W Mississippi who had severe damage in the storms a couple of weeks ago. Her cousin and her cousins daughter died of the injuries they received.
Prayers for all of the storm areas where there has been severe damage and lives lost.


Jason Keesy has improved and has been moved to re-hab.


MIchelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, who is undergoing cancer treatments.

Brooke Jones, granddaughter in law of Mary Gainer, as she awaits surgery for Krohns Disease in March.

Jason Keesy, a former student of Beth Staton, as he recovers from a skin and tissue eating disease.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shuffle News

And so as you read this edition of the Shuffle News we are into another brand new year. Wow! When we were teen-agers did you ever believe that we would be around in 2016 and playing shuffleboard? What you say? “You are not playing yet!” Then it’s time you gave it a try. You just may get hooked like many of us including newbies Donna and Clarence Thomas and Galen and Mary McCrary. These two couples have just taken the lessons and have already entered a couple of the valley tournaments and even got a few of wins. Welcome and congratulations. 

On Christmas week we ran the fifth edition of the Leisure World National Tournament. Once again residents of Leisure World stepped up to help with this money maker for our association. We collected $1,815 from the meals and entry fees. Fees don’t amount to as much as other tournaments because the National Association takes $1 per team and then net funds are split between the TSSA and the hosting park. Pat LaFoe led the troops in the kitchen to provide growlies for the hungry shufflers. But sadly she is retiring from organizing these events. She just can’t do it any more. Pat says she has never had problems getting people to help. And so we need two people to step up to be the Kitchen Captians for the 2 tournaments we run in 2016. If we don’t get this help we will have to cancel hosting these events and the nice income they provide. Pat can provide menus and recipes and give some advice but that will be the extent of her support. We must thank Pat and the others who have stepped up to run the kitchen over the past years, but now we need new blood!

As for the winners in that tournament, Leisure World Shufflers were shut out. Dave & Kathy Lamphere from Ranchero won the Expert Class and John & Sally Pierson from Pine to Palm took home the Amateur Class hardware. I want to thank all of the volunteers, kitchen staff and pie makers for a job well done.

As for winners in other RGVSA tournaments we had a few. Jack Fisher with partner Jean Gruver from Casa de Valle got his third trophy of the season with a fourth place Expert Main at Seista Village. Vivian Swearns and Maria Galvan collected the fourth Amateur Main trophy in that same tournament. Then Wally Bentt took home a third place Expert Consolation in Texas Trails with partner Betty Wikdahl from Magic Valley. Lorna Bentt and partner Ron Brezinski from Pine to Palm took home the fourth place Expert Consolation trophy at Casa Del Sol.

As in the past several years we have been holding friendly shuffle every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9am. We also have either Hoss Collar or Turkey Shoot on Saturdays at 9:30am and free lessons every Tuesday at 2pm immediately following the Jams. We are also trying out a BRAND NEW EVENT. We hear that we shufflers are all a way too serious and only want to beat the heck our of everyone. IT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! So we will be starting SHUFFLEBOARD PARTIES every Tuesday evening starting on January 12th at 7pm (weather permitting). The idea of this is that you will bring snacks and your choice of beverages to the courts. There will be some of your favorite tunes over the PA system. We will play games but will not score them. Absolute newbies will get special consideration. If you are a seasoned veteran or have never done this before, come on down and have some fun.

And so we hope to see you out on the courts in the New Year.

Wally Bentt    Jerry Keesee
Shuffleboard Chair            Shuffleboard Co-Chair                                                                              

Friday, January 1, 2016

Card Room New Years Eve

Approximately 40 Leisure World Residents showed up at the Leisure World card room to bring in the new year together.  Again, there was an abundance of great food to chow down all during the evening and a large bowl of good punch.  There was not an inch more room on the table for another dish to share.  Lloyd Walker gave a blessing before everyone joined in the line to eat.  Several different games were being played at all the tables.  Some residents had family come to spend the time with them and even though most of us were a lot older than they, they seem to enjoy the evening.  What would this old world be like, if not for our "family" of friends...  Thanks to all for making this another evening to remember at Leisure World.



 Caroline and Don Bastson was honored to have their son "Troy" beside them for the evening.  Troy turned 50 years old on this day.  And we did sing Happy Birthday to him...

Pictures taken by  Dick Connett  

Happy New Year -2016

On this first day of a brand new year I want to take care of some overdue business! First of all, my sincere thanks for all the concern, prayers, and love that has been shared with me in the past couple of weeks. It is my sincere belief that we need look no further than out our window to find our "family". The outpouring of love that has come from the residents of Leisure World is humbling. You are indeed my "family". Now in the second half of my 83rd year I can expect occasional infirmities to assume major status. With the diuretics the medical team took some 20 lbs of fluid from this flabby body. It relieved the loading that led to the greatly accelerated heart beat that landed me in Doctors' Hospital. New meds are maintaining needed stability.  Today, I feel more like my old self than for weeks past.
Thank you, my friends. Thank you my "family".
The second item for my post today is mostly copied from today's newspaper column by Dear Abby. Slightly modified, here is my New Years wish, a version of the prayer of St. Francis.
"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life."